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Bungle-palooza! This video snark sums up Hillary Clinton’s comms director with sidesplitting results


Well, this hilarious video snark just says it ALL about Hillary’s bumbling communications director.

Bret Baier isn’t buying what Hillary’s comms director is absurdly trying to sell; Here’s why (Hint: Bam!)

Bret Baier

Did you buy the bungling rope line explanation from Hillary’s comms director? Fox News’ Bret Baier didn’t! Here’s why.

How badly did Hillary Clinton’s comms director bungle journo herding explanation? THIS badly (It’s hilarious) [video]


How awful was journo-herding explanation from Hillary’s comms director? Even MSNBC panel laughed! Take a look …

Snark-asm snap! When will THESE be removed? Larry Elder slams flag-banning libs as only he can [photo]

oh snap

Oh, snap! ‘Monuments of slavery’? This snark-asm offered by Larry Elder puts lib confederate flag banning in hilarious perspective.

Holy cow! It takes just ONE brutal truth boom to expose extent of Hillary Clinton’s questions-dodging


Just how bad is Hillary Clinton’s questions dodging? THIS bad (it’s unreal).

Do you love this photo caption for Hillary-herded journos as much as we do? (Bonus: Biden burn flashback)


Should this photo caption be Hillary Clinton’s new campaign slogan? (Yes. If you want to giggle madly)

Hey, Hillary Clinton! This idea for the next time you herd journos in a rope line is GENIUS (Make it happen, GOP)


Resolved: THIS needs to happen the next time Hillary Clinton herds journos with rope line (it’s brilliant).

#GoViral? You won’t be able to stop looking at what is happening with this umbrella and Obama [vid, pics]

obama umbrella

What, no marines to hold it for him? Don’t miss what happens when Obama holds his own umbrella.

Guys, why is Obama singing ‘Davy Crockett’? No, really: LOOK (Hint: Media squee-fest alert) [video, photo]

Obama dance

So, this happened …

So, Mario Lopez just put ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ flag flap into a ONE sentence nutshell (Bonus: Libs will hate it)


Libs will hate actor Mario Lopez’s take on the “Dukes of Hazzard” flap. But the sane will agree his simple summation says it all.

It’s come to this: What will a politically correct ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ reboot look like? (You will laugh AND cry!)


See why people “can’t stop laughing” at these proposed ideas for a PC “Dukes of Hazzard” after TV Land caves to the confederate flag tolerance mob.

‘Country has lost its damn mind!’ Why is TV Land pulling ‘Dukes of Hazzard’? (Hint: Holy cow, it’s crazy)


It’s come to this … and you won’t believe it.

‘I threw up in my mouth': Latest food idea from Brit retailer horrifies; See why (if you dare) [photos]


What fresh hell is this, Marks and Spencer? Oh, the horror.

Hillary Clinton won’t like this brutal point from Monica Crowley, so we’ll bring it to her attention, natch

Monica Crowley

Hey, HIllary Clinton: Care to respond to this devastating news pointed out by Monica Crowley, exposing your ‘for the women’ hypocrisy?

This schooling of gun-grabbing idjit Stephen King by Dana Loesch, others will crack you up


If you thought Stephen King’s gun-grabbing idiocy was bad before, it’s even WORSE than you thought (Boy, he’s an idjit!)

#LoveWins? You’re doing it wrong. Here’s how ONE tweet nutshells the ‘love’ tolerance mob

new tone

It takes just ONE tweet to nutshell the oh-so-loving (not) #lovewins tolerance mob.

Because guns? Stephen King ‘celebrates’ same-sex marriage and Obamacare rulings by … being a jackass

Stephen King

#LoveWins? Part 783: Jackass author Stephen King true-to-form when ‘celebrating’ SSM and Obamacare SCOTUS rulings.

Guys, Chelsea Clinton is totally worth the huge speaking fee; Here’s why (Hint: OUCH!)


Why on earth would a ten-minute Chelsea Clinton speech be worth $65,000? Givers provide the answers and they will crack you up.

#LoveWins? What this diner did to ‘celebrate’ ruling shows same-sex marriage tolerance mob is full of hate

new tone

Another example that shows those touting #LoveWins are filled with anything but love. Haters, heal thyselves!

Shocking: A Walmart won’t make confederate flag cake, but it did make THIS? Is its apology good enough? [photos]


That awkward moment when Walmart caves to the tolerance brigade over confederate flag and then THIS happens (photos).

Thin-skinned New York Times: Priceless! This MTV star shows sad state of lib media with just ONE screenshot


How thin-skinned are New York Times journos? THIS thin-skinned (you will giggle madly).

Biblical bam! Take THAT, hateful #LoveWins mob: 1 quote sums up the twisted who spit on Father Jonathan

got hate

Hey, twisted, hate-filled #LoveWins mob: You need to read these words from Jesus.

ICYMI, what happened to Fox News’ Father Jonathan at gay pride event will enrage you (his response should shame libs)


#LoveWins? If by love, they mean hateful spite … and spit.

#LoveWins? So, Rob Delaney tries to slam GOP by turning same-sex marriage ruling into something disgusting


Can you feel how much love is winning? Ah, the tolerance!

Brutal perspective: POTUS panders, praises same-sex marriage, but will he ever do THIS?


Do you think Obama will do THIS to praise same-sex marriage? Take a look … and don’t hold your breath (he won’t).

Don’t look now Hillary Clinton, but this ONE flashback video crushes your shameless same-sex marriage swooning


Who’s ready for a little flashback reminder that stops Hillary’s shameless pandering right in its tracks? We are!

Shorter @BarackObama: SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling is all about HIM! [photo]


Well, guess who @BarackObama focuses on after SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling (People are just pawns, guys).

This Dem Rep has the most embarrassing response to SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling (Is he a tween?)


Geez Louise! This NY Dem representative (and vice chair of House Dems) has THE MOST embarrassing response to SCOTUS’ same-sex marriage ruling.

How shameless is Hillary Clinton’s pandering after the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling? (Hint: OMG) [photos]


Good grief! Shameless, thy name is Hillary Clinton. Same-sex marriage? All about her. And her logo, natch.

How blistering was Scalia? Just this list of 14 words from his dissent will have you shouting ‘Amen!’ [photo]


Pure. Gold. Check out the amazing ways Justice Scalia said “B.S.”

Boy, is this SCOTUS prediction from comedian Stephen Kruiser chilling (Take a look and shudder)


Stephen Kruiser has HAD IT with SCOTUS. Plus, wait to you see what he thinks Jeb Bush would do (it’s terrifying).

Hey, Obamacare-loving journo: Do these 2 brutal graphics stop your absurd swooning? They should!


It should take just these 2 brutal graphics to stop Obamacare-loving journo’s swooning (It won’t. Because, lapdog)

So, this Huffpo journo’s giddy response to SCOTUS Obamacare ruling is beyond embarrassing

Obama cheerleaders

Lapdog swoon activate! Journalism, schmournalism! Here’s proof that this journo is beyond parody.

‘His house’? Zing-tastic! Martha MacCallum BURNS arrogant Obama with this truth-boom


How arrogant is Obama? Fox News’ Martha MacCallum sets him straight … and it’s a scorcher!

Why it takes just one response to Wendy Davis’ absurd ‘historic’ shoe brag to say it ALL (It’s schadenfreudelicious!)

oh snap

Feel like giggling madly? Take a look (unless you are Wendy Davis. The snap, it burns)!

Spite House strikes? You won’t believe what customs agents are reportedly doing to James O’Keefe and why [photo]


CHILLING: James O’Keefe told he’s being harassed, punished by customs agents for Obama border crossing sting

Gutsy call, Harry Reid! Is this confederate flag tweet his stupidest take yet? (Boy, is it!)


Just how slow on the uptake is Harry Reid? THIS slow (you will seriously giggle madly).

How twisted is the Left? Just these 3 reactions to tragic shootings say it ALL. And what it says is foul


Need more proof that the Left are ghouls? Look no further than THIS.

Dear media: This Obama photos vs. Cruz photo comparison is ALL we need to prove your bias. Case closed


Resolved: It takes just this ONE comparison to prove media bias once and for all.

Do you believe this ludicrous ‘apology’ from Associated Press over its outrageous Ted Cruz photo?

Anchorman stay classy

How lame is the Associated Press’ apology for its outrageously biased photo of Cruz? THIS lame.

Holy cow! Try to read what this Politico journo just said about Bill Ayers without becoming sickened (It’s impossible)

hello my name is stupid

Chilling. You won’t believe what Obama sycophant Glenn Thrush is defending now.

Boy, are ghoul Michael Moore’s ASININE tweets on Charleston shooting the most maddening we’ve seen

Michael Moore

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to read these maddening Charleston shooting tweets from Michael Moore without becoming shake fisty.

Here is Obama’s ghoulish post-Charleston gun-grabbing push shattered with one devastating perspective


Care to explain THIS, Obama? Shattering perspective, by the numbers.

Obama’s lie when politicizing #CharlestonShooting is a doozy and will enrage you; Here’s why


Dangerous incompetence: Boy, is this a whopper! One shattering point shows just how dangerously incompetent President Obama is.

How asinine is this singer’s bashing of libertarians? THIS asinine (Bonus: New song idea?)


A band showed up at a bar filled with journos and this happened.

How absurd is Chris Cuomo’s latest beclowning statement? THIS absurd (Boy, it’s a doozy!)

did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast

Wow. Where does CNN find these “journalists”?

Best response yet? Michelle Malkin nutshells Chris Cuomo’s maddening ‘hate speech’ claim with ONE photo

Michelle Malkin

Clueless Chris Cuomo gets schooled by Michelle Malkin with ONE perfect photo.

Wow: Marc Lamont Hill’s take on Garland shooting, free speech is foul (and beyond parody)


Free speech is hard for Marc Lamont Hill. What is easy for him? Foul victim blaming.