It didn’t take long for the video of a screeching Mitt Romney protester (and 47-percenter poster star) in Ohio to go viral and for #ObamaPhone to trend on Twitter. The Obama campaign noticed it too, and you’d think they’d be quick to thank such a passionate supporter for her boots-on-the-ground help, but instead the campaign’s “Truth Team” has wasted no time disconnecting.

But why? The woman said she’s voting Obama because the president gave her a free phone. Who’s to say he didn’t?

Obama’s Truth Team quickly tweeted out a link to, which concludes that “Obama Phone” is a complete misnomer. FactCheck even manages to “blame Bush” for the program, noting that the SafeLink program, which provides free cell phones to qualifying applicants who receive food stamps, Medicaid or other federal benefits, “started under President George Bush.”

So, that free cell phone? Obama didn’t buy that. Mr. President, why don’t you want the poor to have cell phones?

But … free stuff!

  • Sam Howard Then why is this web page named after the president with his picture on the site?

  • cindyarmstrong

    So, the website complete with photos of President Obama is a hoax?

    • spot_the_dog

      I’d say so. It’s a .net site, not a .gov site, and the domain was registered through GoDaddy:

    • grais

      Not a hoax; but a promotion that looks like it was written by a foreigner who wants Obama to get the credit for this program. And it works.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        No it’s a guy with freegovermentcellphones dot net

    • Punchdrunque Still Punchdrunqu


    • Larry Newman

      I gotta say… looking at the woman in the video, I’m for handing out birth control now…

      • dunracin

        I was thinking retroactive abortion or mercy killing!

      • Danielle Espe

        I’d not only buy it for her, I would call her on her Obamaphone every morning to remind her to take it.

        • grais

          Tell her to take two; they’re small.
          And I’ll spring for the pills for all of her kids.

  • Truckerjim

    Wait til she gets the bill from the capitalistic bums that gave her the phone.

    • NanaJo

      I think that’s one of the points…SHE won’t get the bill…WE, the taxpayers pay the bill!

  • Laura Stephens

    FACT: When Any liberal starts anything with “FACT” you can rest assured they are being ironic.

    • Garth Haycock

      Just as anything from liberals with truth in the title. TruthTeam2012 is certainly a misnomer.

      • $8930093

        It’s 1984 all over again – Orwell’s fiction is our sad truth. The “Lying Team” is named “Truth Team”. Demoncrats lie, cheat, and steal – anything to win a victory in November. If anyone hasn’t read the book, read it. Then encourage everyone you know to vote for Romney. We can’t afford 4 more years of Obama.

      • Royce

        Surely you will submit to have your honesty and intelligence described by equivalence to that of Michelle Bachman.

        • Garth Haycock

          I appreciate the compliment.

          • Corey Dennison

            Yup…Royce: Insult fail. lol

            He apparently doens’t know much about income tax an if his comment above is to be believed…

          • Royce

            Surely, you jest, you despicable government moocher.

          • Royce


        • djbarry

          And Sarah Palin.

    • Charlotte Powell

      Correction, they are lying!:-)

    • Larry Newman

      Even better…truth team…

    • Disqus_sucks

      Actually, when any Liberal starts anything, I assume that lies of omission or commission will soon follow—

  • Mousepants Stalker

    “free” cell phones are not provided from kindness. They come from a tax on YOUR bill!

  • GTFOBigGovt

    There’s more to this story than LULZ. The Obamaphone site links to freegovernmentcellphones dot net owned by Mark Henry per the whois. Then you find Mark Henry who blogs that in Feb 2012 free broadband was added. But I don’t have time to research it all right now and tie it together.

    Apparently the uTube star doesn’t know there’s more free crap to be had. All from entrepreneur Mark Henry king of moocher internet hits perhaps. I think obamaphone is from the same location.

  • Jack Deth


    Obama built neither the phone companies that will bill the idiots. Nor did he build the phones themselves. The phones no doubt have GPS. Which is a neat and useful tool for DNC lackies to find, persuade and receive last minute shakedowns come early November.

    Somewhere in this country there are many villages missing their idiots!

    • T Troup

      Obama didn’t build the phones nor does he know how to make a call on one.

  • Jack Deth

    Test. Test. Test.
    Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

  • Marissa Martinez

    Like Libya attack, this WH doesn’t know one way or another. Amazing #ObamaFAIL

  • grais

    So, who’s gonna tell that woman that Bush gave her that phone, and will they please video her reaction and put it youtube?

    • Penmar

      I hope they tell her she has to vote for Bush now, too.

      • grais

        I’ll want to see the video.
        ; )

    • Joe Eschman

      grais, sadly, most people won’t bother to investigate for themselves. just like they don’t investigate who they are voting for. it’s sad that the ‘obama phone’ lady’s vote counts the same as mine.

      • grais

        It’s not just sad; it’s outrageous. Voting rights shouldn’t come so cheap. There should be a test covering the workings of government; what it’s supposed to do and not supposed to do, based on the Constitution. It doesn’t need to be a difficult test. I fear that newly naturalized Americans have a better knowledge of the U.S. than most natives. Study and pass the exam, or don’t vote. It’s too important to screw around with.

        • Joe Eschman

          Could not agree more.

        • Don

          Simple test name the three branches of government and that should be enough, or maybe ask them who the vice president is.. and then have them show you there voting Id.

          • grais

            Oh, hell, there are members of congress who think the three branches are the Pres., the Senate, & the House. I almost fell over when I heard Shumer say it.


            There oughta be a law….

          • sgb1

            I may be having a Sr. moment but I cannot remember the technical names of all three. I know what they are but cannot remember.

          • grais

            Executive, Legislative,& Judicial
            You’re better educated than Senator Shumer.

          • Guest

            Executive, Legislative and Judical

          • Jim Bash

            judicial legislative and executive
            took me a minute but i did remember it and didnt have to look it up thank god

          • Mark Schmidt

            They’d be afraid to answer whom the Vice President is….he’ll have them all in chains!

          • TocksNedlog

            The DES
            The CPS
            The Po-lice

          • Noel Gonzales

            Unlike the right which think the three branches of the gov’t are the Bible, the military, and FOX News.

          • Jim Bash

            hmmmm noel i seemed to have answered that question correctly and i AM a right wing conservative. it is this type of comments from people like you that give liberals the bad name but go ahead and keep it up you just prove our point. sort of like when howard stern asked people why they were voting for obama this year and alot of them thought obama’s choice of paul ryan was an excellant choice and that it may have been partially because ryan is black.

          • pajamakat

            How about something simple, like what day of the week it is and what’s the date. Bet they can’t even answer that. That woman on that video is a Neanderthal. God help us if she has any offspring. And you’re right Grais, this is outrageous. I just seem to get madder by the day. R/R 2012

        • shelly-bo-belly

          Amen to that!

        • Lee Barrows

          I agree but the ACLU will complane and sue hell we cant even get them to let us Texans who voted for Voter ID law and passed it to go into affect because of the Holder jutice system where if you are BLACK PANTHER you can intimidate voters as they did the last Pres Election but to ask a person who has to show ID to get their food stamps you know the ones who the law will make it an inconvinence as they say don’t you see a prob. here!!!

          • grais

            Oh, I know it’ll never happen. But I’ll always believe that it should.

          • CAMO the CRUSADER

            But they are good with CardCheck so they can kick your behind in the parking lot at work once they know your union vote! Truth is never told by this lazy media and issues are twisted to an agenda.

          • Peggy Smithey

            Welfare people have to have an ID to collect there checks,food stamps and free medical. Obama wants more people like this and he wants to throw all seniors and middle class under the bus. If the middle class think they aren’t going to pay higher taxes then go ahead and vote for obama and find out what happens.

          • Bob Mahnken

            I see you’re learning English. Good for you.

          • Noel Gonzales

            Luckily for you, Lee, spelling is not a prerequisite for voting. Neither is a sense of reality. Two guys standing outside one voting site counts as Black Panther voter intimidation? That’s idiotic.

          • Jim Bash

            no the guy holding the night stick counts as voter intimidation and telling a person not to step outside because he would do bodily harm to him also counts.

        • fojo

          Good idea but the freaking Libs would call this racist.

        • George Adams

          That’s why Thomas Jefferson began and promoted the public school system. He believed that educated citizens were better informed an thus would be able to make better choices.If I’m not mistaken, civics class in school is suppose to do just that.

          • grais

            Well, the road to hell…and all that.
            Jefferson and the rest are turning over in their graves.

          • GTFOBigGovt

            There is no more civics class in school. Been replaced by liberal “history” books.

          • TugboatPhil

            On the plus side, all students now know how to recycle, protest evil corporations and blame all of life’s ills on George Bush. Just the type of preparation one needs for a job interview.

          • sgb1

            We need to be teaching economics and government in the lower grades of school.

          • Retired Chief Petty Officer

            No, History and civics have been combined into the new and better Social Studies, which ensures that you kow all of the abuses and bad things about people in the past and know nothing about how government works or what the people have done over the years to end abuse. The children are not even told that it was through the Republican party that slavery was eventually ended and that the Republicans dragged the Democrats, kicking and screaming into the post segregation world with the 1964 Civil Rights act. The Democrats contribution was Lyndon Johnson signing it.

          • djbarry

            Yeah, and the minute it was signed, all of those racist southern Dems became Repubs.

          • Edwin Alexander

            Forgot the sarc tag /s

          • Nadine Faber

            Yes, but a lot of them are dropping out and can’t even read like they should. Instead of educating our children about history, social studies, how to read and write a good paper and prepare them for college or another type of trade, they are being used by the unions and government as a tool to get more money and benefits. The students are the losers in this battle and they would be better educated if it was left up to the excellent teachers (not the bad ones) and parents instead of politicians and union leaders. We as a Nation lose as well because they cannot compete on the world market and use their creativity of discovery and so on because of the focus on “social stuff and fluff classes and everyone is treated the same.” Look at China, how happy are their children with this kind of indoctrination? They aren’t are they, however, they are not allowed to fail in school. They must do well or else.

          • sgb1

            I was taking a tech degree at the community college. I was amazed at the lack of work ethic, failure to complete assignments in a timely manner and the lack of knowledge in writing reports, giving presentations etc. on the part of the young students.

          • Edwin Alexander

            Yes and it essentially all started in 1843 when the NEA was started, to make worker robots and to teach them not to question.

        • Spongeworthy_Bob

          Voting is not a right. It’s a PRIVILEGE.

          • grais

            It should be an Earned privilege.
            My grandparents saw it as a civic obligation; but they were informed.
            I’m appalled on their behalf.

          • djbarry

            You are dead, idiotically wrong.

        • Monica

          I totally agree with you. Me and my husband talk about that all the time that if you want to vote, you have to take a test to know your government policies (common sense), instead of letting any moron vote, like this lady!

        • Cindy Seipel

          Oh no – that would be discriminatory and simply the republicans trying to disenfranchise voters don’t you know!

        • Larry Johnson

          I’ve said for a long time that there should be a test. Also, as bad as I hate to open this can of worms, anyone on the public dole should not be aloowed to vote, since they tend to vote for the person or party that will give them “more free stuff”…IMHO

          • Royce

            Yup, Let’s begin the purge with you and your mortgage interest deduction you moocher.

          • Terry Garland

            Lets bend tax deductions to make tax payers look like hypocrites. Good job. Care to explain how you equate a home owner taking a lawful deduction, and still paying into the system, with someone with no tax liability?

          • grais

            I’m sure Royce doesn’t care to do that.
            If I were to guess, I’d say Royce doesn’t have any mortgage interest to deduct, but Is on the dole.
            Royce has resentments.

          • Royce

            Of course only fools would blindly speculate without a shred of evidence. Royce is eligible yet voluntarily neglects to take the mortgage interest deduction.

          • grais

            As in: your blind speculation about Larry Johnson’s being a moocher who deducts mortgage interest?

          • Jim Bash

            grais have you ever noticed how when they are called on the carpet about the possibility they are coolaid drinking welfare recipeients they all automatically always have tons of money and create all these jobs for other people?

          • Royce

            No problem, both don’t pay the tax due to things utterly beyond their control, e.g. politicos rewriting the tax code.

          • sgb1

            What is wrong with taking advantage of the law? Talk to your Congresspeople instead of callingnames.

          • Royce

            Nothing is wrong with taking advantage of the law, I replied to a guy that seemed to think if you don’t pay taxes due to low income you don’t get to vote, whereas if you don’t pay taxes by clever accounting, you do get to vote. It makes no sense.

          • Corey Dennison

            Chances are, he’s a net payer of taxes.

            So, “mooching?” Not so much. You, an idiot? Yup, pretty much.

          • Guest

            LOL your buddy in the WH will remove that if he gets a second term, probably has already done it through an EO and we don’t even know it.

          • sgb1

            I think it was originally that way.

          • djbarry

            Would that include oil company execs?

          • Edwin Alexander

            Yes, the people who have a profit margin of 9% and create jobs. They shouldn’t be able to vote../sheesh

        • TheCH00|/|M0BILE

          The test used to be Selective Service. Nobody who served a tour of duty in Afghanistan would vote for those people’s bestest buddy 4 evah Barry Hussein X Obama.

        • Just Another Guy

          You should just phone these things in….
          I say “you receive welfare benefits, you don’t vote.” Vested interest; conflict of interest. You know, like Congresspersons who aren’t term limited….

        • leo

          they only SEEM cheap, but they’re discounted.
          the real trick is that you’re locked into the service for 4 years. 😉

        • Jim Bash

          actually they do have a major understanding of it and alot of them are appalled by the lack of knowledge of citizens that were born and raised here.

      • Punchdrunque Still Punchdrunqu

        But that’s the way government has wanted it for generations… just enough education to be productive, to be able to perform minimal measurement skills, basic arithmetic so as to be able to count out change or the number of horses or cattle, sheep, bushels, gallons, etc. Now robots do all that. And coincidentally robots vote OBAMA. Interesting… ain’t it?

      • TheRatiocinator

        I said almost that exact same thing earlier today (counts the same as mine) depressing.

      • Ray Harbin

        Joe, I’m astounded at the emptiness of the knowledge bags carried by the electorate in this pre-presidential period. This election will see the heaviest concentration of thoroughly brainless voters in the history of American elections — and 99.9563 % of them Obama voters.

        That’s immensely scary to me.

        • djbarry

          So that would be 53% of the voting population?

      • Lazybum

        Well this year Obama is having a special voting day for Democrats and minorities on Wednesday, November 7th so that liberals don’t have to deal with the crowds. Pass it on.

      • Deborah Fountain


    • Darrell G. Walton

      I’ll gladly tell her!

    • Kim Bo

      Actually it started with Reagan in ’85

      • grais

        Even better! She’ll have to vote for Reagan, then.

      • ilmomof4

        I remember in the 90’s that we got a discount on our home phone bill through lifeline…I think it was $15. Wasn’t on that program for very long. I guarantee that we’ve more than paid back that money in taxes. Can’t wait til November!

      • wrkngmom

        Yes, but Reagan gave them land lines that they could use for call for help, i.e. rape victims, elderly, people who might have been a victim in a previous crime, etc. etc…….And i believe their is a charge listed on your cell phone bill, where they show a charge (tax) that goes toward the program to give those cell phones

        • Edwin Alexander

          Yes, you are right, there IS a charge.

    • T Troup

      Do you think when she finds out she will vote for Bush?

      • grais

        It is my sincere hope, yes.
        We should tell her he’s black, just to make sure.

      • John Beasley

        Tell her he was born to black parents but was put up for adoption to George Sr. and Barbara Bush. She’ll go for it.

    • marianne

      all welfare low income get them and yes it was in past four years with obama .

    • celsma

      If Bush did it that would be bad!

      • Col

        Bush would have been crucified!

    • Cindy Seipel

      Haha, wouldn’t you love to see her face?!

    • John Hanover

      That would be the sequel being better than the original for a change.

    • JOe Dutra

      Oh please. She doesn’t even know who Bush is.

    • Elaine

      I remember reading this? AND there was a new program about to start for FREE INTERNET or $10. internet?

  • GTFOBigGovt

    LOL though: Will Antonin [email protected]_Antonin
    Fun #ObamaPhone fact: No matter the time of day, *69 gets you directly to Clinton.

  • Tony0920

    She must have taken it out of context. Sound familiar?

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    Bush always cared about the poor, hussein obama & company want to keep them in chains.

    • shelly-bo-belly

      buit tey say conservatives are racists

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Oh this phone deal is priceless. Not only is it free but they just allocated 25 MILLION to “crack down on fraud” on it so they can spend the fraud money on other free crap. HOW MUCH could the FRAUD BE??

    “According to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, they intend to fund a $25 million pilot program by cracking down on fraud in the Lifeline phone program and using the savings to pay for the new benefits. Genachowski says they have already begun auditing Lifeline phone vendors to ferret out fraud and the effort has so far uncovered almost 270,000 fraudulent subscriptions in 12 states.”

    • Charlotte Powell

      Never fails, gov starts giving stuff away= FRAUD! Food stamps, medicare, medicaid are full of thieves. People who need or deserve help can’t get it, the crooks get away with screwing us over!

  • dave lewis

    How things have changed. From the 1960s to the 1990s it used to be government cheese or as I like to call it “gubmint cheez”

    She has a “Free” phone because she’s poor, but she has time to protest?

    I wonder if they still give out “crazy money” ?

    Because I thought I heard her say social security.

    • grais

      We were told gubmint cheese had outlived its shelf life and was moldy.

    • AmandaJeff Day
  • Janice

    Then why is there a site called

  • redheadgrl

    So tired of hearing everything, every. single. thing. is bush’s fault.

    • holly

      I agree completely! George loved this country 100 x more than Obummer does. He loved all of Americas people too, not just one segment.

      • Dank_Dillweed

        Yer wrong. Obama HATES this country, and GWB loves this land, its principles, and all of our people. Obama should choke on some greens.

    • marianne

      so true.obama made a mess of our country,he said in his 4 years he would do all lol yea right 16 trill det…and we look like ass holes to foreign countries.

  • Michael Rice

    If it started udner Bush, than isn’t the current President responsible for it, as well? Casn’t he discontinue it?
    THis is the mentality of liberals…..if a guy gives me something or supposedly give me something..I will vot efor him regardless of his stances on things like abortions, gays, etc..

    • Jillane Kent

      Only in the past two years have you seen the scope and size of the program grow to these proportions.

    • Larry Newman

      Well, Obama did say he was going to personally root out every cent of waste and abuse. In fact, that’s how he’s going to save the $716 billion he’s going to strip from Medicare… What an awesome guy….

  • Mechan8

    Obama Phone: Urban Legend or Real? – Free Government Cell …
    Did Obama start the free phones program? The cell …. If this is fake, then why do so many peoplehave these phones and give the credit to Obama. Another .

  • Mr Writing III

    She made as strong an argument for Obama as I’ve heard yet though.

    • WstCstGal


  • Greg Jones

    First, this is like everything else in reality: there is no “free” lunch! That is, if you pay a telecommunications bill (generally speaking), in all those lists of charges, there is one known as the “Universal Service Fee”, a fractional amount, but still a part of it. So there is no altrustic “charity” from the telephone company. In fact, under certain rules and regs, they are compelled by the FCC (read: Fed) to collect (read: steal) this money and appropriate it thusly. Next, no one ever said anything about “who” started it (ie.., Regan, Bush, Obama, et al), rather the substantive point is the mindset of that particular individual. That, my friends, is what is bothersome. Today a phone, tomorrow, her next computer – whatever. The fact is BIG GOV is out of control. Thats the crux of the problem and people like this woman dont get that – moreover, they dont understand simple economics. Sad and disgusting at the same time.

    • Mike

      Correct me if I’m wrong here, but wasn’t the ”
      Service Fee”, begun during Clinton’s regime, and known popularly as “The Gore Tax”?

  • Paul Hoffman

    Bush did NOT start this ! It dates back to Ronald Reagan ! **FACT**

  • Dave Templeton

    Obama is a real piece of work – when a problem exists he knows nothing about it, he didn’t do it and neither did the DNC then…..the problem is solved by the MSM refusing to report it!

  • DrNuke

    So Bush is responsible for

  • W Randall

    Do you need a photo ID to get a free phone?

    • Charlotte Powell

      Great question!

  • Lindapost

    Check out this site and then tell me the President does not have anything to do with the free phones

  • Danny Cole

    Hey where is my damn phone,Sounds like discrimination to me !

  • Hazel Nuts
  • Pudentiana
  • Danny Cole

    Entitlement is the Key here! TRUTH TEAM 2012, IS BULL SHIT!

  • Wulfheard

    Remember this from 2008; “Obama gona pay al ma beels”? Same kind of people all over again. Nothing ever changes in that demographic and this is exactly the kind of thinking that Romney was talking about in hid 47% speech. Entitlements buy votes.

  • JAS64

    Perhaps she should learn to speak ENGLISH before getting a free phone. Ebonics is not a language.

  • Punchdrunque Still Punchdrunqu

    And again, it is a misnomer to say that the phone company gives her anything either… Anyone who actually pays for the service… pays for that free phone service. One must ALWAYS remember…. and never forget… NOTHING IS free, just that the expense has been laid on another. It’s the same with the “Obamacare”… those who cannot buy insurance now cannot afford Obamacare. So that insurance cost… will as it always has been be passed onto those who have healthcare coverage.

  • Darrell G. Walton

    Its Obama schemes revealed again! It’s more than a fact a person of the leeching welfare culture knows pinpoint accurate where her freebies come from…

  • neworacle

    What in the world would the Oblamer team know about truth?

  • NatchezMS1978

    Typical obama reaction…attack, attack, attack…deflect, then attack, attack, attack…dream up a HUGE unbelievable lie, put the “word” out to liberal obamacrats…then attack, attack, attack some more.

  • Otter2

    I get left out of all the free stuff. I quit! No more paltry taxes for the gubmint. I want mine! And if the Truth Team throws me under the bus I’ll just sue them! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Gimme my Obama money and swag bag!

  • Nathanael Dale Ries

    Actually, if she was talking about lifeline or link-up, those programs were initiated during the Ronald Reagan presidency… If she is talking about SafeLink, that was started by tracfone in 2008 a few months before Obama was elected, I doubt it though because SafeLink was only a Tennesse and Florida thing last I checked.

  • Charlotte Powell

    Haha, so funny, already knew his supporters were idiots. Just like I knew the attacks on 9-11 weren’t random. Who are they polling? Oh, people like phone lady!

  • Ray Preston

    TruthTeam2012 is an oxymoron!

  • Robin Nelson-Herlihy

    Yeah, have you seen these SafeLink commercials, and who they target? If you’re watching tv late at night and come across the commercial, you might can see where this lady’s mentality comes from. When I saw the commercial a few weeks ago, I looked this up and I believe the people who sell Tracfone manage the SafeLink system. This reminds me of when Obama was elected president, and a woman who was interviewed on Glen Beck said that her worries were over because Obama’s money is coming her way. Some of these people, makes me wonder…..they are too lazy to get off their butts and work, will they be too lazy to vote this year?

  • DjWeideman

    The FCC mandates telcos to subsidize this program based on a percentage of their revenue, which means you pay for it. Check your phone bill; If you see the line ‘Universal Service Fee’ you are helping to pay for this program. Here’s the document that shows how the program is paid for:

    It may not be coming from your taxes, but if you use a landline or cell phone you are still paying for this Federally mandated and managed, program.

  • sanssentient

    “The SafeLink program has actually been offering cell phones to low-income households in some statessince 2008.”

    While the program may find it’s origin prior to Obozo, the notion of free cell phones came to life under his provide-everything-for-people-who-haven’t-paid-a-dime-of-taxes entitlement programs. While I am glad sites such as are creating a stir in the validity of political bull, It’s a little less than ironic that an Obozo supporter would understand who her progenitor is. Moreover, I would tend to believe her story over anyone professionally connected with Obozo.

  • Tom Macchione

    Obama will take credit when preaching to this crowd however he will disavow when he’s playing to working Americans.

  • Cesskye

    These are the people who made Obama president and wil make him president again through food stamps, disability…anything the government can give them for free.

  • Edward Reyes

    FYI—Lifeline service was in existence for over 20 yrs…it ptovides low-income people with a landline phone at a low rate cost… when Obama took over as President, he changed that and lowered the qualifification to get a Free cellphone…here in Seattle, they even have recruiters to get people to sign up for the obama phone, and 2 years after ???eveybody is pretty much using the obama phone which gives a user 250minutes a month…

  • KWHodges56

    I wonder if we could convince all those #ObamaPhone owners that they can #VOTE using their #ObamaPhone and don’t have to go to the polls? …. maybe by calling the TEA Party hotline or by texting a message to the local TEA Party headquarters? heheh Dumba$$es

  • dave

    Obama is a braying jackass. incapable of independent thought or extemporaneous rational speech. In short, he is a brainless, spineless automaton programmed to do what his handlers demand, and a very poor example of one.

  • dareisay

    We got a notice from Virgin Mobile a few weeks ago, that if we knew anyone that was needy, to tell them they had one of these free phones for them.

  • Nothing2seehere

    So invegorating knowing that they can react so swiftly to phone terrorism and have delayed reactions followed by lies and distortion on actual terrorism.

  • Lisa Chappell

    Now they’re smacking around their devoted following? Considering everything Muhamobama has said & done on top of the fact that they’ve got someone in search of a home in Hawaii that can be ready by January, I think he’s deliberately trying to lose! What do you bet that he’s on the verge of cracking under the pressure? Y’all notice how gray he’s gotten in such a short time??? He’s never had a real job he had to show up to every single day. And he’s avoiding doing his job at every turn……..only someone MISERABLE in their job avoids it at all costs!

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      or someone who is planing to cancel the elections with martial law.

  • alcehastings notaxes


  • [email protected]

    This is a great example how people just assume anything done to help the poor is done by the dems

  • Jennifer Burlet

    If it’s a Bush program, then why is EVERYTHING on the website say OBAMA? — “The Obama Phone – Free Government Cellphone Program”

  • Moogiechan

    Of course, they don’t want their computer literate supporters to think that they are misleading the public with “Obama Phones”. They are fully aware the the people who think Obama makes cellphones fall from the sky will never read a tweet saying it isn’t so. And they are happy to let the idiots continute to think that way as long as they vote for Obama.

  • dareisay

    This summer my husband’s son & family lost their home. Moved into a rental. They needed a window air conditioner…
    I checked Lowe’s web page, therewere 19 available, at the Ohio store, none in KY or WV, which are also close to us.
    So we drove to Oh., there were none on the shelf. A young worker asked me what I wanted, I told him the web page showed 19 at the store.

    He told us we could not buy them anyway because they were only for the poor!

    As we walked back to the front, we saw those A/C behind the counter, a manager came up, we asked him if the story was true about not being able to buy that a/c. He said it was true and he is fedup seeing people pull up in Cadillacs, to get these a/C’s!
    He told us they also get a fridge and next year get a free washer/dryer!!

    The young clerk told me he didn’t see any reason to work, when others get all this free! And may quit working!

    Our government is not giving our kids any incentive to work!

  • Matt Trent

    I would LOVE to see the reaction from her when she heard that Bush gave her that phone.

    • Donna Acosta

      I’m guessing her reaction would be, “Bush sucks!”

  • Holly Lamb

    Someone may have already posted this, but those phones are a gift from me and you the tax payers or rather cell phone service buyers. Look at your cell phone bill you are paying for the ‘Obama Phone’. No matter how you look at it the woman in that video is disgusting bragging on all her ‘free crap’. FREE IS GOOD but NOT when someone else is forced to give up something for it. Obama Phone Lady you will live in infamy.

  • kaykaymoore47

    In my town we have seen the lines for the government phones and its happened all summer at our local Dollar Store parking lot. Recipients will gladly tell you ‘they get all their free stuff from Obama’ … which we know is the truth !!! I was told by them ‘you don’t qualify cause you ain’t the right color and you got money’ … What is the cost of these ‘free’ phones to taxpayers?

  • Matt Trent

    This is one thing they do not want to blame Bush for. The horror of the fact that a rebuplican would want to help anyone other than themselves is just unheard of. If only they knew that the republican party were the champions of civil rights. #ifonlytheyreallyknewthetruth

  • Bob English

    What a wast of time…the video was dubunked long ago.

    • Corey Dennison

      Debunked? Hmmm…

      Yup…no such thing as an Obama Phone, is there?

  • algebra

    if Romney is elected, he’s going to give us all cars! Tell your friends!

  • Eliza

    I would not have commented on the damn phone people, I would have commented on the embarrassment this woman caused to the black people. I told my daughter that I hope obama sees this and blushes a deeper shade of black. I am ashamed for them. That ‘s what you get when you pay people, uneducated people to work for you. I also wonder why they don’t follow the words of Martin Luther King Jr, I will tell you why, because he would make them work for a living that’s why.

  • Susan Cooney

    She’s lying? Really?

  • Monica

    A couple of requirements that should be added to the high school core curriculum should be Economics and political government (I took political government in high school, but it was not required). Then when you are old enough to vote, you should have to take a basic test also on government.

  • Neal White

    The website is “” so why wouldn’t she assume it was from Obama?

  • Dank_Dillweed

    Truth Team? Oh fark me running, we really are becoming the USSR under this farging icehole.

  • Mark A. Plough

    There is a charge on every cell phone bill to pay for those “free” phones.

  • vetgal1970

    Obama’s ‘Truth team’ what an oxymoron. The cell phone may come from a carrier, but the program is funded by the feds. In fact I recently heard an Arkansas representative discussing this because he had a bill that was meant to cut this program because it is being so abused (shocking, I know). It began as way to make sure the elderly and disabled could have a landline in their home and was expanded by the Dems to include cell phones.

  • tonydbaker

    Technically, the telecom companies are taking advantage of FCC taxes added to your cell phone bill. (assuming that you pay a cell phone bill.) I believe this is administered by the state.

  • davjohn

    In AZ the Safelink is through Tracfone which is based in Tenn.
    The telecom companies get their money from the USF which is administered by the USAC, which is set up by the FCC and Congress. It’s a direct chain to the government. Where did we get that money from?

  • celsma

    Here’s a fun poll, which muppet did the phone lady sound most like?

  • lana ward

    Romney should use this as an ad

  • T Troup

    Wonder is she got her free Obama internet so she can see what the truthteam is saying about her free Obama phone?

  • Postbackxp

    On Obama.’s team there is more people under their Bus then on it.
    LOL did not take them long on this one.

  • Cindy Lou

    The phones are paid for through telecom company taxes – charged by the Federal Government. The website claims the phones aren’t paid with tax dollars, but they certainly are! And if O doesn’t want his name connected to the free phone program, then why is it called ?

  • Stacy Sample

    Maybe she thought the phone came from the same “stash” Obama was using to pay others mortgages and rent!

  • pizano3

    The FACT remains, morons who vote for OBAMA ‘believe’ he GIVES them FREE STUFF. In this case PHONES. Someone is putting out the word that OBAMA made it happen and it ain’t BUSH’s people!!

  • notech

    Mo money, mo stuff. I’s voting fo mo stuff. Obama is king

  • notech

    These people are kept dumb. Its so sad.

  • Michelle

    TruthTeam got it kinda sorta right. It claims the cell phones are provided by the communication companies and yes, that is correct. However, they are paid for by a Federally mandated charge on all cell phone bills. This is a tax. It’s existence is a Federal law. The way TruthTeam words their tweet, they are trying to give the impression the free cell phones are provided out of the kindness of the wireless companies. Nope, WE pay for them, as mandated by the Federal government. It’s the “Universal Service” charge you see on your bill each month. THAT is what pays for these phones and the Federal government passed the law that put that charge on your phone bill. However, one thing they have correct is…this was in place before Obama took office, it dates back to Clinton. HOWEVER – the POINT of this controversy isn’t really whether or not Obama is part of providing free phones…the point here, the unbelievable realization is…THAT woman (and countless more just like her) believes her free cell phone is a gift from Obama and that’s why she’s choosing to vote for him. So whether or not Obama gives out all this free stuff, regardless if it’s truth or fiction…this woman is a prime example of the existence of people who will vote for Obama because, and apparently only because, they believe he gives them and will continue to give them free stuff courtesy of MY PAYCHECK. And she has NO ISSUE with that!

  • CalCon10

    Hey…they should be proud of her. After all, isn’t she one of the “coalition” that Obama has been touting?

  • Ken Greene

    I can truthfully say that Obama gave me $5.00 once. I sold him a raffle ticket.

  • giantleappictures .

    I am a Clevelander, please realize that this woman is NOT the voice of Cleveland, Ohio!

    • Richard Jefferies

      I’m sorry, but she is. She isn’t 100% of you, but Cuyahoga will go blue by at least 60 – 40, even on the off chance that Ohio goes red.

  • Bobby D’Amico

    Barack Obama, owns this rather unpleasant situation, 100% !!! … This very type of behavior has been encouraged, even rewarded … The funny thing here, is that this inarticulate woman, is really no different than, let us say, Harry Reid … Excepting, that she has an ObamaPhone !!! ………..

  • gracepmc

    Until Steffy the Cutter, says it’s a lie, it must be true.

  • Dandee

    Wow, why would Obama truth team folks want to try and discourage Obama voters. Guess they just can’t help blaming Bush.

  • Col

    Our military men and women deployed in the hell holes of the middle east can’t get free cell phones but a lazy big mouth black woman with no teeth gets one free. What a waste.

    • vetgal1970

      You are coming through loud and clear, I couldn’t agree with you more. This is a travesty

    • Lisa S. Linder

      i could care less whether she’s black, red, brown with a full set of teeth. Why the f should she get a free phone if our military men and women cannot. Although, being a person of color, it is irritating to me that she sounds so uneducated.

  • RobX
    telecommunications carriers submit reimbursement requests to the government-run Universal Service Fund

  • Richard Wells

    No that’s who Samuel L. Jackson should be telling to Shut the f__ck up!. I wonder if she had to show and ID to get the Obama Phone.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    No different than the old ‘walking around money’ racket. It’s amazing what some people in these inner-city wards will do for twenty bucks and/or a few packs of smokes.

  • 365conservative
  • Von

    These r the dregs O has created by promising them freebies, but omits to tell them that we the 50% of tax payers r paying for their “free” phones. These r the lowest of the low who worship this liar—and its all race based and he knows it. Yet these people don’t realize they r expendable, he’s just using them and the millionaire morons for their vote. He could care less for those who really need help like providing jobs! Not increasing the food stamp rolls(another perceived freebie from O)
    My God, has the world gone mad???

    • djbarry

      No. Just you.

  • txsoutherngrace

    Truth is it goes back to a 1996 Telecommunications Act under Clinton on landlines then the FCC expanded it to include trac phones in late 2008, but there are providers out there who actually advertise it as the Obama phone.

    Clinton built that. We pay for it on our phone bills… land and cell.. as USF fee (tax) (universal service fund) and yes there are abuses to the program which generated HR3481 that would repeal it. However, it sits in committee.

    Question is why do we provide it via taxes and do those taxes cover it or is there more money coming out of some other federal account actually paying for some of this?

  • Guest

    of course they “disclaimed” her – she is an embarrassment – (But unfortunately there is people in this country that are ONLY voting for him because they believe “he” gives them free stuff!)

  • Linda Howell

    Unfortunately there are people in this country that are ONLY voting for “HIM” because they believe “HE” will give them “free’ stuff – never realizing somebody has to pay –

  • B-rad

    Doesn’t this go against the meme that Republicans don’t care about poor people?

  • Ed Coyne

    “what telecom companies do out of charity” Uh…no. Think for just a minute. Telcom companies are “incentivized”, in order to be “charitable”.

  • monkkey

    Who cares about this at all??? There are those “victims” out there who need the freebies in order to survive in the wilderness of the urban environment in which they live..

  • Norman Taylor

    Even the Truth Team can do nothing but lie!

  • Norman Taylor

    Some one pays for the phones!

  • Pennmom

    The reporter should have asked her what she thinks of the situation in the Middle East. She probably doesn’t even know what the Middle East is…..Someone gave me a tee shirt once…..Obama…why stupid people shouldn’t vote…..

  • Paul C.

    More spin!! Romney will get them a job and Obummer will only write them a check, for their vote of course.

  • g

    Trouble is, the moronic, like this woman, THINK Barry gave them the phone.

  • Mickey James

    And still the 53% keep paying for the stuff to be handed out.

  • Mickey James

    I wonder how much we could save, if all those taxes were taken off all the utility bills?

  • rflemingtx

    It doesn’t matter where she got the damn phone and who is paying for it. The point is this uneducated, know nothing, imbecile, hired by SEIU actually BELIEVES that Obama gave her a phone and THAT is why she is voting for him. Sadly, there are millions out there just like her.

  • blueday I guess Truthtam2012 is forgetting this website then as they throw her under the bus

  • Guest


  • James hegarty

    Many people have been convinced that Pres. Obama supplies all their free services.I have not seen, until now, that the administration disavows any gratis service I can see why they don’t want credit in this instance.This voluble constituent of theirs doesn’t comport with the image of voters they wish to present.

  • Forrest Loftis

    Proves what we already know; Liberalism breeds ignorance and promotes a welfare state. Typical O’ Bummer suporter. Scary thing is her vote will cancel out a vote by someone with a brain !

  • James hegarty

    The persons paying for these cellular phones is not the phone company or the Feds. All of us who pay a phone bill contribute to the purchase of these phones and accompanying service.

    • Marcy Cook

      Correct! Everyone should check their phone bills carefully you will see the tax that we pay that goes to fund this program.

  • Sandra Hart

    What next? This woman is an embarrassment to the hard working “folks” out there. It is good to remain open minded but I am sick of this entitlement mentality.

  • Malcolm

    Factcheck has become cover for Obama, don’t use them anymore.

    • djbarry

      Yeah, ok. The media is against you, the fact checkers are against you and the pollsters are against you. Waah, waah, waah. Would you like some cheese with that whine?

      • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

        You do know the media are the fact checkers and the pollsters? They’re all one in the same.

  • Stuff We Like

    I had to do the Obama Phone REMIX –

  • Brian Sprouse

    They are missing the point. The point is that there are sooo many ignorant voters who are only voting for Obama because they think he is going to give them everything they need for free, Car , gas, phone, home etc… and that taxing the “evil rich” is going to pay for all of this. What the morons don’t get is that if the governmet is giving out everything for free, how will they pay for it if everyone decides the stop working and just get the free stuff. It’s a clear choice this election. OBAMAPHONE or ROMNEYJOB?

  • Blarney Rose

    Most of us know what “R & B” used to signify. After witnessing that idiot Obama supporter croak her stupidity for the national news, it now screeches, “RUDE & BLEATING,” ’cause you be “BAAAD” to da’ bone, you FOO!

  • Edward Reyes

    he literally give everyone free phone here in seattle….it use to be call life-line for 25yrs.- and only people the lives in low income gets it…NOW…EVERYONE CAN GET IT…ALMOST EVERYONE IN THIS STATE HAVE AN OBAMA PHONE

  • Norma Hess Zeinert

    This phone program was actually started in 1984…by then President Reagan I believe…it was setup for land line phones for the lower income families to have a way of calling 911…the program was expanded in 2008 to include cell phones….by none other than….wait for it…yep…Obummer…last year (2011) this service cost 1.6 million…so in all honesty…Obummer did give her the phone…but…I say send the BILL to Obummer…if he wants the witch to have a phone…let him pay for it himself…I pay for my OWN phone…Obummer needs to get OUT of the White House…Romney/Ryan 2012…

  • tomyj1

    I thought you hadem to been EDUCTCATIONEM to some read that there paper to vote on… “O” still hasen not paid my house yet an I needem more some gas…I”m still voten for Obama cause he goin give me more free stuff.

  • Laura Wilson

    gee, they should look into the website the promotes it – – sure makes it sould like he has something to do with it. His picture is even on the website…

    • 1irishdell

      LOL, it won’t EVEN link anymore!

  • DaveJ

    The free phones are coming from a very old tax that originally was set up to run land lines to areas too remote for the telephone companies to do it profitably. But once taxed always taxed and the gov just re-directed the funds.

  • Right Wired

    Wow, if only he responded to terrorist attacks this quickly.

  • txsoutherngrace

    Telecommunications Act of 1996 under Clinton started this with land lines then the FCC expanded it to include cells as trac phones in late 2008 with only a couple of states picking up on it. The real push was 2009 and it is being advertised in several places as the Obama phone.

    We the taxpayers pay for it via taxes on our phones known as USF fees (universal service fund) and yes there are abuses to the program which
    generated HR3481 that would repeal it. However, it sits in committee.

  • Bill Bevington

    See the page –>

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    That’s hilarious. Over at my other go-to site, I Hate The Media, there’s a whole section devoted to the ObamaPhone. Mmm-hmm, Obama-a – phone.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Oh, here too:
    To be fair, it seems to be more a fansite/slobberjobber and not an “official” site.

  • lana ward

    This is what our youth will all be with 4 more years of the muslim dictator. Complete control over the ignorant.

  • Kracker Hoe

    The free phones and service are a program called Life Line for people on government assistance. There different plans from 60 minutes monthly with International calling to 120 minutes anywhere in the USA. Plans usually include texting at minus 1 minute airtime per text.

  • alboy2

    Moron says “what”? Keep throwing stuff against the wall, something is bound to stick. I can’t wait to see the big sad face y’all will be wearing on November 7. Romney is going down like a cheap hooker in the back room. Enjoy!

    • skhpcola

      Progtard moron says: “Moron says “what”? Keep throwing stuff against the wall, something is
      bound to stick. I can’t wait to see the big sad face y’all will be
      wearing on November 7. Romney is going down like a cheap hooker in the
      back room. Enjoy!”

    • 1irishdell

      LOL. Good one! Did you come up with this all by yourself, or did you go to the one-liner school for Progressives? We don’t have to throw anything, troll. It’s all being done for us courtesy of your owner, King O.

    • Donna Acosta

      Wow. You so deftly and intelligently replied to the points made before you that I’m breathless. /sarc off Is that red herring I smell on your breath?

  • skhpcola

    According to the PSC website, here in FL, the program subsidizes landlines and cellphones to the tune of a bit less than $13/month. Not enough to get a “free phone,” but it all adds up when hundreds of thousands of welfare leeches are enrolled.

  • windwalker22


  • 97E

    And now we can sit watching as the Left starts to implode.

    Someone please pass the popcorn. This is too good to miss.

  • Streetiebird

    Turns out the lifeline program was started by Reagan and safelink by Bush. Socialist commie marxist fascists!!!!

  • clocker1

    there’s a million more voters just like Obama Phone Lady. Democrats love them. It’s an easy vote and they don’t have to use intelligence. sigh.

  • Jem

    O doesn’t want poor people to have cell phones now?

  • whatsgoingon

    When these people show up at another event, we should tell them the truth – that a Republican president started the phone program, that it was a Republican that gave this woman the free phone.

  • Bridget Bundt

    In 1984, originally created to subsidize landline phone service for low income Americans, funded by government-collected telecommunication fees, paid by consumers. In 2008, the program was expanded to support cell phones which quickly escalated the cost of the program. In 2008 the program cost $772 million, but by 2011 it cost $1.6 billion

  • Babycakes3847

    That’s why people on any kind of welfare shouldn’t have the right to vote wile on welfare. Unfortunately 47 millions if American are. After we get to the 50+ % of the population depending of the Government for assistance, the rest of us we will get even more screwed. 50% on welfare and the other 50 pay for it.

  • MikeRios

    If that’s true that Obummer didn’t give her the fone, what about They have relished in taking credit for that for the last 3 years.

  • Dalton McCrary

    Obama’s Truth Team…….Liar Liar.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    @truthteam2012 We didn’t give her a free phone, but we paid her $11.00/hr. to say we did. #paidprotesters

  • Susie Allread

    The Obama Truth Team, what an oxymoron. Obama couldnt tell the truth if it was on the teleprompter in front of him.

  • Shannon Smith

    The dimwitted woman in that video doesn’t realize it, but she created a very effective campaign ad for Mitt Romney. Nothing angers working people more than freeloaders screaming for free stuff.

  • Gary Johnson

    So he threw her “Under the bus” Nothing new here. Obams throw everyone under the bus, His Pastor, his white grandmother. He is a user and he doesn’t look back when you have nothing else of value for him to take.

  • Rod M.

    It is a free phone and service plan. “Lifeline customers cannot be charged”. It is funded by those who create and given to those who take. It is the Obama way.

    It also makes it convenient to send text messages to recipients with instructions on when, where and whom to vote for.

    Interestingly the photo on the main page has JUST RECENTLY been changed from Obama (old photo below) making a phone gesture to a street car. obamaphone – dot – net

  • Rod M.

    this is how the page recently looked

  • Rod M.

    Lifeline users cannot be charged. This is a subsidized program paid by persons who create given to to who take through the Universal Service Fee. The photo that was on the front page of Obama phone dot net has been changed from O making a phone gesture.

  • Frank Banks

    It’s a shame that they don’t want Obama to make good, to show that a black man saved the United States. It’s going to take him four more years for you to see what he has done for us. He has my vote I don’t know about you I’m for him, keep up the good work Obama

  • Noel Gonzales

    Does this mean we get to disenfranchise all the moron birthers and the idiots who claim Obama is Muslim?

  • Jeffrey Stewart

    Brawndo!@ Its’ got electrolytes