You could say that CNN’s Piers Morgan is becoming more open minded; in his tweets promoting tonight’s interview with Michael Moore, he acknowledged that it could be either fear or aggression — certainly not a rational desire for personal protection — driving gun sales in the wake of last week’s Aurora, Colo. massacre.

The “Bowling for Columbine” director told Morgan he was loath to be on with him and promised not to come on “another **** TV show” again to debate the issue.

Funny, but we don’t recall having to go through a background check to get a car wash.

Moore told Morgan he wishes Americans would stop treating the Constitution as if it were inviolable and etched in stone — although were that true, the Second Amendment, added in 1791, wouldn’t exist.

Moore insisted on injecting class and race into the issue, noting that “most of those guns are in white people’s homes” and asking what these suburban gun owners have to fear: “little freckle face Jimmy down the street?”

Moore seemed almost giddy to have the opportunity to weigh in on the George Zimmerman case, suggesting that if Zimmerman had the legal right to carry a gun, Martin certainly had an equal right to kill Zimmerman for stalking him. “Doesn’t Trayvon Martin actually have the right to kill George Zimmerman if George Zimmerman is stalking him and the police have told him not to stalk him?”

Never mind that President Obama already brought his own children into the scenario by observing that they too go to the movies (though, we imagine, accompanied by Secret Service agents); Obama may be “such a great guy,” but his empathy wasn’t good enough for Moore.

“We have to see these young people who were killed as our children,” Moore insisted, his compulsive collectivism leading him so far as to claim paternity of those in the theater: “We have to realize those were our children who were killed there,” he said, apparently unaware or unconcerned that the victims ranged in age from 6 to 51.

Moore concluded by demanding that Americans rise up.

We’ve learned something tonight: that Piers Morgan will stop talking as long as you keep saying things he agrees with. But what else have we learned?

  • TugboatPhil

    “Tonight, he powerfully breaks his silence. CNN 9pmET.”

    On CNN?? Powerfully?

    • TomJB

      It certainly smells like something “broke”

  • rivers

    WOW! Sooo white people don’t need guns if they live in a white neighborhood, as opposed to a black neighborhood? Who do they have to fear, “little freckle faced Jimmy down the street?” Unlike those scary black kids, Micheal? Is that what you just said? Holy cats that is some powerful racist stuff.

    • rivers

      And now that we’ve established you are glutton AND a flaming racist, perhaps you should ask yourself if James Holmes, Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris or Jared Lautner were black or…more like “little freckle faced Jimmy from down the street.” Golly, his racism is so ingrained he can’t even help himself.

  • $23629333

    If there is a second American Revolution, I hope it’s during my lifetime so I can watch Michael Manatee turned on a spit.

  • Beers_Morgan

    Some people buy guns to calm their nerves and feel better, others like Michael Moore eat themselves into obesity.

  • TomJB

    “Moore told Morgan he wishes Americans would stop treating the
    Constitution as if it were inviolable and etched in stone — although
    were that true, the Second Amendment, added in 1791, wouldn’t exist.”

    Apparently, Moore has never read as far as Article V

    • $26222150

      He really thinks that if the 2nd Amendment didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have the right to protect ourselves? The Bill of Rights only enumerates (lists, for all you ppl in Rio Linda) some of our natural rights; it does not grant them, nor is it a complete list. We have the right to self-protection, even using deadly force if necessary, regardless of whether it appears as part of our Constitution.

  • Joel A. Edge

    I knew Moore couldn’t stand to keep quiet. His head would explode if he did.

  • thetawake

    This just in: Michael Moore vows to rid the nation of guns… eating them.

  • Walter Dill

    Give Michael a donut and tell him to sit down.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    One of Fatbody’s farts would make more sense than him.

  • tomtom1983

    Ok, Moore you fat prick, it is against the law to intentionally incite violence and/or an insurrection. Can someone please find that fat, hypocritical, money grubbing pus bag and lock him up.

    I would never, ever wish harm on others, never. But I pray the good lord drops Al Gores oceanfront estate on that fat overstuffed zit. He is moronic, arrogant and self righteous. He is a liar and a financial hog. May he eat a 3 tier cake laced in cyanide and drink a 2lt of Pepsi flavored in arsenic.

    May he produce a movie that sucks so bad it’s enchanted with girl from the Grudge or drive his car to west Virginia and make that wrong turn. May he answer the call and be informed he has seven days. May he realize he doesn’t really exist and pops out from this reality.

    May his mass grow so dense he goes super nova and creates a black hole to suck in California and crush it into a singularity. May he burst like a gamma ray and destroys Debbie Wasserman Schultz on a molecular level.

    In short, may you cease to be a burden on this 3 dimensional space, you turkey neck celestial anomaly.

    • jdkchem

      No need to offend fat pricks.

  • paul smith

    Michael Moron is a big turd from the deepest depths of the septic tank !

  • mommasaurus009

    I read an article about ppl who have fatty tissue surrounding their brain-usually obese-which hinders brain function. MM has what I call Fat on the Brain Syndrome

  • Ronnie Skipper

    Why don’t you make a movie of a fat liberal who lives in a fantasy world and you can play the part of yourself. We would be speaking another language right now if it weren’t for gun owners. Why don’t you get out of the movie world and in to the real world. If good Americans don’t own guns, then all that will own guns is bad americans. I would have more good Americans than bad owning guns.

    • Doreen Beisel

      And make a massive heart attack the happy ending to that movie

  • John Hough

    show me where gun control has worked.

  • Doreen Beisel

    Seems some of that fat has left Mikeys arse and climbed up between his ears

  • Paul J. Citro

    Michael Moore, we would need a 303 elephant gun to take him down

  • Tim Halpin

    Michael Moore is proof that God made more horses asses then he made horses.

  • James Atkins

    Oh MM says the founding fathers wouldn’t have included the 2nd amendment if they new about AK-47’s. He believes their intention was muskets. I believe they kept it generic on purpose because they didn’t know what the future would bring. I’m pretty sure they were all pretty smart folk. If they were only concerned about weapons of the day they would have made the amendment read “..right to bear knives, clubs, bow and arrow and muskets…”

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      I’m pretty sure they had inklings. Since man first learned to use his fist and teeth as a weapon, he has always strived for a more lethal weapon.

  • John Hanover

    MM is one of those turds that won’t flush down yet. It’s too lumpy for the system to take in. How’s that membership in the NRA working for you MM ? He’s so clueless and out-of-touch that he needs to stay in France, where they rarely get their facts straight but think they are as relevant as those that do know what they are talking about.