ABC News is reporting that Lockheed Martin has dropped its plan to warn thousands of workers of impending layoffs, at least until after the election.

As Twitchy reported, the Office of Management and Budget on Friday sent revised guidance to defense contractors, saying that the government would pick up the legal costs incurred if they chose to ignore the WARN Act, which requires employers to give 60 days’ notice before a mass layoff or plant closing. In a statement, Lockheed acknowledged in a statement that the “allowable and recoverable” legal costs played a factor:

We will not issue sequestration-related WARN notices this year. The additional guidance offered important new information about the potential timing of DOD actions under sequestration, indicating that DOD anticipates no contract actions on or about 2 January, 2013, and that any action to adjust funding levels on contracts as a result of sequestration would likely not occur for several months after 2 Jan. The additional guidance further ensures that, if contract actions due to sequestration were to occur, our employees would be provided the protection of the WARN Act and that the costs of this protection would be allowable and recoverable.

  • J.N. Ashby

    So perhaps anonymous mail should be sent to the Lockheed employees narking on their bosses that some of them will be fired and that they’re being held off so that it “won’t” influence their voting…

  • kbielefe

    That’s the last straw. The next time I need a fighter jet, I’m going somewhere else.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Another Obama stimulus.

  • Victor Wilcox

    Yes, it’s illegal – federal law in place requiring. Obama figures flak from breaking law (which will take time for judge to enforce) is less than 1000s of workers knowing who they are losing their jobs.. Please note he isn’t doing anything to SAVE their jobs — just to keep them from knowing about it… Such as ass.

    • Orangeone

      But I bet O’Bambi just included all of the Lockheed jobs as “jobs he saved”.

      • WingedBishop

        I bet some are already chalked up under “created”.

  • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

    What can we do about this?!?! I live in Va Beach, where Lockheed has 2 locations and they are one of the largest employers in the state of VA!! We’re already gonna get hurt worse than any other state but this goes even beyond that….families are going to be affected and it’s clearly illegal!!

    • Kelly Wilson

      the employees can sue but Obama is giving the Companies taxpayer money to hire their own lawyers. He is nothing but a coc#$$%cker and I have 0 respect for something like him. He should have been impeached a long time ago. Boehner let us down on that issue. But you know what there is still time to impeach Obama at least up until Nov 6. That will be his impeachment.

  • Love of Country

    This is one of the most brazen acts of fascism I’ve ever heard of in this country. This is a scary new low even for Owebamao!

    He wants to fire a bunch of defense contractors but doesn’t want to give them the proper notice because he thinks his desire to deceive people should take precedence over their livelihoods. His disturbing lack of integrity and character are just as appalling as his unyielding narcissism and ever present contempt for our constitution.

    He’s actually telling people to break laws that will have detrimental effects on 1000’s of lives but it’s okay because he will make you and me, the American taxpayer, pay for all of the ensuing legal bills.

    This is a sad, sad day in American history and if the moderators don’t spend some serious time on this issue during the debate then they should be sent to North Korea or Iran on a one way ticket and banned from this great country. And Barry? Sent back to Kenya. ….. His administration is 10x worse than anything this country has ever seen …. I can’t believe this is actually happening and how the state run media has willfully buried dozens of stories that any one of which would have gotten a Republican in office impeached. They should all be tried and convicted of treason …. Barry, his Justice Dept, and the entire state run media!

  • tjp77

    So, the administration bribes a company to break the law, in order to help the president win an election.


    • Orangeone

      And Boehner too for not filing articles of impeachment each and every time O’Bambi violated the law, including the oath at swear in.

  • Johnny Banco

    Lockeed is doing the public a favor by releasing that statement, and I believe they are very aware that they are…

  • Donald Koller

    So LM is now government ran? The government is also encouraging anarchy as well? I smell rats.

  • nc

    Give Tapper credit for using the phrase, “At White House request.” Now he has to take the next step and blow this story up so more people will know about it.

    • Orangeone

      Wonder when Tapper will get Booker’d

  • GTFOBigGovt

    YAY more free stuff : “government would pick up the legal costs incurred if they chose to ignore the WARN Act, ” Woo hoo everybody gets an Obamaplane.

  • Snarky D

    Romney should pound Obama every day for his willingess to keep tens of thousands of people in the dark (at taxpayer expense no less) about possibly losing their jobs in order to keep his own. And the very people who will have an uncertain future will help finance it with their own tax dollars! Wake up Lockheed Martin employees, you’re going to be out of a job and it’s Obama’s fault. Perhaps Romney should hold a press conference in front of a Lockeed Martin plant in Virginia and shine a huge spotlight on this. Let people know that thanks to Obama, the plant will probably shut down

  • Gary L Monks Sr.

    I hope people can see this is an overt criminal act by the POTUS to sway Votes. It is Necessary for all Bloggers to get this illegal activity out to the General voting Public!!

  • Orangeone

    What is Lockheed receiving in return for this now 2nd favor to O’Bambi? Gov’t contracts maybe????

  • Orangeone

    WTH? The taxpayers will pick up the legal costs for their violation of the WARN Act? Since when can O’Bambi use our tax money to defend a company he orders to violate the law? Our money to his lawyer friends’ pockets. Criminal! Lockheed should lose their business licenses in every state and let Airbus take them over.

  • Tish

    With pitchforks held high, torches ablaze, I say we the people do a townfolk walk to the white house ” Frankenstein style !!! If congress won;t do it, then by God we will ! I’m in, how bout you ?

  • Paul C.

    Lockheed is another welfare company and will do anything to hold that status. Hiding the layoff from their own employee’s, boy what money doesn’t buy. they all should vote for Romney.

  • Rick Stones

    I’m really interested to see how Obama will be held accountable to answer for this shameful and illegal action by the moderator of tomorrow night’s debate….. Oh wait….. never mind.

  • TocksNedlog

    Law? Shmaw!

  • stuckinIL4now

    This should be publicized far and wide and oh if only Romney could insert a comment about its illegality in the debate tonight.

    But don’t fool yourselves–the employees at Lockheed know something is up. I was part of a WARN layoff several years ago and for weeks before we knew something was going on. It wasn’t “if” we were going, it was what kind of severance package were we getting.

    For those of you who don’t know how a WARN works, in addition to the severance, we were considered still employed by the company, kept our health benefits and were paid our regular salary for the 60 days but didn’t have to show up to work (like a Michelle Obama job), AND we were immediately eligible to begin collecting unemployment benefits. If I was a Lockheed employee who knew I was going to be laid-off anyway, I’d be mad that I wasn’t getting this notice on Nov 1 so I could be off for the rest of the year on full salary, especially during the holidays.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Just unbelievable. Appalling. Have I mentioned how tired I am of having to use the same few words over and over talking about this administration?

  • Kelly Wilson

    americans we have got to get this man out of OUR whitehouse. please vote for ROMNEY/RYAN 2012. you may be saving someone’s life.

  • Kingcuke

    No, the layoffs wouldn’t occur until & only if sequestration occurs. While it’s scheduled for 1/1/13 it will not occur immediately & is very likely to not occur at all. Much ado about nothing, but makes sound byte pablum for the drooling masses