As we noted in our post earlier today, a retweet isn’t necessarily an endorsement of the original tweet. But when that retweet mysteriously disappears into the memory hole after making the national spotlight, that’s another story.

As Twitchy noted this morning, actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria apparently came across this gem in her Twitter timeline and decided it was something that her nearly 4.5 million followers needed to see.

It’s not the first time Longoria has deleted a retweet. Just last week, she retweeted actress Nancy Lee Grahn’s prison-rape assessment of the vice presidential debate, but that offensive retweet quietly disappeared too. We thought Hollywood types liked publicity, but perhaps not so much in this case.

Longoria hasn’t given an explanation why her retweet has been scrubbed from her timeline (we’ve preserved it here at Twitchy for posterity’s sake), and frankly, why should it be? Longoria herself has been traveling the country on Obama’s behalf, telling audiences that “there is no way you can vote Republican” if you’re a woman. Telling them how they can and can’t vote? What a great way to empower women!

Unless Longoria steps up with an explanation or apology, we’ll have to consider this part of a very sad trend. Nancy Sinatra recently caught heat from Twitter users after tweeting that “women who vote Republican are not paying attention” and urging them to “snap out of it.” Sinatra didn’t delete her tweet; rather, she chose to defend her views by proudly resorting to the “block and report for spam” intellectual defense.

Sinatra, of course, isn’t connected to the Obama campaign. Longoria is. She spoke at the Democratic National Convention and is a co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign. And if Longoria thinks that deleting a retweet with no explanation and hoping it will just go away without consequences as people lose interest, then we’d say she’s the perfect surrogate for the president. Unfortunately for both, we remember, and will on Election Day.


After claiming a Twitter gremlin was retweeting from her account, Longoria issued a faux apology on Thursday.

  • Guest

    A spineless liberal? This is my shocked face.

  • Kandeep

    poor Eva… she’s being a bully and misogynistic and she got caught. You shouldn’t call people names have having a different belief then you… it only makes you look that way.

  • Jayson Lewis

    Not surprised and will not support

  • TheAmishDude

    That’s the whole Obama campaign and progressive left this year: Bullying.

    • Garth Haycock

      Just this year?

    • gloriamundi11

      what is amish dude doing tweeting? will you not be shunned?

  • JohnDale49

    Here’s a revelation about Obama’s biggest fan.
    acting is so terrible, she was listed in IMDB’s top 25 terrible
    actresses. No wonder her husband cheated on such a twisted, bitter hag.
    Who would want to be around this skeletal waste of skin? She has also
    voiced her support of gender-based abortions funded by the taxpayer with
    such enthusiasm, one has to wonder if she and Scarlet get together and
    get off to the thought of dead, female babies. On a final note, she is
    about as relevant as Key Grip in ‘Paranormal Activity 2’, and nobody
    really cares what she has to say. Her husband clearly got bored of her
    quickly. haha

    I really do wish Eva the most horrible life, to
    match her ugly soul. Drug abuse and more sexual humiliations should
    cloud this dumb broad.

    • SineWaveII

      Hey “Key grip” is an important job, And it describes someone who works for a living and pays taxes. She’s even less relevant than that.

  • Kari Spears O’Brien

    @evalongoria is thin skinned! My retweets of @michellemalkin and my own tweets were met with suspension of my twitter acct! No vulgarities or name calling on my part!

  • odabea

    Celebrities appear in all those anti-bullying commercials, and show their support for anti-bullying campaigns, yet somehow they are unable to see the mutual exclusivity of being both against bullying and being bullies themselves.

    • Tracy Wyatt

      you said it!

    • Matt

      Oh but its not bullying because its for a good cause, don’t you know. Its important for celebrities and other similar geniuses to tell us how to vote. How will I know which candidate hates woman if not for a Eva and Scarlett?

      • Wendy Salman

        Good one! :)

      • afvet4america

        They actually live in a fantasy reality. They are after all acting putting on that fake face and entertaining us. Who are they really? Well who cares if they have to go out and demand how the women vote and THEN call them stupid if it’s not for Obama. Nice work there Eva. NOT

    • S D


    • Dorian Howard

      It’s the “pot calling the kettle black” theology. They don’t get it!

  • thetawake

    Most of the women I know would choose not to believe in make believers.

  • Brett McMicken

    they may be liberals, but there is one thing that comes before their ideology and that is their bank accounts. they don’t hate capitalism so much as they want to make it exclusive… the neighborhoods they live in.

    • Marcy Cook

      When the redistribution starts I want my fair share of Eva Longoria’s house!

  • Love of Country

    Hey Eva ….. Stockholm Syndrome isn’t for everyone, mkay?

    Some people actually want/demand control of their own destiny and can’t stand you Julia freaks and dropouts.

  • lainer51

    Never watched her before, never will! What a stupid HACK!

    How is life with Tony going? Oh wait a minute, he dumped you like Barry soon will!!!!!!!!

  • Green Energy

    Russians are now involved in our elections… strange

  • Dave Lewis

    This is unfortunate but absolute proof that President Obama was not elected for his abilities. He was elected for his pop-culture status. The last time I saw this happen in my lifetime was when Milli-Vanilli got an award for lip-syncing a hit song. Hollywood types need to remember that a President’s job is much more than the ability to narrate a good script. A President’s job is to lead with dignity, respect and honor. This particular administration has had more scandals, inconsistencies and flat out lies spread from within than any other administration I can recall INCLUDING Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. His economic policies have been more devastating than Jimmy Carter’s and his declaration of war absolutely unconstitutional, even by George W, Bush’s standards. I am thoroughly disgusted and when they try to continue to propagate the lies a month later in the debates (Joe Biden) about Benghazi… it is despicable. I wish George Patton was still alive.

    • Mom Of three

      “Narrate a good script” you’ve nailed it….Hollywood loves O because he’s one of them! As long as someone else writes the script, he sounds good delivering it…doesn’t matter if it’s particularly creative or helpful in terms of policy…he deliveres with excellent pitch… In twenty years there will be a commercial with O,” You might recognize me, I played a president on tv”

    • Judith Lewis

      And don’t forget, he also needs to be President to ALL the people, not just to the liberals. Disenfranchising half your fan base, er subjects er fellow citizens is not the way to endear yourself.

      • Ron Hancock

        You mean around 47%? He has done more to divide this country than anyone else in American history from what I can tell.

        • Judith Lewis

          No one could have done more to divide this country than your hero. If he’s the best example of a liberal, I want no part of them.

          • Ron Hancock

            I was being sarcastic and referring to Romney’s comment about 47% of the vote will got to Obama because they are bots and he isn’t going to get their vote. I am so conservative Judith, I make Romney look like a progressive hippy. 😉 And i totally agree, Obama is their best example of a liberal/progressive and that is why he has failed to totally.

          • Judith Lewis

            I’m so sorry, Ron. I misunderstood you. Thanks for setting me straight.

          • Judith Lewis

            I’m so sorry, Ron. I misunderstood you. Thanks for setting me straight.

          • Ron Hancock

            I was being sarcastic and referring to Romney’s comment about 47% of the vote will got to Obama because they are bots and he isn’t going to get their vote. I am so conservative Judith, I make Romney look like a progressive hippy. 😉 And i totally agree, Obama is their best example of a liberal/progressive and that is why he has failed to totally.

      • Wendy Salman


      • Max48

        It is amazing that they/he haven’t figured out that they already have the votes of the “base”, now they need the less biased middle to throw them a few votes. And these intelligent superior thinkers just keep on with the vile disrespect of anyone who doesn’t think like they do !! GENIUS !!

    • Wendy Salman

      Very well said!

    • Dorian Howard

      I could not have said it better, Dave. BRAVO!

    • swordoftruth

      Which is why Obama is so popular in Hollywood. They pretend on screen to be people of dynamic and masterful things. He is pretending to be a leader and a diplomat. Hand in Hand I’d say.

  • Mae Lour

    I will introduce her to Obama phone lady- just as ignorant as Eva L.

    • Victor Kahuro

      They probably have the same opinion about the phone

  • Nan231

    Who made Eva the brain trust of the Democrat Party, that’s Biden’s job. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, a pretty face with a body behind it.

  • Michael Cutler

    Tony Parker is smarter than I thought.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What a waste. She doesn’t have any brains to go with her looks.

  • Lisa Hendrickson

    Eva – didn’t your mommy teach you about graciousness? Or are you one of those attractive people who never cultivated inner beauty because you didn’t think it mattered. It does.

    • Richard Marroquin

      She was the same way in High School. Makes me ashamed to be rom the same city as her. ugh

      • Lady Bird

        Good going Richard. Don’t be ashamed, she is not one of us, “gente buena.” Richard Sowell would have been a good Texan, “If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, aliberal 30 years ago and a racist today.”

  • Pin56

    ….poor Eva nobody listens to her, did you really think anyone would take you serious; sounding desperate….

    • Nell

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking… poor Eva. Her (apparently smart) husband dumps her and humiliates her, she comes up with a really stupid idea of having Obama lovers write all over their hands and take goofy pics of themselves and everyone mocks her stupid idea, then she acts like a bully and says (retweets) that women and minorities are stupid if they don’t vote for Obummer… and so she’s getting her skinny celebrity ass kicked because of that brilliant move. The next humiliation for Eva will be when Obama blames her (and scores of others) when he doesn’t get re-elected in November. Poor Eva…. it must suck to be her (or her husband…. or anyone associated with her…. )

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    Look- if Eva Longoria et al want to be treated like walking crotches instead of concerned and informed voters, that’s their business. Everyone else will worry about gas prices and their kids’ schools while the wealthy celebrities enjoy their lattes.

  • Tim

    You know, it’s funny. Ms. Longoria appeared on a reality show, H8R, in 2011. The premise of this show was celebrities get to confront people who have negative things to say about them, or their stardom. Ms. Longoria was confronting a non-fan because he thought she was a bad actress and did things in her career and personal life that hid her Hispanic heritage. Ms. Longoria met the non-fan in a restaurant in which she had a financial interest and spoke with him about his opinion. They also watched a video in which he had plenty of negative things to say about the actress. She then got to explain to this non-fan about her life, career, philanthropy, worldview, and so on. She had the opportunity to explain why she did certain things and her philosphy of life. She demanded the opportunity to do that through this show. Too bad she doesn’t show the same respect to the women and minorities she just insulted for their beliefs, lives, careers and worldviews. – check it out to verify

  • Harold Gideon

    Can someone explain to me just what Eva Longoria is? Did she appear in something? Something worth watching? Call me out of touch, but I have no idea who she is or what she is All I know is that she is one fugly untalented Obamafucker.

    • Zakasnak

      Desperate Housewives…….. fitting title, methinks. NOT worth watching.

    • ConcernedOne

      Agreed, yet the Pro Dream Act (go figure), sleezeOmatic has over 4 million @ssclown followers?

  • NoGuff

    Her next tweet will be “DAMN THAT TWITCHYTEAM!!!”

  • FrancisMcManus

    It was nice of Mitt Romney, as Governor of Massachusetts, to let the women in his administration get home early enough to make dinner.

    • iKarith

      If that is what they said they wanted, then yes, it certainly was. See, we don’t tell women what they are supposed to want. We ask them. If they have kids and they want to be home to feed them, that’s important to them. And so it should be important to us, too.

    • dave lewis

      So, I take it, if it came out that women in the Govs. administration were NOT allowed to take care of their households in a timely fashion, you’d be on board with that? Because that’s what it sounds like.

    • Darth_Venomous

      So go make us a sammich, Frances.

    • vonvervengarten

      He also paid them a fair wage and no Romney administration alumni ever complained about being treated with hostility or like a piece of meat. You might want to do some investigating on your chosen one Francis. He has a record of unequal and unfair treatment of women who worked for him.

  • LuCha

    An at best B rated actress who is a B.


    Just like the rest of them, they open mouth insert foot before thinking.

  • Chris Shea

    Helen Keller was better equipped to recognize Obama’s NUMEROUS faults than apparently HALF of our country is… Miss Longoria included. The trend of ‘using’ celebrities to spout off about politics and world issues needs to end. I mean, seriously…do we really need the opinions of people who make their living playing at fantasy to form OUR OWN opinions?? It makes about as much sense as the strange medieval custom of paying the executioner before he beheads you!! Hey Hollywood…SHUT THE HELL-O UP!!!!

    • radishthegreat

      I get your joke, but Helen Keller was a Socialist and a Wobbly…she’d be right in tune with the plans Ms Longoria and The Won have for remaking America into the Soviet Union.

  • Larry Miller

    You have to wonder if Eva might be the reason Obama has been to pornwood so many times.

    He hasn’t been in the White House more than three weeks all year.

  • Evil Klown

    Isn’t it funny. All we want to do is to be left alone (and leave others alone) … to be free.

    And for this we’re called dumb, racist, misogynistic, etc etc by our intellectual betters.

    Ever notice? That is their “go to” pursuasion technique … and guess what, it works … but not on conservatives.

    That’s the thing about liberals … all of their plans involve you and your money.

    They’re tyrants … they will NEVER leave you alone. They have plans for you and your money/liberty and if you object they’ll call you the usual names.

    They’ve been getting your liberty little by little but I suspect they’ll never be satisfied … they’ll never leave people alone … ever.

  • Montgomery Draxel

    When you’re reduced to insults and whining – we must assume your side is losing and losing big.

  • teapartydoc

    Referring to other women as lady parts is something all slutty “actresses” do.

  • Raejean

    At least Ronald Reagan could speak without a script or teleprompter (or troubled to learn his lines) and turned out to be a pretty good leader. Obama is just all about show biz, and not very good show biz.

    • Owen007

      That’s why so many in Hollywood support Obama in such a big way. As their filmographies demonstrate, they’re not good at showbiz, either.

  • Debra Bosio Riley

    Eva Longoria, who? 😉

  • Matt

    Personally, I think if you listen to a celebrity about who to vote for, you’re a moron.

  • Owen007

    Another day, another celebrity whose cage has clearly been rattled.

  • James R. Schneider

    Eva who?

  • LouAnnWatson

    c’mon, man! she’s a towering intellect of the democrat machine…

  • LouAnnWatson

    you know you’re close to the target when you start taking fire

  • Dave Frank

    can we stop giving these ignorant, untalented skanks our attention?! they’re mentally ill and love it when they think they’re annoying us!

  • Marcy Cook

    Maybe Eva should take Michelle Malkin’s advice…and think with her Lady Smarts and not her Lady parts before she retweets!

  • CelebrityThink

    Twitchy – LOVE, LOVE your reporting. You are holding celebrities accountable for what they say. We wrote a story about why this is so important:

  • CelebrityThink

    Looks like we will be doing a follow-up story since Longoria is now promoting the idea that someone hacked her account and retweeted that. Unbelievable.

  • Dorian Howard

    There are REAL Desperate Housewives in America trying to make ends meet every single day and Longoria has the nerve to call US stupid! Deleting her tweet is likely a cover-up she learned from her pal Obama!

  • Dave

    Memo to leftists: Women are more than a life support system for sex organs!

  • Doug Wenzel

    Just another hollywood degenerate,With and iq of a house plant.That’s why i never go to the movies and give then my money.

  • Alan Rockman

    Hey Eva – Tony Parker’s looking for ya.

    Remember Tony? He cheated on you and you picked him! Real smart – NOT.

    So think twice before you call other women “stupid”…because you strike me as someone who truly is.

  • Mr. Randomm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Ms. Longoria’s political views are her own and have nothing to do with
    her participation in the Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” promotion.

    Thank you again for writing.

    Best regards,


    Frito-Lay Consumer Relations


    • Barbara Love Ellis

      I as a conservative woman was completely insulted by ms. longoria’s vulgar bashing of women and minorities who do not believe the way she does. I will not purchase any items that she promotes, nor will I see any movies or television programs that she is involved with. I will not contribute to her career in any way.

  • $3273457

    Sounds like Eva had one too many apple-tinis at the Ritz-Carlton, and decided to get a little cheeky. Then she sobered up and tried to undo the damage.

    But this kind of abusive, profane and judgemental language is just par for the course for the Lefties. They are filled with contempt and hatred for anyone who disagrees with them. They exist in an echo chamber, believing that everyone thinks the way that they do.
    “Open-minded”? PFFFTT!!
    By the way, I love the term “Lady Smarts”! Team Romney needs to adopt that one!

  • RedPillReport™

    The arrogance of those on the left never ceases to amaze me! They claim to be more open-minded and tolerant than those who lean right, yet at every opportunity, they belittle and bully those who may not agree with them.
    Thankfully, of all of the women and minorities that I know…very few will be voting for the Serial Liar-in-Chief. They don’t need koolaid-drunk, out-of-touch fearmongers like Eva Longoria to tell them what to do….and the choice couldn’t be more clear to them.

  • AntiSoros

    EL’s comments are an affront to human beings. How can it be that these fools feel justified throwing around terrible accusations that are baseless? Why is it that the rest of us refuse to challenge these stupid statements? EL – Please tell everyone exactly what tells you or proves that Romney is a racist. Since you can’t, please stfu.

  • TraderBill

    This story simply proves, once again, that the Hollywood elites who, with the exception of having been blessed with attractive looks, and who are just smart enough to hit their marks and memorize their lines, are no different than the rest of us, although they fail to see it. They confuse fame with wisdom. The fame is fleeting and the wisdom comes only to some…

  • Melonie Judd

    I will vote with my #ladysmarts…yet another celebrity that I will not be watching. Boycott list is growing.

  • suzn123

    She is scared and will say whatever, to get votes for Obama!

  • Charlie Bretz

    I wonder if Eva pays for her own birth control?

  • vonvervengarten

    Eva as co-chair of the Obama campaign is the most obvious indicator of a president who makes bad choices. An inexperienced an unqualified choice for co-chairing a presidential campaign exposes Obama as also unqualified.
    Think Eva would be able to successfully run anything that required brain power over sexy eye-candy distraction? Why didn’t Obama employ a truly qualified woman?

    Why doesn’t the amazingly informed Longoria give us an actual example of Romney’s supposed misogyny or racism? Hey Eva, why don’t you look at employment rates for blacks and women under the smart power president you are pushing on women and blacks.

  • Buddy

    now I see why Tony Parker needed another woman….

  • porchhound

    I drove through Hollywood once and could actually FEEL my brain cells atrophy! You just can’t blame them; they have been damaged by the anti-intellectual environment.

  • Tom Wilburn

    Dixie Chick career suicide right there.

  • SuYu

    It’s being reported that she has been giving it up to NY Jets 25 year old QB Mark Sanchez…..Imagine him having to listen to her vapid political rants when he’s really only interested in her ‘lady parts’?

  • afvet4america

    Could it be because so many great women commented on that insult to women at Loreal? And Frito Lay?

  • Mary Renshaw

    It seems fairly common for liberal celebrities to believe that because they are famous, people actually think they’re smart. Eva proves the fallacy of this thought pattern. People like her and Babs Striesand need to remember how they got there and keep a focus of not dissing their public when they disagree with their politics.

  • Linda White Besink

    I always thought Fangoria was an idiot and she proved me correct.

  • trekmyer

    I follow all instructions and threats made by Hollywood tramps.

  • George Johnson

    Seems to be a theme with liberals. “There’s no way you can vote for the GOP if you’re __________” (fill in the blank).
    Interesting. Shunning a whole demographic is a bad thing (like supposedly shunning black folks). But telling a whole demographic you SHOULD shun a particular party, is perfectly OK??
    I get it now.

  • GabbyinFlorida

    She can kiss her career goodbye along with all the other hollywood hacks with more money than political savy.. Why do they want the USA to fail. Most movies and shows today are nothing more than moral pitfalls.. Shame on her and shame on her already faultering career.

  • MadeleineTector

    Where are these women when the usurper is signing away our country, these people seem ot be worried more about BC pills than this country. Seeing Scarlet looking menacing was enough of a laugh for one day but I still don’t know what she was complaining about, she wants abortions and birth control pills, dont’ we already have that? talk to my employer about putting it on my insurance? I don’t think so, who would? What slob would discuss these things with her boss? Is eveeryone a liberal in Hollywood? I remember Jiimmy stewart asking you to buy war bonds, I doubt he would mention Birth control and abortions. Will not be going to the movies again, no George Clooney or Tom Hanks, I’ll wait until they come on TV, maybe. forget the girls, they can grow old alone…looking in the mirror, now would be the time to enroll in a political science class.

  • HanValen5150

    Eva Longoria comes from a part of society that feels they are entitled. Do you know that Eva doesn’t pay for any of her clothes? She gets them all free. How many Latino’s get anything for free? Yet, she is hired by our failed president to harbor the Latin vote, claiming she understands their situation and can connect with them. Let me tell you, Eva is so far removed from her origins that if she took a DNA test, she’d end up being white!

  • Bruce

    Eva Longoria and others like her are pretty. Pretty biased, pretty uninformed, pretty partisan, pretty disrespectful and pretty lacking in common sense. Look at Romney and what he has accomplished both in his personal life and as Governer. Look at what BO accomplished and compare the two. Ask yourself who would you trust to manage your money. Who would you trust to ensure your way of life.
    Just pretend there are no R or D. Just look at the two records and decide. Another example: If you are a hiring manager and they both presented their resumes, showing what experienced they have and their accomplishments, who would you hire? Leave politics out of it. Who would do a better job based on their current and previous records? When you vote, you are voting to employ the guy.
    For the life of me I cannot imagine why anybody would listen to the desperate rantings of a clearly troubled “pretty” actress who demonstrates such obviously poor judgment.