Maybe someone’s paying Keith Olbermann to do it, but we’re guessing it’s just a hobby at this point; that is, shooting webcam videos in between bouts of trolling female conservatives on Twitter. Who knows? Maybe that webcam video is an audition tape for a new gig?

He doesn’t need to work, thank you very much, but Obama could use some help in pulling up those job numbers. Some in the Twitterverse think they have the inside line on #KeithOlbermannsNewJob.

We get to the funny ones right now!

  • Love of Country

    I thought he was the new groveling bootlicker who panhandles from the sidewalk outside at 30 Rock.

    • TocksNedlog

      What, Matt Lauer got fired?

  • stuckinIL4now

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob Worst Person in the World!!!—
    Michael Gross (@mg10453) September 19, 2012
    Doesn’t he already have that job?

  • Jack Offelday

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob Anonymous Twitchy commenter

  • shimauma

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob Thulsa Doom’s Speech writer

    • Cyborg0012

      Yeah, Arnie will fire him from that gig.

  • Jack Offelday

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob Gaffer at OWC (Olbermahn Web Cam)

  • SineWaveII

    KO’s new job. Official White House butt-wiper.

  • TocksNedlog

    Andrew Sullivan’s fluffer?

  • Darkstar1661

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob … actually, why bother – whatever it is, he’ll get fired from it

  • Paul C.

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob…. limo driver

  • TomJB

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob holding a debate with a sock puppet over whether or not the user insert on a webcam so the speaker can position himself actually counts as a viewer in the ratings numbers. Bath Tub boy takes the affirmative, of course.

  • putthehammerdown

    Keef’sNewJob? Skid Mark Remover for Clinton before he donates his Jockey Shorts.
    {“You missed a spot, right there…..”}
    Alt Employment: Joe Biden’s personal body servant, per Tony Curtis in ‘Spartacus’
    {Do you like oysters…”}

  • strat77

    #KeithOlbermannsNewJob Professional evil laugh voice-over guy.

  • Adela Wagner

    #KeithOlbermansNewJob Collecting all those shovels laying around from all those “shovel-ready jobs” that weren’t so (insert HusseinO’s snicker) “shovel ready”….

  • Obnoxious_Idiot

    Shit shoveler….oh, wait……

  • Obnoxious_Idiot

    Shit shoveler….oh, wait……