We’ve asked before, and in light of Eva Longoria’s speech to the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, we’ll ask again: is there some secret tax code for celebrities? Kirstie Alley and Jon Lovitz both have claimed to pay 50 percent or more in taxes, but Longoria is asking to pay more now that she’s a movie star. She needed the federal tax break before she was famous, when she was flipping burgers at Wendy’s.

Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers and others remember things differently.

Rich and famous Eva Longoria, you’re always welcome to pay more.

Can we get one more quick fact check?

  • radjahshelduck

    Tyler Perry put his studios here in Atlanta. Steve Harvey does his radio show and “Family Feud” in Atlanta. The “Vampire Diaries” is filmed here, as is “The Walking Dead.” Seems like a lot of people in Ms. Longoria’s business like establishing or moving their business here. I wonder why? Oh, that’s right–make over a million bucks in California and you have to send over a dime for every buck you make to Sacramento, while the highest rate here has you sending only six cents per dollar you make to the Georgia Bureau of Revenue.

    • disqus_LASIg6epmj

      Georgia/Atlanta really is ‘Hollywood south.’ A lot of movies get shot here too. Most of Vince Vaughn’s stuff is shot here (he’s a Republican so it doesn’t surprise me) and the second Hunger Games movie is filming a good chunk of screen time here too (non arena scenes). “Water for Elephants” did some filming in my hometown area in NW Georgia.

      PS: Me & another guy doing a charity event bumped into him & while I was too shy to say anything, the guy next to me was not. VV was really friendly and nice.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


  • $129448

    what a dummy

  • grais

    There’s not a taxpayer in this country who doesn’t take every legal tax break they or their accountants can possibly uncover. Not Eva Longoria, not Harry Reid, not Cory Booker, not Barack Obama…

    • Smart Grunt

      That’s totally unfair! Tim Geithner and several others in the Obama administration just didn’t pay their taxes.

      • grais

        Well, they took the legal breaks and then some.
        Crooks is crooks.

        • Smart Grunt

          It’s amazing how much effort they put into tax evasion, but for some reason can’t find a single red cent to cut from the budget, unless it’s directed at the DOD.

  • BeeKaaay

    She needs a new conscience. Then when she gets one, she won’t be a leftwingwacko anymore.

  • tjp77

    Here’s the thing about celebrities and taxes.

    To them, whatever they make is basically found money. The amount they’re paid is so wildly disproportionate to the amount of work they actually have to do that their mental calculus is completely out of whack regarding what others — even rich people — have to do in order to accumulate comparable amounts money.

    To a movie star who’s paid twenty million dollars for three or four months work on a film, it may seem perfectly reasonable — even practical — to pay 60% or more of that in taxes. And why not? All they had to do for that money is show up. There’s no real sense of value there, especially after several years of collecting massive paychecks based solely on their names; it’s easy come, easy go.

    For someone who actually worked for their money, it’s a very different story. A entrepreneur who has his entire life invested in his work sees his money (and money in general) very differently, whether it’s ten dollars or ten million; that money was hard earned, and the value of each dollar is quite clear.

    Hell, even an overpaid investment banker making a million dollars a year has a better understanding of the value of his income than the average Hollywood celebrity; every investment banker I’ve ever met has been almost completely devoid of a personal life, working twelve-hour days, skipping vacations and barely seeing their families. You can say what you want about the ethics of that profession, but they’re not a work-shy bunch.

    It’s easy to give away money when you never really earned it in the first place, and have no real idea what others have gone through in order to earn similar amounts. Twenty million dollars handed to you for showing up to a movie set is most certainly NOT the same thing as a twenty million dollar fortune accumulated over years and years of hard work, personal sacrifice and risk-taking.

    But of course, we should all be lectured to by Eva Longoria on taxes.

    • J. Cox

      Well said.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Fry/599638184 Andrew Fry

      I would bet that Longaria has no idea what she paid to the IRS last year. She just signs what her accountant and manager put in front of her and would probably shriek if she knew how much money the feds are taking.

      I wonder if taxes come off before or after manager and agent get their cut?

      • tjp77

        The agent takes his cut directly from whomever is employing her, so it’s pre-tax. The manager is her employee though, so he gets paid out of her pocket.

        And no, I’m sure she has no idea how much of her money actually went to the IRS.

    • http://twitter.com/JessicaLevin27 Jessica Levin

      That’s an interesting and very well-articulated argument.

      I have some friends who are Google millionaires (retired) who moved from
      Silicon Valley to the Portland Oregon area. They deliberately settled
      down in Vancouver, Washington which is just across the river from
      Portland. But they shop in Portland. Why? No income tax in Washington
      State, no sales tax in Oregon State.

      Contrast that with the celebrities you hear about who do crazy things with money. Nicolas Cage buying $250K cars and houses left and right, including a castle in Germany, now he’s having a fire sale because he’s nearly bankrupt. Michael Jackson dropping a half million dollars in a shopping spree at an antique store. Mike Tyson having a minor accident in his Rolls Royce, getting out of the car and tossing the keys to a stranger in the street. Wesley Snipes simply not paying any taxes cuz he didn’t feel like it.

      Come to think of it I cannot think of a single extremely wealthy tech person who would ever do any of the above. They often don’t even buy super-expensive homes – at least not homes commensurate with their actual wealth.

  • Smart Grunt

    It’s great that H2 is airing a special on Reagan, right when Obama is about to speak. That’s awesome!

  • Rodney Brungardt

    We wouldn’t be having this discussion if they would scrap the current tax laws and all the loopholes. I like the flat tax idea, 15% on every dime you make, no deductions, no capital gains, just a flat 15%. Most economists agree that federal tax revenue would go up simply those in the 50% who pay no taxes wouldn’t be able to get by with that anymore!


    The libs proved their ignorance and shame quite nicely this week. Glad the idiocy is over for now. Ok, Obama droids, back on the bus; next stop, stupidville.

  • AlmaAlma

    The 99% need to pay their fair share!!!

  • bargal20

    Um, since when are income taxes the only taxes people pay? Eva certainly paid taxes when she was working at Wendy’s, you ignoramus.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

      And what “tax breaks” do you think you get and/or are in any way applicable to sales taxes? When you refer to “tax breaks” you can *only* be referring to income taxes, you ignoramus.

      You can always tell Obama supporters by the fact that they obviously have never paid income taxes.

      Oh, and the PLURAL of “ignoramus” is “ignoramuses” you ignoramus.

      • rachel

        Are these postings are interesting in light of the fact Romney hardly paid any taxes at all…fyi, i can’t think of a single movie star who made 20 million dollars for 4 months work. Tom cruise is one of the highest paid stars in the world and he didn’t make that. Since he refuses to show his tax forms of course we can assume Romney pays less than 0 taxes…he’s as honest about his taxes as Ryan is about his marathon times.

        • jbird

          “hardly paid any taxes”?!? the guy paid $3m in 2010. That’s a 13.9% effective tax rate. Leaving aside the fact that dividends, capital gains, investment income is a result of corporate and business income which is 1st taxed at the corporate level rather than on personal returns, are you aware of what effective tax rates are? the average person making $50,000 to $75,000 has an effective tax rate of 5.7%. For incomes between $75,000 to $100,000 it’s 7.2% and for families making $200,000 they pay an effective tax rate under 10%. On top of that I’m willing to bet Romney pays a pretty penny in property taxes on all his houses (how most localities get their money) and in sales taxes and state income taxes.

          As for movie stars, they get more than just the upfront guaranteed money. Johnny Depp made $74 million for Pirates of the Caribean 2 for example. Leonardo DiCaprio made $50m for Inception, Robert Downey Jr is getting $50m+ for Avengers. There are tons of other examples. Scarlett Johansson herself is rumored to be getting $20m upfront for Avengers 2. You know you could google this stuff yourself.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

          Aw, don’t know the difference between capital gains — which under the US TAX CODE is taxed at 15% (Romney isn’t in charge of the tax code; Obama is) — and earned income. Nor the effect of donating more than 10% of one’s income to charity has on a person’s effective tax rate. But of course you don’t: Obama supporters don’t pay income taxes & certainly don’t give to charity, bless your heart.

          Oh, and re: movie stars’ salaries:the fact that YOU don’t know something doesn’t mean squat as you can obviously fill encyclopedias with all the things you DON’T KNOW: http://www.palzoo.net/celebrity-salaries/

          • rachel

            I don’t mind people saying constructive things – but calling people names alienates them from your point of view. You might rethink how you respond to people. I think all politicians should reveal their tax forms. And for the past decade. I don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat.
            Romney gives a 10 percent tithe to his mormon church. That is his provilege and I commend him. That is now, however, charity. Most relgious people give to their church or synagogue.
            I write about celebrities and movie stars. No longer do they get the humonguous salaries they once did. I believe Tom Cruise is the highest paid according to Forbes. He gives more than 10 percent to Scientology. Is that the same as Romney? He spent four months perfecting a stunt for Mission Impossible 5 that involved being on the highest building in the world. That was for the stunt alone. Making that movie took over a year. I still think he doesn’t get paid as much as sports figures. And forget CEO’s of giant corporations who make over 100 million and pay taxes as low as Romney.
            In honesty I don’t know how much Obama gives to charity. But u bring up a good point. He should reveal that informatipn. There should be absolute transparency on both sides. Obama (and Buffet) has already said people in his tax bracket pay too little taxes. Has Romney said that?
            There should be transparency in both our candidates in terms of taxes and income. I want to make an informed decision who I will vote for and so far there are too many holes. I don’t understand the secrecy. Our tax laws are unjust and weighed towards the super rich. I would like to hear Romney address that. I will vote for no candidate who refuses to show the public his taxes and that issue will not go away for many people. Thank you for taking the time to write.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

            Statements of fact are neither constructive nor “name calling” — they are statements of fact — you are completely ignorant on the tax code in general & Romney’s taxes in particular & you keep proving that with everything you write. That’s a statement of fact, not calling you a “name.”

            And if you bothered to look at Romney’s tax returns (which, obviously you haven’t) you would see that in addition to the tithes to his church (which, btw, is a charitable donation under the US Tax Code regardless of your bigotry) he also gives an additional 5 to 7% of his income to other charitable organizations.

            Thank you for your “concern” about transparency,but spreading lies & bigotry belies your alleged point, especially considering President Obama has made habeas corpus disappear for American citizens — a far, far more important matter re: transparency than what Romney does with his OWN money.

          • rachel

            Where are his decade of tax statements you refer to? U seem to be the only one who has seen them.
            The tax laws need to be changed, especially the loopholes. Super rich Democrats have been saying that. I know the tax code because I am a millionare a few times over so I know every damn loophole or more importantly my accountant does. I don’t of course have money in overseas accounts like tax cheats.

            You are not embarrassed to say Romney pays only 2 to 5 percent to charity on top of his tithe? (Big difference between 2 and 5 percent by the way) A man with 250 million who pays no taxes? Seriously that doesn’t make you gasp? I am not so sure that is accurate that he pays even that. Mr. Expert Tax Code Man show me that link as well as the one the one that reveals his taxes for the past decade. Send that along to the Washington post as well for the scoop of the year.
            I am not so sure it is his OWN money. No one knows whose money it is since no one knows what are on his taxes.
            As for obama, I would like to know what he gives to charity. And I would hold him responsible for giving a decent amount of money in relation to what he earns. I don’t give him any quarter or any of the other candidates. They are all a bunch of liars with some lying more than others.
            We have different ideas of what’s important to reveal. I personally think anyone with as much money as Romney should be subject to scrutiny. You may disagree.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

            Disagree? This isn’t a matter of “disagreeing” I’m talking facts & you are talking fantasy. Reading comp skills seem unusually poor among you Obama supporters, in addition to your inability to perform simply math — while that explains your support of Obama, it is a sad statement on the education system in this country.

            I never once referred to “decades of tax returns.” I refer simply to the 2 years that Romney has made available. 2010 alone is 270+ pages — you can view them too, but alas, I fear it would do you no good.

            As for the “math” I clearly wrote 5 to 7% not 2 to 5% — and that is IN ADDITION to the 10% to his church, which makes his charitable donations between 15 to 17%, not 2 to 5% (again, MATH — you have to add the 10%). The only candidates in this race who has only ever given 2% of their income to charity is OBAMA and BIDEN. In fact, in 2000 & 2001, the Obamas gave less than 1% of their $250k income to charity & Biden only ever gives 1.5%. The Obamas “charitable given” has only increased when he decided to run for POTUS — and you know, what you do when people AREN’T looking is what really counts.

            But you know what, even forgetting the 10% Romney gives to his church (which you want to do because you are a bigot who doesn’t want to count donations to a church as a charitable donation — but the IRS most certainly does count that as charitable giving — and, in fact, the bulk of Obama’s “charitable giving” was to Rev. Wright’s Holy Trinity Church, which would make their giving 0% under your rules), when you consider that 5 to 7% for Romney is MILLIONS (i.e., more than you are ever going to get in your life time from the government handouts that support you & which are paid from my tax dollars) no, I’m not embarrassed to write that Romney gives, in addition to the 10% tithes to his church, an additional 5 to 7% of his income to other charitable organizations.

          • http://twitter.com/JessicaLevin27 Jessica Levin

            Hank DeCat, I love you!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hank-DeCat/100001190387982 Hank DeCat

            Ha! Thanks Jessica! <3

        • Owen007

          No, we can’t assume Romney pays nothing.
          What do you base it on? Where is your proof? Oh right, non-existent. Only an idiot suggests anything without an ounce of proof. And you have no proof or basis for that comment, you are just regurgitating a far left talking point in the hopes of distracting people from vastly more relevant issues or brazen hypocrisy of rich people bemoaning that they’re, gasp, rich.

          Lots of people don’t make their tax returns public. Should I assume that they’re all breaking the law, too? And that is what it boils down to. Allude to the possibility of Romney breaking the law and then respond with the “I’m just asking questions” response. How very 9/11 truther of you.

          If you want to complain about people in politics not paying their taxes, why not start with Geithner? How about the staffers whose collective unpaid taxes amount to $833,970? Oh wait, you don’t want to talk about that, do you? In those cases, there’s actual evidence to point to of wrong-doing. You’re much more content with made up stories, especially when they’re directed at those you disagree with politically. Oh well, worth a shot I guess.

      • bargal20

        Hank, you ignoramus. My initial post was a reply to the author of this ignorant post. Trust me, it’s one person, and he/she is an ignoramus. Also, sales taxes aren’t the only non-income taxes out there, you ignoramus.

  • Owen007

    Odd how rich Hollywood celebrities say they should have to pay more… and yet cling to their money so fiercely. Not to mention the fact that they can all afford something no one in my family can – super accounts that can expose every possible loophole.

    If Longoria is so upset after having so much money, then she is more than welcome to give it to me, you and anyone else that doesn’t get paid huge amounts of money to essentially behave like a trained seal.

  • JDStomper

    What Eva Longoria and others are perhaps too stupid to realize is that it’s THEIR MONEY! The government should have to work to get my money, I shouldn’t have to work to keep it, I’ve already earned it once. #toostupidtoknow

  • Guest

    “I really love that one Eva Longoria movie ” said no one ever.