You’re certainly welcome to do your own Google search for “Robin Hood in reverse” to uncover just how tired this line has become. Tonight, though, President Barack Obama tried to give it a fresh spin by coining the term “Romney Hood” at a Stamford, Conn., fundraiser.

Conservatives, however, seem to remember the left’s favorite folk hero a little differently.

In a sign of the times, a lot of people apparently have missed the Robin Hood reference entirely and have mistaken #RomneyHood for a place … a very bad place. But if you’re going to get the story wrong, you might as well get it really wrong, right?

Obama made the comments at the first of two Connecticut fundraisers where he is expected to raise more than $2 million. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is hosting the second, a $35,800-per-plate dinner, at his mansion, which is located nowhere near RomneyHood.

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  • timzank

    The level of leftist stupidity never seems to reach a plateau does it? Fully grown adults that just parrot what their told…over and over again…

    • Nel Gambino

      You mean kinda like rightys when they watch Fox News?

      • Wolfebets

        Oh that was clever! Can you please come up with something else if you want to really entertain us with your whining about Fox News?

    • Thomas Gamble

      I think they call it brainwashed. Poor little sheeple.

  • J. Cox

    I remember a short time ago The Onion did a satire saying Romney made like 30+ trillion dollars(yes..trillion) while owning 450 of the top 500 companies on WS.The comments made by the left were so sad,one has to wonder how they manage to tie shoes properly.(then I remembered Velcro)They will believe any lie that makes the people on the right look bad no matter how outrageous they make it.

    • TugboatPhil

      They also don’t need to know how to tie shoes when laying on the couch all day.

    • krischej

      Don’t forget slip-on shoes & sandals, and flip-flops, which is about all one can manage when waking up at noon after an all-night bender… but only on days ending in “y”.

    • MikenPA

      In OwebamaHood they mostly wear loafers and laze around all day according to the Prince of Fools….

  • MovingToNevada

    I see stupid people.

    • JOE6PACK

      Me too! They vote democrat and demand free stuff.

  • bedfordthegreat


  • Chris Morris

    Silly racists liberals. It’s a place because he used the word “hood”?

  • Owen007

    I thought Obama was stupid for trotting out a tired line that misses the point of the original story, but then I read those tweets. My God, how stupid do you have to be to not even get the reference?

  • G

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  • Adam

    I would suggest a test to qualify as a responsible, knowledgeable human before you can vote. Just basic economics and governement questions. There cannot be this many stupid people in the world, I just think they are ignorant. They have been told something all their lives and never once fact check anything or grasp a basic understanding of anything. They just vote whatever someone tells them to. If you explain what a conservative is and liberal but do not use these “key words” most people chose conservative and align themselves with conservetaive values. As soon as you say the word conservative the knee jerk because thats what they have been fed all their lives. But I could be wrong.

  • Terry_Jim

    Robin Hood stuck it to the bloated,corrupt ruling class to return Tax $ to those who produced them .Sounds like #RomneyHood !

  • Love of Country

    It’s too bad all that Barry has to do to “earn” votes is get people hooked on welfare with our hard earned tax dollars. In fact, if you took away all the people on welfare, Owebamao’s approval rating would be in the low single digits. Admittedly, Romney’s messaging is a joke but nothing as bad as the way Owebamao has governed for the last 3 or 4 years.

    We know Barack Owebamao is an unpresidential patholgical liar and his policies, both fiscal and social, are a complete failure …. this race shouldn’t even be close. If I were Mitt …. here’s just a few of the things I would be routinely saying on the stump …

    Four years ago, my opponent, Barack Obama, said “Don’t elect John McCain …. he’s too erratic and doesn’t have a clue how to fix this economy. Elect me and I will cut the deficit in half and put Americans back to work.”

    Well not only did he not put Americans back to work, his persistent 4 year prediction on deficit reduction was off by more than an inexcusable 10 TRILLION DOLLARS! I said his 4 year prediction on the deficit was off by more than 10 TRILLION DOLLARS! His own healthcare bill is already 2 TRILLION DOLLARS over what he promised! He swore his healthcare bill was essential to bringing down the deficit ….. the deficit has ballooned to 16 TRILLION DOLLARS and he swore unemployment would be around 6% by now if we only did all the things he demanded of us.

    These are the most obscene miscalculations in American history and when asked what his greatest shortcomings were so far he replied that it was “his lack of story telling ….. a failure to adequately explain his policies” when we all know story telling is what he is best at!!! How big of a fool does he think we are??? He must think we’re stupid …. in fact, I’m sure he does!

    But aside from being off by a ludicrous 10 TRILLION DOLLARS on a mere 4 year projection … he never even worked on creating jobs for his entire first two years. After the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing crisis of a lifetime that left our economy in ruins ….. the first thing he did was start on Obamacare … a nasty, unforgivable Bait and Switch during the most crucial two years in recent history that I can think of … we desperately needed his promised stewardship of the economy and jobs …. not his own, selfish, pet project called Obamacare!

    Millions of you were out of work and still are while he went back on his word to rescue the economy to ram through Obamacare which no tax payer ever wanted or needed. And when small business owners and the Chamber of Commerce tried to make suggestions to Barack about how to get Americans back to work he shunned them and their sage advice in favor for the notions and whims of his capitalist hating friends in academia. Unbelievable!!!

    And don’t you think if he was at all serious about fixing the economy he would have passed at least one annual budget in the last 4 years? I mean come on, people …. Barack Obama clearly doesn’t have the first clue or inclination to fix this economy … and now … now he’s actually begging people to get on food stamps? Even if they’re homeowners??? Good Lord, what’s going on around here? Just last week he got the ball rolling on overturning Clinton’s uber successful welfare reform …. I said he wants to overturn welfare reform so recipients no longer even have to look for work, can you believe it? Barack Obama is KILLING our economy …. he’s done NOTHING right and EVERYTHING WRONG!
    And he wants us all to believe his greatest shortcomings is in his story telling????
    I’m no mind reader but I know that all of you know that is a bunch of garbage! He’s failed miserably and he’s been telling stories from the word go!!!

    America …. you have a choice to make this Nov and the stakes could not be ANY higher or ANY clearer. Barack Obama is the most incompetent and most divisive President we have ever had …. certainly in MY lifetime and yours. He’s promised the moon over and over and over again …. what he has delivered is the worst economic recovery in nearly a century and furthermore …. and furthermore he has spent ENORMOUS time and energy trying to divide this country and pit one American against the other at every single turn and every single moment for the last 4 years and we’re ALL SICK OF IT!!!! It’s unbelievably disgusting, infinitely selfish and unforgivable behavior from THIS Whitehouse …. I’ve never seen anything like it in my LIFE and neither have YOU!!! Well, not in THIS country …. maybe in Cuba or somewhere!

    We’ve seen what Barack Obama has done and will do while in the Whitehouse. Elect me in November and I WILL cut our deficit, I WILL put Americans back to work and I won’t spend all my days and nights trying to figure out ways how to divide you and pit one race, one gender and one class against the other.

    We can solve our problems, America …. if we work together. Elect me and that’s exactly what we will do!

    • Rob

      Excellently put.

  • National Progressive Radio

    Journalist Jonathan Alter did his part to push the “RomneyHood” line in a tweet, asking hopefully, “Will the moniker stick?”

    • MikenPA

      I’m thinking OwebamaHood has a better chance of sticking, a place where “you didn’t build that, you didn’t make that happen”…

  • MikenPA

    @OwebamaHood where the largest tax hike in the history of the planet is about to gut us all under the guise of ‘health care’. OwebamaHood the place where the OWS crowd hangs out in utter filth leaching off the productive. OwebamaHood the place where Trillion Dollar deficits are bankrupting the wealthiest by far nation the planet has ever known.

    Careful what you wish for Team Zero, smells like another exploding cigar, morons.

  • cscape

    If Mitt Romney is the “opposite of Robin Hood”, that would make Obama the Sheriff of Nottingham – TAXING EVERYONE to maintain a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT

  • cscape

    i believe that the classic “hood” reference in “Robin Hood” who’s real name was “Robin of Locksley”, is from the old english “HOODLUM”…. which meant “thief” or “highwayman”

  • oic

    romney should embrace that label, but redefine it. Robin Hood in reverse is actually Sheriff of Nottingham. Who is he? Corrupt government. Romney Hood would be someone who return tax dollars back to the public

  • oic

    Obama would be the Sheriff of Washington

  • Thomas Stewart
  • John Hanover

    Just finished watching a movie from Norway called ” Troll Hunter ” seems to be the metaphor for the DNC, they too cannot stand the light of day and will destroy anything in their path much like the trolls. As for the Robin Hood metaphor, I think we know who has stolen the throne and been sitting in it without merit for the last four years, hopefully Romney Hood and the silent majority ( in this case the Merry Men ) will rid us of the tyrant and save our economy ( Maid Marion ).

  • lilium479

    NAZIS are left wing. Don’t let them push that lie

  • pepjrp

    With a racist name like AAmom, it’s no wonder that her comment was one of the more dishonest or stupid that was tweeted. She votes race first and values later when she said:
    Where Hispanics self-deport and African-Americans lose the right to vote. ” Really AAmom? So no Blacks have an picture ID’s and that’s why they lose the right to vote? Vote race that is. If you don’t have a picture ID and you have had umpteen months to get one, then you are some kind of major loser. Funny why is it that all the people who don’t have a picture ID, always want to vote for Obama? Everyone has a picture ID to do so many things in life, like get a job, buy a car, etc, but not one for voting according to this bigot.

  • Kele Johnson

    As conservatives, we should never allow the opportunity for a good hashtag hijack go to waste….