As video shot secretly at a private Mitt Romney fundraiser makes the rounds tonight courtesy of Mother Jones magazine and Jimmy Carter’s grandson, conservatives find themselves wondering not why Romney was saying such things in private but why he wasn’t repeating them in public, loudly and often. The bombshell revelation?

Mother Jones promises that more from the secret Romney video is coming soon. Any bets on the #SecretRomneyTapeRevelations yet to come?

So, what is the secret revelation that really seems to have the Left up in arms?

  • Ramone Love

    This won’t make a damn bit of difference to those who were already voting for Obama or Romney. It may make a difference to those Romney was speaking of, the disillusioned Obama 2008 voter. In a month we’ll see what that difference was. If I was advising Romney I’d tell him to double down on the gist of the statement and say he believes people want paychecks, not government assistance checks. And that if they do then they should vote for him.

  • lazypadawan

    He spoke the truth.

  • Dio Heerai

    DON”T back down on this Mitt. This is the discussion we have waited decades for and will win by a LANDSLIDE

  • weRbroke

    It’s really rather funny that liberals are so full of glee they are literally wetting themselves in anticipation. I wonder if it will dawn on them before, or after the dust settles and reality sets in?

  • Bill

    when you find yourself in an ambush – charge into to it.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I’ve never heard Obama say, “1 and 6 Americans are now on gov’t food assistance programs.”

    I have read his administration offer $75,000 for people to sign up other people for the food assistance programs…

    What’s even more terrible, I have children asking me if it’s ‘Okay to buy Monster Energy drinks on their ‘Bridge(EBT)card (here in MI). I respond, ‘Unfortunately, yes’… One little boy asked why I said ‘unfortunately’, and I replied, ‘Because EBT is supposed to be used to get good and healthy food, not junk and Monster Energy drinks’.

  • Saiga

    Who can deny the democrat vote farming operation. People will usually vote their paymaster, unless they are Muslim extremists.