It’s a start, at least. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this evening announced that the most transparent administration ever will bow to public pressure and release the recipe for its home-brewed Honey Ale — if enough people log on and sign a petition.

The petition is indeed real and has a goal of 25,000 signatures. It’s hosted on the White House’s “We the People” site, which promises to give “all Americans a way to engage their government on the issues that matter to them.”

Flip-flop alert! Just hours before, Carney had said he wasn’t aware of any plans to release the recipe.

Who knew it was so easy to tap into White House secrets with just a petition?

If you can’t wait for the petition to reach the threshold, others are offering alternative recipes.

For now, at least, it seems you have to drink it to find out what’s in it. But what should we call it? Let’s consult Twitter for some #ObamaBeerNames.

  • Owen007

    Odd, I thought he would’ve waited until November 5th to try to get us all drunk and hung over for the next day. Or would that be November 1st? 😉

  • Chip

    So, we get a recipe, we don’t get a plan?

  • Postbackxp

    My guess is
    One part water Three parts Bull Chit


    Let’s just get this idiot prez out of office. He’s an amazing mess. I can’t wait to dislodge this dunce in November.

  • weRbroke

    Email phishing…they are going to SPAMTHECRAP out of every fool that signs up.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Actually, the Obamassiah just turns water into beer…
    … because Obamassiah likes beer better than wine, but not better than whine.

  • Maria

    Heh, #ObamaBeerNames eh? Okay..
    Red Herring Ale

  • Stephen Boyd

    Probably made from watermelon and MD20-20.

  • John Hanover

    Leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, too salty and not enough ethanol ? How about Four Year Reserve, severely watered down and four trillion times more expensive than traditional taxed brews.