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After tragic shootings, does this striking reaction sum up the clear difference between Left and Right?


Reactions show the key difference between libs and conservatives.

So, is this how Joe Biden tried to outdo Obama’s photo op hug with Nina Pham? (Probably)

Biden sunglasses

It’s funny because it could be true.

#TweetAPicOfYourDog: This citizen’s photo of ‘my dog with Obama’ is beyond perfect

Obama empty chair


See what you did there! This MTV star questions bowling Ebola-positive doc with snarky Obama reference

stupid alert

We see what you did there and it was beautiful.

Jumpers denied? Some people notice something hilarious about ‘improved’ White House ‘fence’ [photos]


Can you spot much of a difference with this totally game-changing security measure? Government at work!

Obama, CDC won’t like S.E. Cupp’s truth-snark question about Ebola-exposed docs, so let’s ask it!

SE Cupp

Common sense is hard.

Self-monitoring snafus. Again: Fox News’ Julie Banderas has key questions for Obama, CDC


It’s the incompetence, stupid.

Bravo’s Caroline Manzo has HAD IT with Ebola ‘self-monitoring’ idiocy; Slams CDC


“Oh my God.” Bravo star can’t believe the CDC incompetence. Can you?

Ebola in NYC? Time for douche-spin! Here’s Paul Begala being a jackass and causing ‘mental image’ horror


See Paul Begala try to spin like the wind and end up causing horror instead.

Outrageous: Here’s when subway-riding, bowling Ebola-positive doc reportedly felt ill (Hint: Not today)

did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast

Is this the most outrageous aspect of the latest Ebola case? Boy, it’s up there!

It takes just 4 little letters for this singer to sum up news of Ebola-positive doctor


Well, that says it all.

‘Can’t make this up!’ Guess where Ebola-positive NYC doctor may have gone bowling; Alley closed?; Update: Alley confirmed closed


Irony, irresponsibility and possible contamination.