To be fair, it was actually television host Dr. Oz who theorized that obesity is “the number one, the greatest national security threat that we have.” Check out the video below to see the first lady set him straight. No, wait. Check out the video to see her respond, “Absolutely.”

You see, the reason our embassies are vulnerable is because young people are too fat to join the military. Is Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda ban the first step toward restoring America’s military superiority?

Keep in mind that the segment was taped earlier in the week, although we can’t guarantee the answer would have changed. Where are the media to ask the first lady if she regrets her statement?

  • jzdiablo

    I don’t care *when* the statement was made and agreed to. It was inappropriate.

  • redheadgrl

    To be fair, the viewers of that show probably have no clue our Embassies are under attack in Arab countries.

    • grais


    • TugboatPhil

      red, You could have put the period after the word “clue” and your sentence would have been just as accurate.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Just like her clueless husband, her priorities are completely sideways. She’s worried about fat people while our country is literally circling the bowl socially and economically and our Mideast and North African embassies are being overrun and our people sodomized and murdered.

    I wonder if she is finally proud of her country now that her husband has COMPLETELY WRECKED IT.

    • redheadgrl

      And, with the Obama economy the way it is, more and more families are having to buy the cheap, processed food that contributes to obesity. Fresh fruit and veggies are expensive! So, it’s not McDonald’s making the US fat, it’s the Obama economic policies.

  • Smart Grunt

    If Obama actually showed up for his intelligence briefings, he might disagree with his wife. Then again, he probably sees Romney as the biggest national security threat.

  • dennylee60

    Al Gore should be mad. The most serious threat is no longer global warming and he is seriously over weight.

    • TomJB

      Was Big Al just thrown under the bu… the vehicle under which he is able to fit?

      • tjp77

        Uhoh, dogwhistle alert.

  • Jesse Kaellis

    That Oz guy makes my skin crawl.The First Lady should be locked in a broom closet.
    I don’t think it matters what anybody says in this election. I’m an American born Canadian national. I been back up north 10 years this time. I spent nine years living and working in what I call the most American city in the States: Las Vegas.
    At this time I can say that I have never felt more alienated from the popular culture of America. I lived half and half in either country. I used to get angry when Canadians lipped off about stereotypical Americans. Now I’m starting to understand.

    • Maria

      I live in Las Vegas, it’s great! Except the economy, unemployment, and housing crisis, thanks to Obama.

  • Maria

    Mrs. Soetoro–I mean Obama…is a special kind of ignorant.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


      • Maria

        Aww he’s so speshul!!!!!

  • stuckinIL4now

    Hey Mooch, here’s a national security threat for ya’: Loose lips sink ships. So just shut up already.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    That from a “woman” who pops down BBQ-ed sides of beef like chicklets.

    I sure will miss watching the fleet of 18-wheelers bring in her breakfast to the WH service dock every morning come January…

  • Mama Bear

    So they’re going to round up fat people now and put them in the FEMA camps, I take it?

  • TugboatPhil

    No, Michelle, your husband is our greatest national security threat.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Is anyone going to define ‘national’ or ‘security’ or ‘threat’ to either of them?
    More importantly-would it matter?

    • Kevin Krom

      They’re all just “terms of art”, like “ally”.

  • Wulfheard

    Is something going on in the Middle East???

  • BeeKaaay

    Marxism is the greatest national security threat. And it has so infiltrated our government, they control most of it.

  • Allene177

    Michelle Obama names obesity as greatest national security threat
    Hey Moocherella, I’ve got news for you. Our greatest national security threat is the POS you are supposedly married to – Dumbama!!!!

    • nc

      Hey, show some respect. It’s President Dumbama.

  • weRbroke

    The greatest national security threats to America are the people who never learned our constitution, who forgot our constitution, or so bastardized it to justify their actions.

  • Kate

    Mrs. Obama makes statements like this, and yet the MSM says the Romneys are out of touch with Middle America?!?

  • John Hanover

    So for once she’s not out vacationing and living it up? Barack must have told her that he needs Air Force One to make the campaign rounds, and possibly hide away from other world leaders, so her appearances are limited. What will the poor rich girl do with all that time on her hands? If she wasn’t spending our money like Marie Antoinette with as much if not more disdain for the rest of us serfs it would be a lot better. Guess we have to wait until November to get a better First Lady and then make it official in January.

  • weRbroke

    In the natural world, fat cells are welcomed by the body and a sign of plentiful food. Bodies naturally want to make good use of the extra calories consumed…and store it for leaner times. It’s obvious that this nation doesn’t lack for food, as they growth of social welfare programs and food stamps proves, the waists of Americans increase when they aren’t worried that they need to work to live.
    This is further exacerbated by the modernization of food prep, storage, and the over abundance of pre-packaged, heat and eat foods, ready in just minutes, anytime. Plus drive-thrus and home delivery, on top of snack food industry that continues to boom.
    An easy diet to put the whole house on is get rid of the microwave. That stopped the kids from wanting micro popcorn. It also stopped my hubby from cruising thru the fridge for left overs that he could nuke when he was in the mood for a snack between meals.
    Then remove all the INSTANT and snack type foods that are mostly carbs, fats and salt anyway. Replace with fresh fruits and veggies, and lower fat protein sources. Have a pantry full of staples, herbs and spices, and invest in some old fashioned cookbooks that call for common staple ingredients, and QUIT paying other people to prepare YOUR food every day. I happen to love cooking from scratch. I can do a dinner for 7 people and not spend more than $10 on average, BUT, it depends on me to get off my duff and raise a garden to offset the costs of protein.
    Unfortunately, the previous USDA food pyramid did just as much damage as the plate she’s got going right now. It was heavy on carbs, which, for a nation that still worked to eat, wasn’t a problem until welfare removed that incentive to go hunt for food. now, it has lowered the carb needs, but it also lowered proteins and increased fruits and veggies. Both fruits and veggies are seasonal and not as easily obtained in those “food” deserts she talked about. They are truck shipped in, imported, or raised on farms that rely on CHEAP immingrant labor. The market cost of some fruits and veggies has doubled in the last few years.
    MO, via the government mandates she called for, is forcing children…ALL children to be regulated with the same caloric intake per age group regardless of the individual needs, which varies widely. Sadly, the one size fits all approach is too low for some, robbing them of essential dietary needs, including added proteins for muscle strength and extra calories to replace what is burned by a higher metabolism. I am seeing some kids already losing weight, and they didn’t need to at all.
    I am afraid her misguided efforts to attack childhood obesity is going to blow up in America’s face…

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I hear ya. I stopped using a microwave years ago, after I found out what it actually does to the food inside of a microwave. I have to admit, however, that recently, in the face of not being able to get a lot of food, that my husband and I have resorted to nuking a hot dog here and there when we’re hungry. We only fry it for about 35 seconds, though. Our stove in our apartment is also inoperable, so I’ve had to compromise with other small cooking appliances. I have to admit, though, I’ve become a better cook, if you can believe that, lol.

  • Brett McMicken

    neither she or her husband are worried about the obesity of the federal government

  • Mickey Byrd

    I don’t care if obesity exists in America. We have Obamacare.

  • Mickey Byrd

    Michelle… I need your help. I know how mad it makes liberals when they hear Romney has $250 million so here’s the problem. Oprah has over $2 billion AND she’s obese…. see where I’m going with this, Michelle?

    • nc

      Well, you know Michelle and Oprah don’t get along…

      • Mickey Byrd

        That’s because Oprah is rich and obese. how could someone that is a double threat be friends with Ms. Perfect?

  • Garth Haycock

    If that’s the case, then Moochelle’s keister puts this country at DEFCON 1.5!

  • Botzilla

    Parents in Wisconsin are up in arms over Michelle Obamas new policies, kids are going hungry and parents are paying for it. These idiots have to realize when it comes to growing kids a one size fits all approach does not work.

  • weRbroke

    I have chatted with a couple dozen different women with kids in our public school and they are PISSED off that their kids are not getting enough to eat to maintain their normal healthy weights. They are pissed off that because of government mandates, the schools cannot alter the menus or serving sizes to provide enough for growing bodies. Kids are passing out in practice, lethargic in afternoon classes and distracted by their grumbling stomaches. Obviously, metabolisms vary from person, and the push for exciting changes is robbing lots of kids of the necessary calories to maintain their current physical activities.
    needless to say, MO’s war on childhood obesity is costing her Hubby some of those all important women votes, mothers who see their children turn into moody gaunt little waifs right before their eyes.
    Being HUNGRY all the time is NOT conducive to a great learning environment.

  • sherry8260

    Is this why Obama supposedly ended the war two years ago but hasn’t brought home a single soldier despite his promises? He and Michelle are afraid there won’t be any ‘fit’ military to go back if they had to? We have commies in the White house. Control freaks and liars. To hell with anything that comes out of their mouths. I’m just not going to listen anymore.

  • Bobbie Mapother

    “NATIONAL”? lIKE in politics? Fat and politics… WOW…I can see it being a threat if the military was all fat. BUT THE BIGGEST THREAT of National is when Obama goes to war without Congress approval [there isn’t even a declaration of war and we are being aggresive and risking our men and women in the military!]. Think about it…! THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE Dying. Does anyone care?