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Boy, this Twitter convo between actress Julianne Moore and Valerie Jarrett is hurl-worthy (and idiotic)


So, this is embarrassing …

Truth-boom! This James Woods reply to Bernie Sanders says it ALL with just one 4-letter word


Do you love this 4-letter word reply from James Woods to Bernie Sanders as much as we do?

So, these 2 video clips expose yet ANOTHER massive Hillary Clinton email lie in under 8 seconds


Another lie exposed in just under 8 seconds!

SIZE MATTERS: Some people notice something funny about the faces in this Hillary Clinton crowd photo


Gasping for breath! Take a gander at the crowd at this Hillary Clinton campaign event: Hillary Clinton starts a town hall at Manchester Community College. — Dan Merica (@danmericaCNN) October 5, 2015 Bless her heart. And what about this? There are more crackers in this photo than in my chicken soup. #Hillary — RightWired […]

WOW: Racist, much? What Salon called Michelle Malkin is beyond foul

Michelle Malkin

Salon is beyond disgusting. And the epic hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING.

Notice anything curiously missing from SNL’s Hillary Clinton skits? We did! And it’s pathetic


PATHETIC! SNL viewers wonder: Why was THIS missing from SNL’s Hillary sketches?

OOPS! Michael Moore’s diversity insanity inadvertently exposes THIS truth about Dems, GOP [photo]



OMG: What Michael Moore just called the ‘lack of diversity’ in Hollywood is truly INSANE


How disgusting is Michael Moore? THIS disgusting …

Did Hillary Clinton really just mock GOP for THIS? That awkward moment when she’s reminded she’s a hypocrite


Notice anything curious about these Hillary Clinton remarks? We did!

So bad yet SO GOOD: This epic New York Times correction has people in stitches! [screenshot]


Well, this is wince-worthy. Yet utterly sidesplitting!

So, this is awkward: Others join Dana Loesch in schooling this foolish Dem senator about … laws


Bob Owens leads the schooling charge and, boy, is it embarrassing. For the senator!

Gun rights tweet of the year? Why this James Woods truth-boom has over 1,000 retweets (Hint: ‘AMEN!’)

James Woods

This boom-truth from the actor will make you fist pump.

If you thought Obama’s UCC shooting speech couldn’t get worse, you’d be wrong; This is truly disgusting


What Obama did during UCC shooting speech is DISGUSTING.

Well, this is embarrassing: 1 graphic and 1 flashback media claim make latest jobs report even WORSE

obama jobs council

Heck of a job, Barry! How bad is the jobs report? Take a look …

JACKASS! Wait until you see how Wolf Blitzer made OBAMA the victim after UCC shooting


Wolf Blitzer should win lickspittle of the year.

‘Proud’ of THIS? This 1 Hillary Clinton brag-tweet shows just how clueless she is (It’s mind-boggling) [photo]


Who makes HIllary Clinton “proud”? The answer is sickening.

OUCH! Do you love Andrea Tantaros’ snark-tastic ideas for Obama as much as we do?


See why this Andrea Tantaros Obama zinger is being called “best tweet I’ve ever read!”

‘DISGUSTING!’ Did you see this? What this ABC journo did after UCC shooting has people outraged [screenshot]

shame on you

You won’t believe what this media vulture did after shooting … and how she doubled down.

Devastating: What is missing from Hillary Clinton’s repugnant ad supporting Planned Parenthood? (Again)


Truth is once again hard for morally bankrupt Hillary Clinton.

Unreal: Some people noticed something OUTRAGEOUS about Hillary Clinton’s phone fail, emails [photo]

Mr. Bean say what

Hmmm. Will media lickspittle treat Hillary Clinton the same way? HAHA! Just kidding. Couldn’t even type that with a straight face. So, apparently Hillary Clinton cannot turn on … a phone. That was hilarious and bad enough, but then came this: Incredible — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) September 30, 2015 What’s incredible? Huma: Logistics problems hamper […]

PERFECT! Do you love this job idea for phone-inept, tech dunce Hillary Clinton as much as we do?


See why people are laughing at this job proposal for Hillary Clinton.

STITCHES: So, this is embarrassing: Hillary Clinton can’t turn on phone. No, really [screenshot]


If anything ever called for an OMG, this does …

What’s self-awareness? These 3 Donna Brazile tweets about Carly Fiorina may be her stupidest ones yet

donna brazile

Donna Brazile may have tweeted her stupidest tweets yet.

OMG: Did Hillary Clinton seriously just retweet THIS about Benghazi? (Hint: You. Will. Fume)

Hillary Clinton campaign button

Wow. Just … wow. How low can Hillary Clinton go? THIS low …

MONSTROUS: What Hillary Clinton just said about Planned Parenthood will enrage you [video]


FUME: How repugnant is Hillary Clinton? THIS is what she is “proud” to support …

OUTRAGEOUS: Did you see this latest Planned Parenthood spin straight out of sick ‘lib playbook’? [screenshot]

Sit 'n Spin

Holy. Cow. Guess what you are being accused of now, GOP.

So, this is disturbing: Some people notice something chilling in Obama’s UN address

Obama Big Brother 1984

Oh boy. Here is why 2016 can’t come soon enough.

Was this line from Obama’s UN speech his most ABSURD yet? Instapundit has zing-tastic fix


WHAT?! This line from Obama’s UN speech is mind-boggling (and mock-worthy).

Embarrassing: Want to see hypocrisy in action? Check out these 2 Hillary Clinton tweets, vid


Zowie! Hillary Clinton just upped the shameful idiocy factor with these 2 tweets.

O-Bam! Andrea Tantaros just crushed this pitiful Obama lie with ONE hard truth

andrea tantaros

Do you love this Andrea Tantaros flogging of President Obama as much as we do?

‘Are you serious?!’ What Harry Reid just said about Boehner resignation is just … wow


Holy Cow, is this guy an idiot! Sen. Reid’s take on Boehner resignation is most ludicrous one yet.

OUCH: People agree this Brit Hume retweet sure sums up Debbie Wasserman Schultz with one 4-letter word


Brit Hume nutshell-nails Debbie Wasserman Schultz with ONE 4-letter word.

SICKENING: These 3 Hillary Clinton tweets expose just how shameless and shameful she is


How desperate and despicable is Hillary Clinton? Take a look and fume.

‘Wow’: Have you seen this ‘powerful’ Carly Fiorina PAC ad proving truth about Planned Parenthood?


Care to respond to THIS, media lickspittles? Warning: It shows the heartbreaking, graphic truth.

It takes just 1 screenshot of AP’s latest shameless Planned Parenthood spin to say it all (Hint: ‘HACKS!’)


The Associated Press just proved they are the hackiest hacks in all of hackdom.

Dems block late-term abortion ban; Guess which Planned Parenthood cheerleader whiffed on vote


This says it all about Dems. And what it says is disgusting.

‘IT’S ON!’ Greta Van Susteren lets Trump HAVE IT; See her blistering reply to his Fox-bash tweets


Trump vs. Fox News: Who wins? You decide.

She’s pathetic: ‘Appalled’? Here’s what Hillary ACTUALLY meant by her ‘Muslim’ lecturing


Cut through the bull to see what liar Hillary Clinton *actually* means by her pathetic scold-tweet.

Made our day! This James Woods photo-slam of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is drub-tastic


Don’t miss this Hillary drubbing: Do you love this James Woods photo-slam as much as we do?

NAILED it! Andrea Tantaros just crushed Hillary Clinton’s ‘Muslim’ hypocrisy with these flashbacks [photo]



OMG: So, Hillary Clinton just doubled down on her Trump/Carson ‘Muslim’ scolding and, boy, it’s embarrassing

Hoo boy! Hillary doubles down on idiocy and it is truly mind-boggling (and mock-tastic)

Bam trifecta! Fiorina fan James Woods just truth-skewered Dems, Hillary Clinton and ‘arm of DNC’ media


OUCH: Actor James Woods just summed up lapdog media brilliantly.

Forgot THIS Sanders quote? Lickspittle media all over Ben Carson’s Muslim remark; 1 graphic exposes bias


It takes just ONE flashback quote to nail media pearl-clutching lapdogs.

How low did they just go? Guttersnipes: Dana Loesch flogs Salon’s latest depravity as only she can


“Monsters!” Morally bankrupt, thy name is Salon.

‘Amazing outpouring’: Memorial fund for Mary Katharine Ham’s husband Jake Brewer raises $124K in under 24 hours


The power of love is amazing.

That awkward moment when Hillary Clinton is 'appalled' by Trump, but forgot what HER campaign did …


“Appalled,” Hillary? Then you must be appalled by your OWN campaign …

Holy. Cow: Did Hillary Clinton seriously just lecture Trump for THIS? (Hint: What's self-awareness?)


That awkward moment when Hillary Clinton attacks Trump, forgets what self-awareness is.

In stitches: Is this proposed Biden 2016 photo the 'best tweet ever'? (Boy, it's up there!)


Are you giggling as much as we are?