Today it is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Feel free to start the party early this week, though, because Rebecca Black has finished recording her new album!

Black put out the news via Twitter, much to the surprise of many who apparently had no idea they were following the 15-year-old singer of “Friday.”

Sure, we believe you never clicked “Follow,” just like you never actually thought “Friday” was pretty catchy.

What did happen to Rebecca Black? Well, she never really went away, releasing three singles (none of which charted) on her own label, RB Records. It seems fans are still attached to her “classic” material.

  • MPCpiano

    Thanks Obama to you and your government for creating Rebecca Black

  • TugboatPhil

    Is the album going to be released on, not Yesterday which was Thursday, or Tomorrow which is Saturday, but on Friday?

    • SuperstionQueen

      Poor kid. People made way too much out of the Friday incident. I find it odd her family claimed she got death threats over the song though….