That Meat Loaf? Yes, that Meat Loaf. You were expecting the other Meat Loaf?

The Obama campaign isn’t impressed by what’s on the menu.

Meat Loaf? It’s what’s for dinner in Defiance, Ohio, and it’s going fast.


Romney/Loaf 2012?

  • Josephine (D)

    Now I really wish we could have made it to Defiance!

    • Maura Furey

      I know Meat Loaf I mean how cool is that?? We typically complain about the left having celebrity endorsements- but we got the queen mother now!! Yippee!!

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    meat loaf supports romney? i have to say, i did not see that one comming

  • HappyHarriet

    The problem with Obama, amongst MANY MANY problems, is that he isn’t part of the history of this country. He didn’t grow up on the mainland, or in the South, or even in Hawaii. He spent his years, when the rest of us were having 4th of July picnics, listening to our great music, and appreciating the greatness of America, in Indonesia, in a Muslim school, with the last name Soetoro (or similar), and when he did make it to America, he was mentored by people who hated this country and preferred Communism. What the blankety-blank does this guy even KNOW about what’s “old” and what’s “vintage” and what makes the hearts of Americans beat faster? He’s a FOREIGNER, whether he was born in Hawaii or not.

    • Zanshi

      Isn’t it hialrious that Obama is trying to paint the Roaring 20’s as a bad economic time?

      • Ben Bollman

        Or the 80’s as a bad time for foreign policy: Reagan ended the Cold War and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

      • Maura Furey

        Ummm- the Great Depression? That was pretty bad don’t you think?

    • Zack Thomas Wilde

      Good God, you’re ignorant.

    • Maura Furey

      This is actually false.

  • Jerry Van Brimmer

    Three cheers for Meat Loaf!

  • Linda Gadberry

    Meeeeeeeeeat Loaf. Luv ya!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Meat Loaf…good times…good times.

  • Laura Stephens

    Crap, I thought this was about the moderator formerly known as Candy Crowley. WTG MeatLoaf!! Now sit down and eat your Crowley.

  • spottedreptile

    Meat Loaf. Waaaaay better than being screwed by Obama.

  • my preciousss!!

    good sign…meat loaves: times of plenty are on our way!
    “i would do anything for lovvvve…………..!!!”

  • kate_middleton

    I love it! Meat Loaf is awesome!

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Better than Beyonce and Jay-Z.

  • kwgtx

    The Meat =>>>> Good Texan, Good American<<<<=

  • KateNE

    Wow. Kind of speechless right now. Meatloaf. Wow.

  • disappearing moderate

    I don’t usually get all that wound up by celeb endorsements, one way or the other. But it’s MEATLOAF!

  • Sisserydoo

    This is one I was actually NOT surprised by. You can tell what kind of person someone is by who they hang out with. Meat Loaf has been on Ghost Hunters multiple times, and Jason Hawes delights in pissing off libs on his Facebook page!

  • Mistertbones

    Romney’s going to beat Obama like a bat out of hell!

  • Gallatin

    I play “Bat out of Hell” all the time, this is so cool.

  • billeeblue

    My hubby and I love Meatloaf. This is great.

  • Maura Furey

    Meat Loaf AND Lindsay Lohan endorse Romney?!? Obama should just write that concession speech now.