Anything that Sarah Palin does at this point leads to a torrent of Twitter abuse, especially posting photos of a successful hunting trip. Self-described Catholic deer-hunter and GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan last month said he was “happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion,” and he too is sticking to his guns rather than appease the anti-gun crowd.

Ryan was between campaign stops in Ohio today when he stopped to purchase his daughter camouflage gear for a hunting trip this fall.

Politico’s Roger Simon felt compelled to point out the daughter’s age.

Just last week, President Obama joked on “The Late Show with David Letterman” that his own daughters were growing up but he was comforted to know they were “surrounded by men with guns.” That line got a laugh, but the idea of a 10-year-old handling a rifle was too much for some.

Stay classy, Twitter. Be careful or Letterman will be stealing your material.

Most who weighed in on Twitter, though, found the news one more reason to file Ryan in the “awesome dad” category.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    my mom learned how to use all kinds of guns by age 15!
    then again, it was colombia in the 80’s and she was the daughter of a colonel…… still, the deffinition of child abuse is ridiculous in this context.

  • Jon Herr

    That’s why it’s so hard for liberals to win in Indiana. We like our guns. We love our God. We love to eat fresh meat that we kill ourselves.

    • Michael Rice

      Amen….from a fellow Hoosier.

    • jenniferhandke

      Same here in Texas.

    • jennifer reed

      Maybe I should live in Indiana and not Maryland! Although our particular county has a lot of hunters and our kids have been raised to handle and respect guns. Our children have several guns each.

    • audacityscape

      We don’t need Indiana, you keep it.

  • Davis Powell

    My daughter and I do archery together! She loves it! And she got her first bow at 6 or 7 years old.

    • brianmouland

      Took a gun safety course as a boy taught me a lot of responsibility

    • audacityscape

      Bow and Arrow is not as dangerous as a rifle, I think you’ll agree.

  • NWFL Conservative

    I love this one:

    @Yeggo I’m not gonna make a big deal out of it, but I’m freaked out about Paul Ryan’s 10 year old owning a rifle. That’s all.”

    Sorry dimwit but you JUST DID make a bid deal out of it. It sounds like someone needs to make another appointment with their mental health professional and go get their “feel good” meds refilled.

    • Stephen Greer

      That was my exact reaction. Thanks for saying much funnier than I could have. :)

  • TracyJean

    Guess none of those liberal idiots are fans of Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers either. Last year he was on a hunting show with his wife and oldest daughter and part of the story of the episode was his then 9-year-old bagging her first deer.

    • audacityscape

      You’d guess right.

  • Discontentwliars

    Interesting when other people want to tell a parent how to raise their kids. Most boy scouts out here learn to shoot by age 10. Some don’t, just don’t care to, but its between them and their parents. I grew up with them, and hunting with my dad, grand-dad, uncles, and brothers was good for me, of course I was a little younger then 10. I’m not into hunting for trophies, but that’s my choice – not yours!

  • nc

    Ask Sarah Palin when she first was taught to use a gun.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Sad to think this would have been pretty normal in Australia not long ago.

    • Maria

      They’ve gone soft.

    • TundraThunder

      It looks like the Aussie removed his/her comment!

  • Love of Country

    Hey liberals …. it’s okay … they’re Republicans. Stop pretending Republicans are cold blooded killers like you democrats. We use guns for hunting, recreation and self defense, mkay? … Not criminal activity.

    If you want to stop child abuse … then go down to the abortion clinics you adore and protest or simply stop spreading liberal values ad nauseum.

    • Robert Phelps

      Anything that a Republican does is wrong. That’s how the left tries to make Republicans look bad. It’s like my ex-wife. Everything that she does with our children is good and fine. Everything I do is bad. Being a democrat is a mental disorder.

    • BlueGood

      When Ryan is elected VP it will be the BOOST that all ethical Hunters, trappers, outdoorsmen & women have been waiting for.

      For decades we have been told to sit at the back of the bus by the Leftoid control freaks, even though we provide more money, time and efforts for wildlife than all of the Leftoid so called Aminal Protection Groups combined.

      In Canada, we finally buried the Long Gun Registry this year, after almost 16 years of Leftoid control.

      Have a great and safe hunt this fall Guys and Ladies!

      Fill your freezers…and GO RYAN GO!

    • audacityscape

      By your own admission, you kill things for fun. Nothing cold blooded about that at all.

      • Love of Country

        It’s so sad you have to make things up just to try to get the upper hand ….. you must be a democrat, lol. Can you say “obscenely desperate strawman argument”?

        Your lack of integrity is tedious, already. I don’t even like to kill insects, much less fetuses.

        If you’re a vegetarian that’s your business but my hypoglycemia requires me to eat animal proteins (as if I actually needed a doctor’s note to eat meat, lol). But kill that plant life to your heart’s content … I just block out what lying hypocrites like you do about anything cause you’re gonna be that way no matter how foolish you look.

        • audacityscape

          What’s tedious is the fact that you and your ilk continue to purport that it doesn’t make you feel big and powerful to kill defenseless animals with guns. I’m talking specifically about hunting here.
          Don’t pretend you do it for any other reason than you enjoy it doing it. Talk about a lack of integrity.

          • Love of Country

            Lies and projection are all you epic hypocrites have ….. what a stooge!

            Would you rather die in an instant or spend all week at the slaughterhouse/death camps first? If you never ate meat you might have an argument to make except that you need to project your love of killing onto others.

            You belong to the Party that loves to abort/kill millions of unborn babies every year and the Party who murders 10,000 Americans every single year over imperative stuff like stealing other peoples’ rims, sneakers, turf and drugs and by your own admission that’s the only reason you’re a Democrat.

            Only dishonest fools project their ignorance and misgivings onto others … grow up and get a pair and stop burning those flags, begging for my money and pretending you don’t eat hamburgers from the slaughterhouse!

          • somercet

            “Skill,” apparently, is a word beyond your reach.

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    My niece goes hunting with my bro-in-law. No biggie. A lot of people are trained to responsibly use guns early on. Just finished “No Easy Day” and he started using a rifle at under 10 yrs old. Also, doesn’t he eat what he catches? So it’s not trophy hunting.

  • Pepper Layne

    See, I thought Barbie dolls gave girls self-image problems and that’s why leftists hated them so much. But give a girl a gun and we’ve got idiots whining that it’s too masculine for a ten-year-old girl. Make up your freaking minds!
    (For the record, I learned to shoot when I was five years old. My dad didn’t raise his girls to be cream puffs).

    • TitzyFritzensimmons

      I think I was eight or nine when I learned to shoot a rifle at CAMP. I also learned how to shoot a bow and arrow (though the inside of my forearm took a beating for a while). I can pack panniers on a mule, rope and saddle a horse, shoot, clean and cook birds (just never got over the Disney “Bambi” movie), flyfish, and am a card carrying member of the NRA, the Junior League and the Garden Club of America.

      How wonderful that Paul Ryan is teaching his daughter how to safely use a gun and how to hunt. Hunters and fishermen are some of the best stewards of the land and the wildlife.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        I took archery in jr. high, and a friend of mine had a few bows that we’d shoot at his house. He had a decoy deer set up beside an old station wagon, and in 2 shots, I hit the apple that designated where the heart was, and then shot out the back window of the wagon, lol.

    • jenniferhandke

      I’m with you Pepper. It’s much better being taught control and discipline (as in gun handling) at an early age, rather than hate and how to judge people (as in democrat). I too learned to shoot at an early age. And yet, I’m an educated, middle-aged woman now, with no jail time, who has never taken a welfare check and has worked my rear off for my family. How horrible are we?

  • JEM

    We actually just took our 10 yr old daughter to shoot for the first time this past weekend. Our 12 year old son has been going to the range for a few years now.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Probably won’t eat?

    Her Obamassiah would pay $50.00/# on the black market for wild venison!

    Except HE’d steal it!

    • audacityscape

      If he steals is, he’s not paying for it.

  • Guest

    My entire 6th grade class had hunters’ safety training and shot guns at a public school-sponsored outdoors camp.

    • $30736095

      Now that’s a public school I’d have wanted to be at 😀

    • Rok N Rol

      In High School we had a gun club, with a competition rifle team. We had an indoor range in the school. In fact, the range was under the swimming pool deck.
      During duck season, I’d go hunt for an hour and a half before school started, then went to school, and left my shotgun in the trunk of the car. The day before deer season opened, I’d go to school for half the day, with my car packed for the road trip right after I left school. So then there was a 12GA shotgun, a 30-06, and .44 Mag revolver, with plenty of ammo for all of them, on school property.

      There were never any school shootings before the “gun free school zone” crap!

  • Conservative First

    “Whatever happened to Barbie dolls? Sheesh!”

    The only Barbie Doll that will protect a girl from rape is one with a Smith & Wesson Model 642 inside of it.

    • Stephen Greer


  • dave lewis

    I think yeggo deserves some slack. Yeggo thought that the kid would “OWN” the gun at 10 years old.

    While it’s the kids gun, I doubt that the kid has unlimited access to it.

    This is Yeggos comment:

    “Yeggo [email protected]
    Fair enough. My bad. RT @Revenant0202: @Yeggo She won’t actually own the rifle until she’s eighteen. until then Dad is the legal owner.”

    The Aussie with the child abuse remark is a bit much. Must be a city dweller. How far the Aussies have fallen.

  • Conservative First

    Do liberals realize children who are properly trained to respect and use guns at young ages are less likely to disrespect guns in the future?

    First thing that was drilled into my head as a kid was never to point the gun at something I didn’t want to shoot.

    • brianmouland

      Do liberals realize in more remote parts of the country hunting is often used to supplement a families income. Do there think there is a Safeway five minutes away in the middle of Alaska or Bayou country

      • ceyanne

        In a word, yes.

        • brianmouland

          Sadly you are probably right

          • ceyanne

            I know I am right, lol. My aunt is one of those liberals who thinks guns should be banned. She was on one of her tirades (b/c you know libs can never just discuss, it has to be ranting and personal attacks) and got to the gun topic and I simply asked her if she did realize that not everyone lived in a city or suburb. She got this blank look in her eyes and asked me what was I talking about. So I asked her if she realized that there were still vast areas of the country where people lived that were an hour or more from a town or that people lived in areas where bad rains or snows could keep them from getting to a town for weeks. And she wondered what my point was. I asked how in the *%&^ do you think those people feed themselves? Her reply, after a little deer-in-the-headlights gaze and some sputtering as the gears started working again? “They can stock up whenever they do go to the store or they could buy meat in bulk and store it at home.” And then the best line of all? “Or they could do what’s really best for them and stop eating meat and be vegans.” Face, meet Palm.

          • Karen21242

            lol wow, I now have a big red spot on my face from that face palm. I feel sorry that she is a relative of yours. No offense meant.

          • ceyanne

            No offense taken. I’ve bemoaned that fact on more than one occasion, lol. She is my mother’s half-sister so we chalk it up to the half that is no blood relation. ;o)

  • Lisa

    In Iran, the age of marriage for girls is 13 and they are trying to lower it. A judge last year approved a sex change for a 10 year old in Australia (the parents wanted it done before puberty). And these people are worried about a 10 year old going hunting responsibly with her father? They should be turning their outrage elsewhere if they are worried about 10 year olds.
    And there are plenty of junior gun/shooting clubs around the country. This isn’t something that is wacky or “out there”. How do they think the Olympic shooters get so good? Practice, and I’ll bet a lot of them started young.

    • peter drysdale

      To the Aussie mentioned before, I think it’s child abuse to get a sex change for a ten year old.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        At least Ryan’s daughter won’t have scars.

        • audacityscape

          Not physical ones, anyway.

  • Maria

    As long as she is safe with it, why not? I’m sure she has supervision when using it. What’s the big deal?

  • Jason Workman

    Well it seems that a lot of people have nothing better to do than judge others… that’s nice. Here’s one for ya’ll. I’m about to have a little girl soon and when she is about 6 or 7 years old, Im going to take her out shooting in a proper way. when I was 9, i got my first hi powered rifle, a Type 56 SKS. So when she is 9, I’ll get her something good too. But my little girl is going to learn to be strong and morally good. No child of mine will ever be a victim with out a fight. Anyone who’s anti-gun, please…move to an anti-gun state or shut up. GUNS DONT KILL ANYTHING!!! ONLY PEOPLE CONTROL TOOLS TO KILL!

    • Jason Workman

      Sorry, but I see this trash and it makes me sick. Crime and wars are a part of life and will never end while we as humans live. Besides, DC has more crime than Phoenix does, and we carry out here.

    • Genny Dobyns

      I suppose the libs would have a heart attack in these parts. My gandson has been shooting since he was 2, he’s now 9, and recently began shooting competitively. Some of those remarks are so ridiculous, I could never take them seriously but I do hope those who are so afraid are getting the proper treatment.

  • Kate

    So it’s “creepy” to mention a ten-year-old going hunting, but it’s somehow not creepy to make birth control jokes about that same ten-year-old?

    Oh, wait- I forgot, only children of liberal politicians are off-limits…

    • peter drysdale

      In NYC she’d get the morning after pill without her parents knowing. With the gun she won’t need the pill.

  • brianmouland

    Is it any worst than some liberal dolt buying his spoiled little princess a car for her 16th birthday. So she can get drunk or stoned rack the car up then claim she was a victim

    • CallMeAnn

      There’s no ‘like’ button so I’m left with a lame “Yeah, what about that?”

  • Christopher Burke

    @maumeeMom: Barbie dolls? Talk about stereotyped gender roles!

  • elevenhundred

    In California a few years ago, a lesbian couple adopted a young boy, decided to raise him as a girl, and put him on gender altering drugs at the age of 5 or so. That sterilized him for life. All this done with the permission and aid of a state approved doctor. No one has been punished for this crime.

    The liberal response? Cheers, applause, encouragement.

    I somehow find their response to a young girl engaging in a natural human activity a teeny tiny bit hypocritical.

    • audacityscape

      They didn’t decide to raise him as a boy. He begged them from an early age to be a girl and live life as a girl. Don’t misrepresent the facts.

      And there is nothing natural about killing something with a gun. If you all were real men, you’d build your weapons from scratch and hunt with that. Everything else is cheating.

      • elevenhundred

        They themselves recorded that they were cross dressing him in girl’s clothes before he could even speak. Please! Temper your bald faced hypocrisy just a little!

        Ah, the noble savage angle. Well you go play caveman. Perhaps next you’ll be saying there’s nothing “natural” about computers either, and you won’t be bothering us anymore.

        Better yet, you go make yourself one from scratch and then you’ll have my permission to come back.

        • audacityscape

          Ok, while I go do that, you go kill something with a spear. Bet I’m done first.

          • elevenhundred

            There are few things as pathetic as the petulant little liberal who sits at his computer trembling with excitement hoping someone will respond to his taunting so he can deliver the retorts he picked up at the local middle school.

          • audacityscape

            Got it.

  • NWFL Conservative

    I love this one:

    [email protected] MT @politicoroger @markknoller “Ryan said he bought daughter a rifle last Xmas”. In Australia we would consider this child abuse.

    In America, we consider aussies like you “crazy as an out house rat”. So go throw some shrimp on the barbie, knock down a Faaahstiz mate and then pour yourself a steaming hot cup of mind your own eff’n business. ‘Struth!

    • Sherry

      Holy crap that made me laugh! Completely agree too!

    • Jerry Koszut

      You Aussies confiscated the weapons of lawabiding citizens and gun crime has skyrocketed in your country. Old people are being maimed, beaten and killed because they cann’t protect themselves.

    • Robert Bowers

      WELL SAID!!!!

    • kbielefe

      While certainly some abusers are negligent about gun safety, intentionally training their victims in the most powerful means of self defense would not exactly be in their best interest. Calling Miss Ryan abused dilutes the meaning of the word and insults children actually facing that horror.

    • sgreum

      I don’t know what part of Australia that doofus lives in but in the parts where I have lived we didn’t consider it child abuse at all. Sadly some parts of my great country have gone to the hipsters and left-wing nuts.

    • Netmilsmom

      Yeah, and when an Outbacker sees a wild boar, they talk to them, kiss them softly and invite them for a walkabout. Apparently, Roshart has never been out of the city, Hellsbells, must not have see Crocodile Dundee either.

  • $30736095

    Imbecilic liberals talk like the hunting parents are complete novices when it comes to teaching their kids. How do they think the parents learned to hunt in the first place? Stupid cretins. I’ve always wanted to go on a hunting trip. Possums are the biggest pests to our native fauna. (Sorry Aussies, LOL).

    • TundraThunder

      Mr. Ryan may even have his daughter take a hunter safety course. In some states, like CO, it’s mandatory. I took one in 1980.

      • Chet Field

        Mr. Ryan will undoubtedly have his daughter take a hunter safety course. It is also mandatory here in Wisconsin. With our new concealed-carry law maybe she’ll eventually have one of those permits as well.

  • J.N. Ashby

    “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people
    always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to
    use them.”
    Richard Henry Lee


    Gee, I got a Remington 511 .22 when I was 10. Still have it. Probably an 8 out of 10 after many, many years, and many, many hours hunting. My dad no more handed it over to me then Ryan is likely to hand it over to his daughter. Plenty of time/training in the Junior NRA, and from my dad before I was ever trusted on my own with it.
    Much later, in the service, I was astounded by how many ‘tough guys’ who had never fired any kind of gun, much learned basic safety, marksmanship, cleaning, etc.
    We’ve become a nation of whiners and complainers. It’s disgusting.

    • TomJB

      Your story reminded me of when we did basic rifle marksmanship at BCT. I was one who had shot rarely, barely ever, actually. Some of the guys (and girls) who had grown up shooting were naturals because they were taught properly. However, some were also the hardest for the drill sergeants to teach because they had to unlearn so many bad habits and the week or so we had just wasn’t enough time.

  • Spencer Sholly

    So, what’s the big deal? Teaching daughters and sons how to properly use firearms is almost natural for some folks. If they wanna learn, why not?

  • Johnny Blade

    Liberals don’t support letting children be born… you don’t get a say on how they are raised. And whats this about Barbie dolls? Wasn’t it you on the mindless left who endlessly bitched about ‘enforcing artificial gender roles’? Why don’t all of you libtrolls go throw yourselves off a cliff or something, you make me sick.

    • audacityscape

      You’re right. Liberals hate kids. They never have babies, ever.

  • Hansel Ang

    The power over another person’s life and death is strangely liberating.
    With such great power, comes great responsibility.
    Use it wisely.

    Paul Ryan is a wise man to empower his daughter so.

  • Reverend James G. Borden

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii

    A father buying a gun for his daughter and teaching her how to fire it sounds great to me.

    Exercising your Second Amendment right is ALL American.

  • Douglas Moose

    You’ll shoot your eye out, Kid! :-)

  • Matt Dierking

    I look forward to doing the same thing with my kids when they hit 10 yrs old.

  • Dryfire

    Congrats to Paul. Both of my daughters hunt with their dad.

  • gator

    Go figure. Hunting bad, guns bad, free speech bad, republicans bad, republican supporters bad. Shooting guns is child abuse. Working for things you want bad. Really am i missing something here. This is a joke right. its got be. I woke up and so many people in the us have become pantywaisted whiners that have forgotten the constitution and our history. Idiotic drones that keep saying the same things over and over, spewing lies like crazy. the worst part is that they then believe the lies and state them as absolute fact.

  • John Galt

    Isn’t it ironic that the left is freaked out about a father buying his daughter hunting gear but they don’t have an issue letting young underage girls get abortions without their parents consent.

  • Lee Highsmith

    Are these idiots serious? I bet they’re all just the best parents with their twisted logic and ideas. More than likely, his daughter will grow up and contribute more than any of these free loading haters that have absolutely no clue of the bond hunters have and the one on one time this gives parents with their children. My oldest daughter and I started hunting together when she was 9. My wife takes her hunting too. She’s now 11 and loves it. She loves being outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, etc. However they would consider me and my wife horrible parents.

    • Aaron O J

      At least his 10 year old will be able to hunt for these idiots after our economy crashes. Bet they wont think it child abuse then.

  • Steve Sharp

    Giving a 10 year old a rifle seems a bit late to me. I bought my son his first .22 when he was 8. But I never had a daughter. Maybe girls learn to shoot later than boys do. Of course the important thing is that she is learning to shoot. I wish her luck on her first hunt.

  • Allen Haynes

    Why not focus on Presidential and Vice Presidential issues, and leave raising his kid to him and his wife? That’s part of what’s wrong with Left-Wing Bleeding Heart “gimme this and gimme that” Democrats, they cannot focus on things that really matter!

  • SonnyH

    I had Barbie Dolls at 10, a car at 17 and a gun at 25. Unless you are a vegetarian you eat dead animals so thank a hunter.

    • CallMeAnn

      Hunting is much more humane to the animal. One minute it is in its natural element and the next, peacefully inert. Those who eat only commercially produced meat should compare the treatment. Not saying all slaughter operations are inhumane – I know some are – but wild animals die without stress if you know how to hunt well.

    • audacityscape

      Do you honestly think the meat you buy in the grocery store has been hunted?

  • joanne

    Living in Alaska, we teach our youngsters how to shoot, proper gun/rifle handling and next would be hunting for food not laced with chemicals. Often my youngsters rode their horses into the woods. They knew how to protect themselves from bears. How irresponsible NOT to teach them.

  • Scott Bayer

    In Sweden (lowest crime rate in the world I think) this would be normal and with good cause and good results

  • Don Gonzales

    Liberals condone partial birth abortion but teaching your children to hunt is child abuse? BizzaroWorld.

  • Larry Sanderson

    It is bad to go hunting with your father at 10 years old in Wisconsin, but good to be able to get morning after pills in school without your father knowing about it at 12 in New York? Liberal logic……….

  • Robert Bowers

    The irony is that a gun license is probably the easiest/fastest way to get an idea with name, address and photo on it.

  • kbielefe

    Why don’t these right wing nutjob parents let their kids learn about guns from gang members, like normal people?

    • CallMeAnn

      Or even from TV, almost as bad.

  • Lee Rogers

    I know, and I know hunting is big in Midwest. But Ryan was just pandering to gun nuts.—
    (@Karoli) September 25, 2012
    So he gave his daughter the rifle last Christmas, and you say he’s just pandering to gun nuts. So he was pandering 7 months too soon, right? Dolt- God gave you a mind to think with, so turn off the XBox and use what He gave you-

    • audacityscape

      I forgot he wasn’t in politics before he got selected for VP.

  • the_bat

    Unfortunately, the stupidity of these various lib comments is sadly predictable. Don’t expect smart things from dumb people.

  • Gunther

    It’s ok to kill a baby for convenience, but not an animal for food ???

  • Jimmy

    How many murders by Obama supporters in Chicago this past weekend?
    Maybe you liberals should be more worried about that.

  • MarkinAz

    Liza will be saving the complaining wimps lives someday as they cower, unarmed, in the corner somewhere.

  • GaryTheBrave

    I’ve been shooting since I was 8, and hunting since I was 10. However, in CA back then you couldn;t hunt deer until you were 12. Many states also have a minimum Hunter Orange to be worn during deer season (deer are color-blind).

  • Darth_Venomous

    Ryan said he bought daughter a rifle last Xmas”. In Australia we would consider this child abuse

    That’s why you’re being taken over by muzztards, Roshart.

  • Hiraghm

    I don’t have a problem with Ryan teaching his daughter to use a gun… except it should be a conceal-carry pistol. I’d feel a lot better with a news story about Ryan’s wife teaching their 12 year old daughter to sew. There’s nothing incompatible with a woman being able to do both, and too many skills associated with stereotypes of “wifely duties” are denigrated and lost because of feminism. A real woman doesn’t have to give up interest in “girly” things in order to be equal. Michelle Malkin says she took her 12 year old daughter shooting for her birthday; there’s also photographic evidence of her sewing Halloween costumes for her kids.

    As for me, I don’t like hunting. I also don’t like basketball. I think it’s an example of the intolerance of the left that because they don’t like something, they think they have the right to stop other people from enjoying it. So, I don’t go hunting, I don’t play basketball. I don’t get on twitter and badmouth Kobe Bryant, either.

    • CallMeAnn

      I ‘get’ about half of your message. Yes, it would be good for her to learn self defense with a pistol (don’t go for permits, myself) but she’s too young to get a CCL. Crafting is very popular with a lot of girls and women. I wouldn’t assume she won’t be doing both. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet she learns to dress her first deer from her dad and how to cook it from her mom.

  • Hiraghm

    Remember the controversy over “The Patriot”, where Mel Gibson’s character had taught his young boys to shoot? They don’t want reminded of how our nanny state gov’t has infantalized modern citizens.

  • “G”willekkers

    The most important thing here: Paul Ryan is going to spend time with his daughter. That is pretty rare these days on either side of the fence. And she learns gun safety … bonus!

  • Parker Grytdal

    Learned to shoot when I was 9. I’m 16 now, and have yet to (and never will) rob a store, hold up a school, or go shoot people at a batman premier. In fact, I was able to defend my family against a robber, while I waited for the police. My dad was at work, so I was “the man of the house.”

    He only brought a knife. I had a .22. Never shot him… only threatened to if he moved. If I had shot him, only in the foot or knee. Had I not had a gun, people in my family had the potential of dieing because of the robber. I PROTECTED my family because I had a gun.

    • CallMeAnn

      As is the case with most times when a homeowner discharges a firearm at home.

  • nom

    Australia is a prison continent for a reason. Prisoners were dropped there by the nritish for 200 years. Now 200 years later we have an entire group of people who cannot defend them selfves and are comepletely worthless to the rest of the human race.

  • Robin Monroe

    Oh brother! This is so damn crazy. I begin shooting when I was 6, my father was a gunsmith and built a scaled down .22 rifle for me. I took hunters safety in Oregon when I was 9, I loved hunting with my father and brothers when I was young. I competed in Jr. NRA, and to this day I love hunting and sporting clays. What on earth is wrong with you people?? If it was left to today’s liberals we would all be living east of the Mississippi because everyone would be too damn sissified to have made the trek west. Hunting is not a “mid-west” thing… It is an American thing. I am proud of Mr. Ryan for teaching his daughter how to shoot and how to hunt. Women should be competent, fierce, and strong. The people you should be hounding for “abuse” are the people that think it is fine to give their children cosmetic surgery and boob jobs when they are teenagers. What kind of message is that??

    • CallMeAnn

      Yes, and her dad bought her a rifle well ahead of being allowed to go on a hunting trip. shows good respect for the importance of proper gun handling if she’s been practicing for a year. She’ll probably grow up and choose a good husband like mine who bought me a lovely Sig Sauer 9mm for our anniversary, but then again, we live in town. Our place is only one acre.

  • Michael Rice

    First, the tax payments and charitable givings of Romney were just something he did to get elected. Now, this is just to pander to the “gun nuts”. Memo to the idiot left…only you were worried about the tax reports and charity givings of the ROmney and only you would think Republicans need to pander to people who own guns. None of us were voting for Obama anyway.
    By the way, if he is pandering to gun nuts, why are you guys helping him by retweeting the story?

    • Clay Lovett

      IF I was going to pander, I could do that with just $1 Million.

  • B-rad

    We can’t possibly have our dads teaching our children to be self reliant. We can’t have that! We need to make sure that our children grow up with a sense of entitlement and reliance on the government! Don’t you know anything?

  • Thom Harris

    To the liberals out there: At the very least if you people vote that idiot in for another four years, then she will be able to survive. What are you going to do?

    • audacityscape

      So if Obama is re-elected, she’s going to have to use her rifle to defend herself? From whom, exactly?

      • Thom Harris

        Audacityscape. Your chosen one told the Russians that he will have more flexibility after the election. If you cannot see that he intends to double down in this next four years then you are deluding yourself, which is about right for supporters of “The One.” When we run out of money and those that have been getting for free cant get it for free from the Government, then they are going to get it somewhere. The little one will be able to help defend her house, and feed from the land (and yes, if its between me and Bambi, Bambi is toast). Who is going to defend your house when this happens?

  • Clay Lovett

    So what, my 9-year old has her first deer on the wall just above her Barbie playhouse and beside her American Girl dolls. She’s also put more BB’s through the tube of her BB gun that her brother ever did and really likes archery. To all you, “just have her play with Barbie” crowd, why do you limit your daughters so harshly?

  • Jack Peterson

    Better to buy his 10 yr old a rifle and have her practice shooting than to buy her a skanky mini-skirt so she can “practice” flirting.

  • Michael Klingaman

    Alot of these people who started early learning to hunt and shot are now protecting your freedom to be a dumbass demecrat

  • wifenmama

    Lame. Child abuse? Seriously? I have gone out hunting with my dad since I was very young. It was great bonding time, and a great time to be in nature, and we hunt for food not recreation. Child abuse? Really? Because he wants to include his daughter in a sport he enjoys? Unless she is kicking and screaming and hates it, its safe to say she enjoys it. Why can’t girls enjoy hunting too? I have been taught how to shoot a gun since I was 4 years old. If anything, I’m more confident in my owwn safety, as well as the fact that being taught so young really ingrained gun safety. If you don’t teach them what it is and how to use it, that’s when they become dangerous to kids. How is it sad if its a sport she enjoys as well? Girls don’t play with barbies forever you know. Especially us country girls.

  • Penmar

    I think the libs should be more worried about those gang bangers down the road walking around with guns than Ryan’s 10 yr old daughter who is being taught how to handle a gun properly and safely.

  • Cynthia Clement

    Well these trolls do not understand hunting… you need Blaze Orange to Deer Hunt.. Besides most of the people are most likely criminals who now are very afraid because a 10 year old knows how to hunt, which means she can also defend herself.

  • littlebit

    I must be a horrible parent if I am teaching my 6 yr old daughter gun safety, my 9 yr old does a few rounds from his BB guns, and my 15 yr old practices with my AR. It all comes down to proper safety training. My kiddos are actually bored over the guns and have no interest in them till we go to the range.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      6yrs old is a very fine age to teach them!

  • Elaine

    Better than the inner city kids shooting each other with ILLEGAL guns!

  • Vikki Klask

    The Obama Administration tacked on TRILLIONS in debt, the Middle East is chanting day and night “Death to Americans” and Obama doesn’t have the courage to defend free speech. BUT Paul Ryan buying his daughter a rifle for her birthday…that is appauling!

  • Botzilla

    Received my first rifle on my 8th birthday, these pinheads that consider a day at the mall a great adventure have no clue as to how rural families live.

  • Monica Lopez

    What’s the big deal? She knows gun safety and is with her dad when using it. I’m sure like us he will keep the guns in a safe. She won’t have it just sitting by her stuffed animals on her bed! My 8 year old nephew has a gun and soon so will my 9 year old daughter.

  • Tom Ast

    As long as she is properly supervised and educated on firearm safety what is the problem? Besides, she may need it to protect and defend the constitution,god knows the assholes in washington have been violating that oath.

  • toobusy

    My husband bought my 8 year old daughter a hot pink 22 single action rifle this summer for her own. She can hardly wait to go hunting with her dad and older brothers in a couple of years. She is already an excellent shot. I personally don’t hunt but we eat all the venison the boys get each year!

  • redheadgrl

    I shot my first rifle (a 12 gauge) with my dad when I was 10. That thing kicked back so hard I had a bruise on my arm for a week. Then, my dad started taking me to hunter safety course where I learned all about gun and hunting safety – even had to take a test. For my 12th birthday, he bought me my own gun, a 20 gauge pump shotgun. I still have it. We went hunting because my dad wanted to make sure my sister and I could kill our own food if we ever needed to. And, we always ate what we killed. Plus, he raised us to respect guns, taught us how to handle them, so we wouldn’t be afraid of guns.

  • Dan

    My Daughter is 6, shoots a bow and arrow, plays with barbie and is going to learn to shoot this spring. She has also been on several hunting trips with me. I guess according to the liberals I am the worst father ever. Good thing she doesn’t think so.

    • Guest

      someday she will when educated

  • Larry Churchill

    Where are these Ids (Anti-gun, anti-hunting zealots) when the know about the gov’t $pending billion$ on AMMUNITION…?!

  • Lisa Rapp Timblin

    I think this is AWESOME of him to do….wish my dad would have done that with me as it is a Great way to bond as well as teach her about gun use…CONGRATS MR. RYAN!

  • Sean

    The twits (pun intended) are just jealous because at 10 she already knows the only GUN CONTROL necessary…and is better at it than they are.

  • j w

    I think its great for both Dad and daughter. He gets some much needed bonding time before she turns into a teenager. She gets important lessons on gun safety, handling, and that meat comes from a living animal that dies ( rather than a neatly shrink wrapped pack from the grocery).

    At the least, she will be able to speak with some authority, unlike the cnn/hollywood educated girly-men and women whose posts i’m reading.

  • Beth nailon

    Only if more Dads took the time to spend with there children and teach them about hunting and gun safety this would make the whole world safer what a great Dad

  • joseph deluna

    Hunting And Fishing Is A Heritage And A Pastime. The Duty And Right To Bear Arms Is A Valuable Lesson That Should Be Passed On To Our Prodigy. Grow Up And Know That This Is What A Good Citizen Must Do!

  • Chris Jeub

    Hunting is a rich American heritage, nothing to be ashamed of. And daughters are just as welcome as anyone to get involved. Here’s a picture of my 13 year old daughter harvesting a 5×5 elk. It’s inspiring!×5/

  • janmdy

    There is nothing wrong with his buying her the clothes/gun and taking her hunting if that is what she wanted, and evidently it was. My husband taught our daughter and son to shoot when they were her age. You liberals will bad-mouth ANY conservative for ANY reason!

  • Guest

    Please Americans don’t let Romney and Paul anywhere near the Whitehouse. These two Anaochronistic men who kill the defenseless for fun would surely endanger the world! And any one who perverts the natural compassion of a girl to turn her in to a cold hearted killer should be charged with child abuse