At a campaign stop today along his “Road to Charlotte” tour, President Obama gave the crowd his review of the Republican National Convention, saying that the GOP presented “an agenda better suited for the last century … you might as well have watched it on a black-and-white TV.”

We can only hope that Vice President Joe Biden, who remembers Franklin D. Roosevelt appearing on TV to announce the 1929 stock market crash and apparently believes he is still living in the previous century, will pick up the theme and run with it.

Tune in next week on your flat-panel HDTV to enjoy fresh new talent like Bill Clinton, John Kerry and even a video appearance by the 39th president. Who needs RNC reruns when the DNC’s serving up Welcome Back Carter?

  • Michelle

    Well, that’s odd. When asked if Obama was watching the convention, WH Press Secretary Jay Carney said Obama was not watching the convention, but was reading some papers and watching ESPN…and now Obama is offering an opinion on something we were already told he didn’t watch? Fascinating

  • TugboatPhil

    Wow! BLACK & WHITE TV?! Coming from HIM? What a racist!! Well, half a racist anyway.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    why yes mr president. I intend to watch my half-hour dosis of stand-up commedy, thank you for reminding me :)

  • traffic_robot

    Black & White TV. Yeah, totally code. Dog whistle time.

  • dennylee60

    “BLACK and WHITE tv”. Hat has to be some kind of dog whistle code for Republican racism.

  • Smart Grunt

    Joe Biden isn’t racist because he has a colored TV.

  • Brett McMicken

    i wonder how many teleprompters he had to consult to come up with that little one-liner

  • grais

    I’m sure the Dem convention will be chockfulla brand new stuff that we haven’t heard everyday for the last 4 years.

  • J. Cox

    With his econ policies..we are lucky to be able to afford a B+W tv….but thanks for working so hard on that whitehouse ale recipe.

  • Garth Haycock

    Hey, Obama! Are you unaware that reruns are highly rated? So much so that there is a television network dedicated to solely broadcasting reruns. Ever heard of TV Land?

    Of course, when your record is one of dismal failure, I guess you’ll always be desperate enough to think you’re being clever by mocking the opposition, eh?


  • Love of Country

    Why Fox or anyone else in the conservative media (or this past RNC convention) hasn’t once reminded the public that W inherited a recession and then grew the economy for a record 52 months due to his tax cuts is beyond me. Because it sure would go a long way now to keep Dinglebarry from constantly stuffing Romney’s fiscal options in a box. Why can’t they just one time say that in W’s first six years he created 8.3 million new jobs and kept unemployment below 6% for that entire time and it wasn’t until dems took over congress and the purse strings that the wheels began to fall off?

    To never once mention it is to leave the ideology of fiscal conservatism flailing in the wind like a knight in a savage land with no armor …. exposed and vulnerable to whatever the completely ignorant and incompent liberals can come up with to tear it down. Can’t conservative media just once make a stand and remind us that W asked congress more than a dozen times to reign in Fannie and Freddie but the dems protected it come hell or high water and then their sub-prime mortgage meltdown caused the lion’s share of this great recession? It was the dems who passed laws forcing banks to make housing loans to people who were so broke they couldn’t even make their first payment much less put 20% down. This was not 8 years of George Bush policies at work here!

    Sure Bush spent too much money (half as much as Barry) but he had the clinton recession and energy sector meltdown early on through no fault of his own, two wars staunchly backed by both Parties, the worst man made disaster in our history and the worst natural disaster in our history and through it all kept us strong, proud, growing and prosperous but nothing could prepare him for the Reid, Pelosi takeover in ’06 followed by the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sub-prime housing debacle.

    Sure George Bush spent too much but this “8 years of failed policies” is a load of garbage and shame on every talking head in the media for allowing this false canard to rot and fester for four years in the minds and souls of the American electorate but particularly shame on the conservative media …. we can expect such crap from the state run media!

    ■The U.S. experienced its longest run of uninterrupted job growth – 52 straight months, with 8.3 million jobs created during the Bush Administration This reflected six consecutive years of economic growth from the Fourth Quarter of 2001 until the Fourth Quarter of 2007.

    ■From 2000 to 2007, real GDP grew by more than 17 percent, a remarkable gain of nearly 2.1 trillion dollars. In the same period, real after-tax income per capita increased by more than 11 percent, and there was a 4.7 percent increase in the number of new businesses formed.

    This is a record to brag about and with corrections made from lessons learned should be repeated, not run from like the plague the state run media made it out to be. George Bush policies did not cause the sub prime mortgage meltdown that led to the great recession …. ironically …. that blame lies squarely on the backs of democrats, not Republican fiscal ideology!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I need to change my user name to Love of Love of Country 😀

      • Love of Country

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


          • Jay Stevens

            Yes, indeed.

      • Love of Country

        That’s very sweet of you!

        BTW – I tried to post to you while ago but they say it’s waiting moderation I guess cause I added a cute little picture. Long story short … if they end up posting it you will have two replies and now you know why, lol.

        Thanks again, KAdams …. you’re not so bad yourself, ya know …

  • stuckinIL4now

    Maybe by Thursday night Obama and the Dooms will be begging people to watch the DNC on Joe Biden’s TV–or anyone’s TV. It’ll be interesting to see how many Americans on Wednesday night blow off the DNC for NFL football.

  • nc

    Not only would anyone would love to go back to the 5% unemployment of the Bush years (see LofC’s great post below), but wouldn’t we also prefer ANY economic period except Carter’s and the Great Depression? When did any of those times have the massive, suffocating regulations that have been imposed since the Dems took over, both economic and environmental?

    Libs are so short-sighted. Plus they are delusional.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Yeah, we’ve seen it before. Kinda like in 1980 and 1972. Hello, kiddies. Can you say “Epic landslide”?

  • nuckinfuts

    Nobama is a Carter rerun… just sayin’

  • John Hanover

    B & W TV? Like when Hollywood never purposely went out to offend any of it’s viewers? When there were only three networks and they actually did try to not show bias ( as compared to today )? Like the TV shows that are now being turned into movies as Hollywood is imagination-challenged? Like when the Democrats and the Republicans both had moral compasses ( compared to the state now where the Democrats can’t find a moral center )?