New York Times digital editor Heather Tal Murphy posted tweets tonight praising “superb” and “amazing” photos of the late Hugo Chavez and his supporters, receiving retweets from several of her Times colleagues. This seems a bit odd to us, seeing as Chavez waged such a spirited campaign against press freedom.

It’s a free country, and it’s their right to say such things. Still, that doesn’t make their adoration any less ironic, seeing how much Chavez hated independent journalism. We would love to see them say things like this in front of their Venezuelan colleagues, who were so ham-fistedly oppressed by the regime.

Did we say “adoration”? The relationship between Chavez and American reporters is not quite adoration. It’s … complicated.

It’s not as if we would expect any less from the gray lady — but even the liberal media used to despise censorship. Oh well, times change.

  • Tangchung

    New York Times reporters swoon over tyrant (Obama) who silenced American press.

  • DeeDeeTX

    Obama didn’t silence the American press. They chose to be silent all by themselves.

    • Stephen K

      And they look at what Chavez did to opposition voices in Venezuela and wish Obama could do the same here, so they wouldn’t be continually embarrassed by us exposing them as the drooling lapdogs they are.

  • David Christian Newton

    A slug who could rail on for eight hours on radio and television about his own grandeur. He deigned a law requiring all television and radio stations to carry on his Olympian soliloquies. He raided the oil wealth of the nation so as to give away “free money” to the dregs and unproductive and to his criminal gangster gangs….who served as neighbourhood enforcers and who also controlled street level crime in the “popular districts” of Venezuela’s towns and cities. He played a typical marxist two-faced game against Colombia, which is a State that has value and a soul. Chavez provided aid and support to the FARC during the entirety his 14 years of driving Venezuela into deeper and deeper poverty….while blaming the United States and American industry for all of Venezuela’s problems.
    Slug, thug, crook, useless radical, pointless psuedo-reformer, typical liar, typical demagogue, destroyer, filthy conceited megalomaniac.

    • Marcy Cook

      How dare you say this about Obama….oh wait…sorry

    • $23629333

      Funny, isn’t it? Hugo Chavez loved nothing more than the sound of his own voice. Fidel Castro too. Add the little Austrian to the list. No, I won’t include you-know-who.

  • ToyZebra

    He slept 2-3 hours a night and consume dozens of cups of coffee a day? No wonder the man got sick.

  • David

    Gosh, I would think even the NYT would want to report some good news once in a while . . .

    • $23629333

      I thought they did report the death of Hugo Chavez.

  • capisce

    All the news (or spin) that fits our morally bankrupt agenda.

  • TocksNedlog

    And so, the ‘free’ press praises yet another megalomaniac that made the trains run on-time. *yawn*

  • Stephen L. Hall

    That is also an apt description of Adolf Hitler if you substitute coal for oil:

    “Hugo Chávez’s Rise to Power
    Mr. Chávez rose
    from poverty to unrivaled influence in Venezuela as its president,
    consolidating power and wielding the country’s oil reserves as a tool
    for his Socialist-inspired change.”

  • Herman LaClair

    they believe that if the Venezuelan press rolled over, Chavez must be as wonderful as their messiah.