Is there no end to the #NBCFail? David Gregory is being panned from both sides for his “Meet the Press”-style moderation at tonight’s debate between Mass. Sen. Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren. In fact, even the word “debate” is up for debate, as Gregory sat down with the two candidates for what he hoped would be a “healthy, cordial exchange.”

The Sunday-morning chat show format left Gregory to do a lot of the talking and even more interrupting.

Gregory kicked off the night with a question about Warren’s supposed Native American heritage — the same topic which began the previous #MASEN debate — and asked if Brown’s use of “professor” in referring to Warren was meant as disparaging.

Gregory’s performance was so off-putting that even Warren supporters swore that the NBC hack was batting for the Republican.

Any idea of GOP bias wasn’t helped when Gregory mistakenly referred to “President Romney.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, saw a debate between Brown and a tag-team of Gregory and Warren.

While managing to avoid state politics almost completely, Gregory concluded by asking each candidate to say something nice about the other, a closing which left viewers with not much nice to say about the moderator.

  • V the K

    Is it possible liberals are trolling Twitter? Pretending to be unhappy with Gregory to create an illusion that there was no bias?

    • Elizabeth West

      No, he was just a terrible moderator no matter which side you are on. He was incompetent.

    • SamR

      Dunno if you’re kidding, but liberals HATE Gregory, or as he is known, Fluffy. He’s the worst. If you watch him Sunday, you’ll see a wholesale embrace of GOP talking points. In particular, the idea that we have to inflict pain on the elderly thru Social Security cuts. He’s said this repeatedly. Heck, just a couple weeks ago he called Netanyahu “the leader of the Jewish people” with Bibi on his “no 2nd term, instead WW III!” tour.

      Russert wasn’t great, but at least he did research.

      Plus if Brown-Warren becomes about issues, Brown definitely loses. Its Massachusetts. DG was doing Brown a solid by wading thru the muck.

      An example of the reception Fluffy gets:

      • hbnolikeee

        The Social Security remark is bull. You a troll?

      • Maria

        Not doing his research and making faux pas? He MUST be a Liberal journalist whether you Libbies hate him or not. 😀

        • SamR

          Come on.  Cons want the coverage to be personality-based.  They need it, and the media filter.  The most filter-free events in the campaign are the conventions, where the parties are speaking directly to America, and we saw how those turned out.
          Admit to yourself that the GOP’s ideas are unpopular. Letting bin Laden go free to attack Iraq and stay there for lord knows how long?  Jacking taxes on the middle class to pay for another upper-class tax hike?  Turning Social Security into a voucher?  You think these things are popular?  Please.

          • Maria

            Clinton’s the one who let bin Laden continue on. And he loved high taxes.
            Sounds like everything you stated is Liberalism.

    • Dita Blue

      No, Liberals, Progs, Dems hate Gregory. He should just go to FOX where he belongs. He can be closer to his boyfriend and dance partner Karl Rove too.

      • Maria

        I think he belongs with Joe Scarborough on PMSNBC, not FOX News. Afterall PMSNBC and CNN are where all the fail journOlists are.


    If David was favoring Brown tonight over Sitting Bull Butt-sniffer, I will have to grade him HARSHLY with a nasty A+.
    Gregory is a major league liberal, and usually unfair to Conservatives and or Repubs, so I give him some BROWNIE poiints for sticking it to POK-A-HAUNT-ME because she is a FOR-SURE-COM-MIE.
    Yuu lib-turds are real whiners when you have to play by the rules, huh?
    Used to O-BLAME-O just waving his magic EXECUTIVE ORDER hand, right?

    • ABT123

      Stop. being. racist.

    • odypoly

      Obvious troll is . . . oh, never mind.

  • Mr. Scratchy

    I could never understand why NBC replaced such a great journalist as Tim Russert with a hack like Gregory. Another NBC FAIL, IMO!

  • Paul C.

    All the liberals masks will be off this election trying to change the news away from the ECONOMY. They will do everything shy of blowing up a building so we have pay attention.

    • Jimmy Romines

      I wouldn’t put it past them, they did, after all, allow our embasy to get blown up with rpgs, etc just to get the news off of O’s failures, why wouldn’t they blow up a building or two?

  • Pennmom

    Seriously, who is in charge of choosing these tools who get to be moderators? Sick of the a&&holes that always seem to be “in charge”….

  • EastValleyConservative

    Amazing how when the left doesn’t like something, they pull the Fox News card. What dolts. COMPLETE AND UTTER DOLTS. If Obama wins, it will be easy to spot each and every one of them. David Gregory was never a journalist. You have to wonder if they are angry he didn’t hammer Brown or that he really is that bad?

  • Robin Eublind

    David Gregory is a mic stand.

  • MarvinGoldfarb

    David Gregory should be known as “The accidental host”. Had Tim Russert not passed away so suddenly, Gregory would be covering a square dance in South Succotash. When watching Gregory in action, one names comes to mind: Ted Baxter

    • JettieG

      Yep, been wishing Gregory could channel our beloved Tim Russert since the little boy was given the free gift of the show on Mr Russert’s passing.
      Still, Davey wasn’t too bad. Just wait for CNN Candy Crawl up yer leg moderator at the prez debates. Feck…less

  • Richard Eilbert

    I think David Gregory has
    some explaining to do. When I saw this
    debate, I had the distinct impression that Gregory was favoring Scott Brown by
    allowing him more opportunity for air time.
    It seemed like the old boys shared a rapport, and the lady was left out
    in right field. To prove to myself I
    wasn’t imagining this, I did a time analysis from the C-SPAN YouTube video. Indeed the air time worked out to 23.18
    minutes with Brown speaking versus 17.55 minutes for Warren excluding the final
    set piece. Gregory allowed Brown to have
    32% more air time. This might not have
    felt so outrageous if Gregory had not intervened to prevent Warren from making comments
    she wished to express on more than one occasion. During the first phase of the debate (with
    Gregory asking all the questions) the time discrepancy was even higher:
    36%. Gregory definitely appeared
    sexist. I’m not even going into his
    choice of questions, which seemed way biased against Warren.