We’ll admit we’re not sure exactly what brought about the change in tone (could the inclusion of @NBCTheNewNormal in the tweets be a clue?), but Ellen Barkin has pledged to approach media watchdog group One Million Moms with “an open mind and open heart.” Barkin had previously called the group, which was organizing a boycott of Barkin’s upcoming NBC show “The New Normal,” “crazy bitches” and “wasted women.”

Whatever the catalyst, the new approach doesn’t seem to be trickling down to Barkin’s fans.


One Million Moms had asked its members to email NBC and ask the network to reconsider the show, which follows a gay couple who hire a surrogate to have a baby for them. “It is the opposite of how families are designed and created,” said the group on its website. “You cannot recreate the biological wheel.”

Barkin certainly sounds sincere in her desire to reach out to the group.

Again, fans are not pleased.

  • EastValleyConservative

    I guess all of her vile remarks and tastelessness over the past few days has started to make the network nervous. You can’t be vile to HALF the country (probably more) and expect that they will still watch your trashy show. The bottom line is the show is making political statements ONLY rather then peddling entertainment and a story line. NBC will never learn, pushing their progressive views does NOT make it the new normal.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Indeed if Ellen Barkin doesn’t tone down her rhetoric and start acting more polite, it could kill her career… oops, too late.

  • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

    Oh, has Ellen found out that the approximately 98,000 people who follow her are the *only* ones in the rest of the country who care what she thinks and/or agree with her knee-jerk hatred of those who disagree with her narrow world view?

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    The Any reason-Any Month-Abortion crowd calls us vile and hateful? What would a Lefty know about rights when they deny the right to life to millions of infants without batting an eye. They even believe its noble.

    Our side of the redefinition of marriage debate is not the hateful side. (They refuse to even attempt to debate like adults on any subject.) We simply refuse to permit the gov’t to redefine words and institutions in order to appease their purely ideological notions of political correctness. Marriage means one thing, i.e., the union of the two sexes of humans. That’s all it means. It is not a synonym for the word, ‘love’, as hysterical lefties seem to think. Like adolescents, the left wants everything to be open to their arbitrary reinterpretations. If this debate were merely about the legal observances and documents within domestic arrangements, it would have lasted about a week, as the rights have long existed for all. But this isn’t about gay couples wanting to pay the same estate tax as married couples – this is all about the Left’s, not gays per se, obsession with imposing its backward values and Orwellian language onto everyone else. We don’t want to shut them down, they want to shut us up. They close our adoption agencies, attack our churches, indoctrinate our kids, demand alterations to Dictionaries, Religious texts, Educational curriculum and the Law, because it doesn’t suit their own childish personal wishes, private preferences and circumstances. The gay marriage debate is much less about gay folks, and more about the Left’s insipid religion and constant political shenanigans. Ellen Barkin is a typical case study of the Left’s rabid hatred and ignorance about opposing viewpoints, and why they cannot be trusted to be rational or balanced. [See: Occupy Wall Street, The Weather Underground, Margaret Sanger, et al.] Terrible People indeed.

  • http://twitter.com/LadyLiberty1885 LL1885

    Sounds like CYA for her new show… who’s target audience is mom heavy.

  • reshas1
  • reshas1

    Worried no one will watch her show, only Cher will.

  • Fredddd

    Too late now. I won’t watch anything with Barkin in it. Done. ENOUGH !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4L2ME7Q2QMOFMNCZAFE7UGSJMY Jacob

    The head honchos at her slimy network don’t want the show killed before it even airs. She got the word and as a good Nazi soldier is doing their bidding.

  • Blake

    People like Barkin live in their own little insular world and believe that the rest of the world thinks like they do. She is finding out the hard way that it ain’t necessacarly so.

  • Mark James

    Who wants to watch a show about sex perverts? This show won’t last a month.