The passing of American hero Neil Armstrong would seem to be the sort of event that would transcend politics. Instead, some are using Mitt Romney’s brief tribute as a means of attacking the candidate for his religion.

Along with several others, Samuel Cook III, a coordinator for Obama for America – Louisiana, decided to take the low road of religious bigotry.

It would be helpful to hear OFA’s official position on religious bigotry, if this is the position its coordinators choose to take publicly.

So, Cook stands by his statements (and by whatever it is he considers a sense of humor). Will Obama for America stand by Cook?


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  • J. Cox

    Nothing like Bigotry hiding behind humor.Next stop on his comedy tour…holocaust jokes.

    • BeeKaaay

      The leftwingwackos have their Nazi streak – the holocaust is not a joke, it is part of their political platforms. (Hatred of Israel? Check. Hatred of Jews? Of course.)

  • ZoriahShepard

    Since when does a quip about a birth certificate equate religious bigotry? ::sigh:: Obama knows how to pick ’em.

    • Justin

      Since when does asking about one tenet of your faith equate religious bigotry? This argument about a “swipe” is just one word! I had no idea what Kolob is supposed to be until I looked it up.

  • TugboatPhil

    I wonder if Sam Cook is laughing himself into Joe Biden’s chains?

  • Hank DeCat

    Problem is the comment wasn’t funny — that’s the key to the whole “humor” thing, Sam.

  • Margie8

    I will repeat what I told him, if the ‘Mormon underwear’ crap is equal to ‘birtherism’, then he’s saying he is he the moral equivalent of a ‘birther’.

    • Truth1991

      except mormons actually do wear magic underwear. birthers are just racist idiots, kind of like mormons

      • Justin

        You were so close to a worthwhile comment…

      • Anthony Benson

        the items in question are sacred, not magic. i would appreciate some respect from you, if you are capable of giving any.

        • Truth1991

          i have no respect for Mormonism, so no their magical underwear will get no respect from me

  • llcthecableguy

    What the hell is a Kolob? I care so little for anyone’s religious beliefs that I don’t even know. And, whatever it is, how does that fit into a Neil Armstrong tribute (as a bad joke, or otherwise)?

    • Truth1991

      Kolob is the planet mormons believe god lives on

  • Paul C.

    Cook is just another moron with an IQ under 60. The left will always use projection transferal as a way to get their point across.

  • TLKensington

    So its ok for people to attack Obama for going to a church run by an idiot, but its not ok to make fun of a cult? Didn’t early Mormon leaders think that the moon and sun are inhabitant? Yes, yes they did. I think Neil Armstrong met the moon Quakers.

    • TugboatPhil

      Obama never went to church run by an idiot. He went to a church that was run by a racist, America hating, Jew hating, Communist loving sociopath. He was also married by the vile scum and referred to him as his mentor.

      • Orangeone

        Absolutely correct. And if I may add, Jeremiah Wright is nothing more than Jim Jones with a different brand of kool-aid ingested by his racist cult followers brainwashing them into believing whites are evil and the cause of blacks failures.

        • TLKensington

          Then I guess that he also hates the lost tribe of Israel that made its way to America by crossing the ocean 600 years before Christ. I also guess that he hates Native Americans since they descend from this tribe. If this isn’t kool-aid then what the hell is?

          • Seattle

            So you are stupid enough to equate bigotry against an entire religion to anger against a man who spoke against this country and was a voice for anti-semitism? Not very smart, are you? But go ahead and sink as low as the pos in Louisiana. Everyone watching this campaign knows that bigotry and lies are all that remains to the Obama campaign.

      • TLKensington

        And Romney attends a church founded by a con artist.

        • Penny Robinson Fan Club

          And you belong to a cult that worships a con artist in the Oval Office.

          Somehow, I suspect you regularly make that accusation against ANY faith.
          /Except of course Mohammedanism.

          • TLKensington

            Hahaha I tend to I do like to throw around wild accusations and I don’t make an exception for Islam. I just find that Mormons are well represented online. Say one bad thing and bam, 12 responses. They have good PR people.

          • D

            Not a Mormon, here, but I dare say that you might not see a ton of responses to an anti-Muslim comment. However, you would surely be checking around corners, under you car and behind you for quite some time. Come on tough guy, let’s see some anti-Muslim quips from you.

          • Truth1991

            Islam is cult, Mohammed was a liar, but to be fair the exact same thing with different names in place of “Mohammed” can be said about Christianity, and most definitely can be said about Mormonism

          • Anthony Benson

            again ‘truth’ shows his leftist tolerance. good job.

          • Truth1991

            like cuntservatives don’t constantly mock Islam too

    • Alex Pelton

      No idiot Mormons never thought the moon and the sun were inhabited, it was a metaphoric reference in the Book of Abraham to heaven. METAPHORIC. By the way a lot of “traditional christian” religions are a lot more cult-like than the mormons. Stick to your bigoted talking points and join the leftists where you belong.

      • TLKensington

        Last I checked, I don’t get excommunicated if I don’t hand over a portion of my wages to my church. Also many events and places in the Christian bible have archaeology support. Mormons on the other hand have none.

        • Bot Bot

          Mormons have a cave in Israel in a place today called Lehi, in which Lehi describes going on a long journey by water. And then on the way to build the boats Lehi and his family stopped at a place called Nahum, which exists today. Many of the Nephite cities were destroyed by earthquakes at the time of Christ.

          • Truth1991

            ♫ Joseph smith was called a prophet, dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb ♫

  • brianmouland

    Romneys comment may have given the Left a push but you just blew it Sammy

  • TonyMontana3

    That’s what you get when you have imaginary friends in the sky.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Ah yes, let the Democrat love and tolerance flow!

    • Alex Pelton

      Dude youre just an idiot, seriously, join the Democratic Party where it belongs. What exactly are you trying to do? Convert some mormons to your way of thinking? I’m guessing thats not gonna happen, the only thing youre doing is showing how much of an ignorant leftist you really are. I’m glad youre gonna vote for obama, we dont need this crap in our party.

    • John Hanover

      The current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has all sorts of ” imaginary friends ” some of which have solar plants, windmill farms, and various other places on the planet the ” recovery ” went to. Religious bigotry from anyone is absolutely uncalled for and show what minor and worthless contributors they are to the communities in which they reside, or in the case of the left inhabit like a bad parasite. You are a nematode, enjoy it while you can.

      • Truth1991

        religious bigotry is ALWAYS called for, religion of any kind has no place in modern society

        • John Hanover

          Hilarious. Really big of you.

          • Truth1991

            that was not a joke, religion is a choice of ideology, and it’s ok to hate people over their chosen ideology

        • Anthony Benson

          so, by your standard, i can mock whatever approach to spirituality you have. or lack thereof, judging by your posts.

          • Truth1991

            certainly, though it’s a lot harder to mock atheists than it is to mock the religious, i mean come on you guys believe in talking snakes, talking bushes, zombies, and lots of magic

  • digitalPimple

    Wow Romney’s birther joke really got under their very thin skin didn’t it?
    Amazing how very little it takes now.

    • Justin

      Agreed, much like this comment and the ire it somehow drew.

  • NathanMBickel

    No surprise. I predicted the anti-Mormon sentiment back in April. The GOP country club’s choice of a non traditional “Christian” was hell bent. The Karl Roves and Ann Coulters and Chris Christies of the Republican Party can squeal all they care. They had to have a moderate. Let’s see how many Conservatives stay away from voting:

    Google my prediction:

    Romney’s Albatross – Cult Stigma – Republican Establishment’s Big Mistake

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Well yeah, it takes one brilliant intellect to have predicted the leftards would make an issue of Mormonism. As for the rest of your rant — it’s about as pungent and insightful.
      Hmm..fer-real, or Demotroll?

  • conservativechick

    This guy says he’s a REPUBLICAN? Is he like those two women in the commercial type phony Republican? lol

    • TomJB

      No, its just the same as “Im not a racist! Some of my best friends are black!” and such statements that are supposed to absolve the speaker of any consequences of their words.

  • Dr Van Nostrand

    Dunno if you guys realize it but this whole “Republicans for Obama” thing was a troll. He’s trying to pretend he’s a Republican convert but still supports Obama (and there are thousands like him). He’s full of shit, a text-book religious bigot. End of that chapter.

  • Bot Bot

    Obama was born in Hawaii, in an at-home birth, to hide from Ann Dunham’s father’s employer (CIA) the fact that the real father was Frank Marshall Davis, the chief Communist agitator in Hawaii. So, Obama’s real birth certificate says “Father Unknown”. That why it had to be doctored. View the video at:
    Frank Marshall Davis took nude photos of Ann Dunham, which are documented in the video.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos will make fun of any Christian faith. But toward Islam, they are acting _____VERY____ reverent.

  • John Snover

    Is it just me or does it get a little confusing, figuring out who said what on these inane tweet logs? I’m sure there was an interesting exchange here but the majority of the text is just re-tweets and cryptic jabs.

  • GunTotingLib

    Can someone explain this to me? What is the anti mormon joke.

    • Justin

      Kolob is the star/planet nearest the Kingdom of God according to Joseph Smith. So bringing it up it is an evil jab at the candidate’s religion. Somehow.

  • hannibal.poena

    You know, Mormons have an odd religious faith from the point of view of
    many of us in the more “mainline” Churches, but they are by all means
    among the most honest people in the United States of America. You’ll
    find that Mormons are highly Patriotic, very innovative, and have a high respect for human life. Can any of us say that about most people these days?