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Paging self-awareness! In Kennedy speech, Obama bemoans ‘money, special interests'; Then he did THIS


So, did Obama’s Kennedy speech again show a staggering lack of self-awareness? (Hint: Heck yes)

What Obama said about Ted Kennedy today wasn’t just outrageously idiotic; It was enraging [photos]


How sickening were Obama’s remarks about Ted Kennedy today? THIS sickening (you will fume).

Media swoon over new ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah. Then this embarrassing OOPS happened


Progs of pallor fail AGAIN! Check out this Trevor Noah oops.

Breaking: Shooting at NSA’s Fort Meade; Reports: 1 dead, 2 men disguised as women [photos, video]


More information is coming in about the shooting at the NSA’s Fort Meade headquarters. Two people injured at entrance to NSA headquarters: Emergency responders were on the scene of the incident at … — Tourej Ansari (@tourejansari) March 30, 2015 BREAKING: Shooting outside NSA facility at Fort Meade; two men disguised as women attempted […]

ICYMI: That awkward moment when Hillary Clinton boards #BoycottIndiana train, but forgot about THIS [video]

Hillary Clinton

Oops! Here is a flashback reminder for you, Hillary. Since you seem to be forgetting something in your Indiana outrage.

It takes just ONE Iowahawk tweet to nutshell absurdity of Left’s #BoycottIndiana outrage



So, this Obama admin photo says it ALL; What it says is depressing and frightening


Top men! Is this photo the most frightening and depressing one ever? Signs point to yes.

‘Are you high?’ Did journo Ron Fournier have stupidest Cruz, Obamacare takes yet? It will boggle your mind

hello my name is stupid

Wow. This outrageous stupidity from journo Ron Fournier about Ted Cruz and Obamacare is truly mind-boggling.

How stupid is this MMFA Cruz derangement idiocy? Easily smacked down with TWO little letters


Media Matters for America’s latest Cruz-derangement idiocy is so stupid that TWO little letters crush it.

Well looky here! New Yorker shamelessly scrubs racist ‘uppity’ term from Ted Cruz article


Did you see THIS racist term in New Yorker’s article about Ted Cruz? It was scrubbed, but the Internet is forevah!

Curious that: This ONE thing missing from media’s Cruz coverage says it all; And what is says is pathetic


Boy, does THIS just say it all about lapdog media.

We’ll take eye rolls for $100: Was this FLOTUS category Jeopardy’s most cringe-inducing yet? [photo]


How pathetic is Jeopardy? THIS pathetic.

Is this Andy Richter Ted Cruz slam the stupidest one yet? (Hint: Boy, is it!)

Andy Richter

How stupid is Andy Richter’s Ted Cruz slam attempt? THIS stupid.

Don’t look now Montel Williams, but your snarky slogan for Ted Cruz points out OBAMA’s failures


Whoops! That awkward moment when Montel Williams tries to slam Sen. Ted Cruz and ends up highlighting what a failure OBAMA is.

Stephen Kruiser TEARS into pro-aborts, feckless GOP; His truth-boom rant is the best we’ve seen lately


Read this and pump your fist!

‘INSANITY': This ONE screenshot exposes just how ‘affordable’ Obamacare plans are and it’s devastating


Whoa. This is the most devastating Obamacare exposure we’ve seen.

Lapdogs, part gazillion: Some people notice something curious about what NYT headline calls Obamacare [pic]


Huh. As bad (yet totally predicted) news about Obamacare rolls in, look what the New York Times calls it.

So, Fox Business’ Kennedy just terrified Twitter with this spooky Instagram that’s the creepiest we’ve seen! [photo]


Holy Ghost! How creepy is the Instagram Kennedy just posted? THIS creepy (prepare yourselves).

This Rob Lowe snarky shaming of absurd Starbucks will have you saying ‘Amen!’

Rob Lowe

Here’s Rob Lowe shaming racist and absurd Starbucks as only he can.

WH pool journo tweets photo of Starbucks drink; Can you guess what happened next? (You’ll giggle)


How much of a national joke has Starbucks become? THIS much of one.

It takes just ONE question to brutally shame Starbucks and its latest racist move


Care to answer this, Starbucks? We’ll wait. Also, shame on you.

So, some people noticed something a little Buzzfeed-y about this House press release (You have to see it)


“Holy Buzzfeed, Congress!” See what the “buzz” (heh) is about this Judiciary Committee press release.

If you thought the Starbucks ‘race’ campaign couldn’t get worse, you were wrong: Photo of exec team says it ALL

white privilege

The unbearable whiteness of being: What about a conversation about THIS, Starbucks? Nice leadership team, progs of pallor.

That awkward moment when Starbucks lectures on race … by BEING racist; Ace nails it


“Some of your best friends are black”? It’s worse than that: Starbucks wants you to COUNT them. See Ace of Spades brilliantly nail Starbucks.

It got worse: How racist is the latest Starbucks race ‘reality check’? THIS racist (It’s jaw-dropping) [photo]


That awkward moment when Starbucks pulls the “some of our best friends are black” card. Its “race relations reality check” GETS a reality check.

What could have gone wrong? Check out just how great Starbucks race lecture is going [photo]

race card

Well, THIS was just inevitable …

Hey, Starbucks, how about you discuss THIS? This zinger sums up the absurdity [photo]


It takes just one zinger to nail the absurdity of Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign.

FAIL! Some people notice something curiously missing from Starbucks ‘Race Together’ campaign photo


Wow. Now THIS is an epic fail if there ever was one. Can you spot what is missing?

How absurd is the Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign? THIS absurd (the ridicule will crack you up)


Heck of a job, Starbucks! Check out its latest absurdity … and mock like the wind!

Is Joe Biden now literally creeping on women on Twitter? Take a look and cringe


Biden’s arm curls Vines got even creepier: Is he now creeping on women on Twitter?

This photo of Obama, Jarrett inadvertently finally gives him away; You’re about to see why it says it ALL


Some people notice some peculiar things in this photo of Obama and Valerie Jarrett. So do we and it is GOLD.

It takes just one zinger to nutshell (emphasis on nut) Left’s reaction to GOP Iran letter


How cuckoo pants is the Left’s reaction to the GOP Iran letter? THIS cuckoo pants.

Blistering! Why Greta Van Susteren, others are nailing Obama for ‘pathetic’ Ferguson shooting tweet


White House tweets reaction to shooting of officers in Ferguson. Before Obama heads HERE (guess where)

Here are Hillary’s hot mess of email defenses summed up in one perfect photo caption


Hillary Clinton needs a new slogan: This photo caption summing up her absurd email defenses would fit the bill!

Who else wants to see an ‘uncovered’ Hillary email? This email prediction deserves a standing ovation

Hillary what difference does it make

Ready to see one of Hillary’s emails? This one is funny, because it could be true.

This response to Alec Baldwin’s latest frothing idiocy is really all that ever needs to be said [photo]

hello my name is stupid

So, Hollyweird loon Alec Baldwin is frothing at the mouth again: Here’s all that ever needs said in response (Ouch!).

Sen. Cotton game for Bill Kristol’s Biden-Cotton debate idea; Is this Biden’s response? (Probably) [photo]

Bill Kristol

Sen. Cotton is up for Bill Kristol’s debate idea: Check out Joe Biden’s “response.”

This Gov. Bobby Jindal smack tweet to Hillary Clinton on Iran letter is the truth-boomiest we’ve seen!


Read this Gov. Bobby Jindal slam to the absurd Hillary Clinton on GOP Iran letter; You will fist pump!

This tweet from former Rep. Cynthia McKinney praising anti-Semite comedian will make your blood boil


How disgusting of a loon is Cynthia McKinney? THIS disgusting.

It takes just 5 words (1 cuss) for Matt Drudge to crush Hillary’s ‘husband defense’ during her hot mess of a presser


Oops! Matt Drudge nails Hillary and one of her lame defense attempts as only he can.

This is Hillary’s MOST pathetic email defense yet (Truly, it’s ludicrous. Look!); Monica Crowley nails it

Monica Crowley

Did Hillary just offer the most ludicrous email defense ever? THIS is how stupid she thinks you are, America.

Boy, was THIS Hillary Clinton tweet the least self-aware one yet? (Hint: Replies will crack you up)


Well, this is super bless your heart-y.

Don’t bother waiting for media to report Rep. Polis’ foul ‘Tehran Tom’ remark; Here’s why in brutal perspective


Don’t hold your breath for lapdogs to report this.

New tone? What this Dem Rep just called Iraq war vet Sen. Tom Cotton will make you fume

new tone

How disgusting is Dem Rep. Jared Polis? THIS disgusting.

Some people notice something curious about Hillary’s changed (AGAIN) Twitter avatar; Is she trolling? [photo]


Well looky here! Did Hillary listen to us? Is she trolling? Check it out and be the judge.

How David Brock’s hair turned into a hilarious Photoshop meme; The last one is our favorite!


Some people noticed something hilarious about David Brock’s hair. And then this happened (prepare to be cracked up).

Here’s actor Nick Searcy ending Sally Kohn’s ludicrous Menendez spin with ONE killer point


Thinkies aren’t really Sally Kohn’s thing: Actor Nick Searcy shows why with ONE shattering point.

‘BREAKING SCOOP!’ This photo sums up NYT’s absurd attempt make Hillary email scandal about Walker


Hey, New York Times, here’s a real Scott Walker “exclusive” for ya!