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What’s #TownhallAskEarnest? Obama admin won’t like these questions; So let’s make sure to ask them!


Boy, will THIS be fun!

Whoops! That awkward moment when Obama didn’t get HIS OWN ‘fundraising is bad’ memo? [photo]

Obama sad

Awkward! So, this happened …

‘Head explodes': Was this #SOTU line Obama’s worst case of lack of self-awareness yet? (Hint: Boy, it’s up there!)

Mr. Bean say what

No, really. This line from Obama is unbelievable.

ZZZtate of the Union? See why #SOTU viewers are buzzing about Ruth Bader Ginsburg [photos]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

So, what’s up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

#SOTU contest? Some people notice something disturbing about eyes of Boehner and Biden [photo]


Are these distracting moves by Biden and Boehner Morse code or attempts at trying to stay awake? You decide.

Don’t look now, but Sen. Joni Ernst already topped Obama’s SOTU with THIS kick-ass move [photo]


Do you LOVE these kick-ass shoes as much as we do?

These replies to flame-fanner Chris Hayes’ Golden Globes whine-tweet will crack you up (seriously) [photo]; Updated

Chris Hayes thoughtful

Don’t look now Chris Hayes, but you are being brutally schooled. And it is beautiful.

Here’s why #GoldenGlobes viewers can’t get enough of Allison Janney’s Prince freak-out face [Vine, photos]


What was up with this? And don’t miss bonus Greg Gutfeld reaction.

Christmas crow! Don’t look now Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but Michelle Malkin’s gift to you will make you cry [photo]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Do you love this gift from Michelle Malkin to Debbie Wasserman Schultz as much as we do?

See how BuzzFeed unintentionally supplied evergreen headline for dismal Obama admin [photo]


This inadvertent truth-snark will make you laugh … and cry.

‘Best photo of 2014?’ Is this Kim Jong-un viral version of Ellen’s Oscars selfie cracking you up too?


Hollywood idiocy: This photo is just perfect.

How enraging is this cultish @BarackObama holiday card? It needs a ‘trigger warning’ for violence [photo]


More creepy cultism for Christmas!

Drew Carey has HAD IT; What he’s doing about craven Hollywood, North Korea will make you fist pump

Drew Carey

We bet Drew Carey echoes your sentiments here: Hells to the yes.

Do you love this baseball great’s Michelle Malkin-inspired idea as much as we do?

Michelle Malkin

This baseball great’s idea has conservatives fist pumping and libs running scared!

It takes just ONE shattering hashtag flashback from Katie Pavlich to nutshell Obama’s legacy [photo]


Does this question sum up the Obama administration?

Does this flashback reminder put feckless Hollywood in blistering perspective? (Boy, does it!)


It takes just ONE reminder to crush craven Hollywood.

Cretin crushing! Here are Andrea Tantaros, others taking sicko sexist lib troll to task [foul photo]


This offering from a sexist lib troll will make you sick.

This is perfect: Ace of Spades has a great idea for Jeb Bush-swooning Wolf Blitzer


Cringe-worthy plus cringe-inducing: Made for each other!

What could be funnier than Vox’s milk idiocy? You won’t stop laughing as Joe Biden enters the mix [photos]

Joe Biden

Joe Biden plus Vox plus milk fail equals GOLD.

Media pushing deranged ‘lone wolf’ narrative in Sydney; This flashback reminder will enrage you


It takes just ONE flashback to expose media malpractice. Again.

Here’s a brilliant test: How would media react if Sydney terrorist waved THIS flag?


Delusion in action: It takes just ONE tweet to nail media’s absurdity regarding #SydneySiege.

#SydneySiege: Jim Geraghty, Iowahawk crush reaction to terrorist’s ISIS flag with shattering idea


No rush to judgment, guys! Iowahawk lets loose with a shattering idea.

These photos of Boehner and Obama are fitting; (Warning: They will make you laugh AND hurl)


President Boyfriend and Boehner in hurl-worthy pictures. Hint: Tear-stained (especially Boehner’s) diaries may be involved.

‘Priorities’! This flashback shows admission of absurd way Obama spends time is totally as expected


An unexpected revelation? Not really. Plus, let’s not forget THIS (heed this warning).

While waiting on Senate, this shutdown prediction will make you laugh (Prescient? Probably)

government shutdown

Paging President Stompy Foot! It’s funny because it would probably be true.

#Serial oops: Boy, did Best Buy step in it with THIS offensive, disturbing tweet [Screenshot]; Update: Best Buy apologizes

Anchorman stay classy

“Oh, look: A social media position just opened up at Best Buy.” True, probably. After THIS highly insensitive offering.

This ‘legendary’ Rolling Stone fact checking flashback is TOO good (Bonus: Greg Gutfeld nails it)

Greg Gutfeld

Rolling Stone has “legendarily tough fact checking”? Check THIS out and giggle madly.

Twitchy’d or #Twitchied, it’s snort-tastic! Slate: Twitchy post ‘impacts’ lib journo’s date; Guess who


Schadenfreudelicious plus bonus new verb (that often inspires lib tears).

Check THIS out, lying Dems: War on Women? Not in Conservative new media

Michelle Malkin

There is a new war. A war BY women.

Case. Closed! Dear GOP: Here is Katie Pavlich’s brutal, KEY advice on Glib Gruber, Obamacare


Can you hear us now? We are givers; Check out the truth about Obamacare and its devastating effects.

NYC protests hit Macy’s; Absurdity exposed with 1 simple question [photos, Vine]


Good question. What say you, protesters?

These absurd Ferguson ‘protestor kits’ remind us of this sidesplitting media idiocy flashback [photo]


Mocking this HuffPo journo’s idiocy never gets old. Now with more Ferguson-related irony!

Pre-airing spoiler! How great was this Stephen Colbert Obama slam at Kennedy Center Honors? THIS great


This hilarious Obama truth-snark from Colbert won’t air until the end of the month; It’s worth the wait, but you don’t have to!

So, this Sad Joe Biden photo is embarrassing; But the responses will seriously crack you up


Oh my. Best photo ever? It’s in the running!

Blood on hands: This Hillary Clinton ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ portrayal is beyond PERFECT [Photoshop]


This is genius.

This photo says it all about NYC protests; What it says will disgust you

got hate

Says it all in one photo? Yes, and it is deplorable.

‘We’re doomed!’ These replies to Katy Perry’s Garner protests tweet will make you weep


Oh my. These replies to slacktivist singer Katy Perry are “disturbing.”

Enraging: Some people notice something curious about media coverage of Zemir Begic murder


This is maddening and unbelievable.

1K retweets win! Andy Levy nails ‘how to talk politics’ Thanksgiving guests with THIS zinger

Andy Levy

Ouch! Fox News’ Andy Levy lets politics-talking Thanksgiving guests have it with brutal truth.

‘So funny it hurts': Why is Katie Pavlich wishing good luck on Thanksgiving? Boy, will it feel familiar! [photo]



In case you missed it, Michelle Malkin NAILED Obama on his outrageous and enraging Ferguson response

Michelle Malkin

It takes just ONE tweet to utterly nail the Hypocrite in Chief.

Truth-boom! RESOLVED: GOP bests Obama on Hagel ouster with just 4 words, flashbacks

told you so

Hey, President Obama, take a look at THIS.

Semantics spin denied! Greta Van Susteren has a key question for WH on Hagel ouster


The White House won’t like this question from Greta Van Susteren, so here it is!

These predictions for Obama’s ‘personnel announcement’ after Hagel ouster are zing-tastic


What will Obama say about Hagel ouster? These predictions are funny because they could be true.

#Fruitpickers and #Bedmakers: Proud, Obama? Bigoted amnesty speech sparks 2 hashtags (Bonus brutal point)


Don’t miss this BRUTAL and key point about Obama’s foul #Fruitpickers remarks during executive amnesty speech.

It takes just 2 lines from executive amnesty speech to expose Obama’s utter lack of self-awareness

Obama clueless head scratch

If you thought Obama’s executive amnesty speech couldn’t get more maddening, you’d be wrong! Take a look.

Megyn Kelly, others notice what Obama REALLY gave America with his executive amnesty [photo]


THIS is how Obama feels about you, Americans. (It’s maddening.)

Don’t look now liar Obama, but this LEGAL immigrant is TEARING into you (and it’s beautiful)


“I’m not playing. I want my money back”: This legal immigrant crushes Obama with truth and THREE little words.