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Best response yet? Michelle Malkin nutshells Chris Cuomo’s maddening ‘hate speech’ claim with ONE photo

Michelle Malkin

Clueless Chris Cuomo gets schooled by Michelle Malkin with ONE perfect photo.

Wow: Marc Lamont Hill’s take on Garland shooting, free speech is foul (and beyond parody)


Free speech is hard for Marc Lamont Hill. What is easy for him? Foul victim blaming.

This ‘Daily Show’ attempt to slam conservatives over ‘climate change’ is idiotic beyond belief

did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast

Did “The Daily Show” win the award for the most asinine Earth Day tweet? Signs point to yes.

This ONE question for Obama puts his Earth Day hype in devastating perspective


Obama won’t like this shattering question, but it needs to be asked.

If you thought new photo of Hillary’s swooning lapdog base was bad, these flashback pics will make you cringe


Were we prescient? Remember this? Check out the pitiful media beclowning over Hillary Clinton.

Is THIS Hillary Clinton economic plan the most facepalm-inducing yet? (Boy, is it!)


Let this “sink in.” Seriously. You won’t believe the latest idiocy from Hillary Clinton.

Wow; Stay classy! This actress’ Hillary Clinton announcement tweet taunts you ‘b*tches’

Anchorman stay classy

How classy is this Hillary-supporting actress? THIS classy (Hint: Not classy at all)

Wait, NOW he’s for Hillary? This flashback reminder for Oliver Willis is just TOO GOOD (You’ll laugh ’til you cry)


That awkward moment when hack Oliver Willis needs to be reminded about his OWN WORDS.Oli

#WhyHillaryIsLate: We know the real reason why Hillary was late (and it will crack you up) [photo]


What was with the delay, Hillary? Is this the reason? (It’s funny, because it could be true.)

‘Brain trusts': Hillary’s announcement goes off without a hitch. Just kidding! Check out the mock-tastic fail


Well, Hillary Clinton is off to a GREAT start. (Hint: By “great,” we mean totally mockable)

Ready for Hillary? Here is ALL you need to know in one neat little truth-snark question


This really does nutshell Hillary in less than 140 characters.

This ONE truth-bomb photo is only reply needed to media’s Rand Paul has ‘problem with women’ lie


How sexist are media? THIS sexist: One photo says it all.

Resolved: This whining Guardian hack’s snit fit (and new gig) are truly beyond parody


Boy, did this Guardian hack make an utter fool out of herself over Rand Paul. Persecution complex, anyone?

See Bill Kristol take on Univ. of Mich. for its ‘American Sniper’ idiocy as only he can (Bonus: Harbaugh idea?)

Bill Kristol

Hint: It’s awesome.

Univ. of Mich. coach Harbaugh’s slam of UM’s ‘American Sniper’ idiocy is the most kick-ass we’ve seen!


“Can’t favorite this tweet enough!” See how Coach Harbaugh shamed Univ. of Michigan beautifully.

Michelle Malkin puts Wasserman Schultz’s evil in gruesome perspective with this devastating photo

Michelle Malkin

Hey, Debbie: What do you say about THIS, sicko?

This Jonah Goldberg shaming question for media about sicko Wasserman Schultz just NAILS it. And them

Jonah Goldberg

Hey, media! Care to answer THIS?

It takes just this ONE crushing truth from Rand Paul to throttle twisted pro-abort Debbie Wasserman Schultz [video]


Watch Rand Paul throttle twisted pro-abort Debbie Wasserman Schultz with her own words.

‘Love it!’ This Rob Lowe response to ‘delusional’ Claire McCaskill is just TOO GOOD (it’s snark-licious!)

Rob Lowe

Actor Rob Lowe slams Claire McCaskill and it is beautiful.

This Rob Lowe truth-snark sums up Rolling Stone disgrace with one BRUTAL hashtag

Rob Lowe

This Rob Lowe truth-snark about Rolling Stone is right on the money.

Backlash! CBS scrubs hack Alix Bryan’s affiliation: Here’s why that’s even MORE of a fail


Institutionalized bias: Don’t look now CBS, but your latest move after hack employee falsely reported fundraiser for fraud is a TOTAL fail

Looky here! Something curious about Twitter bio of CBS hack who reported Memories Pizza fund for fraud [pics]


Busted! Some people notice a little something curious about the Twitter feed of the CBC hack who reported Memories Pizza fundraiser for fraud. Don’t miss the screenshots!

Pizza pandering? This prediction of a new Obama Czar position is funny because we can see it being true


“That’s it, I’m done!” Can YOU see this happening? Sadly (yet hilariously), we can!

Want to see Sally Kohn’s Iran idiocy brutally burned with 1 devastating point? It’s THIS easy …


Hey Sally, what about THIS? Where is your consistency, sweetie? Oh, that’s right. You are only consistently asinine, as this one point proves.

These lib threats to man who launched GoFundMe for Memories Pizza will make your blood boil [screenshots]


Tolerance? Sicko tolerance brigade launches attack on The Blaze contributor who started GoFundMe campaign for Memories Pizza. The threats will make you sick.

‘You’re insane!’ How cuckoo is Sally Kohn? THIS cuckoo (Boy, her take on Iran deal is unreal)

Sally Kohn wrong again

This tweet from Sally Kohn is truly outrageously stupid.

Nutshelled nuts: How does this Ed Schultz RFRA must-see meltdown say it ALL? Here’s how [video]


What does Ed Schultz’s snit fit reaction to being crushed by Heritage guest show? See what it nutshells (emphasis on nut).

Here’s the video Ed Schultz won’t want you to see: THIS is what libs do when losing RFRA debate (and their minds)

Ed Schultz

You have to see Ed Schultz’s RFRA meltdown after he’s crushed by Heritage guest.

‘Liar!’ This Indiana RFRA tweet from Stephen King makes him the jackassiest jackass in all of jackassdom

Stephen King

Ludicrous liar, liar, pants on fire.

Paging self-awareness! In Kennedy speech, Obama bemoans ‘money, special interests'; Then he did THIS


So, did Obama’s Kennedy speech again show a staggering lack of self-awareness? (Hint: Heck yes)

What Obama said about Ted Kennedy today wasn’t just outrageously idiotic; It was enraging [photos]


How sickening were Obama’s remarks about Ted Kennedy today? THIS sickening (you will fume).

Media swoon over new ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah. Then this embarrassing OOPS happened


Progs of pallor fail AGAIN! Check out this Trevor Noah oops.

Breaking: Shooting at NSA’s Fort Meade; Reports: 1 dead, 2 men disguised as women [photos, video]


More information is coming in about the shooting at the NSA’s Fort Meade headquarters. Two people injured at entrance to NSA headquarters: Emergency responders were on the scene of the incident at … — Tourej Ansari (@tourejansari) March 30, 2015 BREAKING: Shooting outside NSA facility at Fort Meade; two men disguised as women attempted […]

ICYMI: That awkward moment when Hillary Clinton boards #BoycottIndiana train, but forgot about THIS [video]

Hillary Clinton

Oops! Here is a flashback reminder for you, Hillary. Since you seem to be forgetting something in your Indiana outrage.

It takes just ONE Iowahawk tweet to nutshell absurdity of Left’s #BoycottIndiana outrage



So, this Obama admin photo says it ALL; What it says is depressing and frightening


Top men! Is this photo the most frightening and depressing one ever? Signs point to yes.

‘Are you high?’ Did journo Ron Fournier have stupidest Cruz, Obamacare takes yet? It will boggle your mind

hello my name is stupid

Wow. This outrageous stupidity from journo Ron Fournier about Ted Cruz and Obamacare is truly mind-boggling.

How stupid is this MMFA Cruz derangement idiocy? Easily smacked down with TWO little letters


Media Matters for America’s latest Cruz-derangement idiocy is so stupid that TWO little letters crush it.

Well looky here! New Yorker shamelessly scrubs racist ‘uppity’ term from Ted Cruz article


Did you see THIS racist term in New Yorker’s article about Ted Cruz? It was scrubbed, but the Internet is forevah!

Curious that: This ONE thing missing from media’s Cruz coverage says it all; And what is says is pathetic


Boy, does THIS just say it all about lapdog media.

We’ll take eye rolls for $100: Was this FLOTUS category Jeopardy’s most cringe-inducing yet? [photo]


How pathetic is Jeopardy? THIS pathetic.

Is this Andy Richter Ted Cruz slam the stupidest one yet? (Hint: Boy, is it!)

Andy Richter

How stupid is Andy Richter’s Ted Cruz slam attempt? THIS stupid.

Don’t look now Montel Williams, but your snarky slogan for Ted Cruz points out OBAMA’s failures


Whoops! That awkward moment when Montel Williams tries to slam Sen. Ted Cruz and ends up highlighting what a failure OBAMA is.

Stephen Kruiser TEARS into pro-aborts, feckless GOP; His truth-boom rant is the best we’ve seen lately


Read this and pump your fist!

‘INSANITY': This ONE screenshot exposes just how ‘affordable’ Obamacare plans are and it’s devastating


Whoa. This is the most devastating Obamacare exposure we’ve seen.

Lapdogs, part gazillion: Some people notice something curious about what NYT headline calls Obamacare [pic]


Huh. As bad (yet totally predicted) news about Obamacare rolls in, look what the New York Times calls it.

So, Fox Business’ Kennedy just terrified Twitter with this spooky Instagram that’s the creepiest we’ve seen! [photo]


Holy Ghost! How creepy is the Instagram Kennedy just posted? THIS creepy (prepare yourselves).

This Rob Lowe snarky shaming of absurd Starbucks will have you saying ‘Amen!’

Rob Lowe

Here’s Rob Lowe shaming racist and absurd Starbucks as only he can.