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CNN hack Dan Pfeiffer concern trolls GOP over Planned Parenthood; ONE truth smacks him down


Ghoulish former Obama adviser plays politics with Planned Parenthood. And fails …

Amanda Carpenter nailed MSM, Dems and Planned Parenthood with this GENIUS idea of the month


We love this. Make it happen, GOP.

‘C’MON!’ Are you kidding us? This Ashley Judd defense of Planned Parenthood is the most outlandish one yet


Do you believe this outrageous claim from actress Ashley Judd? We sure don’t!

‘SHAME ON YOU!': Injunction to hide the truth? How low can pro-abortion orgs go? THIS low [photo]


PANIC: National Abortion Federation’s latest move shows how desperate they are.

‘Coffee spew!’ Some people notice something curious about Hillary Clinton’s voice and it has us in stitches!


You won’t be able to contain your laughter when you see this.

Did you see how shameful New York Times covered 4th gruesome Planned Parenthood video? (Hint: FUME)


Need more proof that the New York Times is a shameful disgrace? Look no further …

WHAT?! Did Josh Earnest seriously just say THIS about ghastly Planned Parenthood videos?


Is this real life? What the White House is saying about Planned Parenthood videos is beyond belief.

OMG: ‘Speechless!’ Can you believe what depraved Planned Parenthood just outrageously tweeted?


Holy. Cow. How low can Planned Parenthood go? THIS low …

‘JAIL!’ Actor Adam Baldwin notices graphic with most damning Planned Parenthood quote yet [photo]

adam baldwin day break

Boy, is this damning! Paging Planned Parenthood lawyer …

Planned Parenthood sells body parts? Not a story, guys! But THESE were stories, said New York Times


Nothing to see here, guys. But THIS? Outrage!

SMACK DOWN: Why silent on Planned Parenthood, media? This 1 flashback reminder exposes you …


This ONE flashback reminder puts lapdogs in, well, the dog house.

DAMNING: These 6 quotes from 4th Planned Parenthood video will make your blood boil [photos, video]



Ouch! Brit Hume just nutshell-nailed Hillary Clinton with 3 words; She won’t like it, but we LOVE it


How can one nutshell Hillary Clinton with just 3 little words? Like THIS …

‘Amen!’ Here’s how Dana Loesch skewered ‘feminist’ Jill Filipovic with 1 KEY greater than symbol

Dana Loesch

Lions? Take THAT, depraved “feminist” Planned Parenthood defenders.

SHAKE FISTY: This twisted Cosmo writer just exposed utter depravity of pro-Planned Parenthood ‘feminists’


Did she seriously just say THIS? Prepare to shake your fists with fume!

RESOLVED: Can you hear us now, Obama? THIS is what needs to happen to Planned Parenthood NOW

Obama listen

Just the tip of the iceberg …

OUTRAGEOUS: Some people notice something telling about media reports on 3rd Planned Parenthood video


Check out what mainstream media is reporting about latest Planned Parenthood atrocities … (Hint: It’s a short read).

PURE EVIL: No words for how horrific latest Planned Parenthood video is? Here’s the only word needed

Child Praying

Sickened: This one word is all you need to know about monstrous Planned Parenthood.

Just this ONE quote from shocking Planned Parenthood video says it all; What it says is beyond monstrous



GHASTLY: ‘How much can we get out of it?’ This 3rd Planned Parenthood video is the most gruesome one yet


Defund Planned Parenthood. NOW.

It gets worse … for HER: Here are 2 polling graphs that will make Hillary Clinton stop ‘chilling’ [photo]


How bad are Hillary’s poll numbers? THIS bad. “Just Chilling”? Not anymore, baby!

WHAT?! So, this is dumbfounding: Hillary Clinton was asked about Keystone and her answer was … [video]


Holy Hell, what a gutsy call: So, this Hillary Clinton answer to Keystone question was dumbfounding … [video]

These captions for this embarrassing photo of Obama and Biden will have you in stitches!


See why these captions have people ‘dying’ with laughter!

‘Hot Diggity!’ Summer heat: Andrea Tantaros sparks sweat with this ‘smoking’ Instagram photo


Bikini + Andrea Tantaros = Summer at its best!

Zowie! Did Andrea Mitchell seriously just double down on her Hillary Clinton email idiocy with THIS?


Boy, this one is a doozy! The idiocy … it scorches.

‘BULL!’ Some people notice something absurd about Andrea Mitchell’s attempt to cover Hillary email scandal


Don’t look now Andrea Mitchell, but you are being schooled over THIS ludicrous claim.

The best part of Hillary Clinton’s floundering poll numbers? We are loving THIS glorious schadenfreude [photo]


Hey, Dems! They won’t like this ‘friendly reminder’ about Hillary Clinton’s floundering poll numbers but we LOVE it [photo]

‘WAT?’ So, apparently Sally Kohn is trying to post her stupidest tweets ever all in one day …


Holy Cow! We dare you to try to make sense of these utterly moronic tweets from Sally Kohn.

Oops: Get him a link to Urban Dictionary! This CNBC journo just tweeted best unintentional TMI ever?


You will be in STITCHES after checking this tweet out!

So Good: ‘BOOM!’ This GIF nutshells (emphasis on nut) media’s lapdoggery for Hillary Clinton


We LOVE this so much. ‘Perfect analogy!’ How does media handle bad Hillary news? Like THIS.

‘OH SNAP!’ Actor Adam Baldwin sums up just how foul Hillary Clinton is with only 3 letters

Adam Baldwin

It takes just one 3-letter question from actor Adam Baldwin to NAIL Hillary Clinton (and lapdog media).

What makes Hillary Clinton’s rapid response steamrolling of NYT even worse? THIS shattering perspective

Hillary what difference does it make

So, Hillary Clinton is disgusting …

So, Sens. Menendez and Boxer were totally into John Kerry’s Iran deal hearing, huh? [photo]


Awkward! Check out the “rapt attention” they were paying to John Kerry.

Well, this is embarrassing: Hillary Clinton explains why you should vote for her and, Holy Hell, it’s mind-boggling!


Good Lord! See why this HIllary quote is cracking people up (Hint: She ‘literally has nothing’).

BULL! Wow … just wow. Did Nancy Pelosi really just say THIS in defense of Planned Parenthood?


Holy crap. This is truly OUTRAGEOUS.

This 4-point list says it ALL about Planned Parenthood; What it says is repugnant

Sit 'n Spin

This is ALL you ever need to know about monstrous Planned Parenthood.

Wait … what? Feds want to go after THIS? The epic irony has us in stitches!


SO RICH: The schadenfreude is strong with this one!

WTH: Was this Jon Stewart question for Obama the most hurl-inducing, cultish question ever? (Hint: Boy, was it!)


Oh, FFS! Better grab your hurl bucket before you read this.

Boom tweet of the year! This Scott Walker reply to Hillary Clinton should win an award!


Scott Walker is “extreme,” Hillary Clinton? Yeah, an extreme badass — hope you like his tweet to you! Snicker.

So, this is just embarrassing: How ‘sad’ is Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed? THIS sad [photos]


Schadenfreude alert!

‘Tone’ problem? Michelle Malkin let Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards HAVE IT with gruesome truth

Michelle Malkin


How low can he go? This photo of Obama and Jon Stewart will seriously enrage you; Here’s why

Obama laughing

Stomach-churning: Can President Obama sink any lower? Evidently so …

Laura Ingraham smacks down Planned Parenthood, media as only she can (It will make you yell ‘Amen!’)


What about THIS litmust test, lapdog media?

Zowie! Did Hillary Clinton really call Scott Walker THIS? (May be the worst timed tweet ever)


Is this the worst timed tweet ever? Boy, it’s up there!

Media silence, ‘BLOOD MONEY': Live Action’s Lila Rose nails Hillary Clinton with one Planned Parenthood question


The lapdog media won’t ask this, but we will!

Oops! Did Amanda Marcotte just accidentally out media for its Planned Parenthood bias? (Boy, she’s an idiot!)

Amanda Marcotte

Bless her foul little heart.

Amanda Marcotte’s spin for Planned Parenthood is truly insane; Here’s how it’s quashed with ONE word

Amanda Marcotte

Did Amanda Marcotte seriously just try to use THIS to defend Planned Parenthood?

Why is Lamborghini trending? Just when you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t get more depraved … ; Update: Screenshot


Prepare to have your stomach turn; Planned Parenthood passes rock bottom and is now scraping earth’s mantle.