Sex columnist, “It Gets Better” founder and White House guest Dan Savage was speaking metaphorically, of course, when he told a group of students at Winona State University in Minnesota last week that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins “sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work.”

It’s an even more tasteless comment than usual from “anti-bullying” crusader Savage, who called a group of teens “pansy asses” as they walked out of a Christian-bashing speech and said he’s less interested in seeing Mitt Romney’s heart than his “liver and spleen.” After all, Perkins and others at the Family Research Council’s headquarters were fired upon in August by a volunteer at an LGBT organization. Helping to foment anger against the FRC were claims by the Southern Poverty Law Center that the FRC is an “official” hate group — a claim Savage repeats to his audience.

It’s bad enough that, after news of the shooting broke, Twitter lit up with comments that the FRC “totally had it coming.” Savage hopes to keep the FRC in the crosshairs, though, outrageously claiming in his speech that “every dead gay kid’s a victory for the Family Research Council” and that they group will do “everything in their power to make sure that suicide rate does not come down.”

The White House’s favorite “anti-bullying crusader” also got in a shot in at Republicans, saying that the country still has a race problem (“Obviously we do, it’s called the GOP”) and lamenting that “We will always have ignorant dicks like Michele Bachmann and her fag husband.” called out Savage on his appearance, but not surprisingly, Savage isn’t backing down.

One fan called the appearance “funny.”

Funnier still was the rainbows and sunshine headline in the Winona Daily News hailing the event: “Writer, activist Dan Savage creates hope for LGBT youth.”

  • Brenda Xtravaganza

    It would be more offensive if FRC didn’t spend every waking hour of every day pretending that gay people were the greatest threat to Western society.

    • Conservativeanarchist

      They are. The gay agenda is being used by progressives to dismantle the traditional family unit and destroy Christianity. Dan Savage is one dangerous tinkerbelle.

    • JannyMae

      Since you have that POV I don’t know why you’d find it offensive at all.

    • TugboatPhil

      Do you mean in the same way that bullies like Savage spend every minute of the day pretending that homosexuals being able to redefine marriage is the most important issue facing the country and the world?

      • cowboyinbrla

        Perhaps if a major religious sect were trying to block YOU from being able to marry your wife, Tugboat, simply because it was against their religious beliefs, you might understand that what’s important to some people isn’t perceived as a problem by those it doesn’t affect.

        • Michael Rice

          Not because it is agains ttheir beliefs….,but because it is wrong…

        • TugboatPhil

          What you won’t acknowledge is that the word marriage has had a definition for thousands of years. There isn’t a homosexual in any country that can’t get married. They want to make marriage what they want it to be. I never argue this issue along the lines of religion. I am concerned about how it will affect every law and regulation that includes the word “marriage.”

          What you apparently want, along with other homosexuals, is to redefine in a legal sense, the definition of what marriage is. But the second that the word marriage no longer means 1 man and 1 woman, then it will mean anything a judge or legislature wants it to, and at the same time the word will have no meaning at all.

          So if the day comes that marriage means not only 1 man, 1 woman, but 1 man and 1 man, or woman as the case may be, then there will be no roadblock to people who want 2 men,1 woman or 2 women, 1 man, or any possible combination thereof.

          Several years after that, when the push is on to redefine what is an “adult” and what constitutes “consenting”, then you will have no barriers to introducing young teens or children and animals into the mix. Will you be as accepting of that? Do you really want generations of marrying within the same family?

          I’m not going to do your research, but the stories are already out there on normalizing pedophilia and people in other countries “marrying” animals. Don’t tell me that I’m worrying about a slippery slope that may not appear, we are already sliding down it.

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Thanks for your calm. I guess it is b/c I’m so old, and I’ve watched that slide down the slippery slope, I have absolutely no patience. None.

            Things are now contemplated that were undreamt of in 1930, when I was a young man.

            Always, it was “Don’t worry! It’s not like we want “x” or “y” — and “z” is unthinkable! It will never come to that, just a little marginally small loosening of this or that, that all we ask for! In the name of humanity, you can allow this little bit, right!” Snd we fell for it!

            We fell for it because we believed them! Every person instinctually uses the yardstick of himself to measure another persons motivations, aspirations, and limits. My generation revered honest, forthrightness and even-handedness. These Progressive vermin didnot and do not!

            They revere their goals. They revere themselves. They see every other person as a cardboard cutout, as grist for their mill… including each other. They are the Kilkinney Cats of American Culture.

            They are, at heart, mobsters — but every Progressive I’ve ever met has fewer scruples than every mobster I’ve known. Of course, those I knew were before Progressive sewage saturated the culture.

            We found out that there was never an end! No compromise remained as a satisfaction, because in one breath you’d accede to the stated “important demands” — by the next breath the demand for compromise has moved on to more of what they wanted!

            What I’ve discovered through observation is the Progressives themselves tell you where the end is. Always look at the item “z”! That “unthinkable” thing is their goal! There is no living with them. It is — by their choosing — either conqueror or vanquished!

            The “civil union” thing is a perfect example. It was THE Big Step (there’s an American Thinker article about how initial pollution of a culture is the hardest step, all the rest get easier). The Homosexual Megaphone said it was all they wanted! In fact I clearly remember the assurances that “It isn’t as if we want to change marriage, after all!” That’s not the “z”, buy an “x” or “y” item!

            Agh. I could go on. there more that needs saying… but I’m still recovering from pneumonia and tire easily.

            Again: good job, and thank you!

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            *applause* Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

        • Bitterblue

          Honestly, you people are not that important. Your desire for “marriage” is so insignificant it’s unreal.

      • Bitterblue

        Exactly. The gays need to realize that the world does not revolve around them, and that people have REAL problems. Not being able to marry the one you “love” is not a real problem. It is insignificant. I, and millions of other people around the world have better things to do that be concerned with the “rights” of a group of people who appear to be completely and totally allergic to maturity and rationality.

        I have no sympathy whatsoever for the gay community in the Western world. None. There are people suffering all over the world, including gays in the Middle East who are lucky if they go to jail for being gay. The unlucky ones get hung from cranes, yet gay Americans do nothing more than piss and whine over an institution that has been damaged by straights long ago.

        These people need to get a grip and quite frankly, they need lives…hobbies…anything that will keep them occupied so us mature grown ups can get on with the business of fixing this country’s problems.

    • Jillane Kent

      Your proof from an unbiased source would be greatly appreciated. According to their website, they are concerned with far more societal issues, but if you have evidence to the contrary please post it

    • Michael Rice

      WHy not, they are…???

  • JannyMae

    Who’s full of hate, again? Sounds like its Savage to me.

    • grais

      doesn’t look like anything ‘got better’ for him.

  • Josephine (D)

    I would like to think that if I were a lesbian, I would have enough brains to despise Savage as I do as a straight girl. He is a flat out pig. >.<

  • detroit19

    “…dicks like Michelle Bachman and her fag husband.” Ahh, the voice of tolerance.

    • brianmouland

      Mindless hypocrite

    • Jillane Kent

      One wonders why Savage, a gay activist, uses homosexuality as a slur….

    • bgcity

      So only hetro’s get to be intolerant? You say hateful things and deny rights, then call it intolerant when some calls you on it! BTW, you are on the wrong side of history. 150 years ago you would be supporting slavery. 20 years from now you’ll be amazed that you were ever such a bigot.

      • Shawn Smith

        Radically redefining a fundamental social institution is not a “right”.

      • Bitterblue

        Wow, you are woefully ignorant of history.

      • Shawn Smith

        By the way, this is what is called a non-argument: “Just you wait and time will prove me right.” That doesn’t bear any logical weight.

      • Jillane Kent

        What rights are denied to homosexuals? The right to life? Liberty? Property? Odd, that you mention slavery as that seems to be a pox upon the democratic house-not the republican one. Bigot? So, you accept the use of derogatory terms generally considered hurtful to gays is perfectly alright and proper to use to demean another?

  • Paul

    Opposition to homosexuality, and support for the institution of marriage are Constitutionally protected Free Speech.

    Conversely, attempts to muzzle anyone else’s freedom of speech is reprehensible.

    • cowboyinbrla

      Perkins has a right to speak to anyone who will listen. Savage also has a right to point out that Perkins is full of shit.

      • Michael Rice

        Yet, you want the FRC lables as a hate group…..and nto Savage..

      • Shawn Smith

        Mayors Emanuel and Menino would like to squelch the free speech rights of anyone who questions homosexuality. It’s already on the books in Canada and some parts of Europe that this is not protected speech. It’s clear that liberals here would be happy to move us in the same direction. Free speech doesn’t matter to them nearly as much as controlling others who might “think wrong.”

      • Bitterblue

        And I have the right to point out that Dan Savage and all his little acolytes are worthless sacks of shit who should have never been born.

      • Jillane Kent

        FOS for holding the same view as our President did less than a year ago? Savage claimed the FRC essentially is an organization that revels in the deaths of gay teens. Do you have proof of that, or is his word and your prejudice enough?

  • kch50428

    He’s the sick freak that went around Des Moines, Ia in 2000 licking door knobs hoping to pass the flu to Gary Bauer and/or conservatives…

    • disqus_LASIg6epmj

      Yet, Old Navy was cool with that.

  • grais

    Who’s he trying to fool? He’s only anti-lgbt-bullying.
    Bullying anyone who’s Not lgbt, or anyone who doesn’t see things his way is perfectly okay with him.

    So, who IS he fooling?

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    Lets just hope that after the award (it was an emmy, right?) his popularity just fades away

  • Owen007

    Savage speaks and 99.999999% of America has little choice but to ask… who is he and/or why they should care.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Doesn’t Dan Savage stand by the abortion of many–of which quite a few could be gay? Let’s reassess that Bully Dan. This guy is a joke and a disgrace to anyone who is gay. He proves that gays like himself can be the instigator rather than the victim.

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    This guy is the reason I won’t shop at Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic anymore. Idiots at Old Navy made KID tees to benefit Savage’s charity. When I emailed about it, I got a blanket email about how they were trying to be inclusive. Obviously, they did not bother to check into this foundation of idiocy.

  • Love of Country

    “Dan Savage accuses Family Research Council president of sitting on ‘pile of dead gay kids’”
    Geez that heterophobe has some sick fantasies …. absolutely appalling.

    • Cos2mwiz2

      You folks just can’t handle the truth. FRC is a REPREHENSIBLE hate group.

      • Jillane Kent

        Really? They hold the same view regarding marriage that our President did until a few short months ago. May I ask who you voted for in 2008? It wouldn’t have been that hateful old Obama, would it?

      • Love of Country

        Yeah, yeah …. OWS good ….. Tea Party bad ….. LMFAO!
        OWS – Over 3500 arrests – Good
        Tea Party – Zero Arrests – Bad
        You’re blinded by your own bitter dysfunction and fear of the truth.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        Yeah, the truth does hit some people that way.

        Amazing. People desire the unnatural and those who would rather not know about their unnatural desires and recreations are called hater. These unnaturally inclined commit verbal abuse and in cases physical violence, but it is the majority that are accused of it.

        I’ve also heard that women who wear dhort skirts deserve raping… and it’s probably the same people, philosophically speaking.

        Still here? I didn’t think you would read past “unnatural”…

        Whether homosexuals like it or not, the practice is unnatural.

        If you believe in God, He’s spoken on the subject, and homosexuality isn’t to be sought out.

        If you are an atheist, then you are going against the arrangement of Nature, and doing so in several ways. Show me a species that has as it’s feature, homosexuality. There is none.

        And statistically, it’s unnatural, too.

        So, the question becomes: you are allowed to both us, blaring your unnatural appetites in out ears, by our sufferance. You are becoming so obnoxious that more and more people are questioning allowing your group any latitude at all.

        Is that really what you want?

        • Vikki Klask

          Grumpa Grampus, you are correct in pointing out that acting on homosexuality desires is not natural. Same-sex marriage is not natural either. Since sexual intercourse is a condition, expectation, and
          requirement of marriage (which it is according to both the bible and state law
          – all states have laws against marrying a blood relative due to the fact that
          they expect you to have sex and possibly procreate), then same-sex marriage can never be equivalent
          to traditional marriage due to the fact that the sexual intercourse that occurs
          can never be equivalent. For one, the homosexual intercourse goes against the
          natural physical design of the human body (anuses were not designed to accept
          penises). Two, nothing can be created (children) from homosexual
          intercourse. Therefore, homosexual intercourse is “less” than heterosexual intercourse
          within a marriage. Even if everything else within the confines of the marriage
          were the same (love for one another, co-habitation, sexual desire for each
          other) the fact remains that homosexual intercourse is less than heterosexual
          intercourse. Plus, if this issue is looked at this rationally, logically and as a
          mathematical equation, then traditional marriage will ALWAYS be greater than same
          marriage simply due to the fact that heterosexual intercourse will always be greater
          than homosexual intercourse.

      • Johnny Banco

        And people like me consider people like you and Dan Savage to be hypersensitive, hateful, delusional, and bullying hypocrites.

        What will you do in defense against that charge – insult me while believing that you aren’t proving my point? [email protected]!

      • Shawn Smith

        Quick question, did Perkins ever publicly say, “I wish all gay people were f***ing dead”? No? Because Savage did publicly say that about Republicans. Who’s full of hatred again?

  • Postbackxp

    Dan Savage the name just so fits him.
    He really is sick and demented. Yet gets a pass from
    the Media every time.

  • Senator Blutarsky

    Back in the day, to be a hate group you had to actually hate people, and maybe even engage in violence against them. Now all you have to do is subscribe to conventional Christian views. Bigotry just ain’t what it used to be.

  • mrcrotz

    Hey the administration is opposed to any inflammatory remarks about a great religion.

  • Well Done

    I’ve noticed that those who profess to be “pro-gay” are the first to use the term as an insult. Entertaining AND informative. Note that Dan Savage is indeed an entertainer first, last, and straight up his middle.

  • △ A Believer △

    Father forgive us for we know not what we do. We attack our attackers, bash our bashers, and bully bullies. The deeper we get into this, the more like our enemy we will become, it’s time every LGBT person read Sun Tzu’s art of war. Know the rules even if you don’t follow them.

    • Shawn Smith

      That’s awful self-righteous talk for people whose entire political playbook is lies and intimidation. Take those two things out and there is no gay rights movement.

  • hbnolikeee

    Was Dung Smells Not So Savage one of the dead gay kids?

  • Guest

    Dan Savage to LGBT: “Learn from the Islamists. Use body bombs against those who disagree with us.” #tcot #p2

  • Gary Mathis

    Dan Savage: “the botched shootup of the FRC reflected badly on the gay community. We’ll use body bombs from now on.”

  • The Juude

    Another prescient moment where Geller’s censored poster seems to be apt.

    Know where my money is between the civilized man and the Savage.

  • weRbroke

    Either the reporter that wrote the article in the Winona MN paper didn’t attend the event or she slept thru it because she totally missed out on the negative message.

  • Pat Bateman

    Comments sounds like bunch of Santorum supporters still angry about the goo with which Savage splattered your boy.

    • Johnny Banco

      Do you believe Dan Savage carries himself like a non-demented, mature, respectable human being who believes in Christian ethics? If so, what evidence do you have to support that belief?

      • cowboyinbrla

        He doesn’t profess to be Christian, so why should he feel compelled to adhere to Christian ethics? Oh, that’s right, to a Christian, anyone who isn’t a Christian is trash.

        • Johnny Banco

          That isn’t addressing the gist of what I asked, is it?

          Since you seem to be having some trouble staying on point, I’ll rephrase it (slightly) – do you believe Dan Savage carries himself in a non-demented/rational, respectable and mature manner? If so, what evidence do you have to support that belief?

          Do you have a rational problem with Christian ethics, which are based upon the idea that people should treat others with the respect they themselves wish to be treated with? Do you believe someone has to be a Christian in order to value & practice Christian ethics?

          What is your general opinion of people who try to change the subject instead of answering questions which are asked of them in a non-passive-aggressive fashion?

        • Michael Rice

          Nope…you have it confused. To liberals anyone who is not a liberal is below trash. To blacks, anyone is nto a liberal is a sell out. PS. I am a christian and I have a fairly close friend who is straight liberal….go figure.

  • Shawn Smith

    The gay teen suicide crisis is completely fake anyway. Here’s a simple question to prove it: What facts show up on the coroner’s report after a suicide? Age, gender, possibly place of residence. Does sexual preference appear? No? Huh, then where do they get these statistics?

    (*psst* They make them up, then smear their political opponents with them.)

  • Concerned conservative

    If I had something shoved up my rear like Dan Savage did every day. I guess I’d be a little gripey too.

  • Dan

    Homosexuality is a choice! (trollbait? I know!) Being black or oriental/asian or mexican is NOT a choice! (more trollbait?)

    • $30736095

      Exactly. A black man marrying a white woman is still a man marrying a woman. The best thing for families, communities, society, and nation.

      • Dan

        Precisely my opinion! I have no concerns about one race marrying another. I would also vote for any black CONSERVATIVE or asian CONSERVATIVE! I voted for Alan Keyes when he ran for president because he was the best man for the job. I would have voted for Herman Cain if he hadn’t dropped out before the California primary and would dearly love to vote for Allen West if I lived in his district in Florida. (Please Congressman West, run for President! You’ll get my vote!)

        • $30736095

          Yes! Allen West 😀

  • Chip

    A grown man still trying to get some attention…. Is he actually calling for suicidal teens to become martyrs?

  • Stephanie Warren

    what a jerk. people need to stop giving him attention, the pig.

  • chrisallenrich

    This guy is appropriately named that’s for sure. I don’t mean the Dan part.