Nancy Lee Grahn joined the anti-gun crowd’s collective freak-out Monday at the sight of “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Bristol Palin shooting a moose — a paper moose target, actually. But that innocent paper moose could just as well have been a person in a movie theater, right? Same gun, and in the hands of a Tea Party nut — paging Brian Ross, please pick up the crazy phone.

For Grahn, “Dancing with the Stars” is down to a battle between vegans and moose-eating, f’in Tea Partiers.

War? Do they make a vegetarian chill pill?

It’s not all about politics. Sometimes it’s about money and politics.

  • Susang Oilranger

    Who is Nancy Lee Grahn? **shrugges shoulders and walks away**

    • pg cg

      Who Cares?

      • Tel-Jonah Stern

        Crazy lady becoming famous on twitter thanks to twitchy. That’s who.

    • Paula Noakes

      She’s a soap opera star. I had to Google her. Name was vaguely familiar but hey, she WAS on a Magnum, P.I. once, so it was probably that. I haven’t seen a soap opera in over 20 years, which her fans don’t seem to be happy about, either. LOL.

      • Blue Dilly

        “Star” might be pushing it a bit.

    • John (it true me am)

      Someone who doesn’t understand how entertainment media works after by her own word’s decades in the business.
      Ratings. Ratings. Ratings.
      She makes less than Bristol because she doesn’t bring in the needed demos. How does she not get that? She is a bit player on a daytime soap, a dying genre that has never brought in the desired demographics and is a throwback to the very housewife mindset I’m sure she rallies against.

    • Postbackxp

      I think Nancy is some lady that was attacked by a paper Moose.
      Then Bristol went on DWTS made 300k Nancy had a fit so we all voted for Bristol
      she won.

      Nancy then went insane and killed Bullwinkle I think thats the story
      so far heck Libs get me so confused but heck it makes as much sense
      as what Nancy has been saying.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    “Blew away a people (sic)…” Nancy needs to go back to school and learn some grammar.

    • Michael Rice

      Maybe she should have had mroe training in spelling instead of the arts. I wonder which college she chose.

      • Hello Jerry (D)


  • Paula Noakes

    Aw, poor widdle Nancy’s tirade was for naught. Spoiler: Bristol’s safe on DWTS. Heh heh. Guess there’s a pretty good conservative voting block out there when liberal nutjobs spout hate, right?

  • Paula Noakes

    Nancy’s followers are all over me at the moment because I responded that I voted for Bristol last night. LOL. Only reason I gave Bristol ALL my votes was because the liberals on Twitter p*ssed me off.

    • Jewell Margolis

      You voted for Bristol because the liberal’s pissed you off? that is lame, vote for the best dancer..

      • CONELRAD

        Actually, it’s lame that you’re voting on DWTS.

        • Paula Noakes

          It could be American Idol, which I am proud to say I have NEVER watched.

      • Paula Noakes

        Your opinion, which matters very little to me.

  • blueniner

    Someone ought to put this poor Yenta Grahn out of her misery, she is just another Palin hater, jealous of the Palins. Enjoy your soapbox, er soap opera loser!

  • $31841709

    Poor Nancy. Her latest tweet read: “…after I respond to this last m****r f****r gun toting tea partying a**wipe.” Great for PR for her floundering soap.

    • blueniner

      This loon is keeping it classy/ sarc. She is just encouraging more votes for Bristol.
      She is giving DWTS publicity they dont need.

  • Love of Country

    Democrats murder 10,000 Americans every single years over rims, sneakers, turf and drugs and yet they’re quite okay with that because apparently they hate the black people who are the victims of said crimes 9x out of 10. They only freak out when a Republican uses a gun responsibly and for its intended purposes. But again, they’re okay with the fact that 9000 black people are murdered every single year by their fellow democrats with stolen guns.

    In conclusion, Nancy Lee Grahn is a racist, lying piece of garbage.

    • weRbroke

      yeah, its kind of sad that liberals go batschitcrazy at the most absurd times…it’s like they are off their lithium or something.

      • Love of Country

        It’s just testimony to their inescapable disingenuous stupidity and rampant opportunism …. to them … integrity is a four letter word.

    • redheadgrl

      Right. I have never understood their love of animals over their love of people.

      • Johnny Banco

        Me neither – it’s incredibly bizarre, and debasing.

        I bet someone will misuse Godwin’s Law against me here, surely at least mentally, but how many people are aware that the ever-lovin’ Nazis were also big on animal rights/adoration? Freaky fascists all! :)

  • $31841709

    Folks, I think that her producer Frank Valentini would be well served to be informed that Nancy is not exactly the best PR person for a floundering soap struggling to be relevant and making it to its 50th anniversary. His twitter handle is @valentinifrank Have at it.

    • Jewell Margolis

      I’m sure Frank is aware of her tweets, they follow each other.

  • blueniner

    Hey you looney nutbag Yenta, Bristol and Mark were shooting in a shooting range, but your so ignorant you cant tell the difference!

  • $31841709

    If Nancy is having a meltdown because Bristol Palin is making more money than she is, maybe she needs to look in the mirror and ask her why someone with her “training” decided to hang onto a dying soap for the past umpteen years. There have been many actors who have had great success after being on soaps, and the fact she chose to hide out and be underpaid is her choice, and not Bristol Palin’s.

    • Lakerfanalways

      This woman has severe psychological issues..looking at her make such a fuss about a dance show..then she goes on trashing the tea party..I think its VERY obvious why Nancy hates the Palin family so much. She sees Sarah holding her beautiful baby Trig and remembers when she was in her 20s she decided to murder her must kill her seeing a happy family when she is obviously SO miserable. Just look at her, I almost feel sorry for her, she is clearly someone with emotional problems. No one watches General Hospital, soap operas ratings are in the toilet, hey maybe I should give General Hospital a call and ask them to check out their employee’s twitter page and let us all know if they agree with the idiocy she is spewing

      • $31841709

        What I’m trying to figure out is how Bristol Palin is responsible for Nancy Lee Grahn’s failure to secure the roles she’s always wanted. If she needs to lash out at someone I would think it would be her manager and her agent, because obviously they have failed to secure big paying roles for their diva to show her brilliance.

        • Lakerfanalways

          I think the issue for Nancy and other libs is that they see that WE outnumber THEM..they are terrified that we will show up in November and throw their Communist prophet out of the White House, THAT is what really scares them, that they know that we have a voice, that WE are the silent majority and that we will show up in November and take this country back. I dont think its Bristol winning that pisses off that whack job, its that even with Bristol’s very low score(Which was done on purpose by the way, thats another reason why I cant stand those judges, they are PURPOSELY giving her low scores) its that even with all of that we all voted and Bristol made it to the next round, against ALL odds..because we voted, and in November we will vote again, because we can ALL see November from our houses

        • Lakerfanalways

          Another one more thing, the progressive mindset is that I dont make enough money and that person does so I want to take what they have and give it to myself..that is what Nancy is saying here..that is the progressive ideology, that she doesnt think she is getting what she deserves, so she wants to take from another person who IS successful and give that money to herself to make her feel good about herself

      • Jewell Margolis

        People are watching General Hospital. It was the only one form ABC that got saved and has went up in Viewers, Don’t dis the show just because of one actor.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Jim Henson:
      It isn’t a question of “hanging out” or hiding out.

      It’s a question of talent. Or rather, the dearth thereof. In multiple categories.

      If she had acting talent, at least some of her 26yrs of “serious” study would have come to fruition. So cross that off, no talent there.

      She could have used the “Mary Tyler Moore Method”:

      (1) marry the producer of a new show,
      (2) make his life miserable until he casts you as the star,
      (3) divorce him when he grows a backbone,
      (4) *repeat*.

      She obviously failed at that.

      There’s the “Casting Couch Method”, favored by such dully luminous stars as Jane Fonda and Lohan — and I bet you didn’t realize all those “candid panty-slip” shots noised on the web were actually Lohan’s advertising!

      Grahn has obvious failed at that.

      That’s the three categories/methods most popular w/our Progressively “evolved” friends.

      No, I think iy’s time Grahn explore other career options. If after 26yrs of “serious” study you still can’t pass Acting 101 — or Cashier at Wendy’s pays more than your agent can get for any of your services — it is time to find a career you’re better suited to.

      I think she’d make a great doorstop! After all, what are the requirements?
      (1) taking up space,
      (2) doing nothing,
      (3) lack sentience

      Grahn does an excellent job at all three!
      We need to help her! Perhaps I’ll tweet my findings to her…

  • kate_middleton

    What a loon. I doubt Kelly Monaco really wants “supportive” tweets like that about her fellow competitors.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Can you vote against someone? I see Kelly getting kicked soon, possibly maybe? I mean, with friends like Nancy Lee, who needs enemies..

  • Paula Noakes

    She’s also really classy about people who disagree with her.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Classless beyotch.

  • weRbroke

    I just read some of her twitter, and feel dumb for wasting my time. What a self inportant twit who makes her MONEY acting out FICTION to a dwindling market of people who would be better off doing something PRODUCTIVE with their lives.

  • Michael Rice

    No college????? DO you mean she chose to raisee her child??

    • Jillane Kent

      The horror 😉

  • James Atkins

    So, she is basically just jealous and envious of BP because she makes more money. Lol… just Lol.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Non-hunting vegetarian here.

    Oh, and I am also a gun owner and tea partier, who happens to want nothing to do with DWTS. Having said that, Go Miss Palin.

    Carry on…..

    • disqus_LASIg6epmj

      Non-hunting vegetarian here as well. Oh and I’m conservative and while I don’t have a gun, I believe in the right to own one. I don’t watch DWTS and GO BRISTOL!

  • Brett McMicken

    Bristol just made 300k this yr by that last vote. She already made another 200k for her reality show. Does this bother anyone?

    apparently, a moronic soap “actress” with delusions of grandeur. you make more than me, per year, nancy but you don’t hear me begrudging it to you.

  • SlimWich

    Bitter much, Nancy? Maybe if you had taken the initiative 28 years ago, like Bristol is doing now, you’d be much more than a loser on twitter hassling successful people.

    Maybe, but I doubt it.

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    Why is this woman jealous of money Bristol has made fair and square? Typical liberal: hate on another’s success. BP is obviously being smart and cashing in while she can. Strike while the iron is hot. She can always go back to school.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    So in effect, you’re saying your soul — your heart, your conscience — your humanity has been eaten away by avarice.

    You are envious of your neighbor… you covet your neighbors’ chattels.

    So. I guess God was right when he warned us about coveting your neighbors’ life.

    26yrs of “serious” casting couch work study and it’s the Palin’s fault you still can’t act? That you’re still stuck in soaps?

    How so?

    Perhaps you should consider a career change to some job that better suits your paltry abilities… perhaps “doorstop”. You are abundantly talented for that!

    You are to be pitied.

    • redheadgrl

      I believe that America’s non-adherence to “Thou shall not covet” is the cause of our downfall.

  • Daria DiGiovanni

    And of course, abortion zealot Nancy Lee Grahn has absolutely no problem with unfettered abortion for any reason. Wonder if she would support legislation like the Born Alive Infant Protection Act? My guess is no. Hypocrite.

    • Richard Jefferies

      Nancy advocates that abortion be “depicted in a fair and unbiased light” on television. I agree. I demand that a show accurately depict an abortion as realistically as possible for all the viewers to see.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Much like the gun that took out Osama bin Laden too. Oh, but the evil spirit that all gun companies imbue into their weapons during manufacture didn’t posses the user to do the devil’s bidding and kill innocents? I’m shocked. /sarc

    Watching her rant about how much Bristol is making is just comical. I don’t see Nancy decrying her betters in her own industry who make so much money they can afford to plunk down $40K for a dinner with the anointed one. No no, it’s just Bristol Palin’s wealth that bugs her.

  • grais

    Yeah, it’s of vital importance *eyeroll* that Grahn’s vegan co-worker *eyeroll* beat Palin on DWTS *eyeroll* because Grahn , a B-rated actress *eyeroll*,is old and resentful that someone she doesn’t like makes more money, is better known, uses guns, is younger & prettier than she, and is not a liberal.
    Could Grahn (Bless her heart)BE more pathetic?

  • TocksNedlog

    The entitlement mentality run amuck, along with questionable moral equivalency. Bristol shot a paper moose; Nancy once ended the life of a child that was inside her body. Psychologically, that HAS to be part of what this is about. Bristol is known as the teenage mother that DIDN’T abort her baby, and now Nancy is chastising her for how much money she earns — enough to provide for her child without being dependent on the government

  • redheadgrl

    Nope, it doesn’t bother me. It also doesn’t bother me that the liberals earn money from reality tv shows either. As long as Americans are willing to watch “reality tv”, people will get paid, no matter what their political affiliation. I chose to disconnect my cable back in January, and it has been awesome!

  • John Rose

    I wonder if it occurs to these people that it’s partially their own fault? I mean, I’ll be blunt, if they’d left Palin alone after 08, I’d probably have followed her to the extent that I do people like Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani and the like: keep an eye out to see if they’re up to anything on the national stage, or if they’ve done anything particularly interesting lately.

    Instead, they set out to destroy her, ruined her political career, and when they couldn’t attack her, laid into her daughters.

    So, since she couldn’t be effective as governor without going bankrupt, she resigns; publishes a couple of books and becomes one of the faces and voices of the ‘semi-loyal resistance.’ When offered, she takes media opportunities such as her ‘Alaska’ show.

    All this, instead of just governing away, as she had before 08. Honestly, had any of these people even heard of SP (and family) prior to 08? I thought they just wanted her to go away. Don’t they even consider that she probably would have done that, had they treated her like (most) losing candidates and left her be?

    Do they honestly think that Bristol would have this much ‘fame’ if they had treated her like MOST political children, and left her the hell alone?

    Nancy, dear… Bristol Palin would have no more interest to me then Barbara or Jenna Bush, if you and your like-minded hellions weren’t CONSTANTLY pounding on her. Simple as that.

    Let’s try an experiment, Nancy. Shut up about her. Get your friends to do likewise. See if you get half the response in her favor if you just STFU and leave her (and Willow, and Piper) the hell alone.

    How about that? Any takers?

  • orringtonmom (D)

    yeah, a lot of people with “extensive training in the arts” think they deserve bigger salaries. they’re occupying something somewhere…

  • RaggedyAnn46

    The “moose-eating f’in Tea Partiers” are bound to win because they have more energy than the vegans do.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    God, she’s pathetic. Never heard of her anyway.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Me neither, until I joined this site.

  • Rick Bowser

    Grahn’s rancorous jealousy laden rants reveal just how paranoid and small minded she really is!

  • Rick Bowser

    Is she equally outraged the Kardashians are leaving her in their dust?…..somehow i doubt it!

  • J.N. Ashby

    I love meat. How’s that grab you, PETA-rd?

  • CalCon10

    Ah, Nancy Lee. I see your problem. A moose…a GREEN-EYED moose.

  • lillymckim

    Who in the world is this Nancy lady she sounds like a very jealous cranky old lady.

  • lillymckim

    Looks like we Conservatives need to amp up the votes for Bristol!
    Lets keep the old ladies cranky!

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Groan is trying to outdo Cher and Barking in the “nutjob” department.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Nancy, you ignorant slut. Check yourself into an asylum before the PDS drives you into a full blown maniac!

  • Paula Noakes

    I am blocked from reading Nancy’s tweets if I’m signed into Twitter, but if I don’t sign in, I can read them. LOL. Probably the same with Cher. They are really touchy about criticism on the left coast. (I’m in WA state, so technically I guess I’m on the left coast but I am definitely NOT a left-winger.)

  • Michelle Sampson Merritt

    I will never watch her again! Pretty soon I am going to have to throw out the TV! I will not watch these nuts anymore!!