Comedian and “Tosh.0” host Daniel Tosh has posted an apology for what appears to have been a series of gang rape jokes at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory comedy club.

Tosh’s tweet links to a blog post by an audience member who claims she was targeted for abuse after objecting to the rape jokes. Oddly, Tosh himself referred followers to the blog post, with the disclaimer “out-of-context misquotes aside.”

After I called out to him, Tosh paused for a moment. Then, he says, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…” and I, completely stunned and finding it hard to process what was happening but knowing i needed to get out of there, immediately nudged my friend, who was also completely stunned, and we high-tailed it out of there.

Some aren’t buying the apology.

Whatever was said, Tosh tweeted again to place the incident in context.

Update: Dane Cook, who appeared at the same show, popped up to defend Tosh. His tweet apparently was quickly deleted, but not before Sophia Bush and others had retweeted it.

  • TugboatPhil

    Know what would be really funny? Tosh and Cook getting the same treatment by a gang initiation.

    Something tells me that both of these guys would be the kind to allow their partners to be raped, if it meant they could run away from being harmed themselves. What a couple of pathetic excuses for manhood.

    • mayorofshadyvil

      I don’t get it. So are we going with that this woman was suprised that she went to a Daniel Tosh show and he crossed the line? He crosses the line every other sentence. You tune in KNOWING that there will be things that offend you. He wants know where your line is. Listen to his San Francisco show,do you think there were offended homosexuals in the audience? He opened with gay jokes and hammered away the entire show. He flat out does it on purpose. And if andy gentlemen in the audience even thought about acting on his jokes they need to be removed from society as they are a danger.

  • Midnight Cow

    I’m sorry, but a comedian is a comedian, and not all are for everyone’s tastes. Tosh is witty and has one of the best deliveries in comedy in the last 10 years, but a good portion of his comedy is based on the shock of what he’s willing to say. There’s not much chance that the offended girl was entirely unaware of who Tosh is or how he works. This is like an Asian or Mexican going to a Lisa Lampanelli or Don Rickles show, sitting in the front row, and then being shocked & offended that they are singled out with a humorous stereotype.

    One of Tosh’s best jokes from his first special: “Anal sex is like spinach…the more they force it on you as a child, the less you’ll like it as an adult.” Now, is that joke for everyone? Of course not, but it’s still a great joke.

    If you don’t want to hear the N-word, don’t watch Richard Pryor or Dave Chappelle. If you don’t want to hear drug humor, don’t watch Doug Benson or Cheech & Chong. If you don’t want to hear jokes about cancer or recently dead celebrities, don’t watch Anthony Jeselnik. If you don’t want to hear the F-word, don’t watch most comedians. That’s just the way it is. (BTW, if you don’t want to see the C-word, don’t read some of the left-wing attack-tweets reprinted here at our beloved Twitchy.)

    Art, comedy, and speech of all kinds are protected by the First Amendment, and anything that limits it could result in the slipperiest of slippery slopes.

    • BoltUp

      I hate the constant misuse of First Amendment references. The First Amendment protects you from the government acting with regard to what you say. It doesn’t mean there are no consequences at the social, business or personal level. He’s free to make whatever jokes he wants, and people are free to be outraged and shout him down for it. Just as you say his jokes aren’t for everyone, the objections to it aren’t for you – fine, two-way street.

      • Midnight Cow

        Tom and Reno,

        I fully understand. I guess I should have fleshed-out my 1st Amendment comment a little more, or tied it more closely to the paragraph above it, where I pointed out that people should just try to avoid that which offends them. Of course Tosh doesn’t have a right to a captive audience, and of course people have the right to object to his statements. People have a right to be offended and walk out on him. It just seems that some of the critics of his statements are under the mistaken impression that Tosh or others shouldn’t be allowed to say what they say.

        Tangentially, it’s always interesting that there is a certain percent of the population that is actively looking to be offended. I remember 20 years ago when Howard Stern would be fairly sexually explicit on air, or get into arguments with callers and tell them things like, “I hope you get cancer” or “I hope you get AIDS,” before hanging up on them. There were complaints and outrage, but surveys showed that the people who were most offended by him actually listened longer than people who claimed to be his fans. I think Rush gets a similar reaction. Weird to me. Personally, I’m highly offended by Ed Shultz’s face, so I just don’t watch him. Why would I turn his show on just to punish myself?

        • TomJB

          Mike I appreciate the response, but I just don’t see any of the objecting tweets or twitches calling for him to not be allowed to say something. In fact, most comments here say the same thing you do about avoiding such content if you don’t want to hear it…

      • AragornII

        Actually, she has the right to walk out and ask for her money back, but not the right to heckle. As soon as she started popping her mouth off and trying to ruin the show for everyone else she was violating the club’s rules and invited a response. I wish comedy clubs would be a little more proactive in ejecting hecklers, but then you have a distraction even worse than the heckler. There’s no really good way to deal with the obnoxious perennially outraged feminist types like her.

    • TomJB

      “Art, comedy, and speech of all kinds are protected by the First
      Amendment, and anything that limits it could result in the slipperiest
      of slippery slopes.”

      Mike, I’m with you on the rest of your post, but in this sentence you have it wrong. Nobody is saying that Tosh should be banned by law. That is what the 1st Amendment covers, hence the introduction “Congress shall pass no law…” It trickles down to protect people from their individual States restricting speech as well.

      There is no protection in the 1st Amendment against other citizens using their 1st Amendment rights to call out Tosh as an a-hole.

      There is no 1st Amendment right for Tosh to demand a private entity (like a cable TV station or comedy club) provide a forum for his comedy.

      There is no 1st Amendment right to a captive audience.

      There is no “slippery slope” unless *government* censors him.

  • rachooo

    Mike, c’mon, seriously? Yes, we are allowed free speech, but that doesn’t mean you have free speech without consequences. People are allowed to express their disdain with his stupid jokes. And Comedy Central has a right as a business to hand him a pink slip, especially if they think he’ll lose them money. And by the way, that spinach joke is disgusting. But I do agree that there is a range of tastes in comedy, and I would never pay money to see that hack.

  • Soopermexican

    I don’t watch Tosh a whole lot but when he makes fun of Mexicans, I’m not offended. The shock is definitely part of the show. Look at it this way – you WILL hear rape jokes at a Tosh show. She would have laughed because those jokes would have been about someone else. That’s why she went to that show. Now you’re gonna try to heckle Tosh and think he’s gonna be a gentleman about it? Kinda ridiculous.

  • rachooo

    Everyone, read her post. She said she didn’t know who he was, so she did not walk in knowing that he’s a rape joke kind of comedian.

  • PC aMuck

    If you went to a Tosh event and were surprised that he made a gang rape joke, then you should have never been there in the first place.

  • Beers_Morgan

    Dane Cook is such a hack he even steals other comedians controversies.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I don’t see why people are surprised. These sort of jokes have been a staple of Progressive “Humor” for decades. I’m certain that the reason it didn’t surface prior to the 1960s was the “unevolved” state of society.

    I still remember my shock a few yrs ago when at a comedy club a famous black “comedian” had a bit about human skin lampshades in his act.

    Prior to the 1960s, high quality/high end lampshades were made from “kid leather”, and were not at all an oddity. In making them the leather was stretched thin as a drumhead and was quite translucent.

    Human skin lampshades were found to have been manufactured by the NAZIS, in addition to using human leather in other products, and not just in products exported — as often claimed now. On many of these items the id number tattoo (from the camps) is recognizable, which is how they were originally discovered.

  • PeterP

    It was in bad taste and said in the heat of the moment while being heckled. Stop the faux, world is about to end, outrage.

    • Owen007

      So was Michael Richards calling a heckler the N-word. I don’t recall anyone giving him a pass. Not that I think Tosh should lose his job over this, but he bit off more than he could chew. He deserves to squirm for a while.

      • Joey Lein

        Michael Richards saying n***er wasn’t a joke. It was a racist outbust.

        Tosh saying that rape is funny and that the woman hypothetically being raped would be funny is CLEARLY a joke, an outlandish, exaggerated statement meant to evoke shock and laughter.

        Everyone has different tastes in comedy. I like dark, edgy, twisted comedy. I think what Tosh said about “rape is ALWAYS funny” is pretty funny. Your mileage may vary. If you don’t like his type of humor, then don’t watch his shows.

        You have the right to express your disapproval of his jokes, but when you try to strong-arm his employers into firing him and making him lose his job, THAT is infringing on freedom of speech. A person’s livelihood should not be affected by what he says.

  • John Hanover

    The difference between ” edgy ” and asinine is proven by material used after being made famouis for being ” edgy ” the only thing humorous about these two is that they still have an audience.

  • lillymckim

    Maybe Daniel Tosh, Mike Tyson, ESPN, David Letterman, and Bill Maher can go on tour?

  • AragornII

    Joke: A girl walks into comedy show. Finds the material offensive to her tastes. Does not walk out and demand her money back. Instead decides to be an obnoxious heckler and ruin everyone else’s night, because if she’s not having fun nobody else can either. Comedian rips her, because that’s how comedians get hecklers to shut up and not ruin it for everyone. Girl gets butthurt ands posts on the internet. Field day for feminists and the perennially indignant everywhere. #notfunny

  • Red_Neckerson

    Typical banter for a yet-to-be outed homosexual. Misogyny in the form of rape fantasy is typical for those with a deep seated loathing of women. He’s just fortunate that none of his simple minded audience members with the same psychosis didn’t follow her out and follow their orders.

  • AragornII

    Lots of Twitchy followers toeing the feminist line today.

  • marine37

    Oh, those liberal Democratic jokes are so funny! I’ll bet Bill Mahr laughed his ass off.

  • Owen007

    Ah, the old “same something controversial to get laughs and then fall over backwards to apologize when the s*** hits the fan” song and dance. It’s odd how so many in the industry have to keep it doing it, but can never pull it off.

    And the thing of it is, watching Tosh try to squirm his way out of this is funnier than I usually find him to be.

  • AragornII

    Before going off on misinformed rants, it would be good to at least read the comedy club owner’s description of the event.

  • Joseph Lan

    Good for all these comedians backing up Daniel Tosh, and FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America. If you are easily offended and can’t handle edgy humor, then you shouldn’t be attending a comedy show in the first place.

    End of discussion. That women should go screw herself. Hopefully, 5 strange men do it for her.