Salon’s David Sirota climbed out from under his rock again tonight, this time to berate conservatives for showing sympathy for the Boston Marathon bombing victims. Seriously.

Apparently, Sirota lacks the emotional intelligence to comprehend that people can disagree without wanting each other slaughtered by terrorists. Hence, conservatives should not care about those injured or killed in Boston. Normally this line of reasoning would be shocking — but then again this is a guy tasteless enough to publicly wish that the Boston bomber come from a certain ethnicity.

Yes, a lot of conservatives disagree with the way Massachusetts governs itself, and sometimes we even mock their elected officials, but how that translates into wishing death on people is beyond us. Following that logic, Sirota should be absolutely giddy about the deadly explosions in Texas, but we doubt that he is.

Here’s his most priceless line:

Does this man not realize that the GOP presidential candidate in the most recent election was a former Governor of Massachusetts? What about the Scott Brown Senate campaign? Remember that?

Oh, and we almost forgot that the term “Tea Party” is derived from an anti-tax protest in … you guessed it … colonial Massachusetts.

We’re not sure what’s rattling around in Sirota’s mind, but thank goodness there are good people on Twitter to prove him wrong.

  • Jason Call

    @TwitchyTeam, your superb website will be even fantasticker when YOU DECIDE that this hack’s fifteen minutes is up. EDIT: I got schooled. See retraction below.

    • Tom Anderson

      Know thy enemy, the parrots will be repeating this “logic” its good to have a heads up so that you dont actually LOL in their faces and can feign concern for their mental illness. Progressives quote Salon often. Even think its news or intelligent opinion. Go figure.

      • Jason Call

        A friend, while relating a workplace anecdote, gave a passing mention to “putting on my neutral face.” Thus confronted with such a concept for the first time, I reflected briefly and allowed as that I own no such resource, and surmised what’s worse, that I display always a countenance akin to a book with very large type and color illustrations. How had I never considered the need for tactical facial expressions? So, yeah, I get it that training myself to withstand provocative nonsense without LOL-ing is a good thing, I’m ready to take steps, and exposure to ass-clowns like @davidsirota can’t hurt. Heck, I might even get good at cards.

        • mickeyco

          Brilliant, Jason.

    • JeromeD

      He’ll regret these 15. They don’t put him in a good light. The risk of collectively ignoring the caustic rhetoric of the left is that we may one day forget that many of them, as demonstrated by Sirota, seem truly incapable of understanding things like compassion. T’would be a terrible mistake to ever forget.

      • Jason Call

        The Left’s rhetoric is indeed caustic, and I’m grateful for your insight. I know this causticity because I have seen the damage inflicted on civil discourse and true knowledge by the statement, generalized,”right-wingers hate x” where x is minorities, the poor, women, puppies, or whatever. The more common and insidious construction reads,”since right-wingers hate x, then y,” and that’s just what we have here. Once, we thought we could ignore it, to deprive it of dignity by not responding–but such rhetoric cares nothing of dignity, only of promulgating itself and its ends. By the way, how lazy of Mr. Sirota to plug the Commonwealth of Massachusetts into this overused template. It could be that I even allowed him to disappoint me with his lack of effort or imagination. I wouldn’t, for example call David Plouffe a “hack.” He’s far too skilled. That Sirota is disaffected emotionally to the point of failing to grasp compassion is a whole ‘nother thing to consider.

    • Kevin Krom

      I disagree, Jason. He’s gone so far into epic douchebaggery that it warrants comment, as well as preserving a record just in case anyone ever want us to take him (or those who continue to employ him) seriously.

      • Guest

        Kevin, I hereby reverse myself and concede your main point, and, to aid in my own comprehension of your rationale, I’ve taken the liberty of defining douchebaggery to include asshattery, horse-shittery, prevarication, screwing with Chuck Norris, and pretty much everything on the pushing-your-luck-continuum more severe than knuckelheadery but to include devil worship only when Lucifer is identified as such, or by one of his other names. Additionally, any behavior that brings to mind the word “effete” or involves a kung-fu pose will trigger an evaluation heavily biased toward a positive finding of douchebaggery. I hope I’m clear enough on the semantics.

        He probably cuts an imposing figure in the salon, with that dome thingy drying his hair while minions insert tissue ‘twixt his toesies, but his paymasters may indeed take note from time to time that he gets beat up regularly on Twitter Street.

        As to records-keeping, I think you can delete your twitter posts, but I’m going to to ask Anthony Weiner and get back to you.

      • Guest

        Kevin, I hereby reverse myself and concede your main point, and, to aid in my own comprehension of your rationale, I’ve taken the liberty of defining douchebaggery to include azhattery, horse-schittery, prevaracation, screwing with Chuck Norris, and pretty much everything on the pushing-your-luck-continuum more severe than knuckelheadery but to include devil worship only when Lucifer is identified as such, or by one of his other names. Additionally, any behavior that brings to mind the word “effete” or involves a kung-fu pose will trigger an evaluation heavily biased toward a positive finding of douchebaggery. I hope I’m clear enough on the semantics.

        He probably cuts an imposing figure in the salon, with that dome thingy drying his hair while minions insert tissue ‘twixt his toesies, but his paymasters may indeed take note from time to time that he gets beat up regularly on Twitter Street.

        As to records-keeping, I think you can delete your twitter posts, but I’m going to to ask Anthony Weiner and get back to you.

      • Jason Call

        Kevin, I hereby reverse myself and concede your main point, and, to aid in my own comprehension of your rationale, I’ve taken the liberty of defining douchebaggery to include grab-azzery, horse-hockeyness, prevaracation, screwing with Chuck Norris, and pretty much everything on the pushing-your-luck-continuum more severe than knuckelheadery but to include devil worship only when Lucifer is identified as such, or by one of his other names. Additionally, any behavior that brings to mind the word “effete” or involves a kung-fu pose will trigger an evaluation heavily biased toward a positive finding of douchebaggery. I hope I’m clear enough on the semantics.

        He probably cuts an imposing figure in the salon, with that dome thingy drying his hair while minions insert tissue ‘twixt his toes, but his paymasters may indeed take note from time to time that he gets beat up regularly on Twitter Street.

        As to records-keeping, I think you can delete your twitter posts, but I’m going to to ask Anthony Weiner and get back to you.

      • Guest

        I concede your point without reservation. I composed a verbose reply to you, but the moderator is holding it.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer! Besides, he’s just BEGGING to be mocked!

      • Jason Call

        He could be one of those who, like Stewie Griffin, gets his jollies from being spanked. I’d wager, though; He’ll stop liking it once he’s received enough. Islamic Jihadists claim they want to die in combat, and that’s no reason not to kill them. All such claims are a little dubious, it seems. Stewie knows the spanking’s gonna end at some point. Tell @davidsirota what: the safeword is “I wish George Bush was my dad.”

        • Elaine

          Yup, this is how liberals get attention. lol

    • Jason Call

      I abandon and renounce the above comment, having been inspired by some thoughtful dissent. First(although nobody cared to nitpick), grammarians happening to see this post: I think Fifteen Minutes, capitalized as a proper noun, could have been treated as a singular case. Otherwise, “fifteen minutes are up” is correct. More importantly, @davidsirota is, apparently, a minor public figure, not what I generally consider a fifteen-minuter. The thing is, I was oblivious to his existence until I recently discovered Twitchy and, during a short acquaintance with his Twitter posts, I perceived a degenerative trend in the quality of his commentary. Most important, I understand the whys and wherefores as others have ably pointed them out to me. Read the posts in this thread. Michelle Malkin is at the front of an information war. I believe her exit strategy is victory. EDIT: that is, my original comment^ 6 or eight posts north of here ^

      • trixiewoobeans

        Maybe we should make it a game, “What Would Sirota Say?”

  • Howzah123

    Salon actually pays this scumbag

    • Randi Starr

      You mean he’s classified as a business loss or depreciation, right?

      • Tom Anderson

        No, hes a valued contributor.

        • Randi Starr

          Based on what scale?

          • Tom Anderson

            Based on the twisted logic of the left. Don’t take my word for it ask a progressive. They will tell you how edgy he is for calling out those right wingers.

          • Randi Starr

            I can’t think at the level…..morality and common decency gets in my way.

    • TocksNedlog

      Salon makes money?

    • Pat Loudoun

      Yes they do. Probably based on page hits. Which he just got.

      In other words, he’s a classic whore.

  • ZoriahShepard

    I wish at least he was so pathetic he was laughable. He can’t even manage that.

  • Scott Carroll

    Mr.David Sirota, or as I affectionately call him, Mr.Huge Asshole, is simply observing what I like to call “Little Brother Syndrome.” Sure we may bag on Massachusetts and other lefty states, but there is a huge difference between bagging on these states and setting off a pressure cooker bomb in one of them.

  • Michelle

    Why is he under the impression only Conservatives use the name “Taxachusetts”? I lived there, even the folks of MA call it Taxachusetts.

    • Elaine

      Me too! What an A$$HOLE. I don’t like to swear but no other words describe this idiot! I’m from Boston. Grew up there and spent half my adult life there. He can not tell me what to feel, ignoramus! I am so sorry for the pain of my fellow Bostonians. Conservatives have hearts, unlike pathetic liberals.

      • Vennoye

        Poster child for left!! Too many of them follow people like him!

      • fyouell

        Sirota proved himself to be a perfect A$$HOLE with his line about “I hope it was a white male”. I guess liberals are so arrogant that they think they can get away with blatant racism. Now he is in ass covering mode. After his “white male” fail, he has a lot of ass to cover.

    • wwbdinct

      Do you ever watch the show on HGTV called House Hunters? Two nights ago they had on a couple from New Hampshire who were looking to buy a home either on the border of Mass. and New Hamphire or in Mass. itself (the wife worked in Mass. and wanted to shorten her commute). The husband was adamant that while he understood his wife wanted a shorter commute he did not want to pay the taxes that came along with living in Mass. New Hamphshire was so much cheaper. They looked at one outrageously priced little house in Mass. that sat right next to power lines and the other two were lower priced homes in New Hampshire. They chose a house in New Hampshire and the husband was thrilled.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Lol. That’s funny, and reminds me of another story… First off, NH has no sales tax. MA has sales tax on everything except food and clothing. So there was a mall built, I’m not sure when, but it was built on the state line… with the parking lot in MA and the retails stores in NH, so there wouldn’t be any taxes, lol. It was called Pheasant Run, in Nashua NH, right over the border, off Daniel Webster Highway.

        • wwbdinct

          I really love New Hampshire. We vacationed there last summer and it was so great not to have to pay the sales tax on everything (I live in CT where I expect that by the end of the year, our governor wil start taxing the air we breathe!) plus it is such a beautiful state. Was thinking about maybe moving up there but there a small signs I see that the disease of progressivism is infecting them. I’m not so sure they’ll forever be called the “Live Free or Die” state.

        • TexSizzle

          My aunt and uncle who live in Massachusetts took me to that mall when I visited them some years back. There is a store, if I remember correctly, a JCPenney, in the southern corner of the mall that has a corner of the store cut off and walled in so that it would not extend over the state line, because when the mall was built, Massachusetts officials said that whatever store was in that area would have to pay MA sales tax on everything sold if any part of the building crossed the state line.

      • Michelle

        That’s very common there, a lot of folks work in MA, but live in NH and commute.

      • IceColdTroll

        I hope they checked the property taxes! Yes, NH is generally low tax, but the local prop taxes can really nail you hard. I hear that one common dodge they use it so leave just a large rock by the front door instead of installing proper steps, that way it’s forever taxed at a lesser rate for being an unfinished home!

        • 364NKL

          The property taxes in MA are just as high as those in NH now. There is no advantage to living in MA.

    • IceColdTroll

      Believe it or not, the tax burden in Mass. is not only a lot less than it used to be, but we’re even becoming a tax refuge! We now beat Maine, RI, Conn, and NY, just in our immediate neighborhood.

      • Michelle

        I moved from there just last year. My biggest beef was the waste of tax dollars more than the tax rates. As in, do they REALLY need off-duty police officers to sit in their cars at every road construction site, being paid overtime by the tax payers? In CA, that duty id performed by one of the road workers wearing an orange vest, at a much lower hourly rate.

    • Judy B

      Truth is an anathema to liberals.

  • SideshowJon36

    By his logic, he’s happy for the tragedy in Texas?

    • WWMD

      No comment. Pics speak volumes

      • SideshowJon36

        The pic says nothing; it’s the text around the pic that makes your point.

        And the senators weren’t voting against Sandy aid, they were voting against the pork in the bill, such as the millions of dollars for fisheries in Alaska.

        • WWMD
          • SideshowJon36

            That says nothing about removing the pork from Sandy aid

          • WWMD

            And everything about hypocrites

          • SideshowJon36

            Nothing hypocritical about saying a bill for hurricane relief should be about hurricane relief instead of buying off congressmen.

          • WWMD

            Not the bill to prove a point when people lost everything including children. Oh and businesses. I know how much they matter too. More than people sometimes to some

          • SideshowJon36

            It’s exactly the bill to prove a point. Give a clean bill that only funds recovery. You cannot allow Liberal Congressmen to blackmail us at every natural or manmade catastrophe.

          • WWMD

            There wasn’t time for grandstanding. Even a stripped bill with nothing but 7 bil direct was going to be voted down because they would strip the money out of other programs just not military which is about 4 hours worth of war where you get liberal congressman in this instant is ludicrous. And many of the grand standees do the same thing all the time. And maybe many of these things needed to get done.. And speaking of man are catastrophe, lets hope these bastions of frugalness exhibit this when they ask for federal funds for the plant in Texas. Private plant. That has insurance. That failed to report to homeland security the amount of explosive ammonia the had. The shouldn’t be in front of a podium they should be in jail. Gotta love that deregulation. This is what it gets you. Oh but think of the jobs creation. someone has to clean up the splattered bodies and blown up nursing home apartments school and houses! Yay”!

          • JeromeD

            I’d be happy if every. single. bill. was stopped and scrutinized heavily on the spending side. Unless we do that, every disaster becomes a Piñata. For the record, the federal government should not be involved in disaster relief for states in the first place unless it’s some sort of national issue such as a war. That’s currently not feasible, because most of the states run a deficit and can’t print their own money, but our primary goal right now should be getting money-side-up so states can start building up their own rainy-day funds and work with each other to fix problems when they come up.

          • SideshowJon36

            What the hell are you talking about?

          • SideshowJon36

            What the hell are you talking about?

          • Judy B
          • WWMD

            All the tea party said that. Until they got to Washington at 500 a plate fund raiser

          • Judy B

            You seriously want to bring up high dollar fund raisers? A paltry $500.00 a plate when O just attended a $32,500-per-person dinner earlier this month, LOL

          • WWMD

            But if you review the bill, 17-20 bil was original then rep senator added 33 bil which is overwhelming part yet people are arguing over small add ons that every bill that goes through has When you say a few million to us yes it sound like a lot, but in government terms it’s like us throwing the pennies from change in basket. The true stranglehold on deficit is tax rates lowered to pre 1950 levels but not paid for in budget. It’s not payroll tax like we mostly pay. But people fantasize that some day they may have the billions and they don’t want to pay any tax. I paid 28% tax rate. The billionaire hedge fund isn’t investing in mom and pop Main Street they are international trading entities and they are paying 11% I believe. Give or take a few. Plus if I make 100k and someone makes 100billion the social security is same and Medicare Under Reagan the middle class saw their interest deductions taken away. Credit card car payment deductions. But houses stayed second third fourth homes stayed too. Why isn’t it same with houses. Upto median price of homes tax deductible. If u have multi million dollar estate only certain a amount See that’s how republicans do a tax increase. Take away a middle class deduction like interest Money you pay as income to some company

          • SideshowJon36

            That’s all pretty irrelevant to the topic at hand. You have no problem with congressmen having to be bribed to do the right thing, fine. But don’t cast off those who do as hateful.

      • Corey Dennison

        Do you work this hard to be a douche, or does it come naturally to you?

      • JeromeD

        As was said numerous times during the debate over the bill, a simple bill authorizing the emergency aid for Sandy would have passed overwhelmingly. Various poison pills were added to the bill creating a win-win for democrats: they could either get what they wanted by exploiting popular sentiment and sympathy for sandy victims, or they could force the republicans the reject an immoral, pork-laden “rescue” bill and demagogue them to death about it. They chose the latter. This strategy was used with the original fight over the DREAM act – there were enough republicans on board to pass it. The democrats decided to keep adding things until it was unpassable, then spend the next few years using the “republican refusal” to shore up support among the very people the democrats intentionally betrayed. #politics.

        • grais

          But they did eventually pass the Sandy aid bill, pork and all. They posture and cave, posture and cave, posture and cave….

        • svobodnik

          Excellent analysis…….!

          • Rulz

            Are you really so naive as to think that the democrats didn’t put pork in the hurricane sandy bill?

        • WWMD

          The pork WAS from republicans. Some republicans wanted to offset costs by cutting other important programs which has never been done in disaster relief it was 17 bil then the republican senator from jersey added 33 bil to it totaling 50 the pork? Flood insurance and road repair. You do know our roads are falling apart? And this fertilizer company a privately owned one by multi millionaire with insurance ignores what few regulations are left in Texas and this is what you end up with. Deregulation is so awesome isn’t it. Your puppet masters put out this propaganda to make you believe the problems of jobs etc are the over burden of regulations oh like locating a explosive material plant near schools and residences. Then the have hundred times the amount the are supposed to have ignoring federal law and this is what you get. I would support the people injured and homes rebuilt then go after insurance co for it and the owners too bad.

          • Emery Calame

            The pork was from democrats too. Your lies are unconvincing and infantile.

          • WWMD

            Never said it wasn’t but the majority overwhelming was republican and I don’t care who asked for it it was disaster relief my only point is all of the arguments are it was held up cause all the dem add ons which isn’t true.

          • Rulz

            Get real. I have a degree in environmental science, and zoning is a LOCAL issue.

            You don’t care about the 15 dead people, you just want to use the issue to further an agenda.

            Just like Trayvon, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston ect.

            And yes! Deregulation creates jobs, not crony unions or phony executive branch members.

            GOP 2014

          • WWMD

            Well I think you need to go back to school because with certain businesses that house items that fall under federal homeland security such as this they can and do have a say. Don’t you dare say I don’t care about those dead people but my feeling on the owners is they should be in jail. The Feds will pay for the disaster relief but then they should recoup every penny from the insurance co and the owners. Yeah deregulation creates exactly what happen here stop the propaganda spin It creates jobs no one can live on with no benefits. And so what you lose a hand in a machine that should have had inspections by OSHA too bad go get a different job So compassionate. I bet your degree is from Liberty University and climate change is non existent

        • WWMD
        • WWMD
          • Emery Calame

            The pork that was pork that was added by republicans and democrats.

          • WWMD

            Finally. A correct reply.

          • JeromeD

            Our two perspectives: A republican adds pork…HUNDREDS of republicans vote against the measure (190, in fact), but the pork addition is supported overwhelmingly by democrats and gets included. My takeaway? A stray republican trying not to look bad from the backlash tries to get something for himself – and is helped overwhelmingly by democrats while the massive majority of republicans are trying to stop him. Your takeaway? “The republicans are adding things!” Look at the amendments “added by republicans”…. HUNDREDS of republicans against, each time. This wasn’t bipartisan pork. Some stray republicans may have hitched their special interest to what they (rightly) knew to be an unstoppable wagon riding a tide of public support, but the part as a whole was in DRAMATIC opposition to the pork at great political cost, and the numbers show that decisively.

          • WWMD

            Sorry but original point was people saying it was dems fault for adding pork that caused the, to vote against but majority of bill is rep created, the reason the voted against was they wanted programs slashed in order to make up for it which has never been done with federal disaster relief. 49 republicans voted for it. Not a stray republican . When these republicans who “stood up to pork” to block emergency relief when they themselves are on record doing exactly same thing for people who’s homes are destroyed gone homeless children’s homes this was not the bill to make this point. Especially when they have tainted pork smelling hands themselves. You don’t do DRAMATIC opposition when people’s lives are in the balance.

          • JeromeD

            But people’s lives are “always” in the balance on these whole “we-have-to-have-it-now” things. That’s why they are such juicy pork opportunities. That’s why the vast majority of republicans were against them. *vast* *majority* As for your link, I’ll ignore the obvious bias of thinkprogress and go right to the heart of their argument: If “this bill is laden with pork and I can’t vote for it in good conscience” is the argument Republicans made (and I think you’ve granted that it *IS* the argument they made; you simply believe they are being hypocritical), then there is no hypocrisy inherent in supporting non-pork support bills, regardless of who’s state it is for. The fact that thinkprogress would hold such a weak intellectual argument up as proof of hypocrisy – without even trying to demonstrate some glaring pork in those home-state bills – reveals a sort of intellectual bankruptcy. The fact that they either cannot (or, worse, choose not) to comprehend the fundamental distinction reflects poorly on their understanding of the issue. For godssake, the bill included an amendments that would recognize as law bills that hadn’t even been considered by the senate and even bills PREVIOUSLY REJECTED by the house!

          • WWMD

            First im going to ignore your we have to have it now comment where peoples homes are destroyed with the trivial amount of money in reality. We are talking a huge amount of area. Homeless families and answer is just simmer down sorry your going to have to wait. i saw not much waiting when 80-100 billion dollar add ons and monthly expenditures to the war approved in an instant under the guise of supporting the soldier which we know is bull because if we really supported the soldier we who spend more than the next 10 countries but pay our soldiers far less and dump them when they get back with minimal care when the bulk is going to the true American sham of the “contractor”. Didn’t see anyone on these sites complaining about the no bid contracts. You dismiss an article one that has senators asking for money for farmers like there are suffering family farms which no longer exist. It’s huge agri corp business that bilk billions out if gov in the sham crop insurance. One investigation turned up a 100 million fraud. The government paying insurance for billionaire corp farmers because their crops fail or “don’t meet projections”. I’ve never heard any of you clamoring for that to end but planned parenthood now there is a drain

            You knock think progress who posted solid as you can get evidence impeachable evidence. But they are good guys. Bet you didn’t check through some of the links. Then give me the fiscal times? If we put them on a bias scale fiscal would drop and knock the scale off the table. A multi billionaire moving for Medicare cuts. . I would like to see how fast you would be wanting assistance if your home and everything in it was wiped off the map.

          • JeromeD

            There’s so many fatal flaws in your logic it makes my head spin. Let me get this straight: I’m wrong about saying the bill was pork filled because….(wait for it)…there was war pork. Really? How does that do anything to disprove me? Your argument, boiled down to its most base (and it IS base) elements seems to be nothing more than “conservatives did it too!” If your mindset is that two wrongs somehow make a right, or that one wrong is more or less justified because of some other, prior wrongs, it still means you are admitting a WRONG. The whole “they did it too!” argument is childish, illogical, not a legitimate defense (try it in court sometime) and doesn’t belong in an adult discussion. Furthermore, don’t group me in there. You know nothing of me. Is it impossible to comprehend that limited-govt folk existed pre-Obama? Have folks like Ron Paul only entered the periphery of your awareness post-2008? There’s a massive libertarian movement dedicated primarily to the mores I’ve espoused, and the ideology predates the iraq war by a few hundred years. As for trying to distort some article about farmers…I think you are quite simply confused. Your link didn’t even make the attempt to demonstrate pork in the spending bills – it simply noted that they were spending bills, and that this somehow constituted hypocrisy…an illogical argument I have now dispatched twice. Re-read my words (that is, if you fully read them in the first place) and you’ll see that point made clearly. There’s no judgement made about the bills themselves, only that thinkprogress was so illogical it believed that no argument NEEDED to be made. Whenever a fiscal responsibility argument comes up, the spenders love to scream “iraq war! no-bid contracts! X, Y, Z!”…asking you honestly, here: do you believe that a history of wrongs justify current wrongs? That’s an obviously ridiculous perspective. If your goal is to make your wrong somehow less odious when compared to a history of other wrongs, you’re free to try, but it’s certainly not a justification. Finally, I want to close with a few things. First, you’ve studiously avoided my points that accepting the bill would have put into law previously rejected and as-yet-unconsidered legislation. In order to stay convinced that you are right, you’ll have to continue trying not to face the terrible reality of those points. I wish you luck. Second, you state that (without knowing me) I would somehow want assistance if my home was destroyed. If your closing argument is based on speculation at best, it says a lot about your views, but I’ll take that one head-on: leaving issues of insurance aside, what help I would want HAS NO BEARING on what help I should receive. NONE. Your lack of understanding here is quite revealing – It’s as if you are ruled by emotions. Even if I begged and pleaded for government help in big pork bills, it would only make me a hypocrite – it would *NOT* make me wrong. With you, it seems the two are the same. That’s why you attempted to make arguments about prior pork – because in your mind, if you can draw someone as a hypocrite, you’ve somehow defeated their argument. It doesn’t work like that. Arguments are separate from their proponents; the sooner you realize this, the better your understanding of these things will become. I again reiterate my argument: the bill was stuffed with pork. You’ve admitted as much, but tried to blame republicans. It doesn’t change the fact that it WAS pork. You’ve invoked the war, you’ve invoked no-bid contracts, you’ve speculated that I would want funding if I were in trouble – but you haven’t done a thing to refute the argument you so emphatically reject – that it was a pork bill (with other extras like rejected legislation) that shouldn’t have gotten the up-vote.

          • WWMD

            Show me one bill without an amending add on. One

          • JeromeD

            Show me anywhere in our discussion where I said all add-ons were bad (or even add-ons in general). Anywhere. That response of yours was nothing more than framing an argument I never made. Again, you are (i believe intentionally) missing the point: the PORK is bad. If people want to do add-ons to a bill, fine; but the add-ons should be legitimate, necessary and falling within the responsibilities of the federal govt. If you won’t even meet that argument head-on, I can’t see how we can continue to have a discussion…

          • WWMD

            Well I would hope your reviewed all of the add ons to that bill ? See I could say that is important you could say its junk. Like in Ohio when they were trying to pass a budget and republicans added on a measure that said teachers in class during sex Ed could not mention ‘gateway sex’ i.e. kissing touching or birth control. And get ready for ohios birthrate to climb just like the south where all these restrictions are in place

        • Rulz

          But you see, the facts complicate his little slogan.

      • pdigaudio

        ^^^^^^^ Grade A douchebag.

      • svobodnik

        The reason why the Republicans voted against the Sandy bill is because it was full of “pork”. The bill went from $17 billion to $60 billion. Including $2 billion to build roads “all across America”. Estimated that 80% of the money will be spent after 2013. The Republicans had their heads on straight.

        • WWMD

          First you cannot base your facts from breitbart, second the roads never said all across America and even so they need it. Badly and last but not least it was THE REPUBLICANS who put those additions in the bill as it came out of the house. Most of it wasn’t “pork” as it was needed in other areas that were falling short. SOME republicans did tey to cut the money out of other needed programs but were voted down. The majority 30 bil added on was done by a republican and it was for the flood insurance program. And much of the trillion plus we spent on the unnecessary war were pork add ons by those with R next to their names.

          • DavidKramer

            Blah, blah, blah. Boy, Twitchy sure is acting like a troll magnet lately.

          • WWMD

            No I stumbled onto this site and was shocked at some of the facts that some where twisting and doing it in a way that is psychologically interesting of why the gridlock is how it is. When your debate or argument fails ad hominem attacks fly off the shelve here faster than ak-47s after a bill suggesting people should have a background check #Dunning-Kruger effect

          • DavidKramer

            Facts? Twitchy posts the exact WORDS of people. Do you have a problem with someone posting the WORDS of people? You must think that WORDS are a problem…………do you suggest we ban WORDS now troll?

          • WWMD

            Exact words of partial parts of story presented to skew it to the agenda at hand. The first tweets are to frame the story then all subsequent tweets twist many stories into becoming something they are not

          • DavidKramer

            Let me rephrase your comment………whiny, whiny, whiny, they is just taking something out of context……….whiny, whiny, whiny, they is just posting things that people say and………………blah, blah, blah. Geez, you is a whiner aren’t you?

          • WWMD

            How is it in your bunker? They is just? Hey DOUCHE HEAD. The first one. :
            1. Rep. Dan Benishek (R-MI): Endorsed emergency crop relief assistance after spring freezes.
            The link takes you to HIS PAGE WITH HIS STATEMENT. NOT OUT OF CONTEXT. Next
            2.Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): Asked for disaster relief after flooding. Link: right to her page her statement unedited complete

            I’m sorry but statements directly from the congressperson is not “things that people say”

          • WWMD

            Show me ONE THING THERE in the list that is out of context. Other than the context of what you wish it was.

          • DavidKramer

            What context are you speaking of? It is sometimes hard to understand context of leftards.

          • WWMD

            You said without reading its all taken out of context on the link I gave you I said show me one in the list that is out of context or false

          • Emery Calame

            You cannot set the rules on where facts come from. You have no sources and only stupid generalizations that bad roads somewhere means that all local road projects are not pork and are somehow related to the aid bill even when they are supposed to happen in another state.Your position is dishonest and inherently stupid.

          • WWMD

            First I don’t “set rules” where facts come from I merely posted what I think is a valid source, The Hill, the republicans Capitol Hill newspaper. But the point and this is the problem with folks here is you don’t get that it’s not black or white. People here kept saying over and over it was the dems the dems who added all the huge amounts to the bill when in reality if you 1: read the post from The Hill, 2: now here is a novel idea, read THE ACTUAL BILL. WHERE it clearly says 17 billion was the base bill and republican senator from New Jersey added a 33 billion add on. The things you are squabbling about are not the crux of the spending on this. Yes dems added some things. No different than any republican has ever done, but the facts are the major overwhelming amounts were from the senator from New Jersey. You can tell the story leave out a major portion and yes you could believe as you do but generally most people want all the facts not stop when they hear what they want to Many of these roads were improvements in storm areas so when they are hit they are not destroyed. So what if they are in another state. They need to be fixed. And try arguing the points not ad hominem comments

          • David Brown

            Amazing how we were told by Obama that there wouldn’t be any ‘pork’ added to ANY bills under his presidency. Amazing how we were told $7 trillion ago that the deficit would be cut in half by 2012. Amazing how helping to bomb Libya and helping to kill their leader, and supplying guns and ammo to anti-government so called rebels in Syria, and supplying guns to gangs South of us, and supplying the Muslim Brother hood in Egypt with Fighter Jets and $millions, and spending over a $million to fly the Obama’s dog on a separate jet, is necessary when 40% of the $17 T debt is borrowed and from the past 4 years.

          • WWMD

            You are so far off its ridiculous. So bombing Iraq and killing their leader is different I guess. A leader we supplied weapons to and was “our friend of convenience ” until he wasn’t
            You really fell off with guns to gangs and Muslim brotherhood. I guess when we gave weapons to and trained the Taliban was good tax money well spent. That worked out well for us. Here’s a clue memorizing the propaganda or agenda of profit based websites that sprung up since 9-11 isn’t being informed. Just because you hear this scandalous story of someone you dislike or hate then when you google it page after google page comes up saying same story, does not make it true. Like the really ridiculous “Obama didn’t care to send US delegation to Thatchers funeral when he did and made perfect choice according to conservative Prime minister David Cameron of great BRITAN then add on he sent a delegation to Chavez funeral sounding like he sent the whole congress. Facts don’t get in the way of feeling you get of believing same thing as a bunch of other people somehow making you think YOU have the real story

          • WWMD

            And your dog story is a dog and I made sure I used politifact which is right leaning


          • WWMD
          • Rulz

            “First you cannot base your facts from breitbart,”

            Actually, you can.

            ” THE REPUBLICANS who put those additions in the bill as it came out of the house.”

            The fact that republicans voted for it does not mean they ALL wrote the bill.

            “SOME republicans did tey to cut the money out of other needed programs but were voted down.”

            I’ll bet those programs were NOT needed.

            Once again, left-wing exploitation.

            “The majority 30 bil added on was done by a republican and it was for the flood insurance program”

            Gee, imagine that! People actually taking responsibility for their OWN property!

            Quite a new concept for the northeast, huh?

          • WWMD

            So st end of your rebuttal, where I said 30 billion was added by a republican and it was for Flood Insurance Program. Your comment was gee imagine people taking responsibility for thier own property? Enlighten me on your thought. What does adding more money into a government program have to do with taking responsibility for your own property?

          • WWMD
          • DavidKramer

            Hey LOOKY, whiner troll gave us a link to DRINK REGRESS, how surprising. Let us quit feeding the lefty troll and just watch the troll die of starvation. Maybe it will quit trolling………….sorry, I think this one is paid to troll.

          • WWMD

            Sorry but it has the easiest fact based story with linked in back up on this issue. More ad hominem/dunning Kruger on parade. You can’t make an argument so name calling is what those of you lacking in debate resort to

          • Guest

            Did you read story and look at the links?

          • DavidKramer

            Whiny, whiny, whiny…………..quit using lefty words against them………whiny, whiny, whiny. Geez, you sound like a 5 year old.

          • WWMD

            Someone who won’t look at a story in full. No wonder this country is going in the tubes

            I truly think this was written for someone exactly like yourself
            “Propaganda must always address itself to the broad masses of the people. (…) All propaganda must be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed. (…) The art of propaganda consists precisely in being able to awaken the imagination of the public through an appeal to their feelings, in finding the appropriate psychological form that will arrest the attention and appeal to the hearts of the national masses. The broad masses of the people are not made up of diplomats or professors of public jurisprudence nor simply of persons who are able to form reasoned judgment in given cases, but a vacillating crowd of human children who are constantly wavering between one idea and another. (…) The great majority of a nation is so feminine in its character and outlook that its thought and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than by sober reasoning. This sentiment, however, is not complex, but simple and consistent. It is not highly differentiated, but has only the negative and positive notions of love and hatred, right and wrong, truth and falsehood.”[5]
            As to the methods to be employed, he explains:
            “Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. (…) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas. These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward. (…) Every change that is made in the subject of a propagandist message must always emphasize the same conclusion. The leading slogan must of course be illustrated in many ways and from several angles, but in the end one must always return to the assertion of the same formula.”

          • DavidKramer

            Hmmmmm, who voted for the moron…………… might look at why we did not get a second Jimmy Cawta presidency if you want to talk about propaganda……..but hey, you keep railing against reality, sooner or later it will bite you……… the arse.

          • WWMD

            Actually a secret deal from Reagan’s camp to hold the hostages then release after he is elected keeping them and the rescue that went bad (unlike Obama giving the order to get Osama ) is the main reason I won’t even go into the disastrous policies that Reagan implemented mainly selling public on privatization to enrich his friends and benefactors and its being carried to the end of the plan now by getting the post office which is not losing money but was created to look like it because republicans passed a requirement for them to fund all of thier retirement even people who don’t work there yet unlike any other public agency if you remove that the post office is turning great profit Then trying to privatize Medicare with vouchers and social security which I think a desk should be struck all of you anti gov anti socialist should get their payout in a lump sum allowing for all money paid and interest then sign a contract you cannot claim nothing when you are old on your own doesn’t matter if u blow it invest it that’s it no nothing run out of money on illness too bad save enough for funeral

          • DavidKramer

            Hey Looky, a conspiracy theorist on the leftist camp………… original…….do you work for Chris Mathews?

          • DavidKramer

            By the way, cannot wait until ObamaKillJobsTaxCare fully goes into effect! Must be a precursor to federally controlled and implemented health care…………..just like it was planned……..Oh well, just shut up huh? God you are a whiny little leftard.

          • WWMD

            Me either ill finally have good health care because I pay 700 a month now and it’s crap. If it was half as good an the senators get ill be happy. All other countries with full health care and capitalism run just fine. Maybe if we didn’t have the fat I can eat what ever I want.. I don’t want to share my pie I want the whole pie (beck) that has 80%of the health care monies used by 10% of the population it would have no trouble. Like you know the fat women in moo moos riding their electric scooters hiking their atrophied cankles up on the deck at the tea party convention then when asked about it they proudly say they got it cause they saw on tv that Medicare would pay for it . Upon pointing out they were taking something they could pay for and the irony of that the reply is oh we aren’t referring to us. It’s those other takers. Yeah

          • WWMD

            Oh and I wouldn’t worry the corporations just hire several part time workers for same job so the avoid paying health care so they can have their multi million bonuses it’s already being done. So these people just go to three diff jobs of the same thing NRA and Herman Cain saw to that… (National restaurant association). I know you get an almost orgasm when you hear those letters so needed to clarify

          • WWMD

            Did you actually read article and go through links? Are facts that hard to swallow?

          • DavidKramer

            Yeah, I want to go to Drink Regress links…………..just like I want Herpes. You must be one of those new fangled STDs.

          • WWMD

            The links are not a story of theirs but the proof of the claim they make. What an imbecile. No further need to interact with you as it’s pointless. And please don’t ever do jury duty

          • DavidKramer

            Been on two juries, both of them ended the way I wanted………….hmmmm, must suck to be you………an anonymous avatar.

          • WWMD

            You are the only person here who has a pic for most part. Ended the way you wanted. I bet

        • WWMD

          And 33 billion was amendment from republican senator from New Jersey.

          And review these facts. Try if you can to argue not based on the site as you requested of me. Just that each point here has linked back up to official government or republican sources

      • Rulz

        I see a problem.

        First of all, the people of Texas pay FEDERAL TAXES for disaster relief.

        Secondly, they voted against hurricane aid because the bill was loaded with garbage that had nothing to do with the hurricane.

        • WWMD

          Disaster relief from natural disasters not corporate created ones from companies that have insurance and ignored and lied about how much dangerous ammonia they were storing

          • DavidKramer

            Well………….Al Gore and the Democrat company is trying to implement weather related taxation………you were saying?

      • Judy B

        It was the pork stupid!

  • Brian Roastbeef

    “Sirota” is Russian for orphan… I don’t know if that has anything to do with his ancestry and how he got his surname, but his one brain cell is surely an orphan, and it has no sense of decency to keep it company either.

  • Brett McMicken

    should we expect any less from a man who was about to wet himself over the prospect of using such a horrible event in our nation’s history as a means of scoring political points?

    • trixiewoobeans

      It’s very telling they all had the weepie glees thinking this could be pinned on Conservatives. Their sorrow has turned to anger it wasn’t! Mindless clots!

      • Brett McMicken

        watch ’em clam up now!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Obama started all this division, so none of it is surprising. If I had a dollar everytime Chris Mathews stated something a conservative said was a race whistle or Nazi speech, I’ld be a 1%er.

    • CR

      Hey then you could afford to make a $500,000 donation to Obama for America or whatever it’s called this week and could go and visit Obama in the office yourself! Maybe you could meet Jay-Z and Beyonce, I hear they are there a lot more than the jobs council and probably there more than any type of security advisor…

    • Rulz

      I don’t know that he started it, but he sure didn’t do much to stop it.

      Where’s this post-racial stuff I heard about in 2008, anyways?

      Oh, I forgot. Division is the only way democrats have any shot at relevance in national elections.

      Silly me.

  • Tom Anderson

    asswipe does not even begin to cover this idiot.

  • CO2 Producer

    I see that David Sirota was raised in suburban Philadelphia. I knew there was a reason why I hate Pennsylvania.

  • JR48

    Is this guy still trying to get attention? Someone give him a cookie.

  • Beth Lott

    You know, he’s right. It’s impossible to disagree with anyone without wanting them to die violently, suddenly, and in a place they feel safe. What was I thinking?

    • ThorOdinson

      No kidding. His statements are more revealing about his own depraved sensibilities than anything else, though. What kind of sick mind thinks that the “logical” conclusion to political difference is utter hatred and a wish to see their political opponents murdered and mutilated? David Sirota, that’s who, judging from his comments. His is the sort of mind that would find a bloody dictatorship in the US acceptible so long as the people who disagreed with him were the ones who were suffering and dying. Ladies and gentlemen, we should all be grateful to David Sirota, because he provides us a glimpse into the mind of a fascist.

    • trixiewoobeans

      He’s just projecting onto them what HE is! Very revealing!

  • tina v

    what a waste of a human being

  • tina v

    who is this guy?

  • Right Wired

    Fixed: #tcot @davidsirota Bizarre to hear leftwingers who constantly berate/insult Texans suddenly pretend they care about people in West.

  • Jack Deth

    David Sirota: If he had a brain cell. He’d be an amoeba.

  • grais

    A John Edwards supporter.

  • hcanáhmoac

    I love the city of Boston and the Red Sox – what’s this fool babbling about ? I don’t like politicians of both parties. Illinois & Massachusetts have major corruption – both have former governors and house speakers in jail. Does that mean I hate them ?

  • G.

    The pic of him sorta looks like the kitten pic where it’s going “Pew, Pew, Pew” with its paw outstretched. In other words, ineffective, innocuous, and sissified.

  • grais

    And now he’s claiming that people don’t want to fund first responders.
    What a dumb, little punk/puke.

  • Glitter

    This guy is baiting people on purpose the generate interest. I’m not gonna bother to call him a name.

  • NeoKong

    David as the typical leftie cannot understand how when somebody disagrees with someone’s view that does not mean we want them to die in agony as his friends would like to see. To him that is normal.

  • TocksNedlog


  • Tyrconnell

    Right D’Weed, every cent of taxes in MA goes to first responders…go ahead, pull the other one.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I dare him to say it about NYC and 9/11. Go ahead David, say it.

  • DrSamHerman

    Borderline personality disorder much there, Davey Sirota? The type of splitting, a term we psychiatrists use to denote absolutist thinking (e.g. person is an enemy or a friend – no conception of neutrality), is a cognitive impairment indicative of BPD. Davey is engaging in splitting here, and the other blabbering he has done make me seriously wonder if the dude has seen a therapist.

    • Bonchamps

      Isn’t it considered unethical for psychiatrists to diagnose public figures without actually knowing them? I remember back in 1964 a bunch of liberal psychiatrists went spouting off about how Barry Goldwater was “objectively authoritarian” or something, which is funny because Barry’s the most libertarian guy you could ever know.

      Don’t get me wrong, Sirota’s clearly a whackjob, but I’d be careful about trying to say precisely which kind of whackjob. His actions speak for themselves. We’re the principled party, after all.


      • dark angel

        Geoffrey has a point. But I don’t think it’s unfair to speculate on Sirota, because this *does* sound like a personality issue.

      • DrSamHerman

        Geoffrey, this is not a diagnosis. This is instead my observations that he is indeed taking a “for me or against me” approach, a very BPD-like response. I did not, however, make a differential diagnosis with respect to anything else about him. For his sake, I do hope he is seeking help if he continues this kind of thinking. He certainly cannot be considered objective in any sense if he takes people who disagree with him to be his enemies.

        I seriously doubt that Sirota rises to the level of coverage by the limitations of 7.3 in the APA code. For one thing, he would not be considered a public figure to the extent that is usually used. Additionally, the purpose of the limitation of 7.3 is based upon opinions directly SOLICITED. My opinion on this board was hardly solicited. Spontaneous remarks from physicians of any type are permitted in conversation. Otherwise, the sessions at APA where famous personalities are used in discussion of diagnostic and forensic psychiatry would be forbidden.

        I might also add that liberal psychiatrists are not shy about offering their opinions of conservatives at any point, and they are hardly taken to task by the victimology cult of the left.

  • Steve_J

    ’88 prez campaign? I assume he’s referreing to the Willie Horton ad. Surpisingly Willie was introduced in the Democrat primary by Al Gore.

    • Corey Dennison

      Exactly correct. The same way that ‘Birtherism’ was introduced into the ’08 Dem Primaries by Hillary’s team, but eventually pinned on the right.

  • nc

    Classic libbie projection.

  • VerminMcCann

    Twitter is great. Having exposure to every vapid, nonsensical, disgusting thing that comes into the left’s pea brains is fascinating.

  • capisce

    From the left, the sympathy for the victims of Gosnell has been less than underwhelming.

    • sharinite

      If you read the description of what this slime Gosnell was who was being supported by Planned Parenthood and other liberals, you would be sick…when a baby was aborted but was pulled out alive, crying, this beast would cut into the back of the live, crying baby’s neck and then insert scissors to cut the spine….

  • $8245944

    Liberalism is a mental illness. Take your meds, Sirota.

  • VerminMcCann

    So by this logic, this dickweed either is okay with how –Insert Third World Shithole Here–is governed or doesn’t have a problem with its citizens being droned and water boarded, right?

  • chetnapier

    who was this guy before he crawled out from under his rock?

  • KBDaBear

    BTW, I grew up in the Northeast and they have plenty of ignorant racists living there too. Southern California also isn’t exactly a model of tolerance either.

  • Liberals Needhelp

    I never cease to be amazed at the way tolerant, diversified, loving, caring, open, forgiving, and just plain ‘better’ Democrats and Leftists….love, adore, get hysterically hapya bout

  • Tantalus XVI

    Liberals seem to assume that, if you don’t believe in their particular political solutions, then you don’t really care about the people that they claim to want to help. ~Thomas Sowell

    Stupid Twitter and your 140 character limit!

    • JeromeD

      Sowell truly hits the nail on the head. I have an honest belief that my liberal friends want to help the poor (as do I) – I merely think that they are horrifically misinformed as to the best ways to do so. Meanwhile, hey honestly believe that I couldn’t care less about the poor, on no basis other than that I believe their solutions are incorrect.

      • trixiewoobeans

        Take note, WWMD!

  • ozconservative

    We’re not liberals, we don’t wish painful horrible deaths on those we disagree with politically.

  • QBallBrazil

    Sirota…This wouldn’t be connected to Occupy Wall Street & it’s associated partner Black Bloc, would it? Both whom you endorse & support. Since the event in Boston; Adbusters becomes more agressive. silent & dismissive, and running distraction.

    Not so loosely organized is it?

    I see those photos, and I dont see religous zealots or patriot extremists. I see two college students with OWS & Blac Bloc writen all over them.

    Word to any serious investigative journalist: 2012 May Day. Seattle, WA. KOMO 4, KING 5, KIRO 7, FOX 13. Review the video…they expose their faces when taking off their clothing at Westlake Center.

  • WWMD

    Did you have this outrage for the fox reporter who tweeted all Muslims should be killed dont recall it

    • Corey Dennison


      (And by the way, should you be able to provide proof of your comment, I believe we’d show the same condemnation for said reporter’s tweet. So suck it.)

    • therantinggeek


  • BAW

    I did tell my daughter when she left Texas to go to Notre Dame, I’d really rather she not fall in love with some guy from Mass. On the other hand, I was actually scared when she thought she might want to work in Chicago after law school.

  • CavalierX

    I’m not surprised by this. We already know that Leftists de-humanize those who disagree with them to an alarming degree, even publicly fantasizing about their deaths by torture. Sirota just assumes that his twisted insanity is the way normal people feel emotions. He’s just projecting.

  • Lotte Lenya

    This d-bag is really beginning to sound like he’s off his meds and not just a hack. Get help, pal.

  • tjp77

    Meanwhile on Gawker, the first comments about the Texas explosion were as follows:

    “Where is your god now, Texans? What’s wrong, can’t shoot yourselves out of this one? Maybe more gun manufacturers can help.”

    “For you tri-staters, just a reminder that the US Rep for this area, Bill Flores (R-TX), voted *against* the stripped down bill for Hurricane Sandy relief. He was even publicly applauded by the Tea Party – – saying “Some might portray this to be a very unfeeling vote, but it’s not. There is simply has no constitutional authority to do so. The Constitution leaves such appropriations and spending up to the States, or to the conscience of the people, to disperse their own money for that purpose as they see fit.”I hope he remembers his voting record and refuses to ask the evil Federal government for any help. Bootstraps and all that.”

    “Oh, and god had a special reason, too, for how many people to lose their limbs? What was his special reason for THAT? Can anyone tell me? What about that 8 year old boy that was killed in teh bombs? What was god’s plan for him? I mean clearly he had a plan, right? To kill 8 year old innocent children in bomb blasts? Your god is an evil, evil disgusting piece of shit, i gotta say, and i pity anyone who believes.”

    “This is bad and all, but let’s not kid ourselves here: it doesn’t compare even a little bit to the Boston Marathon bombing.”

    So yeah, I think Sirota is projecting, because liberals are the ones to like to use tragedies for immediate political gain, and dance on the graves of people they disagree with. I guess he just can’t understand that the people he hates aren’t ghoulish pricks too.

  • Robert Schwarz

    How can NY Yankees fans suddenly have sympathy for Bostonians? It makes no sense… #davidsirota=moron

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    .@davidsirota @mtgrove You stupid moron. Taxachussettes and the “Pay State” were monikers for MA when I lived there in the 90’s. Dipshit….

    … And for your information, Massachussetts is known as the ‘Bay State’. Did you get your degree from Hamburger U?

    … And guess what else, LOSER? People that live in MA are fondly referred to by each other as ‘MASSHOLES’. Get a clue.

    This last, I know, since I obtained my first driver’s license back in 1990 in MA. My friend that went with me said, ‘It’s official… you’re a Masshole now’.

  • Kevin Scott

    This guy is to sound journalism what raccoons are studying the mating habits of sharks. This guy has no real talent, so he is reduced to trolling. Let this guy disseminate his garbage; hell, encourage it. Nature has a way of taking care of rebel rousers without a coherent and logical cause, and it’s called being reduced to a trivia question on a radio show in Nowheresville, North Dakota. (No offense to North Dakota.)

  • malpaso

    He’s nothing but a troll, I suggest you stop publicizing his tweets. He’s getting exactly what he wants.

    • Randy W

      Agreed, anyone can do his job of professional troll.

  • BlueStateRebel

    BAM! It’s Mr. Pointy!

  • aliwilcox

    That gutless turd! Unlike card carrying liberals, conservatives are able to factor out politics regarding our fellow Americans. That idiot reveals how he feels about conservatives in that statement.

  • lainer51

    in his defense – he is saddened by the news that bombing suspects not white American males.

  • Acuda4me

    David Sirota IS Liberalism’s, er, Progressivism’s, er, whateveritisthisweekism’s Best and Brightest!

  • Palm Bay Pat

    Whenever someone so majors in casting others as racist or uncaring, I usually assume it’s an immoral person trying to muster some self-respect.

  • SClanding

    Just shows that this man is a dangerous leftist wacko who should be on a terrorist watch list.

    For the people who know this Sirota….call the medical authorities and get him the mental illness help that he so clearly requires before he ends up harming innocent law-abiding people.

  • IceColdTroll

    God, what a moron.

  • maplebob23

    Since Liberals/Progressives/Anonymous/Etc hate and blame America for all the sins of the world and Boston, it would seem, is in America, then Liberals/Progressives/etc. shouldn’t be showing any sympathy to Boston. #DavidSirotaLogic

  • tops116

    Oh, look, it’s Dave Sirota–the guy that was all-too quick to blame the bombing on white right-wingers and bemoan White Privilege (despite owing his entire existence to such a thing). Now that the suspects turned out to be Muslims, well, he has to find something else to talk about, doesn’t he? It’s not like he could apologize for demonizing his political opponents or admit he was completely, utterly and horrendously wrong.

  • alanstorm

    I’m confused about how yet another liberal “genius” can fail to distinguish between peoples’ opinions of the state of MA and the city of Boston, and the people who inhabit them.

    Is it possible…that liberals are simply idiots? Nahhh, that can’t be it.

  • robert108

    In the first place, American conservatives are not “rightwingers” Consult a dictionary.
    Nice Marxist dialectic, though.

  • bo1921

    You really are a cretin, aren’t you? So when little girls and boys get their arms and legs blown off, conservatives shouldn’t grieve because of the political climate in MA? We care about human life regardless of political affiliation – from babies trying to survive in a Philadelphia abortion clinic to kum-kwats like you.

  • Red Fred

    The Obama administration has been able to do in just over 4 years what hasn’t been done since 1861. (One nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all.)

  • littleones

    No more free speach AND thought control. Is this some kind of bonus?

  • Jim

    This is how the Left thinks, my friends. Since they genuinely believe that (a) conservatives are sub-humans who deserve to die, and (b) conservatives are worse people than liberals, then it follows that of course conservatives hate their opponents.
    It’s the same reasoning for why they assume that Tea Partiers are violent extremists, even though there’s no proof of that. Because left-wing protesters are violent extremists, and right-wingers are (they believe) worse people than left-wingers, there can be no other conclusion then to assume that Tea Partiers are worse than the worst members of OWS.

  • Jedd McHead

    Liberals and conservatives look at each other through the bars of a cage that separates them. The difference is that conservatives are on the outside looking in.

  • Travis Wolfeil

    Wait… Does this mean he’ll no longer criticize right-wingers?! Oh, that’s right: Only right-wingers can be “haters,” even if we don’t call people who walk out on a speech of ours because we’ve offended them “pansy-a*sed,” or don’t dance on the graves of our political foes.

  • tonyrohl

    Sirota? I thought they meant Sriracha.

  • tina v

    this guy is a jackass, if I was liberal, I would be so angry at these people speaking for me. How dare him tell me not to feel bad for Boston. Who does he think he is? My Christian Prayers are for MA and TX. as well as the liberals

  • rivers

    Is he a drunk? Or a sociapath? I really don’t get hate peddlers like Sirota, they expect people to believe that they care about people yet they are so vociferously contemptful of people, it’s mind boggling.

  • seanmahair

    This character is still stuck in Elementary school where kids think if someone disagrees with them or corrects them or doesn’t pay enough attention to them, those people hate them. Grow up genius! Just because I don’t like what you say doesn’t mean I hate you. Just because you’re a childish, immature, nasty individual doesn’t mean I hate you. Just because you don’t have to brains God gave a gnat, doesn’t mean I hate you. I don’t hate you. In order to hate you I have to care about you, what you say or do and what you think. I don’t. I simply don’t care enough to have an opinion. You are irrelevant to me as is you nasty little magazine, which I also never read. So please stop hogging the internet and crawl back under rock from which you came, and take the rest of the media with you. Please.

  • Earthling3

    Dear Mr. Sirota

    Go fuck yourself.

    love and kisses, Earthling3

  • dwsmokin

    Wow, nothing like an idiot truly making himself look like…well…an idiot. I’m assuming this fool actually has readers?

  • j Ray

    Dear David Sirota. Go to hell!

  • brian s

    After subjecting myself to a handful of David Sirota’s past and recent works, I’ve come to believe there’s a sadness about him. You really have to read Sirota’s columns from early on up to more recently to really get a good impression of him. He’s trying to understand why the world is always self-defeating and why we’re seemingly on the brink of being a utopia but never get there. He’s on a quest of some sort, to find what’s wrong, except he knows what is wrong already but is dissatisfied that some of the best solutions don’t fit into his political construct–of course he never admits or concedes that the root of his beliefs might be completely obtuse and out of touch and would be the reason people hate him. He can’t grasp conservatism, nor wants to believe there is a middle and agreeable center in every discussion where less people would be pissed off by nature. Sirota is just cold and bitter more than anything, yet truly sad to see a person who has a platform and an audience just waste useful energy indiscriminately. He’s not impressing anyone with his wit.

  • Mark81150



    “Following that logic, Sirota should be absolutely giddy about the deadly explosions in Texas, but we doubt that he is.”

    But if you think Sirota isn’t trying out his dead Texan jokes to the horror of Salon’s staff, you don’t know how bad some of the most hard left think.. He shamelessly wrote an openly racist tweet, then doubled down on it, by calling us so racist he feared for muslims in the US if it was another muslim terrorist. That there can be white muslims, never entered his very small brain.

  • Mark81150

    Telling he’s loosing progressive friends over this.. apparently some are seeing their punditry for what they are.

  • svobodnik

    Massachusetts is beautiful. Pretty soon the trees will be blooming and it’s gorgeous. I met nice people there and wondered about the liberals. Then I found an enclave of twisted, misshapen lesbians infesting Smith College out in the western part of the state. If I’d stayed longer I doubtless would have found more such places.

  • Big Ed

    I’m guessing that this guy, like many other Libs, were inconsolable when the bombers turned out to be foreign born Muslims…again. They were so hoping it was a White, Christain, Male.

  • Rulz

    I don’t see conservatives hating Massachusetts. Not sure I ever did.

    • Jerome Goolsby

      I bet Sirota would have a stroke if he knew conservatives actually LIVE in Massachusetts and Boston.

  • neoface

    Who the hell is David Sirota???? An insignificant weasel?

  • Darren

    Read Thomas Sowell’s “Conflict of Visions.” This sort of thing goes back literally hundreds of years. People on the left — of what Sowell calls “the unconstrained vision” — believe that human reason can overcome most any problem, and the injustice in the world is mainly the fault of bad (and hence, correctable) human institutions and behaviors, rather than inherent flaws in human nature. (The opposite view — the “constrained vision” — holds that human beings are inherently flawed, and thus perfection, or even any close approximation of it, will therefore be forever unattainable; the best we can hope for are partial solutions, tradeoffs, lesser evils, and incomplete striving for perfection.) When you think this way, when you think not only that human beings can really solve society’s problems for good and all, but that you and your ideological brethren actually have a line on the solutions themselves, the existence of intelligent, educated people who oppose your views is a moral and intellectual conundrum. How can these people oppose what is so clearly right and good? Well, it must be because they are stupid, greedy, selfish, racist, or something along those lines. And as Sowell showed, with historical examples going back to the time of the French Revolution, accusations of bad faith, venality, corruption, prejudice, etc., are much more common coming from those on the left. That’s not to say you don’t see this coming from the other side, but it’s demonstrably more common on the left. People of the constrained view, since they believe human beings are so flawed, aren’t as surprised that people can be wrong, so they don’t as often have to ascribe such despicable motives to their ideological opponents. But Sirota is just the latest in a long, long line of leftists who is so arrogantly convinced of his rightness that he simply can’t conceive how anyone could disagree with him. So, if you do, you must be an intellectual or moral defective.

  • Orlando Cee

    It is a sad statement for this nation that clowns like Sirota can get paid simply for being an idiot.

  • $27789750

    Here we go again….Who is this guy, never heard of him ’til now.

  • WWMD

    One thing I have learned from my few weeks on twitchy is, please god if I ever am involved in a trial by jury do not let anyone here sit on it. It will be first question I get my lawyer to ask

  • cscape

    one of the deceased victims was a native to China….. and Serota is beyond intellectually bankrupt…. TAKE YOUR MEDS

  • cscape

    michelle….. don’t be so sure that Sirota isn’t “giddy” about the deaths in Texas – he’s accusing US of thinking that way, because that’s the way he, and most of the rest of the LIBERAL INTELLIGENTSIA, think!

  • SideTraKd

    This just goes to what I was saying about liberals celebrating if a terrorist were to attack an area of the country that voted overwhelmingly against Obama. That is EXACTLY what this liberal d-bag would be doing, and so he expects that is what conservatives would do, in his place. In his mind, there is simply no other way to act.

  • Christopher Hubbard

    i live in california and can with a sad but straight face refer to it as taxifornia. this man has a big mouth for such a small mind.

  • lateblum

    Really, @davidsirota is a twit. I read him when I was more librul and even then thought him a twit.

  • irishgirl91

    Because every dime we pay in taxes goes directly (and only) to paying first responders. Yes, that is why we feel that taxes are misspent. This man is an asshat and fit only to ridicule. This man only likes, cares for and understand people who are just like him. He cannot conceive that people can love the human and disagree with them politically. I don’t wish him ill and hope he has a long and healthy life. But mock him I will.

  • liberalssuck

    So is the same stupid ass who said right-wing was behind this attack? Why are we even caring what this racist piece of dog crap says..

  • ackerson

    Sirota is a deeply disturbed person with severe mental problems.

  • Bob McLeod

    This is how liberals think. Disagreement with a policy equals hatred or worse for tbose who agree with the policy. Ergo why they think disagreement on gay marriage equals in their mind personal hatred of Gay individuals. I think it stems from this is actually how they think. I think they truly hate the peopl who disagree with them and would have no sympathy cor any personal tragedy that might befall them.

  • Preston Smith

    Wow!! When you are as dumb as David Sirota, you should be eligible for workman’s compensation…

  • Gary Freeman

    They don’t want Conservatives showing sympathy for the Boston victims, because the libs are too busy giving their sympathy to the terrorist who committed the crime.

  • 364NKL

    Ok, so my entire family is conservative, and we live in Massachusetts. So that means we are not entitled to grieve? Where the do people like him get off? Oh, and David, how do you know the victims are not conservative? Brain-dead libtard.