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‘OMG!’ Are these Hillary Clinton vid clips the most painfully embarrassing ever? (Can’t. Stop. Laughing)

Clinton US South Africa

Oh, the humanity! These 2 video clips of Hillary Clinton will seriously crack you up.

What about THIS ‘noose,’ Rep Moore? Here’s some BRUTAL truth for the foul Dem …


It takes just ONE devastating truth to crush moron Rep. Moore and her foul “noose” remark about Gov. Walker.

If you thought Rep. Moore’s ‘noose’ remark about Scott Walker was bad, here’s what made it even WORSE

hello my name is stupid

Just how ridiculously idiotic is Dem rep Gwen Moore? THIS idiotic.

Did this Dem Rep just outrageously say THIS about Scott Walker? These 2 replies should shame her


Did you see what this Dem rep disgustingly said about Scott Walker? ONE reply sets her straight.

OUTRAGEOUS: Some people notice something telling about media reports of #ProtestPP rallies


FUME-INDUCING: Check out what mainstream media reported about Planned Parenthood protest rallies … (Hint: It’s a short read).

#BlackMonday: OOPS! These Eric Boehlert Dow flashback tweets are beyond parody [screenshots]


How ignorant is Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert? We dare you to check out these flashback tweets without cracking up.

Curious! Hey libs: Care to explain THIS about the protest Planned Parenthood rallies?


Happy warriors.

Rubio’s football? It takes just this ONE comparison question to nutshell sad state of media


Well, this question says it all about media. And what it says is fume-inducing.

Never gets old: Here’s how Hillary Clinton’s emoji campaign disaster sparked this genius ‘tweet of the year!’


Do you love this snark-tastically genius “tweet of the year” as much as we do?

‘This is pathetic!’ So, Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed just became even more embarrassing …


Boy, is Hillary Clinton NOT good at running for president …

Wow. Just … wow: Did you see what Hillary Clinton just said about her email scandal?!

Hillary what difference does it make

Did Hillary Clinton seriously just say THIS about her email scandal? (Hint: ZOWIE!)

‘Made my day!’ This James Woods photo-slam of Obama and Cecile Richards is absolutely brutal


BRUTAL: Actor James Woods nails Obama, Planned Parenthood pres with just ONE photo caption.

‘CLOWN SHOW!’ Was this Marie Harf’s reason for the most embarrassing White House Iran Deal tweet ever?


The inmates are running the asylum.

Outrageous and shameful: Just how bad was the last WH tweet about the #IranDeal? THIS bad

Jackie Chan wtf

So, this is unbelievable …

Accidental truth: Notice anything curious about this Hillary team meeting photo? We did (Yikes!)


That awkward moment when Hillary’s ‘team photo’ inadvertently spills the beans about her “diversity.”

TELLING: Bill Kristol notices something shattering about who is mum on Hillary Clinton email scandal; Agree?

Bill Kristol

Do you agree that THIS silence is quite telling?

Can self-parody Hillary Clinton still be parodied? YES! You’re about to see what sparked #HillarysBookShelf


If you thought self-beclowning Hillary could no longer be parodied, you’d be wrong! These tweets will have you in stitches.

Did Politico seriously say THIS? Instapundit notices something insane about its spin for Liar Lois Lerner

dude wtf

You will not believe what Politico called people questioning Lois Lerner (Hint: Hackiest hacks in all of hackdom)

‘SAY WHAAAT?!’ Amanda Carpenter highlights real chapters of book Hillary Clinton sought; It’s beyond parody!


Wow … just wow. You truly can’t make this stuff up.

‘Just laughed so hard!’ James Woods perfectly sums up Hillary Clinton’s campaign with just ONE GIF slam


Yoo Hoo, Hillary! You won’t like this photo-shredding by actor James Woods, but we love it. Does it “make your day” too?

It takes under 140 characters for Charles C.W. Cooke to say it ALL about Hillary Clinton’s campaign crash today


SO GOOD. Not for Hillary Clinton, but for everyone else.

‘Seriously?!’ Well, you won’t believe it but Hillary Clinton just doubled down on her emoji idiocy …


“Stop digging, it’s embarrassing.” So, Hillary Clinton just doubled down on her emoji idiocy. And it’s MOCK-TASTIC.

WIN! Jedediah Bila sums up Hillary Clinton’s tweet fail with brutal truth and just 1 PERFECT emoji


How can you slay Hillary Clinton in just a handful of characters? It’s easy! Take a look …

Some people notice something even WORSE about Hillary Clinton’s emoji idiocy (Hint: Humiliating)


OOPS! If you thought Hillary Clinton’s emoji request itself was bad enough, guess again! It got worse …

So, this is doubly embarrassing: Hillary Clinton asks for emojis (no, for real) and this happened …


Be careful what you ask for Hillary! (Snickering maniacally.)

OMG: Does this embarrassing Hillary Clinton tweet mark ‘the end of her campaign’? (Hint: HOLY COW)


Wow. Just … wow. Is this Hillary Clinton’s most ABSURD tweet ever? (Hint: Boy, is it!)

‘On the money!’ Dennis Miller just nutshell-nailed Hillary Clinton; She won’t like it, but you’ll LOVE it

Dennis Miller

OUCH! This Hillary Clinton zinger from Dennis Miller will crack you up.

‘BOOM’ tweet win! Do you love this Scott Walker reply to Hillary Clinton as much as we do?


BEAUTIFUL: This Scott Walker tweet reply to Hillary Clinton should win an award!

SO GOOD: Lila Rose lets Trump have it over Planned Parenthood flip-flop and it’s kick-ass


Do you love Lila Rose’s take-down of Donald Trump as much as we do?

Some people noticed something curious about Fox News’ treatment of Ted Cruz; Do you agree?



Mind-boggling lapdoggery! It takes just this ONE Twitter exchange with journo to nutshell state of media


This journo’s observation is mind-boggling.

Hume Boom ‘wins the day!’ Brit Hume torches Trump with deadpan snark; People can’t stop laughing


This is truly a “perfect retort.” See how Brit Hume’s “biting wit wins the day” and has people gasping for breath.

‘Are you high?’ What Politico’s Thrush just compared getting a summons in Ferguson to is INSANE

hello my name is stupid

Holy cow, this is EPIC stupidity.

Fringe FAIL: Did the DNC seriously just tweet this about Rubio and abortion? (See them get schooled)


The lack of self-awareness is staggering.

Snark-tastic: See Bill Kristol taunt Trump for his latest mock-worthy tweet as only he can

Bill Kristol

This made us giggle madly.

So, this is embarrassing: Check out Donald Trump’s most mock-worthy snit fit tweet yet (Hint: Holy Cow!)


Um. WHAT?!

OUCH! Don’t look now Donald Trump, but Erick Erickson crushed your lame slam attempt with 1 brutal truth


Ouch! That’s gotta smart!

TWISTED: Did you see this sign spotted at Planned Parenthood clinic? (It will make you sick) [photo]


“Ghouls will be ghouls.” The twisted … it scorches.

Janice Dean sums up bitter Donald Trump’s shot at Carly Fiorina with simple snark-tastic hashtag

Janice Dean


Oops! CNN’s Cuomo covers for WH, Planned Parenthood, but did he inadvertently out Obama for THIS?


Rut-roh! Here’s how CNN’s Chris Cuomo accidentally outed President Willful Ignorance.

These replies to idiot White House sycophant Chris Cuomo have us in stitches (and pumping our fists!)

did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast

Mock-tastic! CNN’s Chris Cuomo won’t like these replies to his epic lapdoggery, but we LOVE them!

Holy lapdog! Did CNN’s Chris Cuomo seriously just say THIS to cover for White House over Planned Parenthood?


This is truly unbelievable!

CNN hack Dan Pfeiffer concern trolls GOP over Planned Parenthood; ONE truth smacks him down


Ghoulish former Obama adviser plays politics with Planned Parenthood. And fails …

Amanda Carpenter nailed MSM, Dems and Planned Parenthood with this GENIUS idea of the month


We love this. Make it happen, GOP.

‘C’MON!’ Are you kidding us? This Ashley Judd defense of Planned Parenthood is the most outlandish one yet


Do you believe this outrageous claim from actress Ashley Judd? We sure don’t!

‘SHAME ON YOU!’: Injunction to hide the truth? How low can pro-abortion orgs go? THIS low [photo]


PANIC: National Abortion Federation’s latest move shows how desperate they are.

‘Coffee spew!’ Some people notice something curious about Hillary Clinton’s voice and it has us in stitches!


You won’t be able to contain your laughter when you see this.

Did you see how shameful New York Times covered 4th gruesome Planned Parenthood video? (Hint: FUME)


Need more proof that the New York Times is a shameful disgrace? Look no further …