OK, this is confusing. When Alan Colmes says that the right wing should “move on,” does that mean that Eva Longoria shouldn’t resign as Obama campaign co-chair, as Colmes himself suggested she should do earlier today?

Does Colmes’ change of heart have something to do with Longoria’s faux “sorry if you were offended by my attempt to create dialogue” apology? If so, it doesn’t mean much from someone claiming the mean old right wing is “beating up” on Longoria by calling her out on her own actions: retweeting posts that call Mitt Romney a “twat,” his women and minority supporters “stupid” and Paul Ryan a “prison bitch,” then deleting the posts, then blaming Twitter, then saying she was only trying to create dialogue.

It was chivalrous of you to offer her a life preserver, but Longoria has grabbed the shovel and chosen to dig her own hole, thanks very much.

  • donttreadonme53

    Oh come on colmes…stop trying to get anything out of this…you’re not that cute, and your not rich. You might get a few measly tweets like this…that’s about it.

  • Love of Country

    Shut up, Alan …… you disingenuous idiot!

  • twolaneflash

    Ms. Longoria would do well to heed the advice of @Ruth_A_Buzzi & stick to her day job. It’s really stupid to alienate half the market for selling your image, when that’s all you’ve got to sell. Ms. Longoria’s potential employers will know she devalued herself in the celebrity marketplace, and possibly hurt their brand. It’s Golden Flake potato chips for me, Frito Lay!


    NO, NO, NO alan colmes. We are done with every liberal spewing hate. She will pay as much as you will pay. Nov. 6 is just the start, after we vote out the Democrats we are coming for you and your job.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    My my…
    What’s got snakeskin face’s bvd’s twisted now?
    I have to admit, he is getting better at not making sense.

    That outburst was almost completely unintelligible!

    I put it down to constant practice… and it’s paid off, too!

    Keep at Alan! Just a little more work and you’ll be completely unintelligible! Ready to launch your Donkey political career!

    You’d be a perfect replacement for JoeyChompers™ seat!

  • Chip

    Hey Colmes! Take off the Skeletor mask!!!

  • https://twitter.com/johnmark19 bruce mercer

    colmes is almost as partisan as schultz, matthews, and olberman

    • YERMOM182


    • YERMOM182


  • detroit19

    So now, off camera, it’s okay for Eva to re-tweet vile comments? Hypocritical Obama shill…

  • YERMOM182

    Dear Alan… go fuck yourself.

  • YERMOM182

    Dear Alan… go fuck yourself.

  • michael s

    2 faced duplicitous and practicing racism towards Eva Longoria. Then and now alan said that racist Don Imus shouldn’t have been fired . defended David Letterman when he was exposed as an adulterer cheater misogynist sexist hypocrite,said he wasn’t any of these things. Now when its a brown woman its inconsistency on comments.

  • TomJB

    Yes, Alan, let’s move on.. like moveon.org moved on past the 2000 election?

  • Kevin Krom

    I know Colmes is used to having practically zero audience for his ramblings, but in the interests of his own career, he really shouldn’t get upset at people who actually bring attention to what he says or writes…

  • TocksNedlog

    He’s been Cory Bookered. Someone got to him and explained that it’s too close to the election to do anything so high-profile as kicking Longoria off the campaign.

  • TocksNedlog

    He’s been Cory Bookered. Someone got to him and explained that it’s too close to the election to do anything so high-profile as kicking Longoria off the campaign.

  • lilott

    She is nothing but an over priced slut.

  • Marcy Cook

    Hey Alan….you use us…we use you. We won’t be silenced anymore.