Rep. Steve Stockman is known for his creative marketing,  but his campaign’s newest venture may take the cake.

However, from a practical standpoint, getting the guns into the womb might present some slight logistical problems.

  • Chase C.

    I love it. I need to get that bumper sticker.

  • mickeyco

    Where can I send my money? Gotta have that sticker!

  • nc

    Sorry, I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t think you’re going to win over any hearts or minds with this one.

    • mickeyco

      Probably not, but, darned it makes me smile.

    • camnpat

      If candidates stop resorting to soundbites and tag lines but rather start making a logical case and defending their positions, then they can win a lot of hearts and minds with it.

      The issue is not the message. The problem is many candidates are too weak knee to stick to the message, defend it, make the case for it, and educate the voter.

      • TugboatPhil

        The true enemy of that is the press, which will never allow a rational explanation of policy from anyone on the right. They never show the same for the left, because they have no rational case.

        • camnpat

          I agree that the media is a problem, but unless you are willing to stick to a position and defend it nothing will change. You have people like John Lott all but ignored in recent weeks because he makes a logical case for gun rights. The same with the Gosnell case. A politician is much difficult to completely ignore. But a huge issue is that many of them don’t have the spine to have a position, stick to it, and defend it. They see one “bad” news report and they go wobbly.

          The media IS an issue but not the only one. The only way to overcome that is a flanking solution: have the public figure/ politician make a case for something (instead of just being against something) so that the MSM has to cover it, and have the public pressure the media to cover it or replace the media with alternative means. Make the MSM irrelevant.

          There may be better solutions but it has to start somewhere.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Stockman is in a R+20 district in SE Texas. He’s as safe as it gets. This isn’t about winning hearts, minds, or elections. It’s about trolling the left and giving us on the right something to smile at, and at that it wins. Hard.

      • Heather_A

        If he’s a Rep in a safe district… troll away, sir. And so far, his trolls have been hilarious… the coffee/liberal white protester is probably his best.


    • 2ifbyT

      You are correct – you won’t win the left. But this will win over independents. Moreover, he is in Texas. The Democrats have a “grand strategy” to cut into the sea of Red in Texas. This will stop them dead in their tracks (no pun intended).

      • cgraham77

        I honestly don’t think a campaign slogan like this will win independents.

        The stereotype of gun supporters is they want every man, woman, child, and household pet armed to the teeth. This reinforces that stereotype. That’s just my opinion.

        And as a former liberal turned conservative, I can tell you that those already for gun control will look at a bumper sticker like this and think that the person driving the car is a nut (even understanding that it’s joke). It would affirm their preconceived notions. It’s how they think.

        And someone who’s an independent will take a more moderate position on this, while the sentiment being expressed in the slogan is an extreme illustration. I think it will turn those people off.

        • 2ifbyT

          Gun supporters do not want the government taking them away. That’s big government intrusion, which is what independents.- and libertarians – are against.

          • cgraham77

            Im not talking about libertarians. But most independents I know don’t take a hard-lined position on gun control and actually lean more towards it. That’s just my experience. This is even the case with my own family, who are independents. Perhaps it’s where I live.

            ETA: Actually, I take part of that back. It’s true that most independents where I live would definitely lean more in the direction of gun control…but most of my family who are independent live 3000 miles away, in are in a more conservative region, and would still lean more towards gun control. So I don’t think it’s just regional. Anyways, my point is (in my experience) independents tend to be moderates!…they tend to not take a strong position on it, they tend to NOT be gun owners, and so they will often lean the other direction on this issue. They are not necessarily Constitutionalists or in favor of small government. Again, this is my own experience.

            And actually, most independents I know are moderate (even liberal) on a variety of social issues, including abortion (also addressed in the slogan). So no, I don’t think this slogan would appeal to them!!

            The fact that independents tend to be more liberal on many issues is seen by the very fact the Obama was re-elected. It wasn’t his “base” but moderates on the fence who won him his re-relection.

          • cgraham77

            @2ifbyT – Sorry that was so long, lol.

            I suppose I could have just as easily stated: a slogan that makes an extreme illustration is NOT going to appeal to people who are moderate on both issues!

          • cgraham77

            If you’re going to thumbs down, at least challenge the idea that an extreme message will not appeal to moderates!

            You won’t because you can’t.

            ETA: thank you for proving my point :)

          • Squirrel!

            As an Independent, I do not agree with your remarks and am none of the above, and I am not the only one. I LOVE my country & would fight to save it as would others. I guess I am truly a conservative but the only options in my state are R, D or I. I’m definitely no Democrat & don’t care for the weakness of the Republican Party.

          • cgraham77

            I’m glad you are an independent that leans conservative :) My comment was certainly not inclusive to ALL independents, but from my experience, the independents I know are moderates (moreso socially than fiscally).

            I agree with your statement about Republicans. However, in my state, you can’t even vote in the Primaries unless you are an R or a D, and so perhaps this is why independents in my state are more on the fence. They’re not even voting in the Primaries! (and can’t)

          • Squirrel!

            Registered Indy & my voter registration shows “No Affiliation.” Can’t vote in primaries either. Awaiting a new, strong, conservative 3rd party. Sigh.

          • cgraham77

            I hear ya!!

            I used to be an I, and then switched to R just so I could vote in the primaries, but I am with you 100% in that there are MAJOR problems with the party (ie., they need to stop pandering to the liberals! And its filled with RINO’s!)

  • $7610427

    The question I’m asking is…if the good doc was shooting the babies instead of killing them with scissors, would the media force themselves to report on it? I mean, which policy is more important to them? What a dilemma that would be!

  • cgraham77

    Not a fan of trivializing abortion. Is it just me?

    Not only that, but it fits the left’s stereotypical, and caricaturish, ideas about what gun supporters look like.

  • BeccaLeigh

    pro-life groups have decided to break the media blackout over the Gosnell trial

    just found out that #Gosnell is now trending on twitter!!

  • Ellen

    You do realized the more we talk about abortion, and by extension women’s bodies/health/rights, the happier the Left is right? Just shut the fuck up already.

    • Uncle Dave

      Ellen, I understand what you’re saying, and you had me agreeing with you … until you got all potty-mouth on it.

  • Dennis Wilen

    He stole this idea! >>Arizona ‘pro-life’ bill promises a gun for every unborn child<<

  • maplebob23

    Sometimes absurdity works and sometimes it is simply absurd.

  • john mason

    I’m sympathetic to Stockman’s dislike of using abortion as casual birth control, but this is a very strange, almost bizarre statement. The oddness of his style for communication will likely take precedence over the heart of his pro-life message. In other words, I would not use this statement in any sort of campaign, as it’s imagery is too disturbing.

  • ondabus

    How can I get this bumper sticker?

  • Tom Anderson

    Sorry, I think that this sticker is in really bad taste. Two very important but separate issues. Combining them into a punch line, really bad form.