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#Fruitpickers and #Bedmakers: Proud, Obama? Bigoted amnesty speech sparks 2 hashtags (Bonus brutal point)


Don’t miss this BRUTAL and key point about Obama’s foul #Fruitpickers remarks during executive amnesty speech.

It takes just 2 lines from executive amnesty speech to expose Obama’s utter lack of self-awareness

Obama clueless head scratch

If you thought Obama’s executive amnesty speech couldn’t get more maddening, you’d be wrong! Take a look.

Megyn Kelly, others notice what Obama REALLY gave America with his executive amnesty [photo]


THIS is how Obama feels about you, Americans. (It’s maddening.)

Don’t look now liar Obama, but this LEGAL immigrant is TEARING into you (and it’s beautiful)


“I’m not playing. I want my money back”: This legal immigrant crushes Obama with truth and THREE little words.

Most racist speech ever? (Hint: Yes) You won’t believe what Obama thinks all immigrants are

got racism?

Wow. How racist is Obama? THIS racist, “fruit pickers.”

Boom! On ‘Kelly File,’ Ted Cruz nutshells Obama’s immigration order with ONE truth-snark


O-Bam! Ted Cruz scores on “Kelly File” with this spot-on truth-snark about President Stompy Foot.

Jeb Bush digs heels in on Common Core because civil rights and stuff (Boy, is he ludicrous!)

Jeb Bush

You seriously won’t believe Jeb Bush’s latest reasons for pushing Common Core.

Unbelievable! Was this horrible Jerusalem terror attack CNN graphic a gaffe or foul bias? [photo]


You won’t believe this. Heck of a job, CNN (and other lapdogs).

Oops! See how even these Vox job openings display a staggering lack of self-awareness

Vox site safety

Vox is recruiting top hacks! The replies will crack you up.

This Jonathan Gruber version of website is ‘brilliant’ [photo]


Beyond perfect.

This blistering truth-snark cartoon ‘won the day!’ Meet Gruber’s ‘stupid voters’ [photo]


Are these the “stupid voters”? (Hint: YES and, boy, does truth burn)

How big of a buffoon is this Obama-swooning actor? Feast your eyes on this (It’s nonsensical)


Embarrassing! Boy, is he an idiot.

This idea for Obamacare architect Gruber’s memoir is perfect (and will crack you up)


Make this happen.

That awkward moment when Seth MacFarlane tries to bash GOP over Keystone, gets schooled with 3 words

Seth MacFarlane

See MacFarlane schooled with some “help” from Mary Landrieu. And giggle madly.

Salon writer played victim after bashing veterans and Montel Williams let him HAVE it; Guess what happened next

Montel Williams

Douche Salon writer returned to Twitter after bashing vets; Montel Williams schooled him HARD. Guess what happened next?

For Veterans Day, Salon writer returns to Twitter, doubles down on enraging ‘heroes’ jackassery (He’s vile); Update: Bravely ran away AGAIN?


You won’t believe the bile coming out of this guy’s mouth (or keyboard) now.

NYC changes pot policy, but who won the battle of the covers? NY Post, Daily News score ‘high’ praise [photos]


These front pages are groan-worthy, yet awesome.

Here’s Stephen King laughing at his own lame Republican-bashing joke; GOP has the last laugh!


Whoops! Not so funny now, Mr. King, is it? Mwahaha.

‘Spit take!’ Amnesty plus this caption for Obama’s APEC photo equals pure gold. GOLD


Internet? Won.

‘Sinister as all hell!’ Some people totally nailed what Obama looks like in embarrassing APEC outfit [photos]


The mockery is strong with this one.

So, this is awkward (and hilarious): Here’s OFA touting a ‘big week’ and getting creamed [photo]


Well, this is embarrassing.

Don’t look now vets-sneering Salon, but you are being schooled by Montel Williams (and it’s awesome); Updated with brutal challenge

Montel Williams

Here is Montel Williams SLAMMING Salon for its “mindless stupidity.”

Salon sneers in disdain at veterans, but look who it called a hero (It’s enraging) [photo]


You won’t believe who Salon praised as a hero.

‘Face the Nation’ horror! Is this the most terrifying thing Obama has ever threatened? (Hint: Pretty much)


“God help us!”