Addressing the “Women Vote 2012” summit in Colorado this weekend, actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria told a group of 400 women “there is no way you can vote Republican” if you’re a woman.

“I don’t think it’s a hard choice if you’re a woman,” she said.

Some willful minds on Twitter have interpreted “can’t” as a challenge rather than a foregone conclusion. No way? Way!

So, what should women do?

Longoria’s speech reportedly did not specify if men could vote for the party of their choice.

Longoria, a People’s Choice Awards winner for her work on “Desperate Housewives,” was nominated for another award following her comments.

  • montanaconserv

    Eva who?

  • lillymckim

    Eva Longoria says there’s ‘no way’ women can vote Republican?
    Just try to stop us Eva…

  • catb55

    Another idiotic “actor” heard from . people who make their LIVING saying other people’s words 😉 This REPUBLICAN woman could out debate her on ANY issue guaranteed!

  • Cris Allen

    How sexist of Ms. Longoria to assume that sex should predetermine ideology. No amount of rationalization can justify that.

  • Orangeone

    Longoria, you are a washed-up Hollywood has-been that has had more plastic surgery that Pelosi. Obama and Bo, they are what’s for Eva’s dinner. She’s also never met a white person she likes.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Eva Longoria says, “derp.derp.derp.paintchips.”

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I feel a little sad sometimes. I don’t know who these people are.

    They used to call actors & actresses “the beautiful people”, perhaps a reference to their exteriors. Now they *are* “the ugly people”, and it refers to the cesspit inside.

    Let them talk! Just choose the opposing viewpoint as a starting point and you can be fairly sure you’re on the correct path!

    “Desperate Housewives? Why are they desperate?” I asked my Daughter-in-Law. She’s just finished filling me in. I am more sad after hearing about that!

    I feel sorry for all you youngsters! Look at old movies, television shows, novels. There was variety in plots and characters, motivations and viewpoints.

    Now all the plots are about sex, or who feels put-upon b/c they’re unable to extort applause and praise for their sexual preferences, or the difficulties of being bi,tri,quad,whatever-sexual, (…up to the 16 genders reconized by the U.N.) and the motivations are always theft and/or sex. It takes no talent to saturate the culture with that.

    And it doesn’t take talent to hoochie — around (mostly) unclothed, tongue wrestling with every other character within reach. To latch onto your counterpart’s face looking for all the world like a pair of lampreys fighting over meal-rights *certainly* takes no talent! But every director and actor/actress seems to think they’ve discovered some secret behavior never before know to mankind!

    It is LAZY workmanship! Take the easy way. Even in comedy, any of the “comedians” tried to run a clean show would hear crickets from the audience because they mistake the dis-comforted laugh for the funny laugh — and assume the former denotes talent.

    This stuff, in real life was kept in the bedroom. In entertainment it was barely used and then was a “spice” on a salmon steak. Now it is a 5lb bag of salt on a sardine!

    B/c people are “made in God’s image” they took pride in self-control b/c it differentiated them from animals. The art’s purpose was seen an a way to encourage the ennobling of mankind.
    Now it seems those Progressives in the entertainment industries desire the dis-nobling of mankind.

  • RIChris

    Republican women vote for the politician they believe will best represent them. Democratic women vote for the politician they want to represent.

    • Vikki Klask

      Well said! I’m tweeting this :)

  • radjahshelduck

    Was Ms. Longoria speaking on behalf of all women, or just those like her who marry NBA stars who cheat on them?

    • lainer51

      awesome post

  • anjullyn

    She must be forgiven. Her teeny tiny brain can’t understand the concepts of freedom in our constitution, and therefore must let democratic men tell her what to believe and say.

  • Teritd

    I am a republican Hispanic women and hell yes I’m voting republican. Women that care about religious and social values can’t vote democrat.

  • George Stanley

    Filthy rich elitists – by pretending to be someone else. Useless.

  • Mark

    Eva has been married and divorced twice within less than 7 years. Seems to me that doesn’t reflect well on her judgment–personal or political.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    I always say, those Hollywood elitists should stick to saying what is scripted for them, and don’t stray. They aren’t smart enough to improvise.

  • Im_Rick_James

    Actually, more than her retarded comments, what amazes me is that she is an Obama Campaign Co-Chair? Really? Uh, okay…

  • FreeManinAmerica

    There’s ‘no way” Eva Longoria has an IQ over 80, since no one with an IQ over 80 will vote for Obama a second time.

  • bella131

    Eva does not nor will she ever represent the average American woman. You’re a huge gift to the Republican party, keep talking. And BTW, I’ll Meet you on November 6th and I’ll cancel out YOUR vote!

  • kimdi01

    Eva left a phrase out of her prepared remarks. The quote should have read ”there is no way you” ‘Obama Lemmings’ can vote Republican ‘but if you’re a woman that thinks and cares about this coutry, well, you can do as your heart and mind tell you. ‘ “

  • TonyMontana3

    Calm down, reps. Geez….
    Obama 2012!

  • whodistalking

    If Eva wasn’t hot she would be a maid in Vegas. Save ur money loser your 15 minutes are coming to an end. Beso sucks.

  • dilldeaux

    anything that pisses a hollywood lib off is like sweet music. just how many people does eva have the authority to speak for??????????? don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t kick her out of bed unless there is a persian rug on the floor.

  • jewel maskal

    what a joke.. born and raised in COMMIE’ AFORIA.. yes, I switched to REPUBLICAN when I found out what LYING COMMIES the left is.. it took me a while to find out, but once YOU FIND OUT… you will run screaming from them.. Ignorance about politics is rampid in America… OR YOU CAN CONTINUE TO SUCK ON THE TIT OF LIES…

  • JAS64

    Hey Eva, If you’re a woman you’re smart enough to not believe the lies of