Representative Barney Frank today became the first sitting member of Congress to enter a same-sex marriage by marrying longtime partner Jim Ready in Newton, Mass. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick officiated at the ceremony.

About 300 attended the wedding, including quite a few political figures.

Initial Twitter reaction was overwhelming positive.

Sorry fellas!

Those expecting a torrent of gay-bashing might have to settle for some light ribbing instead.

  • TugboatPhil

    How proud Barney must be today. He got to ruin the world financial system, then rewrite the financial laws for the U.S., AND marry a man.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Is this the same jamoke who was running a homosexual call-boy ring from Bwarney’s congressional apartment?

    I’m sure you remember the one I’m referring to. The one who ran the call-boy ring ol’ Bwarney Fwank swore he didn’t [snort] know about even while fixing shoeboxes full of parking tickets for the call-boy ring’s employees & clients?

    Just wondering … they do seem to have shared a common attitude about the applicability of laws their useless selves.


  • Warren C. Bennett

    Proud day for America. I’m ever so glad I was alive to see something like this happen. No, really. The above isn’t just sarcasm mixed with cynicism and apathy at all…

  • radjahshelduck

    I wish Mr. Frank and Mr. Ready all the love and happiness they can find. I also would like to point out that they could move here to Atlanta and although their marriage would not be recognized by the state, they would still be more than welcome to live together and love together, the only difference being they’d pay far less in taxes than they do in Boston.

    • bluewaternavy

      LOL, you could live ANYWHERE and pay less taxes than Boston!

  • Danishova

    Imagine the reaction If a 72 year old woman was marrying a 42 year old man. Would it be, “You go girl!” or, “eeeeeew”?

  • WJGBalderama

    Is Jim Ready the same gay who ran a prostitution ring from Barney’s Washington, D.C. apt basement? Well, that’s nice.

  • radjahshelduck

    Say, did you folks know Rachel Maddow sent Frank a wedding gift? It was a bottle of Beano!

  • John Hanover

    The jokes the jokes…Did he have to leave his nice house for that one in Ma. ? Were the newlyweds able to use Barney’s employee discount on a Fannie Mae loan? Seems to be a very elaborate cover-up, marrying one you chickenhawked ? There’s the ” Sandusky Effect ” in age difference…Hope no one obstructed the justice ( of the peace ) Wonder if the wedding vows will be censured? I don’t care one way or another who is with who, but for all the misery Rep. Frank has placed upon the world he should remain alone.