No need to wait unti Halloween for an excuse to slip into a “slutty” binder costume — if you haven’t traded up from your vagina costume yet, you’re running way behind. And Big Bird? Please.

You can practically hear the excited cell phone calls from last night: “We should TOTALLY dress up as binders! Then those Republicans will finally take us seriously.” And we will say this: Those costumes? You did build those. Congratulations.

Will these swanky binder costumes earn these protesters the respect that dressing as vaginas did for Code Pink? How soon before Mead calls and ask the campaigns to stop using Trapper Keepers in their ads?

If cardboard costumes are the Obama administrations trump card in the final days, we have only two words: more please.



Annnnnnnnd, we have video!

Yeah. We’ll totally take them seriously now.


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  • Soopermexican

    Anyone who isn’t competent enough to make a reasonable costume of a binder should NOT be deciding how we run this country.

    • TomJB

      LOL Sooper, that one on the left looks more like an envelope

  • RobG

    “Better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, than to remove one’s foot from thy mouth and eliminate all doubt.”

    • SineWaveII

      Great play on Old Abe there.

      • radicalnurse

        that’s a paraphrase from Proverbs (The Bible)

        • SineWaveII

          Really? What’s the chapter and verse?

          • Stephen

            The quote seems to convey a similar thought as Proverbs 17:28 “Even a fool who remains silent is considered wise,

            and the one who holds his tongue is deemed discerning.”

          • Brian Bennett

            Proverbs 17:28

        • Chris Burr

          “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to
          speak out and remove all doubt.” — Abraham Lincoln

          • billeeblue

            What Chris (actually Abe) said.

          • Red Blues

            Oh what blissful quiet if the progressives actually took this advice.

  • FakeBillyTubbs

    I honestly do not understand this in the slightest. What is the point supposed to be?

    • rivers

      I don’t think they know. These are people who dress up as vaginas because they want not to be objectified and to be taken seriously. Seriously. Not quite firing on all pistons.

      • billeeblue

        It was a comment made by Romney last night when he was talking about equal pay and positions for women. He had a binder of women’s names that he had hired, so I guess that was offensive for some reason. They have absolutely nothing else on this man, so they go out and dress up as boxes???

        • Clayton B

          next debate, Romney should drop the word ‘ toilet ‘, then, when these ‘knuckle heads’ dress up as such, they’ll feel right at home.

        • Guest

          they’ll be converting the cardboard binders into cardboard homes if government down economic policies continue …

        • hbnolikeee

          But but but were they Hello Kitty Folders?

        • Brett McMicken

          if they had any real talent, they’d dress up as a trapper keeper

          • Mimihaha

            You mean Trap Her Keep Her

        • Worldpeaz

          He didn’t answer the question. He didn’t have enough women within his radar to find any women on his own for a cabinet position as Governor, so he went “to a number of women’s groups” and asked for help and they sent him “binders full of women.” Again .. he never addressed the problem of equal pay for women – he slid by trying to explain that he hired some. AND .. he was flexible, so they could get home and cook dinner too.

          • tessaprn

            We have federal laws that woman are paid equally just as a man. So what’s the problem. Damn. We do live in a country of nuts.

          • Jules

            It’s obvious you’ve never run a business. You don’t just hire your buddies.

          • JRT256

            That seems to be Obama’s problem. He is a Chicago politician and they DO hire their buddies (or cronies) so he has no understanding of why Romney would have notebooks full of resumes.

          • Mimihaha

            Not exactly. A bipartisan group of women put together resumes of qualified women before they even knew who won. The plan was to give the binders to the winner. They did that. And there were less women in MA government after Romney became governor than there were before.

          • howe joseph

            Only a hardcore liberal idiot would try to compete with Obama for liar of the year. I hope that if I ever get pathetic enough to demonize good people with harmful lies, I will be punished for my ignorance. Having said that, Romney is a very rich man and he is not running for the money, he wants America to be a better place for our kids. Romney does not have a sinister reason to change America, he can see the numerous violations to the U.S. Constitution and the Obama administrations god awful decisions that are destroying or economy. Romney has decades of business experience to fix that problem. Your welfare check and freebies strangely enough rely on Romney becoming President and in case you haven’t figured it out, when the country goes bankrupt in less than three years your freebies will be the first thing to go, thats how Greece managed to do it. Obama has no plan to stop the debt and deficit, but he wants to raise taxes and spend money we don’t have to hire 100,00 more teachers and fix infrastructure problems that will create bigger unaffordabel govt.

          • howe joseph

            There is a federal law already on the books for equal pay for women. He said that he managed to screen large numbers of women candidates from the binders of information his staff supplied him and he then hired more women on his staff than any governor in the country. You should request the transcripts from MSNBC or Fox News and listen to them again, because you cherry picked what you wanted to hear out of the debate that took place. Romney was trying to be honest about how he would manage equality and when he said that over 3 milllion women lost their jobs in the last four years under Obama and poverty increased for women, you can find that truthful piece of information on, or write to your Senator for that information. If you really care about equality you should try getting your nose out of Obama’s posterior and try listening to the truth.

      • Ken H.

        My sister, who works in the business world, informed me that when you get a set of resumes for people to be interviewed, they typically put them in a binder (you know, like a notebook for loose papers, I’m sure you all know that but someone, as in the picture, might think that it meant something else.) So people who are thinking that this is some kind of negative thing apparently do not have this in their realm of experience.

        • orringtonmom (D)

          yeah, people who aren’t familiar with the concept of having a resume might find the binder comment baffling.

          • TundraThunder

            That would be millions of people. Most of the people on welfare, etc. may not know about resumes or binders. . . at all. Many on the left apparently don’t know what they are either.

        • rivers

          Apparently there are actually people out there who would claim to be so stupid that they did understand he meant resumes and not actual women. And they’re all voting for Obama! Go figure!

    • grais

      Romney hired lots and lots of women. Obama hired few and pays most of them less than he pays his ‘men’.
      This is absolutely the best they can come up with to counter the unfortunate facts.

      • Mimihaha

        Nope, sorry, Romney didn’t hire women.

        • grais

          Over the course of his Governorship women made up 25% – 42% of his administration.
          Romney did hire women.

    • Slam1263

      WOOHOO, glory holes!!

    • Hal Fast

      The point is on their head. :) The point? Stupidity, what else is new with the left.

    • Gail Collier

      I think it’s supposed to be that he’s so old fashioned that he uses physical binders rather than having all that information digitally. Which is a stupid thing to get hung up on.

      • Elileona

        Romney mentioned in one of the debates that there was once a position where candidates submitted their resumes. When he looked, he saw there were no women applying for the position. He asked that a ‘binder of qualified women’s resumes’ be brought into the equation as well. The ‘sheeple’ are simply looking for something to complain about, The binder comment is seemingly the only thing they’ve been able to find lol.. ROMNEY/RYAN or we’re dooomed!!

      • AUBraves

        Romeny stated that when he was governor that he wanted the bbrightest and best women on his staff (or something to that effect) and he was given binders of women… in other words… he was given binders full of resumes of bright, qualified women ( or something to that effect). he was flattering women on their qualifications but somehow this got turned into a talking point for the libs. See how cute they look in cardboard?

        • smartchic321

          They will hinge on anything…….

          • USKensington

            These chicks aren’t hinged on anything.

          • Laurie O’Connor

            they’re UN-hinged

        • grais

          Just a wild guess : the women in the picture are not bright, qualified, or flattered.

          • Junie3

            Sad thing is, they are adults. Guess what I did last night Tamika, I dressed in card board and went to the Republican Head quarters in my card board and protested resumes in a binder. Last week Big Bird, this week card board, next week a terrorist.

          • beastdogs8

            They are liberals, the democratic party base, the moron vote. I would expect my two dogs to learn to speak German before, I would expect to see anything resembling a coherent thought let alone anything intelligent from them.

          • Red Blues

            saddest thing is that they also are allowed to contaminate the gene pool…

          • MotherGoos3

            seems that one of them is not even a woman (but it could be that my “gaydar” is broken)

        • radishthegreat

          Somewhat ironic that people who have spent the last several months viewing women as their “ladybits” are angry at a man who views women as their resumes. More stupid than ironic, though.

        • J.Klein

          Exactly — he was trying to flatter women and many perceived it as patronizing (I’m guessing you didn’t). Also, he made it sound like the binders were his idea, which is not true — they were brought to him by women’s groups.

          • AUBraves

            Of course he got the binders from womens groups. What’s the problem with that? If you want resumes on qualified, bright women, do you post an ad or do you go to the sources? And no, it’s not patronizing… he hired quite of few of those ladies. Even his Lt. Governor was a woman.

          • J.Klein

            The problem is that, while trying to defend his record with women, he made it sound like asking for binders was his idea. Which it wasn’t.


            I said that what he said at the debate SOUNDED patronizing to a lot of people, myself included.

          • Jon Brodin

            @ J.Klein: According to the article you linked, Gov Romney reached beyond MassGAP to business contacts to find qualified women to hire within his cabinet. Lt Gov Kerry Healey
            said. “So he had a number of sources that he drew on, and the now-famous
            binders that came up in the debate last night were ones that were
            provided through the Massachusetts Women’s political caucus as part of
            the MassGap project.”

            However, it was not just an effort of the MassGAP group to recommend women for these positions but the governor also took action to find qualified women through his business contacts and his campaign staff.

          • J.Klein

            Right, but that was after he got elected. The women’s groups approached Romney first, before the election, and raised the issue. This is what Romney said last night: “I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

            Seems disingenuous to me. Do you disagree?

          • Jon Brodin

            No, I don’t agree. It seems to be a distinction without a difference. This group approached both candidates prior to the election. Once elected, Gov Romney accepted their assistance but also sought qualified personnel through business contacts and his campaign staff. I understand the point your making is the distinction about who approached whom first. Please remember that this is a campaign and words / actions will be inflated as done on a resume. People follow leaders and by emphasizing action (as in, “I went to” rather than “I was approached by”) there was some resume polishing but hardly anything that could reasonably be construed as an outright lie.

            This distinction would be significant to me if the Governor remained passive and simply accepted the binder and appointed one or two women to his cabinet. However, he actively pursued women through other sources. I think that active pursuit and the number of women appointed to high cabinet positions is far more important than the MassGAP approaching his campaign prior to the election.

          • J.Klein

            Good point about the leadership verbs, but then it should have been easy enough to say what he actually did during the process rather than misrepresent it. If it was his idea before he was approached he could have said: “We made it a point to find qualified women for our cabinet, and we worked with so and such group .” Based on what I currently know, I’m left with the impression that it wasn’t so much a priority as a reaction.

          • Tera Blair Kirk

            Employers don’t bare the responsibility to employ you. You bear the responsibility of being hired. Thus is the problem with affirmative action, it’s backwards thinking.

          • Jon Brodin

            His running mate and Lt Gov was a female named Kerry Healey. I think that demonstrates that he seeks the most qualified people for senior leadership positions and doesn’t just surround himself with an old boys’ club. I have no idea why he chose the words that he did. But, perhaps, his CAMPAIGN was approached by the MassGAP. Then, at a later date, the CANDIDATE approached them in follow up and solicited their assistance. We’re trading suppositions that neither of us could clearly know or prove. But I find him to be credible by his soliciting qualified personnel through his personal business contacts & campaign staff as well as the number of women appointed to high cabinet posts. Those are both demonstrably active pursuits and not just lip service.

          • J.Klein

            I can respect that, if you give full credit to his campaign spokesperson’s statement. I think it’s possible he cared, though I personally doubt it. I still think what he said last night was disingenuous, but it’s possible he was just being his awkward self.

          • Red Blues

            Awkward in a political sense, maybe, but in the business world, it is what the CEO would say and then expect his staff to follow up on by bringing him the requested information.

            Swatting at gnats. Sad.

          • J.Klein

            I don’t think anyone who reads this site should talk about swatting at gnats.

          • J.Klein

            I should add that it was this piece, more than that WaPo article, that first led me to think it was disingenuous — it gives a few more details than WaPo:

          • AUBraves

            Obama saying he would turn around the economy or it would be a one term presidency is disingenuous… What Romney said is not. He said he went to womens groups… he didn’t say I contacted them first nor at what point in time he went nor any actions prior or afterwards… he simply said he went… Disingenuous is saying people were killed over a film. Saying he went to womens groups is not. Maybe he went after he was contacted. Quit being a spineless little whiner. Such a little ignorant prick.

          • J.Klein

            Dude, go and read the posts on this site. Try to turn off your biases or what you think you know. Have you ever seen so many spineless little whiners and ignorant pricks? At least I’m trying to have a conversation with people I disagree with, rather than hanging out on a website that reinforces my world view.

            I never said Obama hasn’t been disingenuous at times, but I’m not the one repeating his lies on this message board. Perhaps I cut the debate quote too short: “And I — and I went to my staff, and I said, “How come all the people for these jobs are — are all men.” They said, “Well, these are the people that have the qualifications.” And I said, “Well, gosh, can’t we — can’t we find some — some women that are also qualified?”

            But this was after Mass GAP had already approached him. Look, if you don’t think it’s a problem, then so be it — I don’t think that this makes your an ignorant prick (though you probably are). Personally, I don’t see how anyone could think Obama was being disingenuous about the attack in Libya. I think he chose his words carefully until he had all the information. I think Romney talks out of his ass.

          • AUBraves

            OK… to make it simple for you… I am sitting at home and you come over and say”Great game on in an hour. We need some beer.” I jump in the car and run get beer and watch the game. The next day at work someone asks about watching the game and I say “Yeah. I went and got some beer and watched the game.”Just because you approached me with the idea does that mean I told a lie? I did go get the beer and I did watch the game.

          • J.Klein

            That’s a horrible analogy, because nobody cares about whose idea it was to get the beer. If the person at work for some reason cared about whose idea it was to get beer, and you say something knowing it will lead them to believe that it was your idea, that would be a lie. Romney was attempting to portray himself as someone who was sensitive to the issue of women in the workforce, and to do so he took credit for an idea that wasn’t his. The binder was presented to him — he didn’t ask for it. Perhaps he had already been thinking about how he could find qualified women for his cabinet, but if that was the case he should have explained the actual steps he took. Lying about it causes one to question what his motives were in the first place.

          • AUBraves

            So you’re saying before he was elected the womens groups came to him? You know, way back when while he was selecting a woman as his running mate? And all the dems have no idea of looking at what was accomplished… all they want to see if everything is grammatically correct. This is the kind of attention to fine detail that got security overlooked in Benghazi… that got funds invested in soon to go bankrupt “green” companies… really, pay attention to the actions and outcomes instead of focusing on grammatical details. No one keeps screaming that Joe said they do want a trillion dollar tax hike… and he did say that… but Liberals can recognize an unintended sequence of words. Libs undoubtedly can’t.

          • J.Klein

            I clearly explained why Romeny was lying, but you didn’t address that. Instead you changed the subject. I’ve found this to be a typical tactic for the kind of conservatives who just echo the party line, rather than think about the matter independently. Once they run into an argument they haven’t been “instructed” on, they move to one they know about.

            — Looks like Healey chose Romney, not the other way around:

            — the GOP cut funding for embassy security, as I’m sure you know.– I haven’t followed the green energy issue, but it looks like your claims are overstated:
            I’m sure you just as upset when Halliburton, the VP’s own company, was getting sweet deals during the Iraq war.

          • AUBraves

            No… really? Tactic? You are arguing over a word… not a result and you want a tactic? You really have issues with common sense. As to green companies, please check out Solyndra, A123 and others.
            As to security, somehow we kept marines at the embassy in France (within the budget) but can’t get any for Benghazi? Saying Healey chose Romney is another sign of being clueless to the process.
            Changing the subject? Nope… but you seem to want to talk about Haliburton for some reason that has nothing to do with Romney, Obama nor the debates. You can stop media links simply because we all know the bias among the media so i won’t read the links..

          • J.Klein

            How am I arguing over a word? My point involves whether a presidential candidate was lying, and nothing you’ve said has rebutted this point. I never said it was my #1 issue — I think all politicians lie — but this whole thing came up because posters on this site couldn’t understand what all the hubbub was about.

            Haliburton relates to your point about government payouts to favored businesses — I assumed you would be able to make the connection, but I was wrong. My bad.

            Healey was the chairperson of the Mass Republicans, who approached Romney about running for governor. I’m sure Romney “picking” her had nothing to do with that. Anyway, I never said Romney didn’t chose women to work with — I said he lied about his involvement in the process he described. He could have talked about a number of things when he received that question in the debate, yet he chose to present a disingenuous story. Kind of an odd choice.

            The France comparison is also faulty — there were no marines specifically assigned to protect the diplomats there.

            I had a feeling you would reject the links. While I can come to a biased site like Twitchy and parse out the arguments and “facts” presented, you’re incapable of doing the same at sites you consider to be biased. I suppose that approach protects you from information that would threaten your world view.

          • AUBraves

            No one except dems will ever understand the big deal being made about it. As numerous people said today, if you concentrate on binders you will lose the election… but grasping at straws makes headlines I guess.
            No… you are being disingenuous… Haliburton has nothing to do with Romney, Obama, nor the debates… and definitely is a long reach to associate them with the bankrupt “green” companies Obama invested 100’s of millions of dollars in just to see them go bankrupt. They took the money and folded within weeks..
            I’m sure there are many reasons Romney chose Healey… and just as many reasons she accepted. The point is?
            France… specifically assigned… so they were wandering the streets but couldn’t be used to protect diplomats when in a volatile, dangerous situation? You again are being disingenuous.
            Being led to a site by you is not protection from a world view. It is protection from a much biased, faulty view. If I knew what the links were, maybe I would enjoy a joke but from what I’ve seen of you and your focus… I don’t think I can trust where these links may take me..
            And last but not least,,, he was not close to disingenuous in his reply… Look at the DNC and then tell me which party is disingenuous and which is not… your call… where are you going to fall? With the truth or the false front Dems use?

            Have a good life… even if you live it disingenuously.

          • J.Klein

            You can’t really lecture people on leading disingenuous lives if you’re unable to handle reading a website that might threaten your world view. The site cites to facts, and you really should take more pride in being able to distinguish between objective facts and spin. Are you really that feebleminded? If you can’t even challenge yourself in that way, how can you expect to know the difference between right and wrong?

            Bush/Cheney giving money to Haliburton is an analogy, and it’s actually a lot worse than any green power bankruptcies. At least this administration was looking to improve the lives of Americans rather than lining their own pockets. Anyway, like I established before, the failure of green companies is vastly overstated. Where were you when Bush/Cheney were giving taxpayer money away to their Haliburton buddies? Where was your outrage then? THAT, my friend, is hypocritical. But again, you seem too feebleminded to understand this, which is why you rely on sites like Twitchy to tell you what to think.

            I honestly don’t know what marines in France would do — do you? My understanding is that they’re there to protect classified information. Obviously the mission in Benghazi needed more protection, and someone screwed up somewhere. There should be a non-partisan investigation into what went wrong in this case to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

            Look, I could list just as much BS spewed by the GOP as you can about the Dems, and probably a lot more. Both parties spin the hell out of everything. I happen to think Obama is more sincere than most politicians, and truly cares about the average American, while Romney will say anything he needs to to get elected (as other Republicans pointed out during the primaries), and primarily cares about aiding rich people like himself. If Romney wins it won’t be the end of the world — not like the W years — but throwing money at the wealthy is not going to solve our problems.

          • AUBraves

            You are being 100% disingenuous again. Stick to the point.Yes, I can say you are disingenuous even if I don’t read what you prefer to read. What I read has nothing to do with your poor disingenuous character.

            Halliburton again. Please stick to the present topic. And believe me, if it’s reported by the Obama media it definitely is not overblown. They would never hurt him.

            Of course Marines in France wouldn’t help… but if the request was received weeks before for additional security in Benghazi, they could have used numerous means of transport to prevent the death of our people.No… you didn’t establish anything about the green companies. Not a thing. You simply stated that you thought it was overblown. It’s not.

            Yes, I agree… there is a lot of spin and some lies from both parties.. always has been and always will be. Nothing we can do about it. And again we disagree because I think Obama is insincere and has no budget plans, immigration plans or economy plans. Partially I blame this on his last 4 years and his lack of attention to issues while the campaign is going on. Right or wrong.. it’s my opinion. Right or wrong… you differ from this. I’m definitely voting Romney.. and you are definitely voting Obama… we have that right.

          • Tera Blair Kirk

            You can’t bitch about not getting jobs and then bitch that you’re being patronized when you get one. Don’t be such a girl

          • J.Klein

            Try to think before you write next time, Tera. He wasn’t patronizing ME (I’m male), but I thought he sounded patronizing. Also, we’re all on the same page about *qualified* women here — affirmative action is not the issue. The concern many women have is that Mittens is not in touch with issues that are important to them, and I doubt his “binders” bit allayed any of those fears.

          • Brian Bennett

            Are you stupid? Sorry that was rhetorical don’t answer. Romney actually said..”I asked a local women’s group and they brought me binders full of bright qualified women”. How is that acting like it was his idea?

          • J.Klein

            Let me explain it to you, dummy: This makes it sound like they brought it to him *because* he asked for it. Also, according to the debate transcript the quote I used above is the accurate one.

          • J.Klein

            My previous comment was erased. Because I called you a dummy? So it’s ok for you to ask if I’m stupid — which is just as insulting — but I can’t call you a dummy or else it will get removed (voted down?). I see how this works. Next time I’ll be sure to frame my insult as a question.

            I’ve also noted how the overtly racists posts are removed — saw one pop up, and it was gone a few minutes later. We wouldn’t want anyone to think a bunch of racists were part of the amen chorus here, would we?

          • Jules

            It’s not enough that he wanted to hire women, he sought out sources for qualified women, and then he hired those women?

        • Guest

          I just don’t get it…

        • billeeblue

          Oh boy, if they are hoping to get hired at a corporation of sorts, they are SOL. Maybe they can stand on a corner and hawk a furniture sale for Value City Furniture.

        • Shawn Smith

          Not just given, he actively sought out qualified women when he saw few (or none) among his applicants. Apparently this is a terrible crime, somehow.

        • Shawn Smith

          After another Obama presidency they’d all be living in cardboard boxes anyway. Maybe they’re just practicing.

          • beastdogs8

            Maybe they are bringing boxes to help Obama pack when he gets his ass handed to him this November.

        • Junie3

          If they vote Obama in, they’ll be living in that card board binder.

      • Bev Spargur

        Well. that’s all they have! : )

        • Brian Bennett

          And all they have is nothing…nothing but a useless liar in chief who keeps acting lik a skipping 78, repeating the same lines, over and over and over and over and over.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Who knows? They DON’T want to be considered for cabinet and executive positions?

      Let them wear their boxes. It suits them well to look like the morons that they are.

    • xandercoded

      other than the fact that they’ll be converting cardboard binders into cardboard homes if government down economic policies continue?!

    • Brett McMicken

      a bunch of silly people who cannot come to grips with the fact that the ’60s are over

    • beastdogs8

      Are these liberals really this dumb and do not understand that a binder is something you put important paperwork into, well second thought the answer is yes, liberals are really that dumb. The left has got the moron vote completely locked up, they must be proud.

    • howe joseph

      The point is sadly, that all the sideshows and the small talk distracts people away from the biggest failure of Obama. Unemployment at record highs, economic conditions progressively worsening with a very low GDP and the tax and spend attitude that is driving our country into a paupers grave. The Obama campaign is pulling out all the stops to stay off the subject of economy.

  • rivers

    To be clear, they are mocking Romney because he purposefully sought to employ women and was pro-active about it, and would be only to happy to work for less pay than their male counterparts in the White House because Obama’s the MAN.
    Somebody call Lilly Ledbetter.
    Sigh. They are all Obamaphone lady now.

    • Donna Tagliaferri

      the white house pays women 18% less than men

      • rivers

        Yes and these women for some absurd reason don’t have a problem with that. I guess they really do think with their lady parts, which is exactly the same as a man thinking with his…man parts?

        • bjm2009

          At least when a man thinks with his man parts he has a plan and a goal.

          This is pure Underpants Gnome logic:

          1.wear binder costumes…2.???….3.Win election

          • rivers

            LOL to the first part and to the second, you know things are spiraling out of control when someone comes up with an idea that’s even stupider than giant vagina costumes.

      • Lynelle Hullsiek

        Yes, but 2 presidents ago, at least 1 of them got fringe bennies in the Oval.

        • Brian Bennett

          No, Clinton got his bennies on her fringe.

    • J.Klein

      Man, you guys need to check your facts. The White House follows the principle of equal pay but employs more men at higher level positions (just like the rest of society). It follows that the average pay for men is higher than that of women. Or do you not remember 5th grade math?

      • rivers

        Oooooo zing! Dancing vaginas, million muppet marches, binder ladies and Obamaphone lady! The wheels are off the Choom bus, baby, I don’t think you’re in any position to be throwing barbs about fifth grade math.

        • J.Klein

          Uh . . . what? So you’re not denying that you got your facts wrong. Ok.

          • rivers

            Oh look at you! Winning!
            Nobody’s got their facts wrong Jack, just you jerks that treat women like we are all consumed with our sex lives and birth control and nothing more. So used to using women, you think that’s what women like. People like you, this entire administration and these foolish complicit women continue to denigrate the intelligence of women who are working, or are at home, are wives, mothers, students, daughters and thinkers, and you are so obtuse you can’t even see that you are doing it. That’s where the women vote went last week, so run and tell that.

          • J.Klein

            Right, whatever you say. I was trying to clear up some misinformation about Obama and equal pay, perpetuated by Malkin. Apparently you’re more interested in ranting and name calling.

          • rivers

            Oh hell yes I am, you got that right, and so are a lot of other people who are fed up. Four years of being called racist for disagreeing with economic policies, an administration that wants to trample on religious freedom, crappy economy, being pandered to and demagogued to death, yes, that pisses me off. What, were you looking for an apology or some remorse? Forget it.

          • J.Klein

            It sounds like you’ve just described the Bush administration! (Though substituting “classist” for racist.)

            I’m just not interested in being ranted at. Just a personal preference. I also have no idea what you’re talking about, because you’re speaking in generalities. Does being fed up means you don’t have to care about facts?

          • rivers

            If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you need to do a little more homework before you attempt to engage in a debate. (Something Obama should have done before his first debate too) And you probably shouldn’t dismiss a housewife as you did above by suggesting that equal pay and gender bias aren’t important to her. She’s a housewife, not a non-member of society. Again with the denigration of women. Oh, and just because you say something is a fact does not make it a fact. Most of you people on the left have no idea how well informed the other side is, it’s truly remarkable. You can have the last word, but there’s no point to continuing this conversation, I can’t even begin to fathom what goes on in the mind of an Obama supporter and at this point I don’t even want to know. I’m done.

          • J.Klein

            I wasn’t attempting to engage you in debate — I was pointing out how you were wrong about White House pay fallacy. (Which you never responded to.) I didn’t dismiss the housewife, I questioned whether her disinterest about equal pay might be related to her not being in the workforce. You are obviously quick to point fingers and condemn those who disagree with you, and yet you eschew facts. I would never waste my time trying to “debate” with someone like you.

          • rivers

            Calling it a pay fallacy when all you did was put lipstick on a pig… And oops, looks like you just wasted a lot of time. That’s okay, me too.

          • Brian Bennett

            So you admit that Bush and Obama are alike? Its about time!

      • Lynelle Hullsiek

        With whom shall we check our facts? Candy darling?

        • J.Klein

          I suppose you should follow your conscience about whether you want to be accurate or not. Truth or doctrine — you decide.

          • Brian Bennett

            I’ll go with truth. Romney/Ryan 2012!

    • J.Klein

      Also, Romney didn’t seek out the binders — they were foisted upon him by women’s groups. So, no, he wasn’t proactive about it.

      • Red Blues

        If you had the ability to follow logical thought (which you don’t) then the ‘equal pay’ thingy (5th grade math and all that) would concern you as well.

        The Obama administration does not hire women into the higher level positions per your own statement made in apologizing for this fact “The White House follows the principle of equal pay but employs more men at higher level positions (just like the rest of society). It follows that the average pay for men is higher than that of women.”

        And this is OK? Seems that you of all people would be saying how ‘unfair’ that was… why are they ‘not’ hiring women into those higher paying positions? Were is your outrage and venom for this miscarriage of justice (opps! sorry)… for this miscarriage of *fairness*!

        You must be paid by the word and get a bonus for the number of individual comments made. Good for you!

        • J.Klein

          Of course it’s not ok, but unless you show me otherwise I’m going to believe it’s unavoidable. And if he hired an equal number of women, he would be accused by your lot of fulfilling quotas. I don’t know anyone on the left who things Obama or anyone should be required to fill his staff in a completely gender-balanced way. I figured somebody would bring this up, so congratulations on at least being smart enough to spot an apparent inconsistency.

          But of course my main point — which you missed, because you’re reading comprehension skills are lacking — was that people calling Obama a hypocrite were idiots. He hasn’t violated the precepts of equal pay, but that’s what Malkin and others have been leading you to believe.

          I hope you’re joking about getting paid.

          • Red Blues

            Pardon you for your assumption, I was not ‘led to believe’ anything. I saw the comment you had made, noted the inconsistency in the logical premise (and the resultant apparent hypocrisy) and stated how I saw the situation.

            My comments stand and as far as the joke about reading comprehension, it seems that the lack of and not daring to care about logic and reasoning is on *your* side of the court.

            But as you seem to enjoy playing the part of court jester, that is my bad in assuming that you had common sense and a means to express such difficult logical concepts.

            Either it’s equal or it’s not. Cannot have it both ways…

            But when has such a conundrum ever stopped those with a political agenda from not dealing with reality or defending the indefensible, eh?

            I await your vast insight and knowledge to illuminate everyone on how we should think but, of course, I really should expect nothing but ad hominum and straw men, right?

          • J.Klein

            Well, you’re still not getting it, so my assumption that you’ve been mislead seems reasonable to me. Ledbetter is about equal pay for equal work, not about hiring an equal number of women. Is that so hard for you to grasp? There’s nothing inconsistent or hypocritical about it. You’ve spent all this time condescending to me, and you don’t even get the basic premise of what I was talking about. Shame.

            Apparently a court jester is someone who dares question the amen chorus in your hermetic little world. It’s easy to call names and talk in generalities about what you hate about the left, but harder to have a reasoned discussion with someone you perceive as the enemy. I get it.

            You are correct that the “5th grade math” comment was out of line, and I apologize for that. My intention was not to bait anybody here, but my frustration with the logical fallacy being promoted here about White House hiring got the better of me.

          • Red Blues

            OK, thank you for the contrite apology (and I’ll ignore the further condescending trivialities because, I do get it.). The point that you seem to not able grasp is *related* to the Ledbetter legislation – but *not* the same.

            A hypothetical, if you please: if I were hiring the *best* people for a certain number of job openings – all other factors being the same – why would or should there be an inequity in the *actual* number of ‘M vs F’ in those who were indeed qualified and that I would subsequently hire to fill those positions. Please do not go down a rabbit hole about how the NFL or some other field will not use that criteria – that would be disingenuous and I’m getting rather tired of arguing a point that only you and I seem to care about at this point in time in this thread.

            The simple fact is that the administration had *not* found an equal number of women who they deem ‘qualified’ to fill those upper level positions that result in pay gap.

            Why is that? What is a reasoned response? And furthermore, why does no one on the other side of the aisle seems to care about this? These are questions that *should* concern anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together.

            They matter because they speak to the *actions* not the *presumed intent*.

            If I were to say, “I’ll hire the best to fill those jobs” but then end up with only lilly-white males, then you could – and *should* – expose my hypocrisy. My *presumed intent* has no rationality – none – compared to the end result based on my *actions*.

            And for the record, I have worked in all male companies *and* in ‘mixed sex’ companies both dealing with skill sets related to informational abilities and thinking skills (logic and being able to factor in a large set of variables (the positions at the WH are not exactly demanding physical labor positions)).

            But in both situations, there were *little* or *no* difference in the quality of the work completed but a *large* (20-20%) pay difference in the later instance. I knew that it was not fair but I was an employee – *not* the person in charge of hiring and setting wage scales. Personally, if a person is qualified, quotas be damned – get the best and the brightest if you want to be successful in *any* endeavor.

            I will await a reasoned response.

          • J.Klein

            The short answer is that I don’t know — I have no further information on why there is a gender imbalance in hiring at the White House. And neither do you, it appears. So we’re each left to each assume the best/worst from what we do know. I think it would be relevant to compare staffing with both prior presidents and other politicians working in DC, but I have neither the time nor the resources to do so. BUT, I do think it’s telling that those trying to tarnish Obama also have failed to show that he compares unfavorably to similarly situated employers. One possibility is that, for whatever reason, there remains fewer qualified female applicants for these positions. This is why equal pay for equal work, not equal outcomes, is what I’ve been harping on — I don’t know the extent to which equal outcomes are feasible given the demographics of a particular industry, but I do know that equal pay is a matter of fundamental fairness.

            I also think it’s likely that, when it comes to personal staff, a person might have a preference that leans one way or the other. I don’t know what percentage of White House positions can be considered Obama’s personal staff — perhaps all. I saw this with judges when I worked at a court — when it came to their clerks, several appeared to have a preference for one gender or another, and the preference was not always for their own gender (e.g. some female judges appear to prefer to work with male clerks, some male judges with female clerks).

          • Red Blues

            I appreciate your candor. Your court illustration does make sense and I’ve noticed comments that describe similar situations.
            I also do not know, but unlike others on both sides, I do not pretend to speak of that which I have no personal knowledge. It can quickly (and many times, brutally!) devolve into nothing more than a ‘he said she said’ chorus of acrimony. I prefer not to ‘play in the gutter’ in those instances and do not inject myself into a comment thread unless I see a reasoned responses going into a detrimental direction (hence my calling you out for the 5th grade comment).

            But again, thank you for you candor and maybe we will all eventually find more common ground and stop burning those damn bridges, eh?

            Best to you – who knows, we might just be able to properly discuss others issues in the future (the interwebs do seem to be getting smaller and smaller) and we the people seem to need to teach the clowns in DC how its is done. 😉

            regards, Red

          • J.Klein

            Thank you for your civility, Red. It is indeed nice to find some sort of common ground, and I hope both sides can work more on not demonizing the other. All the best to you.


      • Jules

        Seriously??? “He was FORCED to hire women! He really didn’t want to at all!” LOL

        • J.Klein

          “And I — and I went to my staff, and I said, “How come all the people for these jobs are — are all men.” They said, “Well, these are the people that have the qualifications.” And I said, “Well, gosh, can’t we — can’t we find some — some women that are also qualified?”

          Well, gosh, Romney really is a champion of women here, isn’t he? Except everything he said sounded like women in the workplace were an alien species to him. I can’t recreate the tone he had in the debate. Mostly, I’ve been trying to explain why a lot of people find his comments both funny and disturbing, while pointing out that his story overstated his role in the search for employees.

        • J.Klein

          I said foisted, not forced. Look it up.

  • guest

    Absolutely STUPID..

  • Chris McKee

    So they are physically validating Romney’s point in order to make fun of Romney’s point?

  • James Atkins

    What’s up with the dude on the far right??

    • $7421226

      that’s no DUDE, that’s a DEMOCRAT “WOMAN”

      • SineWaveII

        Which is a what again? The democrat no gender label thing really get’s confusing.

      • William J. Miller

        That’s “WOMYN”. Sexist… /sarc. off.

      • journogal

        I believe you mean “womyn,” and I use that term loosely as well.

    • Hal Fast

      It’s not a dude James. LOL! Of course it could be a he/she, but I wouldn’t want to be the one to check to make sure. I’ll let the ATF do that for me. :0)

  • JM_in_WASH

    You know these women were never in any of Romney’s Binders of talented women.

    • SineWaveII

      That’s stone cold

  • snowcloud

    They are totally pathetic.

  • Kate

    A) That’s the most sorry excuse for a “protest” I’ve ever seen.

    B) I’m pretty sure that Obama’s blind followers just listen for stupid soundbites they can mock (i.e. Big Bird, Binders) and tune out the other 99.9% of the debate. It’s pathetic, honestly.
    C) On another note, REALLY? What does this even MEAN?

    • ConservativeGirl999

      They don’t understand any of the debates or the news so they just listen for 2 syllable words they can understand like “Big Bird” and “binder”. The only 3 syllable word they understand is “vagina”.

  • $7421226

    maybe these DEMOCRAT women think if they are in binders, GOV ROMNEY will be able to find QUALITY EQUAL-PAY JOBS FOR THEM.

  • FlatFoot

    Obama’s lapdog lackeys are so desperate that they’re turning ‘binders’ full of job resumes mentioned in the debate — into an anti-Romney reason to vote for Barack Obama?


    • SineWaveII

      And demonstrating that they are too stupid to understand the meaning of the word “binder” at the same time. “I am woman, watch me make an ass out of myself” LOL

  • Hank DeCat

    Big Bird was unavailable.

    • SineWaveII

      Big Bird wouldn’t be seen with these losers. He has too much class.

  • Jack Deth

    So sad and pathetic.

    Requiring closer inspection by a group of non concerned citizens. Studying these larger size creatures while enjoying pints of Bryer’s or Haagen~Das Ice Cream.

    Just to taunt them a bit and remind them that they don’t snugly into their ridiculous costumes.

  • KansasGirl

    Geez, they didn’t put much effort into it did they?
    Typical lazy leftists.

  • SineWaveII

    …because the vagina costumes just didn’t make them look stupid enough.

  • Jason

    Looks like they need bigger binders.

  • Tanille

    So now binders of women are offensive? Why not rally in front of modeling agencies or something? They have many binders full of women in slutty outfits. And they encourage eating disorders and drug abuse. At least Romney’s binder was full of respectable and professional women who want to work standing up.

    • Hal Fast

      Right on Tanille! You tell UM! :)

    • Brian Bennett

      Or better yet, how about go to Iran or Iraq or Saudi Arabia or any number of Muslim countries and protest the denigration of women there…Oh right, have to wear binder costumes…silly me.

  • William J. Miller

    I think I’ll just sit back on this one, if not encourage them. When the libs latch on to false narratives, like this, they always take it way too far, and end up becoming a laughing stock (ala Big Bird). So, bind away libs! Bind away!

    • J.Klein

      Actually, a lot of people found the Big Bird and binders bits funny. However, doing so requires some imagination, which is something the amen chorus on Twitchy clearly lacks.

      • William J. Miller

        Hence the term “laughing stock”. But, they seem to want to be taken seriously, too; which is even funnier.

        • J.Klein

          Well, laugh away then.

      • Brian Bennett

        Define “lot”, as it of one of those ambiguous terms like “them” and “someone”.

  • Walt

    I can’t for the life of me figure out what they’re protesting. Binders?, women? or Romney talking about helping women?

    • Bruce Creech

      They are ignorant so they don’t know. They are attempting to make an insult at Mitt about getting some GREAT WOMEN in his cabinet. But of course, I doubt these weren’t in there.

  • Bruce Creech

    Wonder if they can dress as Liar, Liar, pants on fire?

  • Danny Wheeler

    Good job with that “You DID build those” joke! I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it.

  • kate_middleton

    This is SOOOOOOOO dumb.

  • writer59

    I rarely understand what liberals are whining about, but this one baffles me more than any other complaint. Romney said he had binders of resumes and applications from women who were being considered for jobs in his administration. Why exactly is this sexist or a gaffe or whatever? Is this merely to deflect from the all too obvious fact that women working with Obama have complained about feeling like pieces of meat and not part of the Boy’s Club while Romney had women as 50% of his cabinet and staff while governor? Because unless this is a “hey, look over here at our stupidity so you don’t notice those inconvenient facts” I don’t get it at all.

  • DANEgerus

    Protesting for 18% less pay, like Obama pays for his #LadyParts

  • Sweet_Lew

    I suspect this isn’t the “game changer” that these idiots think it is.

    • rivers

      No really, somehow, as a woman, in spite of record high numbers on foodstamps, crippling gas prices, 23 million unemployed, outrageous deficits, the drop in median income, imma gonna vote Obama because…binders! wtf?

  • SpaceRacer423

    Is that Maddow on the far right, or a freshman college boy? I cant tell.

  • It’s just me again

    OMG! What a waste of time. Go do something productive with your lives. Volunteer your time at a shelter or a school. This is so ridiculous. He got the “binder” from a women’s advocacy group. They said today that they gave him the binder. So if you want to bitch about the binder, point it at them. You missed the point, he went out and did what he said he would as a candidate. He hired women to his board.

    • Chris Burr

      Most of the anti-Romney “protesters” that you see doing stupid crap like this aren’t doing this because they are really interested in politics and really believe that Obama is the nation’s best path to prosperity……..No, it’s usually becuase they are members of a union and are getting paid to hold these protests……They would never waste their time doing something like this for free when they could be at home doing something constructive like sippin on a fawghty (40oz beer) and smoking some Newpotes (Newports: menthol cigarettes)…….Where I’m from, you’d be hard-pressed to find a demonstration by “Obama supporters” because they wouldn’t be getting paid to do it and it would cut into their personal time…..

  • J. Cox

    The poor kid that got dragged there with his Mom..he will end up in therapy someday.

    • Lynelle Hullsiek

      Like he wouldn’t have anyway? 😉

  • Tootie MCGee

    Predictable and cheesy.

  • AngryConservativeAsianDude

    Is the MSM stupid enough to bet on women being stupid enough to require an education on office stationery?

  • realitychex

    Funny. It looks like a parade of Obama supporters, gathering giant pieces of cardboard to create walls for their future, homeless village. Clearly, their only viable solution to the housing crisis, if Obama wins.

  • Red Fred

    Giggling like Biden!! Poor concept carried out in the most amateur way possible.

  • Shawn E. Johnson

    The costumes alone show a lack of talent and effort, nothing sadder than seeing people so proud of themselves for being clever when they just look ridiculous!

  • Tessa I.

    I hereby propose a new game: #dressupfeminists. What innocuous remark can you make that will trigger an explosion of insane costumes from the Left?

    Personally, I’d go for something like “feminists talk about abortion the way office managers talk about not stealing the paperclips.” Then we could sit back and wait for the inevitable rush of Code Pink loons dressing up as the Microsoft Office Assistant. Fun for the whole family!

  • Largebill

    Sad to think there is no one in these women’s lives to let them know how stupid they look.

  • elijahzabmom

    Are you kidding me? Big bird, Romney’s tax returns, binders, $9 bc pills…

  • T.Marie

    Uh, so Romney said “women in binders” (…or whatever) and they go out and dress as binders? What point are they trying to make? That he’s right? LOL

  • GTFOBigGovt

    I thought the big thing was a double entendre. But nope. They mean Staples BINDERS. wtaf.

  • Love of Country

    I would think it far more demeaning that Barack Owebamao paid all those crackheads to dress up like fools and stand around looking so foolish.

    Independents see such desperate stupidity, roll their eyes, and can’t wait to put Dinglebarry and his uber divisive and dishonest ways out of power and out of our nation’s capital.

    This is even dumber than the Big Bird protests and even that took a week for Dems to figure out how stupid that was.

    I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

  • Dean Robert

    who’s the dude on the far right? Ron Paul of Course

  • radicalnurse

    these folks are probably on BO’s payroll of a big $11/hr

  • Martha Benton

    Why don’t they cover their heads? Maybe someone could seal them up in them and they could suffocate to death for Obama. That would be very worthwhile!

  • neworacle

    They are dressing in a representation for their Obama portfolio which they fully expect ‘the chosen one’ to fill.

  • Tanya Torgrim O’Connor

    The stupid people in this country really frighten me. Did anyone see the movie Idiocracy? I like the comment someone made on this thread that they look more like graham crackers than binders.

  • cheryl

    Do they even realize Romney Hired more women in Obama’s whole lifetime ! they do not represent my body parts thats for sure !!! wow no lifers

  • hmschlmom

    Sad…very sad…

  • Barb Vault

    Who’s the “slutty guy” on the end? Is he confused?

    • Barb Vault

      Tell ya’ what…. If I was in need of a job, I could care less if my potential boss found my resume in a binder of in the bathroom! A job is a job! Grow up Ladies!

  • radicalnurse

    Perhaps these ladies were too busy watching Honey Boo Boo to see the debate…

  • Ted Shumaker

    Another Real Obama Cult

  • Timothy Kennedy

    I am not surprised that the libs would focus on the “binders” statement…Romney Focused on finding highly qualified persons…Dems always follow those least qualified to do anything. However, I do have one question…of all the women that have worked for Romney, how many of them have tire tracks over their backs from being thrown under the bus?

  • Leslie Bowman

    I don’t understand. Where did this “binder” reference come from? I must have totally missed something. Please fill me in…

  • Herman LaClair

    i have run out of WTF’s for these morons.

  • Thinkin American

    Not Women In Binders, you Morons. Duh! Women’s Resumes in Binders. Stupid…

    • rivers

      Even Obama is running with this today if you can believe it. I love the smell of desperation in the morning…smells like victory.

  • ConservativeGirl999

    Oh no! It’s the War on Intelligence and the Democrats are winning! I see one of them is protesting “Romey” – isn’t that the girl from the high school reunion movie?

  • Skevvy

    They have nothing else. No substantial ideas, no plans. The left, and their messiah, Obama, are vapid, unserious, dangerous when given power.

  • George Bleick

    Gee ——————— and here I thought they were finding binders for the “Obamacare” health bill!!!!!


    Since these people have so much time
    to protest, I guess that means they don’t work for a living and we are paying their bills! What decent person would have all that spare time on their hands unless they’re like “O Dummer”,and in that top 1 % income bracket!

  • AUBraves

    As you can see, none of the women in the photo met the qualifications to be in any of the binders of resumes of the bright, qualified women Romney was searching for.

  • Travis Wolf


  • jennyVT

    Only a liberal/democrat could look act so stupid !

  • keyboard jockey

    Check and see if they are union members, and getting paid to make a spectacles of themselves.

  • AUBraves

    Has anyone noticed how much time the dems have on their hands? They are always available to make fools of themselves at a moments notice.

  • Chris Burr

    If these people had jobs, they wouldn’t have time to go around looking so stupid……I guess we’ll have to wait until the guy that they are saying hates women is elected and creates some jobs for them…..

  • smartchic321

    All I can say is people looking for offense usually find it. As a professional female, I did not take offense to Gov. Romney’s comment.

  • rob

    this will help Romney, peoiple see these idiots, who don’t work, fat, food stamps and on govt aid. obomass will bus load these wackos to the voting booth and told what levers to push; Romney wins they may have to work for a living and you know they don’t want that. They make America so proud don’i they, luv how most want to work and improve your way of life and these idiots just live a boring life day to day, sorry scum.

  • Jacque Bauer


    • rivers

      You hit the nail on the head, that’s exactly what they think of us, and these stupid dancing vagina ladies are too dumb to figure it out.

  • shrgngatlas

    Look, you know that any woman who ever accepted a job from Romney, even at a very nice salary, is a sell out to her gender. You know, just like Herman Cain is a sell out to his race, etc., etc. What a joke.

  • John Lee

    Hey I’m looking for work, I wish I was in a binder. All I see with these protesters is a reason why women are paid less than men…The hard working serious women with their heads on straight should get the message to these protesters that they are making all women look like fools.

  • Renee

    Asinine! Vaginas, big bird, tampons, binders. They are giving real women a bad name and it’s pissing me off. No one takes you people seriously. They are going to take your tampons, they won’t pay for my Birth control, they won’t pay for my abortions….wa wa wa wa. How much are they being paid to make fools of themselves.maybe they could use they money to buy their own condoms.

  • VORTEX1155
    • J.Klein

      18% less *on average*, because more men are in the higher level positions (as is the case in most areas of society). This is not the same issue as equal pay for equal work.

      • vino veritas

        No, your statement is inaccurate. The articles referenced state that %18 is the median percentage rate, not on average.

        Reference >

        It also details the fact that women account for more than 90% of the job losses that occurred since Obama took office. The obama admin has no standing with which to debate either equal pay for equal work or job creation vs. unemployment when they are responsible, indirectly and directly, for most of those job losses to begin with and are wholly incapable of creating any amount of financially solvent jobs whatsoever, aside from a much larger government.

        • rivers

          Note J. Klein’s “Mad Men” defense – the higher paying positions are held by men and the lower paying positions are held by women. Now who is taking who back to the 1950’s?

  • John Fiorella

    Those protesters are pro- Communist. And I will but that in a binder

  • Sharon

    This is as silly as the Big Bird protests. Bring it on if this is all you have.

  • radishthegreat

    If they put half as much effort into their resumes, they might have a job to go to instead of this crap.

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    This makes every woman look STUPID! GO HOME!

  • John Fiorella


  • richq

    I’ve never met a liberal who could debate the merit of their ideas, most of them are incapable of thought. So, what we get is slogans (remember: “Hey hey, ho, ho, Clarence Thomas got to go- repeated with mind-numbing repetition), ad hominem attacks, ridiculous posturing (see above) and other hystrionics. Never well thought out arguments just tantrums and other purile behavior.

  • Rsmary

    looks like their brains are stuck in a big binder

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    I have something to say about the war on women! I am a very American woman. And I am NOT a victim. I do not need the government to help me with gender biasness in the work place and and I certainly do not want the government telling my bos
    s’s how much they have to pay me because I am a woman! I also do not want the government to tell me that I need, or should support, or condone contraception (which is liberal code for abortion). I will never support big government. What I need is my freedom and to be left alone to make my life how I see fit. Not how the government see’s fit! I will ONLY SUPPORT FREEDOM! We are not the weaklings you make us out to be!

    I CANNOT believe I am looking at these stupid women standing there in binder’s! What is wrong with you!? What Romney has done is create a work environment FOR you! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! When will these people GET that the democratic party is NOT for women’s rights!!!! Nor any rights for that matter!!! You will not have a job when the democrats are done with you!

    • J.Klein

      Your profile says your a housewife. So maybe equal pay and gender bias isn’t as important to you as it is for women in the work force. Just a thought.

  • Tantalus XVI

    that photo is cropped to death… the ENTIRE protest was probably only those four people. Reminds me of an OWS story a few weeks ago, “DOZENS block the streets in protest of ….” when in fact it was only like 5 people, the photo in the headline was severely cropped.

    • vino veritas

      I would like to see the whole photo for myself but I don’t have much faith in the possibility that there are enough liberal’s out there who realize how insanely stupid this whole narrative is, much less how embarrassingly stupid they look in public while pulling these asinine stunts. Unfortunately, there is probably an active conga line formed around block populated with dancing fools in misshaped binder costumes emblazoned with obama stickers touting phrases like ‘Romney’s binders oppress women’s rights’ & ‘democrat binders don’t discriminate’ or ‘4 more years of obama means free non-racist binders for all’.

  • Andrew DeCoursy

    This is what democracy has been reduced to, just sickening

  • James McEnanly

    Everyday is Halloween with these people. They enjoy dressing up in strange costumes, and extorting treats through threats of violence.

  • Jd Crow

    Cant wait to watch the cage match when Women realize other Women doing the same job are paid different. Just sayin.

  • Andrew DeCoursy

    I can only imagine what teddy roosevelt must be thinking

  • People Corporation

    Uh, they should have asked a man how spray painting bare cardboard doesn’t work. It’ll soak up 20 cans and still be brown. Seal it first, then paint.

    • chunky

      D$%m thats funny

  • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

    How dare Romney actually put together a binder of successful, intelligent and qualified women to consider adding to his cabinet? #WarOnBinders

    • J.Klein

      He didn’t put the binder together — he only wanted you to think that he did. The binders were put together by women’s groups trying to persuade Romney to put more women in his cabinet.

      • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

        Oh really? Cite your source.

        • J.Klein
          • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

            I knew you’d use that one. It proves both sides of the argument:

            “In an interview, Healey said there’s no conflict between Romney’s debate
            anecdote and the statement from the women’s caucus. “Both of these
            perspectives are absolutely correct because both of these things
            happened,” she said. “The part Governor Romney was talking about was
            once we got into office and were in transition. That’s when he decided
            to figure out how he could fulfill his promise, and he reached out to
            the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus.””

            Healey went on the record several times both then and now on this. I know you thought you just had a ‘gotcha’ moment, but nope.


  • J.Klein

    Is it really that complicated? First, to many people the “binders” comment just sounded funny/odd — if anything, he should have said binders full of resumes from women. More importantly, though, the statement and the rest of his response to the question made Mittens sound like he was out of touch with the concept of women in the work place, as if it were a novel idea. As someone else put it somewhere (Slate?), he sounded like a liberal politician from 1970. I think he’s probably not as old fashioned as he sounded, and that it’s just Romney putting his foot in it again. He was defensive and trying too hard to defend his record.

    • vino veritas

      “J.Klein • Is it really that complicated?:”

      To logical people.. YES, yes it is.

      “J.Klein • First, to many people the “binders” comment just sounded funny/odd — if anything, he should have said binders full of resumes from women.”

      Really? Only to the anally-retentive or, more to the point, liberals looking to nitpick at something innocuous in order to create a false issue out of it when, in fact, they have no real issues to fairly contest with Romney on regarding his record, especially when compared with the lauded liberal messiah’s previous 4 years.
      Defensive, in reality, sounds more like projection from you and hobama’s circus of clowns regarding this whole dishonestly absurd narrative. Only 2 things Romney & his campaign should have done up till now which I do fault them on: First off, demand or, better yet, pull out a transcript (video would be better) of obama’s exact statements at the Rose Garden in full.
      Second, DEMAND that the blatantly disgusting liberal bias traditionally involved in setting up these debates be stopped, IMMEDIATELY. This specifically means NO MORE liberal mods or plants be allowed to interfere with the debate, for any reason. That includes the wives of each candidate. Yeah that’s right.. I’m looking at ms. food nazi with the abundantly burdened posterior herself, alright!
      No more accepting biased mods in a fixed contest simply for the irrational notion of appearing ‘stoical & resilient’. Ah huh, I’m also looking at Mr. Mormon choirboy on that one as well!

      • J.Klein

        Understanding it is not just a matter of logic — it’s also a matter of imagination and lateral thinking. Romney talks about “binders of women,” which conjures up an image of a catalog he can peruse (perhaps because he doesn’t actually know any qualified women from his private life (a la mail order brides)). He delivers this line while he’s trying to defend his record regarding women, and sounds patronizing when he talks about how he now understands how women want to get home and fix a meal for their families. This whole awkward sequence fits with the narrative of Romney not understanding or caring about women as individuals worthy of equal rights to men. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

        I’m not saying you have to agree with that narrative, but hopefully it makes more sense to you in that context.

        • vino veritas

          I don’t agree with it because it is dishonest & factually incorrect so making up a ridiculous assertion about Romney’s purported statement concerning women who want to go home and fix a meal for their families will not make it any more sensible or accurate. As to that notion itself, this may be a big surprise for you here but.. that’s true of allot of, probably most, women today & there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever! Many modern families live in this sort of situation with their mother and father playing either role and this is perfectly understandable to anyone juggling the responsibilities of raising a family, working a job (especially in the current economy) and staying informed, as well as, involved with current events. There is no awkward sequence or patronization involved without specifically taking his words out of context and stretching their meanings to absurd lengths in order to fit a false narrative.This is what you guys are trying to build up so you can attack him because you placed your bets on a president who now must run away from his 4 yr. record of failure, inveigling, dishonesty, corruption and thuggery of which there is nowhere to hide.

          • J.Klein

            You’re assuming far too much about me. I’m not the one taking his words out of context — it’s precisely the context and delivery that matters here. Not sure what you mean about Obama — specifics, please.

          • vino veritas

            I’m not assuming anything. I’m addressing what you, since it was you who did bring this thing up about Romney’s message regarding women cooking for their families, already put out here in your dishonest attempt at misrepresenting his statements and their meaning. You are following the same M.O. every obamabot out there has employed in order to create a false issue with which to attack him on. This because they cannot honestly hold a debate on their corrupt messiah’s actual record, therefore why should I not call out what seems apparent about your motives here, hmm? Context and the words that create it matter always so why don’t you go tell that to the potus who seems to think he can get away with telling bold faced lies to the public even in lethal matters of national security.

          • J.Klein

            I’m not misrepresenting anything — I’ve been telling you what I think it was a lie, and why it made him seem awkward with women’s issues. It might seem like false issue to you, but it’s not like you’re an unbiased observer either. Based on what I’ve read, this issue is important to a lot of people out there, and not just avowed liberals. It’s galling that you moan about Dems stirring up non-issues when that’s the ENTIRE REASON Twitchy exists. Malkin is a gadfly, nothing more. Also, you’re apparently unaware that most of the left is disappointed with Obama, and feels that he was too centrist and tried to hard to compromise with an obstructionist Congress.

            Please direct me to the “lie” you think Obama told. You can talk all the generalities you want about his corruption and lies, but this means nothing to someone who is not part of your Twitchy amen chorus.

          • vino veritas

            It’s really funny to constantly see lib trolls come on here to flame and spew vulgarities at people then accuse Michelle of foul play because she owns the very place they are doing it on. You may claim not be one of those but you demonstrate the same ignorant stupidity in your assertions. You can come on here to complain about so-called ‘non-issues’ then complain some more about the hostesses who gives you a forum to do so. That’s called free speech which is something libs just don’t get yet constantly abuse while trying to prevent people who disagree with them from having any voice to respond.

            This is why they, and you, complain about this site. The free-speech squelching libs complain about Twitchy so much because they want to stifle debate. If this site only makes up non-issues then why is it they were one of the first to headline this issue which is one you described as “important to a lot of people out there, and not just avowed liberals.” You can think there are non-issues being talked about here all you want but the fact that so many lefties want this place to go away and hate the owner for providing it says everything that needs to be said about them and their motives, you too. Michelle is a tried & true indefatigable champion of free speech and very successful business woman while, also, being one of the most prominent and respected voices in the conservative movement to date. Those are 3 of many reasons (among many honorable credits to her name) why the left hate her so and no one expends nearly as much energy and toil as they do just to get rid of a mere ‘gadfly’. The fact that you troll this site the way you do betrays that idiotic notion.

            As far as lies go, should I start with the most recent that you seem to be oblivious of, unlike the rest of the world at this point?
            He specifically lied about calling benghazi an act of terrorism, something to this date he still has not done, and he has ignored the already established evidence of al qaeda’s involvement. The reason being that he cannot afford to destroy his other lie about their near eradication. Then, regarding a similar issue, there is the lie about his administration’s efforts being the reason Osama was found and killed. That credit belongs to the Bush Admin almost completely. If everyone here is just part of a mindless ‘chorus’, as you state, then why are you and every troll like you still trolling this place without getting the boot? No one is stifling your free speech here unlike the libtard chorus of obamabot stupidity which constitutes most of hollywonk & its liberal lemmings. Go ask some of the few conservative and independent thinkers in the entertainment industry about the treatment people like them get from the industry if you want to hear about the real mindless ideological zealots and their fascist attempts at thought-suppression.

          • J.Klein

            You call me a troll who flames, but look at all the hatred you spewed in that post. Then go read my posts again. Now who’s the hateful flamer here? I’ve kept it civilized, but apparently you think a difference of opinion is cause to hurl insults. And you do have a nice collection of insults — the same ones used by the many other lock-step wingnuts I’ve found posting here. I think your mentality is this: “My team good, their team bad.” Everything is justified for your team, everything corrupt for your enemies. When you speak it is mere truth-telling, when I speak it is vulgarities. Give me a break. I suppose having pre-set categories spares you the effort of having to think these things through.

            I had never heard of this site until a few days ago, and it looks to me like it specializes in creating outrage over what a small number of idiots are posting on their twitter feeds. Of course, it would be a public relations gaffe if this site and others like it banned or stifled debate (though I’ve had one of my posts deleted for unknown reasons). So please quit patting yourself on the back about that — it should be a given that opposing viewpoints can be heard. It’s telling that you think your being generous somehow, and that my raising some counter-arguments makes me a troll. And while I may not get the boot, I do get a lot of hatred spewed at me from tools like you.
            I think the only points I raised here involved (1) why many people (not just liberals) thought Romney was being disingenuous (since a lot of people posted about not “getting” it), and (2) challenging people on the bogus claims regarding Obama’s staffing choices. So deviating from the amen chorus makes me a troll?

            I’m not seeing where Obama lied about Benghazi — surely you have some specific quotes you can show me. I’ve never heard the claim that Bush somehow should get credit for Osama’s death. Knowing that your type refuse to give Obama credit for ANYTHING positive, you’ll forgive if I think this is complete nonsense. But, I am interested in how you try to back this claim up, so please share more.

          • vino veritas

            Reading is fundamental. Looks like you need to spend more time learning the basics:

            J.Klein: You call me a troll who flames,

            vino veritas: Wrong. I never stated you troll & flame this site, try that again. I did state you troll, which you have been doing on this thread.

            –>”It’s really funny to constantly see lib trolls come on here to flame and
            spew vulgarities at people then accuse Michelle of foul play because she
            owns the very place they are doing it on. You may claim not be one of
            those but you demonstrate the same ignorant stupidity in your
            –>” Those are 3 of many reasons (among many honorable credits to her name) why the left hate her so and no one expends nearly as much energy and toil as they do just to get rid of a mere ‘gadfly’. The fact that you troll this site the way you do betrays that idiotic notion.”

            J.Klein: but look at all the hatred you spewed in
            that post. Then go read my posts again. Now who’s the hateful flamer

            vino veritas: No hatred there except for what you conjured up in your partisan mind about me and what you displayed in your previous posts wherever Michelle Malkin’s name or Romney’s name is concerned. No one, except perhaps you which is apparent via your clear partisan disdain for Michelle Malkin, Romney, the conservatives that post here and probably conservatives anywhere, generally speaking.

            J.Klein: I’ve kept it civilized, but apparently you think a difference of opinion is cause to hurl insults.

            vino veritas: No, you really have not, again, where Michelle (the owner of the very website you come to bash her on) and Romney are concerned. Your insults about them are documented up there. I called you out on it, that’s not me throwing insult’s at anyone. Simple & clear enough.

            J.Klein: And you do have a nice collection of insults — the same ones used by
            the many other lock-step wingnuts I’ve found posting here.

            vino veritas: Accusing others of insulting you while calling them “lock-step wingnuts” would be a nice example of hypocrisy. Glad to see you have such a firm grasp on subject.
            The rest of your paragraph is just pathetic projection and absurd, prejudiced hyperbole.

            J.Klein: I had never heard of this site until a few days ago, and it looks to me
            like it specializes in creating outrage over what a small number of
            idiots are posting on their twitter feeds.

            vino veritas: Pretty sure I have seen you post here a while ago, long before that, but whatever. Then you, apparently, have vision and comprehension problems. Exposing lies, distortions, racism, sexism, misogyny & what have you from a large or small number of idiots (mostly liberal/prog idiots) is not an attempt to create ‘mindless’ outrage, as you suggest. It does tend to create informed and appropriate outrage along with an informed and appropriate response, which is the desired result. Please get a clue.

            J.Klein: Of course, it would be a public relations gaffe if this site and others
            like it banned or stifled debate (though I’ve had one of my posts
            deleted for unknown reasons).

            vino veritas: They don’t as far as I have seen. If you have had problems then go talk to the admin about it, just don’t start suggesting, or even worse stating, they are ‘stifling’ you here because that is obviously not true.

            J.Klein: So please quit patting yourself on the back about that — it should be
            a given that opposing viewpoints can be heard. It’s telling that you
            think your being generous somehow, and that my raising some
            counter-arguments makes me a troll. And while I may not get the boot, I
            do get a lot of hatred spewed at me from tools like you.

            vino veritas: Who’s patting? Who don’t seem to get that I am pointing out the incompatibilty of some of your claims and how hypocritical it all is and that somehow translates into me “patting myself on the back”? If you cant deal with your own shortcomings don’t get mad at me for pointing them out, especially when you come on a public forum to deride other people about what you assume are theirs. Nothing is a given in life except death and taxes, I don’t know what you are trying to prove with this statement. No one said it shouldn’t be a given but, in reality, that doesn’t mean you get it. Thanks to Michelle Malkin, you do here. Never stated anything about you being able to raise a counter argument except to point out the fact that you come here to misrepresent and degrade the purpose of this website and its owner while hypocritically complaining about it creating faux outrage. Also, that libs, and it seems you, would be happiest if this site & Michelle didn’t exist, subsequently destroying the very principle of free speech and that right for anyone who disagrees with them. If you get hatred from others here it is probably due to expressing this sentiment publicly and often. So don’t be surprised when someone calls you a lib or proggy tool.

            J.Klein: I’m not seeing where Obama lied about Benghazi — surely you have some
            specific quotes you can show me. I’ve never heard the claim that Bush
            somehow should get credit for Osama’s death. Knowing that your type
            refuse to give Obama credit for ANYTHING positive, you’ll forgive if I
            think this is complete nonsense. But, I am interested in how you try to
            back this claim up, so please share more.

            vino veritas: Not my problem you are unaware of what has been going on right under your nose for weeks now. I’m not about to do your homework for you and I never suggested I would do anything of the sort. You want quotes then go look them up. This story has been covered and even rehashed now to death. If you didn’t know that the intel which enabled obama to go after osama bin laden originally came from the Bush admin then you are woefully, or perhaps willfully, uneducated on the subject.



          • J.Klein

            I just spent a solid 30 minutes responding to this, yet it somehow did not get posted. I won’t be spending more time on this.

  • vino veritas

    So, apparently, binders are now misogynistic (cannot begin to fathom the incomprehensibly twisted way a dumbocrat could come to that conclusion). Or is it that only those evil ‘republican binders’ are? Should we then be demanding a Congressional investigation be conducted into how many binders are populating obama’s offices, or the white house, at this very minute? You know.. for transparency’s sake?

  • Susan

    What what environmentalists, wasting all that cardboard.

  • Susan

    Yes, and Romney then gave them jobs. Whoops, that means they would have to go to work every day rather than collect food stamps. #GimmeGirls

  • civet

    It’s uncanny how these people can home in on the important issues.

    In all seriousness, what is the issue here, exactly? I honestly believe these people heard the quote repeated over and over and, since Romney said it, it must be wrong because Obama or something. These are the simpletons who vote for bumper sticker slogans like Hope & Change. These are Obama’s base.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    for protest gear, that is… really sad. even the worst big bird costume is saying, “what the…?”

  • orringtonmom (D)

    and meanwhile, we all know where bubba kept them… but i guess that was ok.

  • HockeyDadMn

    Hey, it pays $11 an hour.

    • BeeKaaay

      That high? Impossible. Leftwingwackos usually hire illegals at $3 an hour, like the union protests.

  • Rock Sarge Kam

    How do they get these Manginas to come out and protest with them?

  • wanda

    Don’t they look cute? ha This is just ridiculous! That’s all the have to do? This is what our country is being to reduced to? Come on Women…………..get a grip! Better make sure your resumes are updated. Plenty of jobs coming to a place near you…………… Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!!

  • PatriotGal2257

    Those look like the totally lame homemade Obama for President signs I saw on the median of a highway in my town. Cheap, bad lettering, amateurish. That about sums this up as well.

  • Rob Roth

    Romney has binders full of women. Obama has a shredder full of them. #RomneyHiresMoreWomenForHisAdministration

  • BeingRightIsFun

    It’s a step up from plastic vagina costumes, I’ll give ’em that.

  • MaddMedic
  • M & M’s BFF


  • Junie3

    If they had an inkling of a clue, they would stop the insanity and wake up to the fact that people like them are part of the reason why we can’t wait to kick Obama out of the White House. Our country is a never ending lunatic assylum under this maniac.

  • Herman LaClair

    i’ve run out of WTF’s for these morons. nothing they do or say shocks me anymore.

  • Ivory Dove

    Diversion from Obama lying on TV to the people of our nation.

    “We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of
    others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of
    senseless violence. None.

    The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.”

    Why does Obama reference “denigrate the religious beliefs of
    others”? (the video supposedly denigrated Islam)

    Why does Obama say “no justification to this type of
    senseless violence”? (this type… as in the attack on Benghazi)

    Why does Obama refer to “these brutal acts”? (again, the attack in Benghazi)

    Its indisputable that Obama was saying the attacks were driven by the denigration of Islam in the video.

    No news agency, not even Fox is showing this quote.

  • stuckinIL4now

    First it was vaginas, now it’s binders. Hah, these libturds–if they didn’t have us righties where would they get their Halloween costume ideas from?

  • xandercoded

    they’ll be converting these cardboard binders into cardboard houses if “government down” economic policies continue …

  • W Randall

    Romney says the word “binders” so they dress up in what looks to be a glory hole board? (sorry for the crude reference) I’m sure that boy isn’t going to be happy if his friends come up with the same correlation.

    • agroulx


  • Michael McDevitt

    All I see is people not recycling, lol!

  • G.

    Well, I guess when your whole life centers around waiting for dat monthly .gov check, you have plenty of time to dress up and pretend that ur somebody…

    • J.Klein


      • Guest


      • Guest

        You liberals destroyed the definition of that word.. it is MEANINGLESS

      • G.


        • J.Klein

          No down votes for that comment. Wow.

  • 1azuce

    This is 10 times dumber than the Big Bird ad-must be from the brilliant mind of Stephanochio Cutter.

  • Bexcee

    Guess they don’t realize Binders have been tools of successful employment recruiters for years before laptop/ipads became common.I suppose that’s why there is so much unemployment. Dems don’t have a clue. Seems like they would tell the ladies they are looking quite foolish and ignorant. Oh yeah..I bet Jane Edmonds AWESOME resume was in a Binder when Gov Romney hired her. Haven’t heard of her? MSNBC/NBC and rest of MSM and DNC don’t want you to know about her. Look her up on Cspan RNC Convention.

  • Suzanne Bury

    That girl on the far right looks far more feminine than the others.

  • Katrina Lantz

    They also want to make a fuss over Romney talking about more flexibility in the work environment for women with families. The initial response by CNN’s focus group was off the charts: Women were excited about this because it is a real women’s issue (unlike this phony contraception one). Imagine if a businessman-president made a statement encouraging corporations to be more flexible for the mothers who work with them! This is everything liberal Ann Crittenden dreamed of in her book, The Price of Motherhood. Maternity leave, flexible hours for school drop offs and pick ups, sick days, and family emergencies. These are the real, day-to-day issues women face. Now liberals are trying to pretend Mitt Romney is sexist for implying women would want to be home in time to get dinner on the table. Um, last I checked, we all eat. Single moms DO want to get home in time to get dinner on the table, just as married working moms do. We all want to be with our families at dinner time. These mocking attacks are just non-issues being inflated by the desperate left as Romney rises in the polls… because he just might win this thing in a landslide. And thank GOD for that!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I thought these people were from Code Pink… Maybe the Black Panthers (who “helped” Obama in the last election?) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Kandeep

    OH NO! Not a binder full of Women’s resumes… um.. that’s bad how?

  • Guest

    I have no idea what these parasites are even talking about. I really have NO IDEA what they are trying to say… Binders and Big Bird? um okay…. even if I had no clue about politics… I would Not want to be on their team. What a bunch of losers..

  • Guest

    No wonder many of these liberal college losers can’t find a job… They are just lost in the pop culture, “follow what the other guy is doing” distant planet… Immature fools!

  • Pat Collins

    I bet these couch sitters could not hustle up a resume for hiring. Of course they could if they are of the mind to use that new Government phone to do a follow up on that imaginary job.

  • Norma Killam

    How stupid is this??Big Bird didn’t work so I guess when you’ve got nothing,you’ll try anything.Showing a little desperation,huh?Sad.

  • JesLHW

    It must be exhausting, being offended by anything and everything all the time. Don’t know how liberals do it.

  • Robert Corum

    I don’t get it? Are they saying that they are files with nothing that matters in them, so they just need to be deleted? That’s what I see.

  • Brett McMicken

    i wish my life was going so well that i could spend time making stupid costumes and standing in front of a building chanting a stupid slogan. alas, i have a job and bills to pay….

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber
  • George Gaither

    They are sick puppies, with no brains.

  • Bob Clussman

    How stupid can one person be?, lord maybe one day they will LISTEN to the WHOLE statement instead of picking and choosing what THEY want to hear.. come on ladies be real , if you would have listen to the whole debate, Rohmney was really defending you.

  • dawn

    A little fiber will clear that binding right up.

  • Pat

    Honestly, I’m ashamed to live on the same planet as these ignoramuses.

  • Michael Rice

    Is the one on the far right even a woman?

  • Michael Rice

    The campaigh of “lady parts” is upset over this?????

  • Michael Rice

    Romney says binder, the whole faints. Obama pays women less than men and no one says a word.
    I will just say what everyone is thinking…..just how stupid are these peopel? Really…? how do they function on a daily basis?

  • Herman LaClair

    maybe if we start a rumor that Romney’s defunding proctological exams, we could get them to dress up as…

  • $22639970

    Can you say “arrested development”?

    • Aestro


      • $22639970

        Having a hard time following an adult line of thought, aren’t you? Maybe you should lay off the pot for a while.

        • Aestro

          Having a hard time with a sense of humor? Maybe you should lay off the stereotypes, you racist, redneck, bible-beating, woman-hating, gun-toting bigot.

          • $22639970

            It seems that you’re the one lacking both a sense of humor as well as any originality. Note your overuse of the same old, tired, scripted, clichéd insults, so typical of the modern slow-witted left wing ignoramus.

          • Aestro

            Child, please. I see you still don’t get the joke. I guess you’re like many on the right, incapable of understanding a joke at your own expense. I guess I should’ve misspelled Obama’s name like OBUMA or ODUMBA and you would’ve cackled like a jackal?

          • $22639970

            Never had an original thought in your life, have you?

          • Aestro

            My “Obama saves Arrested Development” joke was pretty good, even if you don’t appreciate it.

          • $22639970

            Obviously, your standards are MUCH lower than mine.

  • Green Energy

    Pathetic idiots.

  • Josh Atkinson

    Why don’t they dress as baby seals so we can club them.

  • Jack Levitt

    They should get the Bollywood dancing birth control pills to give some backup.

  • Chip

    A photo of three blacks women in “binders.” Isn’t that racist?

  • MC

    THe point of the matter is that once again Romney lied. Not only did he not address the actual question but he DIDN’T send out for a binder.

  • Maurizme

    It’s amazing how the “dumbing down” of America has reached this level – they totally missed the whole point. I want someone to care about the gray matter between my ears, not necessarily what’s below my waistline!! Sigh. They deserve recognition for binding themselves up in that manner.

  • Valuhrie

    What the heck? They’re already getting equal pay. Next they’ll want to vote.

  • Bkmdano

    BIG VAGINA WANTS YOU! (not obscene)

  • S. James

    OMG. Has the world (these stupid women with too much time on their hands) gone crazy …. they make me ill.

  • Joanne13

    Here’s a link to the ‘debate’ about the binders statement Mitt made at the debate. Some people are trying to turn it into some ridiculous ‘sexist’ statement but then some people can find a problem with anything (and they DO!).

  • sarainitaly

    Gawd, no wonder the country is so messed up…. The even funnier thing is there is a woman’s group that is claiming it was their idea, and that they provided the binders to Romney, and other governors, to promote women in government…

  • RaggedyAnn46

    Truly LOL over the stupidity…thanks crazy Libs…please keep it up!

  • Paul C.

    The libs are showing us what they really are, bookend morons and they MATCH the ones in the WH.

  • Richard MacKay

    All I can say is STUPID. This shows you how lame these people really are. Do they think this will really help their cause? I DON’T REALLY THINK SO.

  • Marcy Cook

    Oh for pete’s sake they aren’t even good at making binders.

  • Herman LaClair

    maybe we can start a rumor that Romney is defunding proctological exams, then they can protest dressed as (fill in blank).

    • MPCpiano

      Careful, Code Pink might read this.

  • Petunia Crankshaft

    Wow. Talk about a non-issue…these people are really grasping at straws, aren’t they?

  • afvet4america

    They are empty headed and it shows in ” Their” Binder’s. I agree with Herman Cain ” Stupid people are running this county! THEY ARE!”

  • MPCpiano

    Come on. They are dressing up like binders because their vagina costumes are at the cleaners.

  • Trevor A


    i mean i guess technically it would be less than perfect grammar for him to say “these women’s groups gave me binders full of women”(“‘s applications for the positions i was trying to staff”) these protesters cant even articulate to you why that was a mis-statement, and probably didnt even watch the debate.

  • tcvegas

    …I just read they’re shooting a scene for Revenge of The Nerds II…., the dude on the far right is a dead ringer for Lewis Slotnik, Lamar Latrell in the middle, Fred “The Ogre” Palowakski to the left of center (being played by a black man in this remake) and U.N. Washington to the right of center….they meet infront of the place where the normal people gather…hillarity ensues! Should be a blockbuster….