CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller reported from the glitzy $40,000 a person Obama fundraiser at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Yes, you read that right, $40,000 each.  Ponder that as you read this next tweet:

While rubbing elbows with New York’s rich and famous, Obama paused to remember the Americans suffering under his economy, how sweet.

Here’s a peek at the menu — steak from the restaurant Marea:

Let the snark begin:

Are we supposed to feel bad for Obama because he is too “busy” to take his wife on a real date?

Perhaps another fundraiser will do.  Only $10,000 a head, but Mariah Carey’s performing:

But at least Obama’s still thinking about the little people hurting out there.

  • Joe Hilger

    IF only the 99%’s were able to spend their income as lavishly as these 1%’er Supporters of Barack’s (SOBs)

  • KateNE

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    He is sooooooo deluded!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    So Ferris Bueller didn’t go? hmm Voodoo Economics

  • Snarky D

    Hey, Sarah Jessica Parker was awesome as Seabiscuit.

    • Corey Dennison

      I know…don’t tell me she’s not a versitile actress. 😉

  • Carl Buskuhl

    Just think how many inner city kids could be educated by five of the swills donating $40,000 each, instead of sipping their wine with the Whiner himself!

  • Carl Buskuhl

    SJP says, ‘Helllllloooo Wilbur.’ She Mrs. Ed.

  • Mackie72

    Barack Hussein Kardashian: Hollywood whore with Jimmy Carter super laser-like focus on the economy.

  • Dencal26

    Is Sarah’s nickname for Obama ” MR BIG”?

  • lillymckim

    Hey why wasn’t SJP husband Matthew present?

  • lillymckim

    “Checks In The City”

  • lillymckim

    Is Obama having the $16 trillion dollar steak on us?

  • Lion Heart

    I live in NYC. Downtown was a mess and the 99% of workers (ie people who had to work for a living and can’t afford $40,000 dinners) were late and delayed in getting home due to the Pres having his private fundraising party. Lets get this bozo out of the office asap already.

  • $23639361

    barry is truly a “man of the people” …I’m sure they’ll had a good chuckle at the expense of the ignorant unwashed masses in flyover country

  • dmarlyn

    sjp,like barack does not have a clue!!!!!

  • dmarlyn

    perhaps obama could get a job in hollywood once he gets booted out of washington. he would have to learn his lines though as an actor there as they don’t use telepromters.

  • dmarlyn

    all he does is campaign which he seems to like to do. when does he WORK!!!
    I am sure he will need a vacation soon as he has been doing a lot of campaigning.

  • Werner Merkwürdigliebe

    …and let those peasants eat cake!

  • miryomin

    Right, Barack is the one who’s out of touch for eating dinner with MILLIONAIRE actors, and Mitt’s a man of the people for rubbing elbows with reclusive BILLIONAIRES (’cause you know, that’s not at all elitist). SMH

    • Gidget

      Seriously? THIS is your argument? Don’t be a hypocrite.