There was plenty of speculation yesterday about what could have made so many people faint during President Obama’s speech in Roanoke, Va. Hot Air has reviewed the official White House transcript of the campaign event and perhaps has uncovered the precise words which rendered so many unconscious — especially those who have built their own businesses.

Echoing Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s claim that “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own,” Obama told those left standing by the end of his speech that “if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own.” And that wasn’t all.

Obviously these people don’t appreciate that their ability to tweet their displeasure also came from government. “The Internet didn’t get invented on its own,” Obama continued. “Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

  • Teresa Nelson

    The man is a friggin idiot

    • treblehook

      Clearly an idiot propped up by those around him. He is completely unqualified and his world perspective implies to him that everyone who has attained something in life was equally propped. The guy was a cokehead stoner low grade student at best, remember undisclosed records? We do know this much, he wasn’t hitting any public Dean’s list prior to Harvard. Interesting how he finds his way there.

  • Orangeone

    What an a**. Just because he has never accomplished anything without government Affirmative Action doesn’t mean the rest of us haven’t. He has never run a business let alone started one. He is a taker, not a maker. Entrepreneur alert – terminate all Obama supporters that work for you! There are plenty of hard-working conservatives in need of a job.

    • Thought Recon

      Didn’t get through college on his own (Aires), didn’t write his books on his own, didn’t ascend to the throne on his own…

      • CyberForce

        Yet he’s POTUS and you aren’t. Go figure.

        • Thought Recon

          No dipshyte, unlike your master I have the intelligence and humility to know what I am qualified to do and what I am not qualified to do.

          • CyberForce

            I’m sorry I misinterpreted your contempt the wrong way. Your just spouting off crap you’ve read on wingnut websites. Because you certainly don’t have any personal knowledge of what you stated about the President’s writing or college career to be true.

            And his point was no one accomplishes things entirely by themselves, so I’m pretty sure that he understands how “the ascension to the thrown” thing works.

            And you are entitled to your own opinion, however you aren’t entitled to your own facts. The President has proven himself very qualified to clean up the pile of shit left by George Bush. So you should thank him.

          • Jeremina Al-McKruegersteininsk

            But Obama has personal knowledge about how other successful people became successful??? I’m not sure I follow your logic there.

            Cleaned up, huh? Lol. Please enlighten us. How are Americans better off now than they were 4 years ago? Maybe we should thank him for even more debt, and the same or worse jobless figures. Or maybe our downgraded credit rating, or closing Gitmo or getting out of Afghanistan or bombing Libya, or being the food-stamp president. Maybe he will get into Syria too! Yeah, he’s really cleaned up things.

          • Thought Recon

            Sorry it took a bit to reply but I had to clean up the coffee that I spit out my nose. Whew! I know one is not supposed to laugh at the fictional ramblings of those who suffer from BDS but that short story was just too much. Thank you for the entertainment. Well little buddy as much as I would love to sit here and debate the existence of skittle shitting hope unicorns, I have to start my day in the real world. So grab your helmet and your crayons and run along (SLOWLY) to that little short bus on the end. And always remember that when everything goes topsy-tervy and that little fantasy world of yours seems like it is crashing down all around you in November, just go to that special place in your mind and make up whatever you want to that makes it all feel better. Good luck scooter!

          • Tammy Willeford Goad

            too bad you have NO facts to include in your rebuttal ……because there are none ….Obama is an EPIC FAIL!

          • Thought Recon

            I am on your side Tammy. Read the whole conversation. Yes he is an epic failure. Its Cyber dude that is living in an alternate reality.

          • Daniel Hill

            You are aware @CyberForce:disqus that you disregarded everyone else’s arguments and mentioned unicorns. You saw undisputed facts, that the unemployment rate is higher, the debt is higher, and nothing is stabilized, and ignored them. And were crazy…

          • Donoughe

            What are you smoking? The President strong armed a stimulas package through, has spent ~$1T extra each year that we don’t have and the economy is still shitty. If I was brought in to clean up a mess at my work and 3 years later it was still a mess, I’d be history.

          • Mark Johnson

            Has proven himself how? 8.2% unemployment for several months now, added 5 trillion in new debt, deficet spending growing by the day, just how has he proven himself?

          • Tammy Willeford Goad

            too bad you had no facts for your rebuttal …..because u have none…..Obama is an EPIC FAIL !

          • $266791

            What is your favorite flavor of koolaid?

          • Laurie Miller

            @Thought Recon: You are out of your mind if you think obama cleaned up anything! The only job he finished that Bush started was killing Osama. It’s been four years and the asshole is still blaming Bush. Take responsibility for your own actions and admit — YOU ARE A FAILURE. obama was never qualified to be president and he has proven it. As far as ascension to the throne works obama knows all he has to do is convince people with no education and who want a free ride that all they have to do is vote for him and he will take care of them. In reality, the small businesses and also the large businesses are the ones that will make the economy strong and create jobs for people. Oh, I forgot obama is not about creating jobs — he’s about letting people sit on their asses and having people who already have jobs support them. OBAMA SUCKS!

          • Thomas

            Yeah, it’s real clean…Ask the millions out of work how clean he’s made it…

          • reachrenee

            Did you actually state that Obama was proven qualified to clean up after GWB? You too, are entitled to your own opinions, however, you aren’t entitled to your own facts. Only the truly stupid would believe that. How did you libs get so stupid?

          • CyberForce

            This will be the last time that I post on this website, because I just wanted to see if the posters were as stupid as Michelle Malkin.

            Thanks for verifying that to be true.

          • reachrenee

            This will be the last time because you can’t defend your “facts” and not sound like an idiot lib.

          • Jeffery Wood

            Typical liberal response, when you hit ’em with the facts, they RUN!!! Good riddance CyberForce…or is it CyberJackass?

          • king ofnothing

            Qualified?! Obama has done nothing but prolong misery! He has no idea of what to do but spend more taxpayer dollars and increase gov’t – you see how well that worked. The “pile” was left by Barney Frank, whom insisted Fannie & Freddie loan to unqualified people (like Obama). Obama has done nothing but prove himself completely incompetent and un-knowledgeable of American Free Enterprise!!!

          • Jeffery Wood

            Spoken like a true liberal blowhard!

        • Dwayne P Theriot

          Your pic says it all, CyberForce. You’re nothing but a “DRONE”.

          • CyberForce

            I dressed like your hero? What you don’t like it?

          • Dwayne P Theriot

            I have only one hero, Ronaldus Magnus.

          • Hiraghm

            You used his Autobot name!
            Optimus Prime 2012!

        • MJRAWL

          He is POTUS because of loons like you….never again…

        • Thomas

          Your right but it took a bunch of very uninformed folks to get him there. Media couldn’t find out squat about him before he was elected and still can’t but the can find papers that Romney signed 10 or 15 years ago…Amazing!

        • Ashleigh Lauren

          No, IT IS NOT POTUS! it is acting as. It is not qualified; just pulling off the biggest FRAUD in American history.

    • Rhonda W. Trimmer

      how’s that hate working for ya?

  • peteee363

    i don’t think obama could even build a house of cards!

  • emimill

    No wonder he blames somebody else for everything. He must truly believes no accomplishment is your own, so as failure.

  • Midnight Cow

    Wow. What a dunce Barry is. I hope Romney or the Rover Super PAC turn these nonsensical, insulting statements into an ad.

  • OC Human Rights

    Redistribution of success

  • Old Patriot

    I’ve seen mentally retarded three-year-olds smarter than this man. The Internet was begun by DARPA to allow a few scientists to more easily exchange notes. Free enterprise opened it up for the rest of us. Government had almost no input beyond the early beginnings. Also, all the words in my half-dozen novels were written by me. No, I didn’t create the English language, but I also don’t torture it beyond description like this “university professor” does. We are all given talents and abilities, free to use to expand our existence beyond the bare minimum. I believe our Founding Fathers were right when they say THOSE came from God. A first-class, totally cocoaNUT maroon.

    • Paul Walker

      Exactly, what happened to “by the consent of the governed.” Apparently, that is a debatable topic of our founding now. Up is down. Down is Up. Unbelievable.

    • Bob

      Actually the notes were a small part, but the funding came from defense oriented sources. The idea was that computers be networked so that there was no single point of failure of the communication infrastructure in even of a nuclear attack. Free enterprise did what it did when the networks were freed for the general public.

    • nealnoray

      YEAH but you loved that, Harvard/yale ,MBA dumb ass G.W Bush ,huh? Well he not only force your country from a surplus to a depression, but dragged you into two stupid illogical wars.

      • Jeff Ladd

        Really? You’re a moron who is obviously brain-washed by mainstream media. The depression we got dragged into didn’t occur until the left wing took over congress in 2006. People, wake up and smell the coffee. We are being overthrown by Commies and we are just sitting on the sidelines watching it happen.

        • Royan Herman

          NoJeff, I think you will find that there are a lot of us who voted for Obama thinking his Presidency might heal old American wounds. Now we know better. I hasten to add that I didn’t vote for him, but sriously considered it for that reason. I find it strange that my liberal acquaintances are often accusing conservatives of being angry all the time. Do you notice the tenre of liberal responses. Interesting!

      • Johnny Blade

        its obvious your brain is starved for oxygen given your head is so far up your ass… seriously do you even bother to try being factual?

    • Brian McDougal

      Dang I though Al Gore Invented the inter-net! LOL

    • stopvotingrepublican

      you’re a fucking idiot

  • radical1979

    Since he never built anything he would have no idea of who builds a business.

  • Hirondina Marie Mercille

    He is the “BIG FAILURE” .
    I respect the office but not the PARESITE sitting in it. Lets all work to get him out.

    • Paul Walker

      You illustrate the poignant fact that, unlike the other side, we can call our current President, Our President. We hold respect for our country and the office and believe in it’s foundation. Somehow, I get a sense that Obama doesn’t really believe in our political system…and that we would just be much better off if all Republicans simply “went away.”

      Well, we won’t. And we will show up come November.

      • Hiraghm

        Article 2, section 1, paragraph 5… he’s not anybody’s President.

  • jane haagsman

    We work our butts off to provide for our family- 5 kids- 4 in college… provide full time jobs for 3 guys til 2009…had to lay them off… Obama has no idea what THAT feels like…

    • Paul Walker

      my wife’s family company went through the same thing. just think of the opportunity cost. what both companies could have provided by being in a position to hire more people instead.

  • motion view

    ‪#WhatObamaTaughtMe‬ “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” ‪#TrueStory‬

  • Gregory Franklin

    Well, since the government is basically paid for by the rich, I would submit that they DID do that all by themselves.

    • Paul Walker

      In what way? Their are numerous politicians that did not come from wealth.

  • JSebastian

    Obama thinks that government research created the internet so that all the companies could make money off the internet? Bullshit, where does his ignorance end? Only stupid and uninformed people believe this myth. Its simply untrue. The military, using money stolen from taxpayers, went out to private research firms like SRI and RAND Corporation and MITRE to build a private line communications system for “command and control” for the nuclear warfighters , like SAC and NORAD and the Navy.
    Here, you can read a bit about it here:

  • Jim T

    Excuse me?? King wannabe Hussein Obamadumdum…you certainly had nothing to do with any of the businesses I have had over the years, and there have been several. I am running 3 businesses at this time, and built them all from the ground up without any help…all self-financed. What unmitigated gall you have, you who have never worked in the private sector, much less owned your own business, to say none of us who have our own business did it on our own! YOU LIE!! And I make no apologies for saying that.

  • nylon76

    Obama’s speech is the same Marxist Trash. OBAMA must have learned from Hitler too. “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” – Adolf Hitler

  • Mark Anderson

    Good, then “someone else” can also pay my taxes.

    Liberals. There is no success they can’t try to claim. There is no failure they can’t blame on someone else.

    • Jeff Ladd

      Well said Mark!

    • Laurie Miller

      Love this quote . . . it is so true! The liberals want to penalize people who have worked hard and been successful so they can support those who sit on their asses at home and have no desire to better themselves. This is backwards. I am a single mom supporting twin boys who are going to be starting college in the fall. I get so angry when people express the opinion that they think that rich people should pay more taxes! Even though I am far from rich myself and I struggle to keep my head above water (although I have always worked and have never taken any sort of aid), I know that it is the people who have worked hard and become successful who keep this country going. Instead of trying to slap more taxes on them we should be thanking them for the opportunity they have given to us to be able to work!

      • LightSabre

        God Bless You, Laurie

      • nogatz

        Get over it, Laurie, and start with some facts. Fact: we pay taxes OTHER than income taxes and the poor and middle class pay a much higher % of their income in taxes than the rich. FACT: without the infrastructure that MY taxes have paid for, all those businesses would not exist; no roads, no educated workforce, no internet, no rails, no water system. As someone who struggles to keep her head above water, you’d think you would want those who have benefited from what our taxes have paid for to pay their fair share. But I guess when all you are exposed to is Fox News and talk radio, you aren’t used to dealing with facts.

        • common sense

          Yeah! Let’s have Bill Gates pay taxes on all his money BEFORE he sticks it in his “foundation”. And Soros. ANd the Kaiser Trust. And CLinton. ANd Opray Winfrey, and maher. There are one MILLION “foundations” in the USA. In it is housed 11 TRILLION UNTAXED DOLLARS, which, if taxed at the NORMAL rate BEFORE it goes into these trusts, to be used for politics, we would certainly have a lower national debt. WHY isn’t anyone talking about this? I respect and admire successful people. This non taxed foundation crap is what’s killing us. Get rich and pay your share. NOT MORE than your share to make up for Bill gates!

        • Joseph Jernigan

          You know why you pay taxes is because someone else is paying you so that you can pay taxes. Don’t get me wrong the rich get richer while the poor get poorer I know this and understand this, it is a fact of life. However, rich people get used to a certain life style that the majority will not do without and that is also a fact of life. If you tax a rich person to the point you effect their life style and their power then they will look at ways to increase their profit margin, and usually the first things they look at is either cutting benefits for the employees or cutting out the employees altogether and outsourcing to another country. I mean if someone told you hey I am going to tax you to death and take more money off you then your natural response would be to increase profits so that the status quo and profit levels stays as close as they were before. Wouldn’t you take the option?

      • Jamin

        Yep! Like my old man always says: I’ve never been hired by a poor person.

    • Melody Canterberry

      Mark, I am stealing your quote. I love it.

  • Scott Pam

    This comes from the moron who doesn’t have an original thought and needs everyone to create his speeches and image…

    NOBAMA 2012!

  • Barryfromtexas

    Sorry a$$hole Obama – I started my business on m own DESPITE the government. You have pushed me too far. You are an academic and an IDIOT for saying such nonsense.

  • SuperstionQueen

    Wow. Doubling down on “the government is your savior” narrative I see. Again, he tells America that we all are too stupid to know what a raving radical lunatic he is every time he opens his mouth.

  • Leonard Paul Liebe Sr.

    Building businesses for over 40 years and hiring hundreds of people during the process. Who was doing this for me? You mean i was doing all this work and i didn’t even know someone else was doing it for me. I’m really confused! …… NOT! ……….. Obama is the biggest bag of hot air to ever step into the White House. This idiot probably needs help building a sandwich!

    • dazzaman

      LOL at your last line! It’s probably true though.

  • Alicia Feina

    For all of you lacking basic common sense, here’s what he MEANT. – You didn’t become successful entirely on your own. NO one has. Why? Because, if you’re a business owner, you’re selling products that you didn’t create, and even if you did, you didn’t make the materials. If you are a photographer you still have to buy the camera you didn’t invent or create. If you’re an actor, you didn’t film, and direct, and write the script, and create the props, the costumes, invest the money, negotiate the locations etc. If you are a singer, you aren’t also the producer, the choreographer, the personal trainer, the musician, the dancers, etc. If you are a manager at Walgreens, you didn’t create Walgreens, or build your store, or make your products. If you are a ceo, you didn’t create that company, or what it sells. If you are a race car driver, you didn’t invent cars. If you are an architect, you didn’t cut down those trees, or make those bricks or concrete. If you cut down trees, you didn’t invent or create those saws. If you run a daycare, you didn’t make all those toys, or food that you feed the kids, or write the books you read to them, or make the beds they sleep in. Do I need to list more examples, or do you people get it now? ********WHAT HE MEANT IS THIS: You can achieve what you can, and become successful, because EVERYONE works together in this society. That when you become successful, other people have a part in your success, even if it is indirect, because that is how our system works. That “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have, that allowed you to thrive.”******** There. Get it now? – Sincerely, Common Sense.

    • Intel Addin

      Yes, US get it. We made what we made. That’s how it is done. And, it ain’t yours. Brainiac. It’s mine. Not ours. Get it? brainiac? Your fruits. your labor. My labor. My Fruits. Thank you, very much! Under Obama, the left, and the progressive Marxists, this is now rocket science. Welcome to your future. Now, give me your boat!!!!

    • Jeff Ladd

      Hey, Common Sense, get some! The fact is Obama wants the “little people” called employees to get mad at their small business bosses and demand their “fair share”. You already get your “fair share”! It’s called a paycheck! And nobody gave that to you except that business owner WHO BUILT HIS BUSINESS ON HIS OWN SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF A JOB!!!!!!!!

    • Johnny Blade

      I notice how much of what Obama says needs to be ‘interpreted’ by his minions much the way a the tribal priest ‘interprets’ the signs of the gods then tells the rest of the tribe how to act. Never needed that with GW. Or William F Buckley Jr. Common sense? Obama doesn’t possess any. What Obama said was ‘But for the government none of you would have shit’ THAT is what he MEANT.

    • Guest

      Ya, its called capitalism and its not helping each other like you and Obama want us to believe, it is built on profit get it now Mrs Common Sense.. ? He and you want socialism while what made America Great is capitalism…No body helped anybody its called economics guh, really get it now ALicia? Why don’t they teach economics in school???????

    • James Atkins

      This is LOL. With your logic, Obama should thank the found fathers, who although owned slaves, laid the groundwork for this POS to become President. So, I hopefully will see Obama thank Thomas Jefferson soon. Liberals are absurd.

    • Royan Herman

      No dear, you have it backwards. Ex – no photographer = no corp selling cameras. Society dovetails to some extent, but success or failure is directdly in the hands of the individual. The good baker prospers, the rest just make people fat untl the bankrupt. It is the entrepeneur who breeds success, the rest just have their hands out. Daycare is a good example, too. The only thing the daycare can’t make is, in point of fact, the needy babies. The only help I received came from people reminding me inmy youth that we Americans had the guts to get any job done. Today it takes a “village” where only one was needed if embued with the can do spirit that is uniquely American.

    • Melanie McBride

      The problem is, he keeps telling us that we cannot really make it and become successful. He believes we need him (to put food in our mouths, to educate our children, to get up in the morning, and so forth).

    • G Harris Y

      You’re an idiot. I suppose the camera you referenced jumped off the shelf, took pictures by itself, edited them and delivered them to the customer via the internet by itself? Idiots like yourself sit back and watch business people make things happen and wonder how. Keep gazing at the stars liberals and the world will pass you by.

    • Brian Lucier

      Sorry, I built my own businesses, no one else. I got laid off 3X and decided to open my own illustration & design shop, do my own marketing, get my own clients, build my own web site to promote my business, do my own work, solve my own problems, and creatively come up with new answers to assist my clients to achieve success. Please tell me who else was there to help me @ 3:00 AM when I was doing all this work? The rest of America was sleeping as far as I can tell. But please, do enlighten me.

    • newlightgroup

      Poor poor Alicia, Someone with common dense tried to pass it on to you as common sense. If you are a CEO you DID create the company, or you took over from the CEO that created the company. Every example you illustrated gives reference to parts of a company, but the owner still runs the company. The camera was made by an inventor and put to market by entrepreneurs. Without the CEO of Universal, the actor wouldn’t act the script-or wouldn’t script, the director wouldn’t direct. Every tool that is used in a company some business owner took the risk and in most instances his own cash to make. If Walmart decided to close its doors, then all those managers would be gone. If Obama had his way, which he has already tried to do, he would have everyone depending on government (44% higher welfare recipients in his first three years than all presidents since Carter in their full terms). That philosophy is called socialism (full grown it turns to communism) Before you write a post on common sense, it might be a good idea to look at the history of socialism and compare it to our capitalistic society. As the socialistic philosophy becomes stronger, the individual business owner and all his rights become less and less important to everyone who is counting on the government instead of the business owner. Then eventually the government reigns in all commerce and dictates to the people. What risk did the government take? NONE.. Who’s money does the government use? OURS! There is a night and day difference between individual entrepreneurship and socialism. Obama does not like this unbelievable American system, being the only president in history to go around the world apologizing and bowing down to other leaders. A president that has appointed czars instead of cabinet members. Time to put the poison kool-aid down and take a drink of the fresh water of capitalism.

    • BikeRiderOne

      It’s obvious from your response that you have never started or run a business either. Which is OK, because not everyone has what it takes (so I don’t blame you for your ignorance). I am an entrepreneur (that noone has “ever” helped in any way). I have invented my “own” product – and have copyrights in the Library of Congress to prove it. In the beginning, no one helped me invent, create, manufacture, distribute/sell, package or ship anything. Not a single person exepct me. If I needed the services of others (which I could have used) I would have paid for them with my own money – so your “chicken and the egg” theory is very weak at best. And there were plenty of “your types” around to tell me I couldn’t do it, but that’s why people like you work for me (and will never own/run your own business). Your affirmative action president has never done this either (and that’s why he and people like you will “never” understand capitalism nor will you ever own your own business). Don’t try and tell me that someone else was there to “make payroll” or “invest in new equipment” or “risk everything you have” to try and make a business succeed. No, not you or any other moron can try and float “load of crap” on my sea of experience and hard work. Your socialist viewpoints are completely WRONG! If anyone in this country truly wants to “make it on their own” – they can – plain and simple. And it’s due to my blood, sweat and tears that I have made it – not some idiot with a suit in Washington trying to tell me something he knows absolutely “nothing” about. He should stick to golf, vacations and shaking hands with other suits (something he is well-versed in). The “only” people who have been a part of my success are the people “I pay” to work for me. They are “free” to come and go as they wish and it is simple capitalism at it’s best. While I appreciate the job they do, I “pay” them to do it so I am not handing out any Nobel Peace Prizes when they show up to work. You want a paycheck, come to work and I will provide one. It’s as old as time itself. Any “yes”, I did not create people, God did that . . . but what I created is their jobs (no one else) and especially not some idiot in Washington who will stop at nothing to ruin the business I created. If you knew anything about the “American System” you would understand that the ones who created it were all priviate businessmen who created a system of “free enterprise” – not a “nanny state” of dependency. Those who work succeed. Those who don’t, become politicians and try and take what others have made. Common sense . . .

  • CobraJet428

    Those gubmint-types think we exist because of them and for them. Let me tell you something, if needed and ‘allowed to’ in the last millennium, Joe Entrepreneur would have had built the road or done it himself. The road would’ve been prettier, cleaner and toll-less. Imagine how awesome 500,000+ miles of individually created roads be! :-)

  • VirtuallyIronic

    lol @ his ignorant internet comments. That’s almost as asinine as Al Gore’s claim that he invented the internet. The internet wasn’t the government’s gift to us so we could make money off it, it started as a private-public partnership to better archive and share data.

  • Bob Cannell

    Actually I did invent what I sell. No government. Only private investors. Alicia, you know not of what you speak.

  • David Kaercher

    That comment just proves HE’S AN IDIOT.

  • CyberForce

    People that start businesses don’t build them. Their customers do. Ever try to run a business without customers and stay in business? And believe me, businesses need customers much more than customers need businesses, with the exception of legal monopolies.

    The reason the economy is in the shape it’s in is there aren’t enough customers with money to buy what all of the businesses are selling.

    And that load of crap about businesses being job creators? It’s bullshit. Businesses hate to run up their overhead hiring people, and sure as hell wont do it unless they have to. In other words, they will only hire people when their bosses the customers demand they do so, through consumption.

    If you want to learn how business really should work? Take six minutes of your time and check this out. This guy has accumulated more wealth than we believe Mittens has:

    • James Atkins

      Good lord, this is priceless. A business is “in business” precisely because there are “customers” that want something from that business. Business don’t “hate” (nice word to use) to hire people, but they sure as hell won’t if it isn’t profitable to do so. Get over the “hate” rhetoric. Business is not your enemy.

      • CyberForce

        Your deliberately ignoring the point.

        The idea that Business should have it’s ass kissed is wrong. Business should be kissing customers asses, because customers are the ones that build business, create demand and provide profit. There is virtually nothing that one business can’t provide that another business can’t provide the same product or service for. If you sell sub sandwiches for a living and I don’t like your sandwich or I don’t like your attitude, I can find someone else to sell me a sub sandwich. If enough people don’t like your sandwich or attitude? You are out of business. The customer decides who stays in business and who doesn’t.

        The only exceptions are products or services which are trademarked/patented. And trademarking and patenting is a function of the government you despise so much, until of course you need it to protect you from someone infringing on your rights.

        And you should improve your reading skills. I didn’t say that businesses hate to hire people. I said that businesses hate running up their overhead hiring people. Which if you know anything about business, you know to be true. Even a kid running a lemonade stand knows this to be true. You don’t see them buying 10 pounds of lemons, when they know they will only need 5 pounds and the extra 5 pounds would just go to waste.

        • James Atkins

          I’m not ignoring your point. However, what you are saying is not exactly rocket science. Obviously, once a business is operating and providing a product that is in demand, the business will probably do everything in in’s power to not piss off those customers. Most business do believe “the customer is always right”. My reading skills are just fine. You equated hiring people to running up overhead, so I can therefore correctly assume you mean they hate hiring people. Anyway, your lemon analogy is amusing. If I was selling a lemonade, why the hell would I order more lemons than what I needed? My point in all this, in case you are not able to figure it out, is that it’s not that “hate” of overhead, it’s just the economics of it all. If I want to be profitable, I am not going to do more than I have to in order to make that profit. Once I start making a profit and want to GROW my business, which I hope you can agree is the point of most business, then I will happily and gladly hire more workers or by more lemons and this spread the wealth on my terms.

          • CyberForce

            It’s not rocket science, but reading comments here it appears that a good number of the people posting missed the point that the President was making.

            Most likely because they hate hm, but hatred of a person doesn’t negate the truth of the message.

            No one builds a business by themselves. No one.

        • Melanie McBride

          You should improve your writing skills, grammatically speaking, of course. And you did, in fact, make it seem in your first post that businesses simply hate hiring people, because it makes the overhead run up. Business owners and managers would be foolish to hire people they don’t need. However, many business owners and managers are currently not hiring people they do need, simply because they cannot fully calculate how much it will cost them in the long run, thanks mainly to this administration’s policies that seem to stem from an inherent disdain for businesses.

          • CyberForce

            I’m not sure how any person with a command of the English language could come to that conclusion you did, but fine.

            What exactly do they need to calculate, and were in law would the information they need to do so come from? How is the President responsible for this? The President doesn’t write laws. He only signs or vetoes laws. I believe that the uncertainty you suggest comes from Congress, and more specifically the Republican controlled House of Representatives where all spending laws originate as is mandated by the Constitution.

            So the thanks for uncertainty goes entirely to Republican obstructionism, not in any way due to the President’s policies.

          • Zack Tolbert

            You are correct to point out that spending laws originate in the House. However, “Obamascare” was first signed in the Senate. Then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, praised the Senate Dems and and encouraged the House to vote on it “before you know what is in it”. Then it was signed by the Marxist POTUS.

            Seems to me, based on the grounds of originating in the Senate, this “tax/penalty” should be declared unconstitutional.

            The problem, as I see it, is that we are turning our frustration towards each other rather than towards the idiots who were elected into office. We have to stand against tyranny!

  • Royan Herman

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m putting in as many hours in a week as there are years on this aging frame. If we return to a friendly busness climate and government quits looking over my shoulder, we might go back in the black and be able to hire a man we sorely need. If that foolish, arrogant, naive love child wins the White House again, I think I’ll just get in line for government goodies and relax for a few years. With him in office ambition is a big why bother!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • waltman1965

      I agree with your last line… The big picture is that the government wants you to fail in order to take over all aspects of our lives.

  • Skevvy

    North Korea has plenty of government built roads and tall shiny buildings…… empty government built roads and empty builtings, and empty stomachs…

  • Josh

    What the hell is he even getting at? Surely he can’t be arguing that business owners must pay those who build a business’ structures, or that business owners must pay those who work at the business. Because this all happens anyway. All people involved get what they feel they are owed, or else there would be no business for Obama to rail against.

    Of course, this is probably really all to do with business owners and having them pay people that DIDN’T have a hand in building it at all through his >50% tax proposals.

  • ghoelzel

    Not rich but consider myself reasonable successful and I rememeber going to college nights for 7 years and staying at home locked in my room so many nights and weekends to study while my friends partied and for years working 7 days and 70 plus hours a week on my jobs to show management i should be promoted instead of going to the ball games or out drinking. Ya Obama I didnt do it on my own but why was I so lonely while doing it. These progressives have no idea about sacrafice,hardwork and personal commitment. This is or was what was so great about this wonderful country if you are willing to work and strive you can achieve more than sitting on your ass!!!!!!!!!

  • radjahshelduck

    If we lived in a world where all was premise and there were no conclusions, I would agree with President Obama. When he says things like “At a certain point you’ve earned enough money” or the comments he made here, I actually endorse the premise.
    But I think his conclusion–since you’ve made so much money and others have helped you get where you are so you should pay the government more–is erroneous. My opinion is once the wealthy have made a fortune they have a responsiblity to their conscience–not to the government–to do what they can afford to make the world a better place. I just finished reading Deborah Davis’s new book “Guest of Honor” about Theodore Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington, and she notes that Andrew Carnegie gave Booker T. the money to build a new library at Tuskeegee Institute. That’s a far better use of Carnegie’s money in the 1890s than anything else I can imagine.
    By the way, at about the same time, another fabulously wealthy nineteenth century American decided he’d go one better than Carnegie–he’d build an entire university and work to make it one of the finest in the land. And so, John D. Rockefeller gave the money, wealthy retailer Marshall Field donated the land, and the University of Chicago was born. Yes, that’s right–the same university this President taught at for twelve years. I always wondered if the Obama philosophy of taxation had been the norm 120 years ago if Rockefeller would have made the donation at all, or if he would have felt he could no longer afford it after Washington DC took its cut.

  • Kelley Walker-Steger

    I actually just started a small business in March…and I am pretty sure it was my time, my money, my car, my sweat, my long hours, my research, my exhaustion, and my hard work that built it…what the hell does he mean we don’t build it ourselves…not one soul helped pay for or make this business except my bsuines partner and I. Well this is what people wanted an obamanation and that is exactly what we got! This enrages me though.

    • Paceride

      And not one other person helped you?

  • newlightgroup

    @CyberForce:disqus The problem I have with the president’s premise is a government man not knowing business, and a government man wanting government to be business. Government was formed to represent people, defend borders, and protect three rights. It has grown into the biggest employer and the most corrupt business. It has also developed (purposely) a boatload of regulations that make it almost impossible for business to run efficient. Limit our government, and that will solve the biggest problem we have in America. Then we need to deal with the second biggest: corruption.

  • Wag_a_muffin

    I’ve edited this comment dozens of times. It keeps going to the wrong link. However, I think this link should take you to a page that you can click on and view my toon on this VERY SUBJECT. If not, I really am not responsible for my drawing. Pen and paper, colored pencils, etc. have been around for years and so I didn’t really create (draw) this.

  • MommaGrizzley

    And Barry thinks Romney is out of touch? LOL This just might have been the nail in Obummer’s coffin. Wait until Rush and Boortz get ahold of this!!! The airwaves will be buzzing…but not the MSM! LOL The Narcissist Preezey is not only incompetent, he’s stuck on stupid. I can’t wait until the debates when he’s off-teleprompter and puts his foot in his mouth on the national stage…AGAIN!!! I can just hear WH Communications walking THIS back. BwwwwaaaaaaaahaHAAAAA!!!

    • TheMaskedMarauder

      May I add a heartfelt BAZINGA! to that?

  • Phakt

    So what? He is still going to win. The Democrats have succeeded in pushing dependency on the government over the 50% mark. At this point, we are in until we crash.

  • Chip

    Pretty sure if small business owners did get any assistance with a legitimate endeavor, It wasn’t paid for by tax income from any leftist/progressive.

  • gracepmc

    This week from Barack Obama — All you business owners out there, you didn’t do it on your own. But if you fail perhaps in part because of my taxes and regulations and the lack of customers with any purchasing power well then yeah, I guess you are on your own. But don’t worry, now if you go on welfare with my new waivers you won’t have to look for work. So, sit back, enjoy, and watch the bonfire. And I’d appreciate it you would sign my birthday card and send money to my campaign so I can help put all your competitors out of business too. Then you’ll all be on the same boat, rowing for me, Barack Obama.

  • Chip

    “From each according to Obama, to each according to Obama.”

  • John

    On several levels:
    1. There have been rich people throughout history — before roads even.
    2. Who built the sea lanes — (this is a trick question for Barky)
    3. Airports and airplanes?
    4. In the olden days, roads were built by private citizens.
    5. Taxes were levied to build roads. Businesses paid those taxes. It is the job of the govt. to do this … and if they can’t fo it, why employ them?
    6. Today, most road taxes (for bridges and tunnels etc cf NY) — 66 cents out of every dollar collected — goes not to the orad but to the govt for other purposes.
    7. Roads built by govt are a 2 way street: they allow regular people to live outside of congested cities and still get to work. they all regular people to purchase goods and services from a wide area. They allow regular people have freedom to roam and vote with their feet. they allow regualr people to rush to hospitals, doctors, or have policemen and firemen respond quickly to regular people in distress. And guess what? the regular people — the common man — is better off for the roads. But wait, isn’t that part of the social contract and what govt is employed by us — the common man — to do? So, this “roads made rich people” argument is BS.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Great comment!

      I see you kept it simple. That was kind of you b/c the indepth version would probably cause a Progressive’s “brain” to short from overload.

      This version is at the perfect level to answer some of my great-granddaughter’s questions… she’s a precious six. I try, but I suffer from OCD, which means I tend to continually walk explanations back to first-causes…

      Sort of how I was doing just now.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        #103 is in response to #86 @John.
        I pressed the “respond” button, but it put the answer at the end anyway. Sorry for any confusion this might cause…

        — Grumpa

  • Wag_a_muffin

    DiVinci didn’t create the Mona Lisa. He used paint and a canvas that somebody else created before him.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Actually, that’s not true.
      If you’ve studied the science behind authenticating paintings, not only did each artist have his own formulation for paint, he often experimented with formulations to produce unique colors. This is why you’ll read or hear about “so&so’s blue” or “somebody or other’s red” ? and by spectrum analysis quite a few unknown paintings and sketches have been assigned to their correct artists. As the science of forensic spectrum analysis has matured it has been discovered that the artist’s “personalization” of materials often went beyond just the paints, but went so far as to different chemicals & methods to prep the canvas, pre-washes, finishing varnishes, and even the materials and production of the brush bristles in some cases.

      Originally, early on before forensic spectrum analysis gained full acceptance, there was a hesitancy in assigning newly discovered works to artists by materials formulation. It was thought that apprentices would exactly copy their master’s formulae until they passed journeyman status. This was eventually found to be false.

      I can’t remember the particulars, but a cache of artists notes for the painting, along with preliminary sketches were found belonging to a semi-famous contemporary of Michelangelo, far removed from where the painting itself was found.

      I hope this helps.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        #105 is in answer to @Wag_a_muffin, #88.

        I pressed the “respond” button, but it seems the bb software placed it at the end.

        Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

        — Grumpa

  • Brian Lucier

    Well then it must have been my “alter ego” working overtime while I slept. I do not recall anybody else taking the FINANCIAL RISKS I had to, to build several of my small businesses. It was planning, creativity, innovation, sweat and tears. My SWEAT and MY TEARS. You can bet your buns I built it!!

  • BikeRiderOne

    I agree w/ Orangeone and can believe completely that Obama said this. What else would you expect from our country’s first affirmative action president who has never worked a day in his life. How would you expect him to know how to start, let alone run, anything? He is a completely clueless and “expects” that the “working stiff” will just agree with anything he has to say. And why not, the left-wing media and all of his socialist/communist backers do . . .

  • lillymckim

    Obama pushes Food Stamps and Romney pushes to Restore America?

    I’ll take some restoration please.

  • PatrickR

    Rumor has it that Barack Obama has a ball of string he uses to get from his living quarters at the White House to the Oval Office every day. What does that say about his business knowledge, or commen sense on anything else? The guy was a loser, is still a loser and will always be a loser. Don’t blame me, I voted for the American. How long is it until November?

  • Chip

    Since 49% of the country pays no income taxes, they didn’t receive assistance from libs or progressives anyway.

  • Paceride

    I want to congratulate all the many posters who have made comments before me! I had no idea there were so many entrepreneurs in one place who had single handedly with no help from anyone else build successful businesses! Oh wait. . . most of you live in your parents’ basements, but you think one day YOU TOO will be like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. In yer dreams. And they didn’t do it all on their own either.

  • Dale Williamson

    WOW! THis coming from a guy that’s never even held a job. His whole life is one big lie.

  • Dan Georgino

    Sure, he wants you to give your money away to the less capable clowns. Don’t keep your money all to yourself!!! What a joke.

  • gina b.

    The internet and the influx of money added to our economy because of Bill and Al….Bill Gates and Allen Greenspan did you really think I was going to say Clinton and Gore?

  • David Shelton

    Does anyone do any homework? That was ONE quote in a speech in which he’s saying that it takes more than one person to build a business. Someone had to teach that person to do what they do. And NO business would be successful if it wasn’t for customers. Read everything before you make a decision!

  • stopvotingrepublican

    All of you fucking idiots are taking his statement out of context. I do not support Obama politically but what he’s saying is correct. You cannot run your business and make it successful on your own. You have to hire people, take out govt loans, get outside help in some way for you to grow. No one is self made. All corporations couldn’t get to where they are without the help of others. What don’t you fucking understand about that?

  • stopvotingrepublican

    you people are losers

  • CapitalistWags

    That was a very revealing (but not surprising) statement that is deeply rooted in Marxist theory, along the lines of socialization, which is a process of moving economic activity from a solitary endeavor to a “social relationship.” This is the same nonsense that Elizabeth Warren spewed late last year. Basically, it’s not fair if you are successful without “fair share” (punitive) taxation along the way because you could not have done it without the roads you use, the buildings you use, the community you live in, the services provided by government at all levels.

  • Pete Stanley

    How did this big of a idiot get to be President? Small business built America. Even Sam Walton (Walmart Founder) started as small business, same as McDonald’s and Wendys started small. Does this idiot President have a clue of what built America and made it great. Obama Socialism will fail as soon as those who built a business runs out of money for taxes!

  • world’s greatest orator

    I liked the part when gov’t/Obama/Govbama helped invent the GPS dashboard nav and the iPad

  • newlightgroup

    Merriam- Webster Definition of SOCIALISM


    : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods


    a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private propertyb : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state


    : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

    See socialism defined for English-language learners »

    See socialism defined for kids »

    SOCIALISM = Barack Obama

    Merriam- Webster Definition of CAPITALISM

    : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

    CAPITALISM = Mitt Romney


  • nogatz

    No. THIS is what he said: “If you were successful, somebody along the
    line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your
    life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that
    we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and
    bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else
    made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.
    Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could
    make money off the Internet.”

    Without MY tax money to build roads, create a communication
    infrastructure, educate the workforce, no business could survive in this

    But, you know that’s what he was saying. You just need something to
    counter his very cogent argument, despite how disingenuous it might be.

  • common sense

    I own a small business and I contribute to his PAYCHECK! People who do not pay federal taxes do not! I wonder why he hates tax payers so bad that he wants to tax and regulates us out of our small businesses.

  • Dr. Billy Kidd

    Another Obama-Scare tactic. In the speach, Obama said it took a good teacher, a good school, highways, technology, the internet to build a great business…you cannot do it alone. So let’s invest in these things. What kind of low life is Romney to jerk around something so reasonable as this?

  • Mentious

    “Obviously these people don’t appreciate that their ability to tweet
    their displeasure also came from government. “The Internet didn’t get
    invented on its own,” Obama continued. “Government research created the
    Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

    Please. The Internet is a recent development. You thought that entrepreneurs and small business developers never existed until the internet?

    It was actually a brilliant European who invented the internet. The government never innovates except in ways to weaken and enslave us. Case in point: Obummer’s carnival barking and promoting to get more people to take Food Stamps.