President Obama knows that he can’t unsay what he said as a candidate in 2008: that driving up the national debt is “unpatriotic.” There was the attempted reboot recently with the Orwellian call for a “new economic patriotism.” But Mitt Romney seems to have raised the stakes in Wednesday night’s debate by calling the now $16 trillion national debt a “moral issue.”

  • TugboatPhil

    This is a big reason why I don’t understand the youth support for Obama. Who do they think is going to pay, financially and with their quality of life, for the overspending today?

    • grais

      If there’s only one issue that can sway undecideds, I think this one is it. Every parent who gives a good g-d can relate, with horror, to this one.
      Young people Should, but they don’t often have an eye on the future.
      I hope Romney hammers this one, with specifics, every day. Every American child born today owes tens of thousands of dollars in state debt.

  • Streetiebird

    Yes, it’s a moral issue. The Right has become the party of fiscal irresponsibility and wants to get back behind the wheel after driving our economy off a cliff. But let’s not blame Bush, even though his tax cuts for the rich pale in comparison to what Romney’s proposing. It’s a moral issue, that’s why Romney wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system, leading to increased costs for seniors of $6,000 per year and putting everyone else at the mercy of for-profit death-panels. It’s a moral issue, that’s why Romney only mentioned ONE specific cut to balance out his $5 trillion in tax breaks and that’s firing big bird, a drop in the bucket compared to what other programs for the middle class he would have to slash to get the balance he swears he will achieve. It’s a moral issue, that’s why he has categorically ruled out increasing revenue as a way to balance the budget and pay for the trillions worth of lost revenue he HAS been specific about. It’s a moral issue, too bad Romney doesn’t have morals.

  • Michael Johnson

    The ironic thing is, the GOP has created most of this debt. Here is actual spending increases by presidential term since 1980 (when the debt started to increase):

    Reagan 1: 39.5%.
    GW Bush 2: 34.1%.
    GW Bush 1: 32.7%.
    GHW Bush: 23.2%.
    Reagan 2: 20.9%.
    Clinton 2: 16.3%.
    Obama: 14.7%

    Clinton 1: 13.6%.

    If Reagan and the Bushes would have been as frugal as Clinton and Obama, we would have very little (if any) debt.