Actor, director and fossil fuel foe Mark Ruffalo stars in “The Avengers” as Bruce Banner, an elite scientist who turns green when he’s angry. Ruffalo’s green off screen as well, no effects team required.

Ruffalo has put a down payment on a Tesla S, an electric luxury car which began rolling off the assembly line June 22. The sedan starts at more than $57,000, and the company plans to build 5,000 units this year (which will leave even famous movie stars waiting in line).

Early reviews are enthusiastic and call the Tesla S “spectacular.”

Other reviews are perhaps too enthusiastic. Some consider it a “duty” to purchase one.

So, has the true electric car of the people arrived? Or will it take the Hulk himself to muscle you into one?

  • Taxpayer1234

    And the Tesla is SO problem-free that the company’s warranty sucks, among other problems:
    Hope “Hulk” can mega-hop his way around after the Tesla leaves him stranded.

  • Fred Zanfardino

    Let’s see, a left wing paper and left wing website gave it great reviews. Big shock. Let’s see how great it is when it actually starts operating in the real world and away from all the Kool-Aid drinkers.

  • Midnight Cow

    Looks like we better accept that coal-burning cars are the wave of the future, at least until we can harness the power of a more-efficient, lower-CO2-emitting fuel source. Maybe something petroleum based exists out there. For now, we can only dream. /sarcasm
    All this added reliance on electricity from coal is good news for China, though. They can party like its 1899.


    Greenies: “Stop using electricity and shut down power plants!” AND “Buy electric cars!” Can anyone say “oxymoron”?