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What the heck is up with this ‘deranged’ Hillary Clinton Vine? Well, this sure explains her NH loss


Snickering madly.

Irony Bada-zing! This reminder after Bernie Sanders’ NH win will crack you up (Hint: Dems will cry)


What makes the Dem freak-out after Bernie Sanders’ NH win even better? Oh, just THIS (snicker):

‘Sick, sick, sick!’ OUCH: Why did Trump, Sanders win in NH? James Woods offers truth bomb


Both the GOP and Dems won’t like this truth bomb from actor James Woods!

‘Peak stupid!’ This 1 Andrea Tantaros slam puts Rubio AMEX story in painful (for Dems) perspective


How ridiculous is the Rubio AMEX story? THIS ridiculous …

FUME: This Greta Van Susteren comparison of Obamacare fail headlines is unbelievable [photos]


Holy Cow! Check out how these lapdogs seriously buried lead (Hint: Burying bad news for Obamacare).

TOO GOOD: This perfect graphic of Democrat pres candidates will make you laugh ’til you cry


Best thing you’ll see today? See why people can’t stop laughing at this “diversity” truth about Democrats.

CHILLING: How does Lena Dunham’s ghastly costume sum up ‘Feminist Ideology 2015’? Like THIS [photo]


This says it ALL. And what it says is sickening.

SHATTERING perspective: Obama says death penalty ‘deeply troubling’; Yet he supports THIS? (it’s enraging)


What Obama just said about the death penalty, but not about THIS will make you fume.

‘Scum’ scores? Andrea Tantaros presents ‘Exhibit A’ on why Donald Trump is leading, blasts media

Andrea Tantaros

OUCH, lapdog media!

‘DEPRAVITY deepens’: This latest Planned Parenthood video is truly beyond ghastly


Needed more proof that Planned Parenthood is a monstrous organization? Look no further:

OUCH: What Martha MacCallum noticed about Trump’s Today Show spot will make other candidates cry


Oh dear …

SHAMEFUL: The media bias (outright LIE) in this newspaper headline is unbelievable [photo]


Holy Cow. This newspaper headline and its “PITIFUL” correction will seriously make you fume.

Game Over! James Woods flogs Hillary Clinton (and lapdog media) with this 1 KNOCK OUT question


James Woods absolutely nails Hillary Clinton and the lapdog “fluffers” who protect her.

PATHETIC: What’s up with this ludicrous (and lying) self-quote, Debbie Wasserman Schultz?


So, this is embarrassing: Debbie Wasserman Schultz quotes HERSELF; Epic fail ensues.

Notice anything familiar about Donald Trump’s ‘struggle’? These people did!


“The struggle is real!” And awkward …

WTH: People can’t stop laughing at what Donald Trump just called a ‘struggle’

Donald Trump

Did this reply from Donald Trump make him a ‘less pleasant Billy Madison’?

‘FOOL!’ Journo Jonathan Chait wants conservatives to account for ‘persistent racism’ HERE?

got racism?

Forgot something, buddy? That awkward moment when the boy who cried racism had to be reminded of THIS …

YIKES! What the heck just happened at this Donald Trump campaign rally? [photos, video]

Donald Trump

Bonus: Will this one quote from the campaign rally be making the rounds this weekend?

WTH? Guess who was the first celebri-ghoul actress to politicize Hurricane Patricia


Pathetic and sad politicizing of potential tragedy.

Sen. Booker treats deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi as a JOKE; Will he look at THIS? [screenshot]


Care to take a look at this, Senator? Not so funny now, is it?

SHAMEFUL: What this Dem senator said about Hillary Clinton, Benghazi is unbelievable. And vile [gif]

shame on you

What is up with this, Cory Booker? Grossly insensitive and disgustingly flippant.

‘BOOM!’ James Woods drubs Hillary Clinton with these 6 kick-ass tweets, 1 PERFECT four-letter word


SO GOOD: This epic truth-nailing of Hillary Clinton by actor James Woods made our day.

Hillary Clinton won’t like this warning from Tammy Bruce; See why she has HAD IT with Hillary [photo]


Reason #7,834 Hillary Clinton is a shameless liar.

SHAMEFUL: What’s up with Hillary Clinton’s Obama face at Benghazi hearing? [photos]


Wow indeed. Or, you know, shameful and shameless. Some people also noticed these disturbing things about Hillary Clinton’s face during the Benghazi hearing this morning: Hillary stop smirking and wipe that smug look off your face, he is talking about PEOPLE THAT DIED. Have some respect. #Benghazi — Kisha Patel (@kishapatel) October 22, 2015 Hillary's […]

LIAR: Did Hillary Clinton seriously say THIS about Benghazi, YouTube video? Katie Pavlich skewers with truth


It takes just ONE flashback for Katie Pavlich to crush this Hillary Clinton shameful and outrageous lie.

Some people notice something disturbing about Obama, Biden and their ties at no-run speech [photos]

dorothy zbornak i could vomit just looking at you

Worst bromance ever? Take a look at Obama and Biden … and their outfits … at today’s no-run announcement.

PHOTO, GIF: Is this what Obama and Biden did today? (Probably. Too good to check)



Ready to mock like the wind? Get a load of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s absurd reax to Biden news

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

FAIL: The idiot is strong with this one, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

OOPS! Inadvertent truth: Did Joe Biden just call Barack Obama a ‘threat’ to democracy? (Hint: Yes)

Obama and Biden

Oh boy! Self-awareness is hard.

Nice try Hillary Clinton, but we all know this is how you ACTUALLY reacted to Biden’s no-run [GIF]


THAT and 1 GIF show Hillary Clinton’s actual reaction to Joe Biden’s no-run announcement.

So, this Hillary Clinton tweet to Joe Biden after no-run announcement is SUPER lame


Hey, put your money where your mouth is Hillary (Except no one is falling for it!)

Joe No! These 3 words, 1 comedy gold photo (sorry!) sum up Joe Biden’s pres run announcement


Best photo ever? “Biden Watch” may be over, but there is still much sidesplitting mockery to be had …

True LOL! Andrea Tantaros knows why Joe Biden REALLY doesn’t want to run. And we can’t stop laughing [photo]

andrea tantaros

Why is this snark-tweet making people say “Haha ha, LOL!”? See for yourself …

What Ted Cruz just said to Laura Ingraham about feckless GOP ‘leadership’ will make you fist pump! (seriously)


The craven need not apply.

Pander, rinse, repeat: For the women? See Hillary Clinton crash and burn with ONE shameful tweet

bill and hillary clinton laugh

Did she seriously just claim THIS? Shamelessly shameful.

OUCH! Jim Webb drops pres bid; What did he REALLY say to Dems? (Truth hurts, libs)


The truth hurts, libs.

WTH: Jim Geraghty nutshells this chilling Democrat poll with 1 photo


This Democrat polling is beyond disturbing. Who are the wing nutty wing nuts with wings?

Should this embarrassing claim end Joe Biden’s possible pres campaign? (Hint: Holy cow)


Oh, Joe.

OMG: Debbie Wasserman Schultz scores 2nd Idiot Award with this Vine exposing inadvertent truth about Dems


“Bwahahaha!” How idiotic is Wasserman Schultz? THIS idiotic (holy cow, check out her Vine tweet).

SO GOOD: These captions for this embarrassing Obama photo are cracking people up


President Obama won’t like these hilarious captions, but we sure do!

WTH: Hillary spin fail? What Donna Brazile just said is either utterly asinine or beyond chilling


A Hillary Clinton spin fail? What in the hell did she mean by THIS?

Emetic of the week: ICYMI, What Joy Behar said about Bernie Sanders is SO disturbing it’s hurl-inducing


The stuff of nightmares.

‘Amazing’: Bernie Sanders crushing Hillary Clinton with young voters; Is THIS the reason?


These poll numbers are “STUNNING.” But is this why?

Want a quick laugh? Pat Sajak puts climate change ‘settled science’ in snark-tastic perspective



People are giving this pervy George Takei troll take-down a ‘standing ovation.’ Because, hilarious! [screenshot]

George Takei oh my

This epic George Takei response wins the Take-down of the Week!

Creep-out of the week! These 2 Hillary Clinton cult photos will make you scream in horror


If you thought the creepy Obama cult was bad, wait until you see THIS.

Wow. Just … wow. Did Hillary Clinton seriously just say THIS about #SpiritDay and bullying?

hillary clinton point

Yikes! What’s self-awareness, huh, Hillary Clinton?

Why these 5 moronic Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweets are the ‘funniest things read all day’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

A plethora of mock-worthy absurdity! Try to read these without busting a gut with mock-snickers.