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You’re about to see why ‘impressively insane’ Sanrio Vine makes up for the horrific Hello Kitty betrayal


Oh, the humanity. Oh, the betrayal! And OMG the creepiness.

‘Onerous’? This question puts ‘lost’ Lerner emails, IRS scandal in eye-opening perspective


Paging lapdogs!

This Paul Begala flashback tweet and replies will have you in tears … of laughter


Bam? Indeed. But not in the way twerp Begala thought it meant.

‘We got this!’ So, how’s that Russia ‘promise of hashtag’ deal going, State Dept.’s Jen Psaki? [photo]


Buffoons are running the country.

This Joe Scarborough, Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow convo might be the creepiest thing ever [photo]


The stuff of nightmares.

Quick question, media: Russia invades Ukraine … Who is shocked today?


Remember this, lapdogs?

ABC’s Terry Moran wants no ‘weasel words': ‘Say it. Russia has invaded Ukraine’ [photos]


Calling it like it is.

Can’t decide which one cracks us up most: These 2 perfect tweets sum up lefty Burger King absurdity [photo]

hello my name is stupid

Burger King is evil because shut up or something.

‘My God!’ Zara pulls shirt with Holocaust imagery, but then doubles down on offensiveness? [photos]



Did Charlie Crist spark the least surprising headline ever?


Shameful, shameless and not surprising.

This wins ‘beer award': What’s the difference between Burger King and Obama?



Hey moms! See a NYT journo mock your ‘faux outrage’ over Dems saying you don’t have a real job

I hate my mom

Sneering war on moms.

Lapdog days of Summer: How do you know a Democrat is in the White House?


Lapdogs lapdoggin’ it up.

We never thought we’d see the day we agreed with a WH strategy. Can get on board with THIS one


Great strategy, champ!

Who else wants to see Rob Lowe vs. NY Mag’s lib writer Jonathan Chait? Here you go!

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe wins, but Chait scores with “best disclosure ever.”

Wasserman Schultz’s ‘intimate gathering’ rally fail equals comedy gold; #1 will have you gasping [photos]


She’s so ronery.