In an interview with Vermont CBS affiliate WCAX today, Michelle Obama referred to herself as a “busy, single mother” before realizing her mistake and correcting herself.

Anything else you want to share with the class, Michelle?

  • TugboatPhil

    Well it’s understandable since Obama’s real “wife” has luggage marked with RL.

  • Im_Rick_James

    That’s cuz Barry’s spending all of his time at MansCountry. No, I’m not going to post a link – google it for ur own nasty self….

    • argram

      I don’t have to google it….I have read the same and believe they are making more fools of the U.S. by pretending they are married!

    • EC

      LOL. Are people really spreading that around? You people are idiots if you get upset by the thought of Obama being gay. An affair? Yes wrong. Being gay? Don’t see a problem here.

  • tony30088

    Certainly explains the separate vacations. Flotus and her girls and big O with his special Love friend.

    • Rudy Ponce

      I came here to say this. Valentines was golfing with Tiger and Michelle in Aspen with the girls.

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      perhaps a blood test would reveal that the kids aren’t his!

      • Jimd

        The whole thing is made up, Him Michelle the family, the Birth cert, the school records, everything. its all a lie. I cant believe someone cant prove it without getting murdered

      • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

        In vitro.

      • NotTheFather

        Looks like a job for Maurey

      • Miss Clairee

        Maybe they’re Michael Jackson’s kids!

    • Christopher Hayes

      would that be Bill Ayers of Jeremiah Wright?

    • Paul F.

      Love friend = Joe Biden!!!

    • Binary_Warrior

      I think Obama is getting some Reggie Lovin’ that’s why you always see those two together and no Moochelle.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Pandering Freudian Slip?

  • LuCha

    Oh poor Michelle. Those nannies are not very helpful when you’re ALL ALONE…..GEEZ…

  • adriaperez

    She forgot she was doing an interview, thought she was at welfare office trying to get some extra tax payer cash.

    • Susan Wiggins-Wiley

      Hahahahahaha! That’s a good one Adria.

    • Enno

      Perfect! That is hilarious! or not so hilarious. Lies come way too easy for the Libs.

      • Brenda Busken

        you got that right they dont know how to do anything but lie they try to act like they have been poor they have never seen a hungry day or worried about feeding or clothing or getting a good education for their children

    • Marty Luther

      Barack, deadbeat dad. …owes 16 trillion.

      • Barb Chockley Slaton

        Good one!!!

    • JoeKidd (@joekiddone)

      The best and most accurate comment yet!
      PS- Not only did Michelle Obama call herself a “single” mother, she also referred to Barack as “the husband” <– very telling!

  • Adela Wagner

    Should we add “Marriage License” to the list of “missing” documents? Has anyone ever really seen it?

    • Army Guy

      Great question!!

    • Audrey Merrell

      wel there is a woman on facebook who claims she is Obama’s real wife. name is erika simmons. check it out.

      • 4True

        drag queen?

  • froggy19510

    Single mom? Flub? Are you sure? Maybe she is giving ol’ Braak a hint.

    Braak said that the California AG was the best looking AG he has ever seen. Maybe ol’
    Meecheel didn’t like that.

    • blueniner

      Ok, Obama, is it Reggie or Kamala?

      • KJ

        It probably depends upon which day of the week it is as to whether he prefers Reggie or Kamala. But since Obama’s comment smacks of sexism, who is REALLY waging a war on women?

  • Brett McMicken

    she probably means that she is raising three children by herself

    • SineWaveII

      LOL Perfect

    • TocksNedlog

      And the big one is the MOST undisciplined of the lot.

    • KJ

      Two children and two dogs.

  • Nathan Oaksford


  • obamayourenemy

    she’s such a phoney…. she forgot which part she was playing

  • Lisa

    Maybe there’s something they haven’t told us!

    • bidentime

      There are many many things they haven’t told us, and they have gone to great pains to keep it that way.

    • Miss Clairee

      Google Man’s Country/Obama or Kal Penn Obama Affair and you will definitely see there is a lot they have not told us!

      • KJ

        I really don’t care about Obama’s sham marriage or if he’s getting “copulated” by his secret service bodyguard on the side. But I do care that he lied about Fast and Furious, that he slept comfortably the night before his big Las Vegas fundraiser when our fellow Americans were dying without any help in Benghazi, that he and his administration spent two weeks lying to the people of our country and the UN general assembly, that he accepts no responsibility whatsoever when things go wrong, that he has no knowledge of economics and finance, that he doesn’t appreciate American exceptionalism, that his foreign policy of leading from behind has caused international instability, and that all of his past personal documentation has been sealed from view. His entire administration is a sham. I really don’t care about any of the other side shows and distractions.

        History will question how the citizens of America could be so blind and allow the country to falter in the yoke of a socialist illegal alien who turned his nose at the Constitution and God.

        • Miss Clairee

          Very well said! I agree, this man and his “so called life” are one big sham and how he turned his back on the brave Americans in Benghazi is a travesty. But I do also care that he has lied about his past, because as we now see…..a liar, is a liar, is a liar. And we as Americans, need to realize the lies aren’t going to stop any time soon. It’s just who he is, it’s part of his make up.

        • Stevon f. Nutt

          His policy of leading from behind in the Middle east is to give the Muslim brotherhood time to exert their influence over other Rebel groups so they might win another country to terrorize. then he finds an excuse to step in and arm them!

        • Linda Carman

          Well said KJ. The Benghazi disaster seems forgotten. We must get the truth on that fiasco.

  • oneword

    They both make me physically ill.

    • Adi

      They both make me physically sick, too.

      • Linda Carman

        Me too! Every day, they make me a littlle sicker.

  • Orlando Cee

    Somewhat reminiscent of Barry’s “muslim faith” gaffe on TV:

    (at the 1m20s mark)

  • redstilettos

    Perhaps their father is a sperm donor?

    • Bill Board

      Obviously, who would f**k her?

  • Kristy Patullo

    Looks like Barack’s not pulling his weight.

  • Geoff H Dyce

    A single working mother?? She forgot the second half of mother.

  • nc

    The mask slips. Not for the first time in her adult lifetime.

  • GMan

    Liberals always fantasize about being martyrs for their heroic causes, probably just forgot who she was for a brief instant.

  • Peyton

    Wishful thinking?

  • Joani Bosco

    Poor thing! It’s okay, deary, we know you meant to say “busy single sasquatch.”

    • Avey Owyns

      LOL … this should be top comment.

    • kelli hughes

      U are being extremely mean to the sasquatch. . .

      • William Hawkins


  • Libertyworld

    Gotten a little too comfortable with dishonesty & deception there missy? ..your chronic disregard for the truth become a little too ‘second nature’?

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      That’s what I think. She’s told so many lies that this just slipped right out of there.

  • SineWaveII

    The beard had a freudian slip (accidentally telling the truth while lying)

  • 56Survivor

    She is every bit the liar her “composite” husband is.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Obama did just recently go on vacation with Reggie Love and not Michelle.

  • Squirrel!

    Guess when you tell so many lies you forget who you are.

  • Thomasg49

    as much as she travels alone on vacations, one would think she is a single mother…Hell she might be,, with the way he lies about everything…….

  • HARP2

    Must be why her broom only seats one.

  • MisterIncredible

    Freudian slip? I think so.

  • John Moore

    That’s because she knows he’s Gay and he does his own thing! They have their agreement i’m sure!

    • Carole

      Her lover is a Secret Service Agent, but not Obama’s !

  • bunny06

    SHe looks familar i think i saw her in planet of the apes

  • Tammy

    Really don’t think it was a flub…

  • TJ

    Since when is she busy anything.

  • gem

    that’s what happens when your husband pays to hide his gay past

  • JamesJinSC


    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      lol Both!

  • Santa Chuck

    Probably because she has no clue who or where her daughters real sperm donors are. After all, it has already been exposed that Barry likes the boys rather than women.

  • Paul Crittenden

    Ann Coulter was dead on with liberals. She said they play the victim so well, and now we have a very wealthy woman, married to the most powerful man in the world, calling herself a busy single mother, as if to drum up some sympathy. I guess her well-paid 20-person staff is slacking. It’s got to be so rough.

    • Tanya Beckel Redfield

      Not to mention that the taxpayers also pay for her mother to live in the White House, supposedly to help with the children.

      • ArizonaMomma

        Yeah, since when is it okay to take the family to the WH. She never lived with them and took care of the is that all about. Just radical libs living like the welfare folk.

        • TexasOlTimer

          I heard on Fox and Friends this morning that the Obamas never lived together as a family until they moved into the White House.

          • Belinda Turner

            I heard that too, has anyone else known what that is all about? Why would they be living apart?

          • TexasOlTimer

            They gave the source but I couldn’t catch the last name – Joe (Jo?) Something. I tried to find it online this morning and couldn’t. Hopefully someone will know the source and why…

          • Caroline Denton Frazier

            It was Jodi Kantor.. who wrote a book about them and their lives since he took office.

          • TexasOlTimer

            Thank you!

          • Caroline Denton Frazier
  • Elke E. Wilhelm

    As an actual busy single mother I’m offended! I wonder if her butt is jealous of all the bullshit that comes out of her mouth.

    • Dee Gates

      her butt is glad her mouth is so far away

    • Sally McKelvy

      HOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Beautiful answer!!!!!! Rolling on the floor as I type!!! (no, that’s a lie….see, I’m learning WELL!!! LOL)

    • Clark Halstead

      Best one yet!

  • Carolyn

    Maybe she could use her powers of persuasive reasoning and get her husband off the golf course for a couple days to actually parent his(sic) children and maybe, oh, I dunno…do his freakin’ job?

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      Two jobs he’s been a deadbeat at.

  • Adi

    Queen Mooch is a victim! Waaa, call a wambulance!

    Btw, the wig sucks.

  • Pants Up Don’t Loot

    Of course she is single anyone that Knows Obama Knows he loves the COC. Only reason he married her is to throw off the people.

  • Pants Up Don’t Loot

    Obama is as Queer as a $53 bill.

  • Adi

    It seems the Obamas are in full PR damage mode, so they will do more interviews showing the plebes they’re just ordinary people. Not. Working. They’re nothing but filthy pigs, in the very literal sense.

  • Frank Smiles

    LOL This must be Michelles’s Freudian response to Obama’s eyebrow-raising remark to the CA attorney general. His comment was inappropriate on multiple levels and beneath the AG’s stature as well as the office of the President. Another in-your-face moment, since “I got re-elected….somehow. Heh!” But hey, we can’t criticize low class behavior or we’re racist, right?

  • Mary Vitale

    That is why they take separate vacations. Maybe things are so perfect in the White House.

    • Larry Bavaro

      Sometimes I think she knows that somebody/somecountry, hates Big ‘O’, and that what he is doing is Lawless and destroying the country, that she will not be on Marine 1 or Airforce 1, Just in case something should happen to either of those poshy vehicles. Her bibbies aint gonna be wifout no momma, Babies Daddy? F**k babies Daddy, I aint need no man.

  • neoface

    I’ve been saying that the whole Obama family is manufactured, Obama lies about everything, why not a family? Maybe the girls need to take a DNA test, just to see if they actually have Obama’s DNA. Does Moocow have any pregnancy pictures while carrying the girls???? Just a thought!!!

    • Spatial Awareness

      Have to disagree with you on this one…. the oldest is ALL barakie…. and NOT in a good way.

  • James McLarey

    Please folks, take this as someone who believes that Barry, the Communist-In-Chief, deserves to be impeached as a traitor. This is petty bullshit. It’s a lousy slip of the tongue, for God’s sake. Can we focus on the bigger picture here, please???!!!

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      Anything that can at least start people to doubt what the Obama’s say is good. It seems most people wake up slowly!

  • realitychecked

    That was no flub, that was the truth slipping out. Why do you think the Obamas continue to take separate vacations? The reality is…America is simply not ready for Reggie Love as FLOTUS.

  • djfxw

    Obummer and the wookie are one in the same! AHHHHH!

  • dunst43

    That comment is significant. I’m not sure why just yet but it will be significant. She was sincere when she said she was a single mother. It’s significant.

    • lugoadvertising

      definite marriage problems.

  • Larry Bavaro

    Freudian slip,,,She never goes with him. Her husband. Is Harrison J. Bounel,

  • Guest

    I wonder if Michelle has one of those free Obama phones?

  • Maxx
    • tony30088

      He gay!

    • ArizonaMomma

      OMG, he is as queer as a $3 bill.

    • Miss Clairee

      And don’t forget Nick Colvin!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm! No good answers (as to why he suddenly disappeared!)

  • tony30088

    Certainly explains the separate vacations. FLOTUS and her girls and big O with his special Love friend..

  • K-Dubya

    FLOTUS flub: Michelle Obama accidentally labels herself “busy”.

    • Michelle

      Oh hey now – making all the rounds to morning and evening talk shows, preparing for one vacation to the next and dancing with Jimmy Fallon (including rehearsal time) creates a very challenging and time consuming schedule. Give the dimwit a break, would ya?

  • Bouncerquinn

    Sham American, sham marriage, shame, shame, shame on you clowns who voted for this loser, Obozo!!

  • FoodForThought

    Did I hear correctly that off camera during the interview Beyoncé was lip-syncing “All the Single Ladies”?

  • dareisay

    Are the kids his? °~°

    • cvmoonshadow

      Funny, girls usually look like their Dads but I just don’t see it. But hey with him I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it wasn’t a marriage of convince. Just makes you want to go hmmmmm.

    • neoface

      No, just props!

  • Jack Williams

    Who cares

  • Linda Lampe

    There seems to be a badge of honor in today’s society by being a single mother.Maybe Barak is gay after all.

  • Brenda Busken

    i hate to tell her but my daughter is a single mother and never gets the wonderful vacations or nannies and has to scrape and penny pinch every day

  • fireandreamitchell

    You know, technically Mooch could be right. She shuffles her kids from one skiing vacation to the bahamas to another ski vacation away from Barry. Maybe she is a ‘single-mom’ now.

  • Barbiesway

    After what, 17 vacations and helping the kids get ready for 2 separate ones, all the staff and helpers she’s a single mom. Makes me sick, what a slap in the face to the struggling real single moms in this country. None of which who get to waste taxpayer dollars by the millions as she does. Shameful. Just saying. How many married Moms would say that?

  • crazymind99

    OBAMA IS A HOMOSEXUAL WHICH IS WELL KNOWN IN WASHINGTON AND CHICAGO. Remember FDR had polio and could not walk, but the press kept this secret. Reggie Love is an example of one of his buddies. OBAMA Roamed Mans World and other gay safe houses without Michelle. Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s biological father. The truth will come out one day!!!!! That is why Obama said he was raised by a single mother. The press covers up the truth. Search it yourself.

  • Samh09

    Fascinating Freudian slip.

  • $9787932

    Totally un-exceptable flub. How can anyone forget that she’s married to the POTUS? Unless . . . . .they really aren’t married and she’s really a “busy, single mother.”

  • Ronald Weiland

    Flotus is a McRib wrapped in greens from 95th and cottage Grove. UGG

  • Sheila Rider

    I always thought O was gay…?…

  • Not Anonymous

    Poor thing, she is just struggling to get by.

  • Patrick Orr

    She is just hoping for the food stamps, cell phones and welfare check like all her friends

  • CapitalG

    Michelle is just a beard for FAUXbama. He’s gay as hell and in 10 years it’s going to be common knowledge.

  • Skevvy

    Busy? With what? Oh, woe is she! With a servant staff of hundreds, she’s overwhelmed!
    “A man may work from sun to sun (but, not her man),
    but a woman tyrant’s work is never done.”

  • Kim FastandFurious Benghazi Sc

    The Monkey Bride SLIPPED on a banana peel, again

  • Kristina Halcomb Barnhart

    Everyones comments are hilarious!! I want you all as my new best friends!! Some of you had me laughing pretty hard.

  • Penmar

    Maybe she’s planning for the future…

  • June Clinkenbeard

    Since I usually feel pissed off when thinking about that pair of liars in the WH, I have to say I get enormous satisfaction when one of them forgets where they are for a second and coughs up a rare turd of truth by mistake. Think about what she said. As a married woman with children how could she have possibly messed that up? She’s supposedly intelligent and educated. WTH?

    Someone said before her masked slipped. That is a perfect way to express what happens when they relax and open their mouths at the same time. Or it could be Michelle’s passive agressive way of poking her husband with a stick in public. Either way…Turds of Truth.

  • Beverly Millwe

    I am an retired military housewife. I have been an married single mom and know what it is like to have to make ends meet and live on Ham and beans for a week with my two daughters. When my husband was deployed to S Korea for a year and a half. Too keep the bills up and clothes and food in their stomachs. When there was a time when money was getting low and I watch the afternoon movie and they had a cash prize where they would randomly call a number and if you answered the question then you won the money and that was the time they called me and I won enough money to get by the rest of the month. I kept the car going and maintained plus run the house for that year and a half, not total on my own, but God was there and provided friends from church to help me. I lived in Colo Springs at that time. So Mrs. Obama I do not want to hear you whine about your status when you have servants and your children are waited on by others and your dog is walked etc. You have someone cooking for you etc.

  • Marian

    Maybe she wishes she were. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors…especially in the WH.

  • disqus_Ao3LmdU11e

    stupid c**t….

  • lilredhairedgirl

    I am deeply offended by her remark! How dare she refer to herself as BUSY! Doing what? Vacation planning? Clothes shopping at private designer shows? Planning her elaborate 50th birthday party with Beyonce (the self proclaimed satan worshiper)? Or perhaps she is just SOOOO busy helping to find ways to put friends and family on the payroll at the white house? Either way she has NO idea what it’s like to be a BUSY mom let alone a hard working, 2 jobs to make ends meet, scraping up pennies to pay for a school lunch SINGLE mom!

  • Willard Fee

    I always thought she was single because if you are married you go every where with your spouse I is why me and my wife have been together for FIFTY FOURS we don’t go places with out other that is what love is you don’t want to be apart any time

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Freudian slip? I think she was just brought onto the scene to give Obama legitimacy. From what I can glean woman aren’t exactly his cup of tea.

  • Jaron W Hall

    Well, they do vacation separately. Hmmmm… #FLOTUS #SingleMother

  • ClinkinKY

    Wow, looks like the MSM missed a big story here. I wonder who gets to keep the “house” and the dog?

  • Conservaguy

    So easy to lie. It’s like saying, as an astronaut, I mean a farmer, I understand. These people are simply trash who has perpetrated the biggest fraud in the history of the World.

    • Miss Clairee

      I know. So easy to lie, as I myself am a brain surgeon, I mean a stay at home wife/mom.

  • Paul F.

    YUP!!! Open MOUTH, insert FOOT!!!!

  • ClinkinKY

    Since she’s a Dem, the MSM will “forgive and forget” her slip-up and “move on”. Just try to imagine if this had been a gaffe by Laura Bush or any other Rep FLOTUS.

  • sickofitall1096

    A single mom with a staff of a hundred paid for by the American people…must be tough. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it you uppity b**ch.

  • lindahogue

    Good God, that woman is U G L Y!! As well as a pain in America’s ass…..

  • ModdKenwood

    being a single mother is “edgy”…being a married mother of two with the potus ,not so much…

  • Cecilia Krnjeu

    MO’ feels that way her husband never home well, BO really never had a home of his own.

  • cindycox55

    So rumor is they are married for convenience and to cover BO real gayness. It is written that he was long involved in gay relationships and that his pastor set him and Michelle up. Big promises of a life of luxury for Michelle for her sacrifice, and boy has she collected, while BO was accelerated to President. So lol the truth always eventually comes out. Don’t believe me , do your research. Wondering about their separate vacations?

    • SpiffyMclure


  • Richard MacKay

    What else would you expect from the queen of the UNITED STATES, I really feel so sorry for this poor misfortunate woman. Oh where are my tissues?

  • therantinggeek

    I’m not surprised Mrs Obama essentially received a free pass on her “Freudian slip”. ClinkinNY nailed it with his/her comment about how the MSM will “forgive and forget” this one, and had it been a right-leaning First Lady the MSM would have a field day (considering the interview was conducted by a CBS affiliate.)

  • Thomas Holloway

    They are fakes and so were the actors in Sandy Hook . It’s all a stage……..

  • Linda Carman

    Just cut the dang bags woman, you look and are ridiculous.

  • lainer51

    probably wishes she was!

  • RightThinking1

    “Yes, it is a tough job. I have to be up early to walk the dog, then get breakfast ready for the kids and see that they are dressed for school. Then, it’s off to the school bus stop. Back home I have to clean up the dishes, then make the beds. I generally do a little housework while the laundry is washing. You know, vacuuming, dusting. Thank heavens I don’t have to make lunch for the kids anymore. The afternoon is taken up with ironing, scrubbing the tub, and grocery shopping…, that sort of stuff. At 3:30 I meet the school bus and bring the kids home. I usually send them out to play with the neighbor kids, while I start thinking about dinner. About 5:00, I have the kids set the table while I get the dinner served. After dinner, and clearing away the dishes, I spend an hour or so helping the kids with their homework. When they have finished, I let them watch TV, while I do the dishes, until 9:00, which is bedtime. Finally, I get to sit down for a little while myself. I usually watch a little TV, or read.

    “It is a really tough job being a single mom…, but I do my best. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try to work in this cameo appearance at the academy awards.”

  • Indynana

    She MEANT * SINGLE BRAIN CELL* mother!

  • txsrangers

    Freudian slip? Is Obummer’s marriage to Moo just for show? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • dennylee60

    I wonder how often she jumps into the SUV and go grocery shopping. It must be hard to find time to do that between all the photo shoots, interviews and vacation planning.

  • TJ Wright

    You know they drop these gems to watch how you right-wing dolts react. Such predictable little windup toys you all are.

  • Rick

    No wonder O’s daughters don’t resemble him. Michelle used a replacement donor.

  • tcarey

    She is just pandering to the victim class.. And at the same time she is try to be put on a pedestal. Since being a single mom in todays liberal culture is a badge of honor…

  • rinodino

    I swear the First Lady has her feet up, reading a newspaper sipping some wine ; basically straight up chillin’ inside what conservatives call a brain

  • Barb Chockley Slaton

    It was probably wishful thinking! I would embarrassed to be married to that idiot!

  • oconnellc

    Ha ha. Amirite guyz. Shes got a big butt, too. Proof enough that Obamacar sux!!! lolz

  • Marcy Cook

    MO wishes she was a single mother. And BO keeps saying “If I had a son”….wishes he did. Tell me these two are “really” wishing they weren’t married to each other. And they lie so much…maybe they aren’t married????? Hard to tell.

  • Frank Welch

    She mentions single…….I guess they must have a very interesting marriage.
    Maybe a marriage so that idiot could get elected easier……A arranged marriage….
    Just saying……….

  • Guest

    Does that make the BLOTUS a racist,
    by stereotyping black females…?

  • andthesliveytoves

    Every single one of you losers should STFU forever.

  • chris leonard

    This is just her humorus way of saying shes tierd of being Barry’s beard

  • Dennis Stanley

    just proving the arranged marraige with barry to hide his gay lifestyle

  • Larry Dean Barnes

    <— I'm not with stupid.

    Sorry, yes I am.

  • Wiki David

    She got her ‘talking points’ confused. Bam! Nailed it!

  • Steve Smith

    I think it helps substansiate the fact that their marriage was arrnaged and he is down lo boy…he is all about a homosexual agenda-now it all adds up

  • Steve Smith
  • 4True

    Just tough for Obamas to remember to stop lying.

  • DG

    Michelle should know. I challenge the White House to post a copy of Obama’s marriage certificate online.

  • PatriotRG

    Michelle was being a knee jerk liberal – the default position being a victim i.e a single mother (my mother was a single mother and was no victim!). Michelle forgets she is worth over $10mil + and married to the most powerful community activist in the world. Michelle ‘s left wing credentials need bolstering – maybe less prada , gucci might help !

  • stacey

    she acts like one to… separate vacas, barack flirting with the Ca AG… I could be wrong but it looks like their marriage is a sham.

  • jbielot2012

    I think Michelle was wearing her Freudian slip! Gaffe: Accidentally speaking the truth! Can they produce a credible marriage license?

  • BenCartwright33

    Being married to an empty chair is easy to confuse with singleness.

  • Davis Powell

    Wow….i think bo is spending too much time with his gym buddy again!

  • Junie

    At least she corrected herself. In an interview with George Stephanopolis, her husband said “…my Muslim faith…” and never caught it. Stephanopolis had to correct him by saying, “… your CHRISTIAN faith…”. Who makes a mistake with their own faith?