We’re pretty certain conservatives weren’t in the mood today to hear about Obamacare from Sandra Fluke or, for that matter, from anyone who wasn’t also using the words “full repeal” in the same sentence. Even more so, no one wanted to talk about Romneycare — with the notable exception of Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul, who was appearing on Fox News allegedly to respond to an attack ad from Priorities USA linking Romney to a woman’s death from cancer.

The defense against the ad would seem simple enough; even Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s fact check team found it outrageous and flat-out inaccurate. So why remark, as Saul did, that if the family depicted “had been in Massachusetts, under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care”?


It’s true that Romney used to be fond of talking about his health care legislation, but that was then. Was this just a gaffe by a staffer, or is this tone coming from the top?

If so, perhaps it’s time to send some common sense back up the pipeline, and make sure there’s nothing clogging the way.


Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday night, Ann Coulter called for Saul to be fired, going so far as to ask donors to call and demand her gone by tomorrow.


Isn’t that a little harsh?


Also on Hannity representing the #ConservativeSisterhood: Michelle Malkin and Monica Crowley. Malkin told Hannity, “The response, for example, to this lying, smearing SuperPAC ad accusing Romney of a murder … is to talk about the Obama jobs death toll and the Beltway jobs massacre.” Seems simple enough.

Saul eventually did have the sense to note “there are a lot of people losing their jobs … in President Obama’s economy.” If Coulter and company have their way, perhaps those words will prove prophetic tomorrow in a small way at Romney campaign headquarters.

  • Chase C.

    We have Obama’s side straight up lying about Romney and accusing him of crazy stuff, and now we have strong voices on the right making a huge deal of a MISTAKE from a spokesperson from the Romney campaign. Probably not going to help us defeat Obama in a few months.

    Also, on this website I see a lot of the so called conservatives responding to the liberal hate with just more hate. Are we not above that?

    • digitalPimple

      Talk to Coulter. She always needs to be center of attention at any cost. I didn’t even know about it til she had her meltdown. She is nothing but trouble but for some reason ‘people’ continue to put her on air and put up with it. She has a keen ability to take a bad situation and just make it worse with her constant silly antics.

      Expect more as her book release gets closer. Screw the election… Coulter needs a paycheck.

      What a loser. complete one woman freak-out.

      • Chase C.

        I agree. As a very conservative American. Too bad some conservatives are so focused on getting attention.

      • http://twitter.com/dedrick427 Derek Webb

        — I don’t like seeing her in a debate; but her book are hilarious. She’s also very meticulous about citing sources in her books, which is very useful.

      • boxie0406

        I agree,,,and I am so conservative, If I were a bank, I would pay no interest at all!! (Hat Tip…Auntie Mame)

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      These are McCain people … working for Romney .. we need to CLEAN THEM OUT NOW. We must win in November to save the country … we don’t need nor want another McCain campaign!

      • Chase C.

        McCain could do nothing about the liberal media Obama onslaught. He ran a great campaign in my opinion and Romney is doing just fine. What most people don’t understand is that it is still summer and a lot of America doesn’t watch a lot of TV in the summer. Have you checked into how much Romney has spent compared to how much he has? Not a lot. Just wait for September and October.

        • http://www.reticulator.com Reticulator

          “Could do nothing.” The words of a loser.

          • Chase C.

            Read the entire comment.

        • boxie0406

          Chase…are you a Democrat?

          • Chase C.

            Furthest thing from that. I will vote for Romney in 2012.

        • qawsedrf

          I really feel advertising during the Olympics is a huge opportunity Romney missed. The advertising Obama did has been very effective for him. This was the one time much of the country was watching TV and even watching the same thing much of the time. Romney not capitalizing on the Olympics, of all things, was a big mistake that I hope he can overcome. I think his recent poll drops are directly related to this.

      • Hiraghm

        Winning in November will not save the country.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1597476066 Lisa Edward

        What A IDIOT !! Fire all now !! this is BOGUS ..bring Christy for VP and become romney attack dog

    • http://twitter.com/dedrick427 Derek Webb

      — That last sentence is so true. We should be above that.

    • Hiraghm

      yeah, kinda like the hate Jews responded to Nazis with, or Marines in WWII responded to the Japanese with. Let’s all sing Kumbaya.

  • lillymckim

    I agree 100% with Ann Coulter on this and Monica Crowleys quote is spot on
    “we don’t have enough time to mince words”

    • Chase C.

      Romney is smart. Just you wait till the fall when people actually watch TV. This is the reason Malkin and Coulter aren’t running for president. Why waste so much money in the summer when people aren’t really watching tv compared to the fall when all the high rated shows start?

    • Hiraghm

      This is the same Ann Coulter who calls Romneycare a “States rights issue”. She’s not a neocon… she’s a pseudocon.

  • TonyMontana3

    You right wingers are funny. Are you just gonna ignore Romneycare?? HA HA! Trust me, we’re going to talk about it more and more. President Obama will talkg about it. The media will talk about it. Don’t be childish. You can’t just refuse to talk about Romneycare.
    This is why it’s funny to see conservatives voting for Romney. He’s not that different from Obama.

    • Chase C.

      And yet you liberals hate him so much? Romney is very different from Obama, and you will see when America takes back the country from the socialist left that want to take our rights. Go read the constitution and check out Obama’s executive orders before you respond. If you respond before doing that I will know you hate the constitution and freedom.

      • Armando

        Even when he was a liberal governor implementing gay marriage, gun control and universal health care in Massachusetts, he is always flip flopping to you don’t know what he would really do when in power.

        • Chase C.


          • Armando

            On July 1, 2004, Romney signed a permanent state ban on assault weapons, saying at the signing ceremony for the new law, “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts. These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

            May 17, 2004: Gov. Romney ordered town clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples as per the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling, 180 days after it was issued, without the legislative action called for by the actual ruling. The city of Cambridge began processing applications at one minute past midnight, cheered on by a crowd of five thousand gathered outside City Hall. Massachusetts has a three-day waiting period after a marriage application has been issued, but couples can seek a judicial waiver of that requirement.[27] The first marriage was issued to Tanya McCloskey and Marcia Kadish, of the Boston suburb of Malden — was finalized by 9:15 a.m. on May 17.[28]

            and do I need to cite sources for Romneycare?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1597476066 Lisa Edward

          Oblama delusional Splitting HAIRS He is counting on the fact
          DIFFERENT .

          Liberals are the people who fried their brains on drugs and free shiitt, and can not think for
          themselves anymore

          • Armando

            calm down Lisa and try to give arguments and reasoning, as opposed to this kind of rants.

    • boxie0406

      The process disenfranchised (on purpose?) most of the country, If the primaries were all held of the same day, Romney would not be our candidate. But He is, so we hold our nose and vote for him. Lord knows he is better than McCain or Obama!! Sorry…I know the 2006 – 2008 dem controlled house and senate destroyed our retirement savings….we were in the Housing industry for 30 years, and Frank/Dodd cremated any chance of our future. We remember….it was not Geo W leaving us in a mess even tho the Dems want to perpetuate that lie. It was Frank and Dodd making the banks give mortgages to people who had no way to pay them. That started the ball rolling, and Barack gave the rest of it away to the thugs (unions), taking over industry (GM) and to the greenie weenies (Solindra) etc. etc. etc…..ad nauseum.

  • rinodino

    Ha ha I’ve been saying it for months to you Clowns on the right Romney was the WORST candidate you guys could put up against Obama how do you guys main focus being repeaL of obamacare put up the one guy who is the architect of the darn thing? Lmao

    • Hiraghm

      “We” on the right didn’t put him up. He was anointed by the progressive Republican establishment.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OMVJ5OBU4A7DF2EZTBHH5TJ6BA Tony

      Hey moron, we didn’t “put up” Juan Mclame either. We absolutely despise that man.. and all rinos. The RNC didn’t count any damned votes!! If so it would have been either Fred Thompson or Huckabee- last go around. And I gotta say.. even though Romney is not a great pick.. I like him MUCH more than anyone else who was running this time! Santorum is another history-revisionist “staunch conservative”-pretender. Newt’s a fucking flip-flopping fake conservative with no soul. And the rest are nofreakinwhere near electable!! Michele Bachmann isn’t Big ticket material. Tim Pawlenty is about as excitable as a cement block. Perry isn’t ready for prime time. And Johnson and Paul are wacky fricken goofballs. So Romney, being a very honorable man who has been a fanfuckintabulous success in the REAL world (unlike obama who hasn’t a gawdamned credential to do a fucking thing in this world but to be a rabble-rouser!!!), is fifty times more qualified and able to fix what’s wrong with our nation. I just hope he listens to and heeds us strong conservatives/constitutionalists. So anyway, FUCK YOU, asshole.


    Saul must be let go; this was unretractable what she said. Do we conservatives wanna win this thing or not??

  • qawsedrf

    I so very much disagree with conservatives on this and I am a major conservative. It wasn’t said correctly. She should have said, “Of course, Gov Romney wants full repeal of Obamacare because feds should not be in charge of healthcare, and as he has said repeatedly, this should be a matter left to the states. But if this man lived in Mass….” Americans have never said they don’t want anything done about healthcare – they just don’t want Obamacare at the federal level. Romney needs to hammer this distinction. Plus, his position will hopefully help us avoid the GWB No Child Left Behind syndrome where GWB had some success with education and TX and thought it a good idea to enforce at fed level instead of shrinking the role of the feds in LOCAL education. REMEMBER CONSERVATIVES – THE ONE THING OBAMA CANNOT HAMMER ROMNEY ON IS BEING AGAINST HEALTHCARE REFORM. THIS IS A HUGE PLUS!!

  • tomx1138

    The 3 female amigos are right on.

  • Conservativeanarchist

    I’m convinced there is not a lickin’ difference between the right and the left. Romney is hand picked by the Republican elitist with the approval of the globalist bankers–you know who they are, Michelle. They are ALL in the same country club with the same leftist agenda to destroy the American constitution–the only document holding back a New World Order. Think about it. Why would you use the same campaign team as the one used for McCain? Gee, we lost–let’s go with them again. Why so passive against a lying and deceitful ad campaign from the Left. Why not go after Obama’s sealed records? Why the same exact useless strategy that lost the last time? Why??? Because this whole American electorate process is one BIG dog and pony show and with Romney slightly leading in the polls, the Right has been ordered to pull back. Yes, that is right!! You might think I’m crazy, but the heads of the Republican party want Obama to win. You watch, Romney will pick Pawlenty–another Rhino with the gift of causing apnea. The Rhinos have actually enjoyed Obama’s brand of hope and change. It’s good for their fat bank accounts in the beltway.

    • Jim Russell

      Obama sends out his Chicago Capone Gang to cripple Romney. Romney sends out Little Miss Muffet.

      Obama has a well oiled Chicago Machine of professional hit men. Romney’s team is performing like amateur Little League. Jeezus….we’re screwed!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OMVJ5OBU4A7DF2EZTBHH5TJ6BA Tony

      You fuckin nailed it keith. Every.. single.. word.

  • Elaine

    ROMNEYCARE was an attempt, at the time, to help curb rising HEATH CARE COSTS in MA, a huge center for hospitals and medical research. There was a small number of uninsured who would abuse the expensive facilities and emergency rooms. Romney was one of the FEW who tried to tackle the problem with a H.C. exchange for them. Deval Patrick is the one who bulldozed over the plan and the MA legislature expanded mandates. During imple­mentation, mechanisms were altered in ways that changed the design and the outcome of the original plan. It started out with the best of intentions! I think this shows that “rich” Romney is a compassionate man and does CARE about the less fortunate!

    • OhioCoastie

      Yes, yes, we know. Mustn’t criticize The Preciousssssss.

      Seriously, what the hell’s the point of ousting Obama if Romney just re-implements Obamacare with different giftwrap?

      • Armando

        He will completely repeal Obamacare… and then create a “common sense” solution: RomneyCare.

        • conservativechick

          AT least he attempted to SOLVE the problem of increasing Health care COSTS. That’s the problem, NOT private insurance. Obamacare does NOTHING to address costs, it just gives you mandates and a plan that no doctor will take, so you actually lose “care.”

          • Armando

            The way both work is the following: They achieve universal health care by two methods: getting people with preexisting conditions to be accepted, in exchange of a mandate that increases the number of people insured,


            giving subsidies to people with lower income by creating more taxes or as Romney called them in Massachusetts, “fees”.

            They are one and the same.

      • conservativechick

        wow, great debating skills…

  • http://hrh40.wordpress.com hrh40

    And while he’s at it, fire

    Eric Etch-a-Sketch Fernstrom,
    Mike State Exchange Leavitt, and
    Kevin Palin’s poison Madden.

    I don’t find Coulter’s outrage honest. She seems once again to be jealous of a female in the spotlight. Remember when she and Laura Ingraham, subbing for O’Reilly, had a catty exchange about Palin?

    So where and when did Ann call for the firing of all of the above men who are Epic Fails at being conservatives?

    IF Mitt does a major shakeup by replacing all these folks, I may think he actually gets it.

    But he won’t.

    Because he doesn’t.

  • torpedoman2002

    I’ve been saying through the primaries
    and after that the Romneycare isn’t going away and it will be a liability. It’s
    been the 500 lb. gorilla in the room from the start but Ann Coulter and everyone
    else didn’t want to talk about it in the primaries. Now here we are he is the
    nominee and everyone is tip toeing around it. Romney is the nominee because of
    the RINO GOP establishment. Many conservatives I’ve talked to are only voting
    for him because he isn’t Obama. This includes me. However I’ve talked to a lot
    who are not voting this year. So many conservatives are tired of voting for the
    less of two evils. This will be my last time to vote for a GOP establishment candidate.
    In 2016 I will not vote for the GOP establishment’s candidate. NO MORE RINOs!

  • stingerbee

    Romneycare? Cancerman? Maybe what media people think is a stupid thing to bring up in what many think is a stupid response to the Obama lies is intentional and approved to try to draw attention to and contrast w ObamaCare. Romney will get Obama on the deceit and lies of the Obama camp– just as any good successful business guy eventually does… Not on the conservative media’s timing… More people will be listening after the VP is chosen, and after the FLA convention. I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing to keep the Obama lies fresh for a while, and hit at a more powerful time. Who but the conservative media would pick it up? He needs the votes of the milk toasted-middle-grounded and the moderately-engaged-undecided voters. The conservative media doesn’t like it, but so far I trust his timing–even though it seems like the negative ads are elevating the Prez. I also think Romney is using a patient business style which is irritating to reactive political circles. Romney is who he is, and I think we will find that his timing is not so stupid after all.