KPRC in Houston is reporting that the Organizing for America office in Houston was locked up Friday, two days after regional field director Stephanie Caballero was fired after being caught on video offering to assist a woman who wished to vote in both Texas and Florida.

The news comes as a blow to supporters of the president who went to the Houston OFA office Friday and found it locked up and no one inside.

“I’m disappointed we’re not working. I want to be working for the campaign. I want it to get started again,” said Susan Wegner, who volunteers with OFA.

The video was a production of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, which released two bombshell videos on Wednesday showing staffers assisting people posing as Obama voters and asking for guidance on how to vote in multiple states.

  • Love of Country

    Keep it up James ….. all patriotic, American taxpayers are grateful for your fabulous work!

  • russemerson

    See? Conservatives like putting people out of work!

    (/sarc, in case it wasn’t obvious.)

    • Danny Wheeler

      Man, you should’ve posted yourself holding the “Sarcasm Sign” from Big Bang Theory–that’d probably make Mrs. Malkin giggle-fit even more.

    • JACK

      There should be a “sarcastica” font for chat

  • HughGKnutts

    Exposing the dishonesty, corruption and illegal activities of the democrat party. Thank you for what you do for our country, James!

  • Michelle

    Why isn’t “mainstream” media all over this?

    • Hello Jerry (D)


    • nc

      Over what? /

  • pixelkate

    Great work, James. Thank you.

  • TugboatPhil

    In other news, Monday morning a new group will be working out of the now abandoned office. Americans For Organizing, which has absolutely NO connection with Organizing For America, plans to scour the cemetery rolls and obituaries looking for names register voters.

  • 1azuce

    The shredder at OFA Houston was just put on overtime.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Good riddance!

  • nc

    O’Keefe is my hero.

    • conservativechick

      The Obama team has tried so hard to shut HIM down. Imagine the “intimidation” he gets constantly? I support him and send money when ever I can. I wish I were as brave as James. He keeps taking the hits for ALL of us!

  • Alan

    Nothing to see here.. move along…

  • JonInVa

    look how cheating Democrats scurry off like cockroaches exposed to sunlight. Always the same – keep at it until caught,then disappear and turn up somewhere else under a new fake organization name.

  • JACK

    James O’Keefe has pointed out several examples of how voter fraud is very possible. There are several election officials in South Ga indicted for voter fraud (Quitman Ga-google: brooks county 10+2) also in North FL.. I’m sure these are not the only places. So why does the press keep saying studies show there is very little voter fraud? Open your eyes.. By any means necessary seems to be alive and well when it comes to liberal voting.

  • John Hanover

    Let’s keep Colorado Red and expose them here. Great job acting like a real journalist should piss off the fake ones in 3..2..1..