Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan held a rally at a packed Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colo., tonight. It was a sight to behold:

(Picture by @Timodc)

And from the top of the venue:

(Photo by @dmitchell624)

Red Rocks officially holds almost 9,500 people. There were just a few more ticket holders than could be accommodated:

Enthusiasm? You could say that.

Oh, they saw it, SP. Here’s your proof:

Do you think conservatives let that weak talking point slip by unchallenged? Of course not.

Feel that, libs? It’s momentum — and your guy doesn’t have it. Just ask Sandra Fluke.

  • Love of Country

    Lady Liberty …. Uncle Sam ….. please hold on just a lil bit longer, help is on the way!

    • conservativechick

      Here’s a 360 view!

      • Pete Futz

        What a cool shot! Thanks!

      • Love of Country

        Outstanding, Elaine …. thank you!

      • Mindy Wood

        Wow! Thanks! STUNNING!!

      • Michele

        Wow that is awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing Elaine! :) :)

      • $31046492

        So very cool and absolutely inspiring. A friend attended and said he couldn’t believe the feeling in the arena

        • Terri

          It’s called “hope”, the real kind, not built on stupid, phoney words like BHO’s. We’re all just praying that the Lord is delivering us from this evil entity, BHO, and will forgive us and heal our land. Make no mistake, BHO is a gift from God because he’s what it took to wake us us up! However, now he can move right along….

    • candy martin

      Less than 2 more weeks before the Calvary saves the day!

  • J.N. Ashby

    The New Deal was a horrid idea, and it’s sinking our nation.

    • Ginger Wells

      I don’t believe FDR wanted not expected his new deal to get this out of control. I think he’s rolling. The new deal served it’s purpose back then but it has grown dispassionately disproportionately

      • J.N. Ashby

        Yes, he did. Roosevelt was a Communist. I’m surprised he didn’t go for more. It actually didn’t serve it’s purpose. The economy got worse with the New Deal before it got better, though the economy was on its way back up before the New Deal was put into effect. So what really happened is that the economy recovered DESPITE the New Deal.

  • Mike Simpson

    Governor Romney credits God for the beauty of Red Rocks.
    Indignant liberals fume: “God didn’t build Red Rocks. Someone else made that happen!”

    • candy martin

      Bhahahaha no actually, I think that was just Obama. 😉

  • Brett McMicken

    sandra fluke was heard to comment: “i coulda had a crowd like that if that sexist manager at the walmart supercenter had let me set my banner up in their parking lot.”

    • Doreen Bay

      Isn’t fluke considered a “10” now?

      • kelly s ryan

        Ummm she is whats called a “Dem 10″….Conservative 1 in my eyes.

    • GaryTheBrave

      SEATING capacity may be 9500 but there is a lot of SRO space as well.

      I’ve been parked for 2 hrs beside I-70 near Denver Int’l Airport and have yet to see the convoy come through. They must be staying the night here.

  • Jimni27

    I love how the libs immediately wiki’d seating capactiy for Red Rocks and are already debating the size of the crowd. I can’t decide which makes me happier- this crowd size or Flukes :)

  • Amy Corell

    If Romney isn’t really humbled by what’s going on this country, I’ll be surprised.

  • Jim Cooper

    Hold On…Hold On. Don’t you all know they were Paid Union Members! /sarc

  • Katielee4211

    Wow! This is just awesome!

  • Dandee

    Yeah, the White House was built with public funds too and we want someone in there who will respect ALL of the people! RR 2012

    • Terri

      We must pray for our new, future president Romney. He has soooo much to deal with, not to mention the crazy left who plan to take him out. My heart goes out to their families because they’re beginning to understand the potential sacrifice to serve and save our country.

  • Claire Adams

    public funds? dorks. that means taxpayer-funded. did only progs pay taxes under FDR? We built that ( well, grandparents did). Shall we dig out tax returns of our ancestors? are you anti-immigrant now? raaacist? are you anti-poor who didn’t pay taxes back when? hypocrite leftists, way to show who you really are. SMALL and petty and mean.

  • Jack Deth


    Isn’t that about the size of an Obama crowd…. from 2008?!!!

    Anyone want to bet that this gets ZERO media coverage or mention?

    • Brian McKinny

      I still haven’t seen anything about it anywhere on the news, Fox, or otherwise. Should be on every network, but guess what… They are backing Obummer… Idiots.

  • yviemarie88

    Panorama is fabulous. I have goosebumps. We’re on the verge of something big. It’s in the air. Couldn’t be more happy for our candidates, to have something so big happen for them in a place so beautiful!

  • Kandeep

    Looks Promising! I’m afraid to hope because of the Chicago thug in office… Nothing is below him.

  • sharinite

    Progs are so dumb, deaf and blind that the miss the entire point of the conservatives: we pay our taxes readily but have seen our trillions thrown down a toilet hole by greed, stupidity, laziness. We, the people have built what you see or God put it there for our enjoyment or improvement. Progs hate the truth because they truly think the “government” is a “person” that does the actual work. Try running your prog government without people…then complain, whine and spew hate!!

    • sb36695

      Let’s see how long the handouts last without taxpayers. If Obama is reelected, those living off the government will not be happy!

  • sanama51

    Exactly 90 days until Mitt Romney is sworn in as President and our four year national nightmare will be over.

    • jenndee

      From your mouth to God’s ears….

  • Angel

    FYI: While the seating capacity is just below 9500, 12,000 passed through the security checkpoint.


    *Happy Dance!*

  • Ralph Thayer

    Stadium built in ’30s with public funds. Filled today by runaway govt spending.
    Now ponder, “Who built that? – Who made that happen?”

    • Nicole Coulter


    • AM Torr

      Point? Nobody says that government built facilities or roads – especially on the local or state level – are a bad thing so long as they are done cost effectively and maintained on a pay for use basis by the users – which Red Rocks is – ignoramus.

    • TomJB

      My great-grandparents who paid taxes made that happen, that’s who!

    • Ralph Thayer

      To clarify: FDRs CCC may have ‘built it’ in the ’30s, but filling it with people was something that Romney made happen, thanks in part to many people’s belief that govt is running out of control.

  • pen44


  • ‘BB

    Looks like a Romney/Ryan rally could easily fill that stadium Obama couldn’t during the DNC.

  • Nicole Coulter

    Um, conservatives pay taxes! Are they not allowed to use the public facilities?

  • Manny DeYoung

    R R O C K – N – R R O L L – R R O K T O B E R ! W H O – E L S E ? K I D – R R O C K !!

  • RanierWest


  • Disco Obama

    Morons, comparing money spent on building Red Rocks to Obama’s Stimulus funds. The obvious difference is the stimulus funds were blown not on worthy projects but went into the pockets of Obummbler campaign donors and bundlers. See Solyndra for just one example. Nice try Libtards. The newer Stimulus projects proposed by this president didn’t get support by the left nor right, so give it a rest lefties.

    • TomJB

      And they probably can’t name one Obama stimulus project that will still be around in 80 years.

  • BuddyE

    I can confim MANY were turned away. I got within 100 feet of the gate but there were probably 2000 still in line and a good 3 to 4 times that gave up when a lady came around saying Romney was about to take the stage and the gates would be shut as soon as he did. As it was, the fire Marshall shut things down for capacity and we didn’t make it in.

  • Michael J. Churlin

    The bonneville power administration was built with fed funds but the rate payers have been repaying those funds in the form of bond payments ever since. For some reason the rate payers that have been paying off the bonds do not have ownership of the BPA asBill Clinton expropriated the BPA to subsidize Ca. electricit rates. Now CA gets power from the BPA and pays less for it then the ratepayers of the pacific norhthwest who have the bond payment premium add in. That is the Dem. idea of fairness largess for votes. If you scratch the surface you will probably find some form of bond scheme involved in the publicly funded facility here to, so no the feds did not PAY for anything they printed money and loaned it.

  • $129448

    Liberals are so pathetic, They are like the obnoxious jock bully that hates to lose at anything

  • medicinewomantwo

    the liberal web sites are having apoplexy!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Joe Dutra

    It was overflowing. I had to turn around and go home. God bless Mitt and Paul.

  • sb36695


  • Hiraghm

    How far is Red Rocks from Galt’s Gulch?

  • redheadgrl

    I’ve been saying since August, the Chick-fil-A effect will get Mr. Romney elected. Average Americans that usually keep quiet are speaking out, and they are ready to vote in Nov.

  • John Hanover

    Red Rocks was chosen so God could watch the correct candidate speak and inspire others to bring us back to freedom and prosperity.

  • William Hagen

    Can you say President Romney? cmon Morons (liberals) repeat after me..President Romney!

  • $6648510

    Leave it to liberals to try to claim they built Red Rocks amphitheater! The facility was built by God, man merely put some trimmings around the edges.