On the heels of State Rep. Joe Salazar’s assertion that women can’t be trusted with guns, it’s worth noting that one of his female colleagues has been a leading defender of the 2nd Amendment. Rep. Lori Saine (R-Dacono) hit Salazar hard today in an interview with Fox News:

“My daughter’s going to be going off to college in about 10 years,” Rep. Lori Saine said. “I can’t imagine her only option’s going to be to outrun her attackers to a call box. I think she’s responsible enough to handle a gun.”

Even before Salazar decided to eat his foot, Saine was on the House floor and on Twitter standing up for her rights. Check out some of her greatest hits.

Speaking of understanding what one is trying to regulate, Saine linked to an article where Jesse Jackson repeats his claim that assault weapons can be used to blow up railroads.


Amen. We’re glad to see that Rep. Saine isn’t counting on her male colleagues across the aisle to defend her.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Funny how having to inconvenience yourself in *any* way is such a terrible thing when it comes to proving you’re eligible to vote, but when it’s applied against guns, it’s A-OK.

  • William J. Miller

    Appropriate name. Keep it up Rep. Saine.

  • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

    Evidence of Sanity in #CO ==> @lorisaine

  • Scott

    Sounds like she may be the only one NOT smoking the legalized pot in their state government.
    Just say no to drugs and dumb asses that dont have a clue as to what they are trying to legislate.

  • Vennoye

    Sounds like some people in Colorado had enough sense to elect a representative with common sense, intelligence and committment to her oath of office!! Good Job……Rep. Lori Saine!!!

  • peteee363

    she needs to think bigger then colorado politics, she belongs in washington d.c., she makes a better argument then most entrenched politicians!

  • Maxx

    Nothing much to say here other than..

    God bless the conservative women in this country.

    • therantinggeek


  • marcellucci

    Dang…that is one serious lookin’ broad……my type of woman….
    God speed Lori…..

  • Eric Schmitt

    “What is with all of these Democrat MEN telling women how they can or cannot defend themselves from rapists?”

    yeah, what’s going on with that? i guess they just have some strange impulse to tell people what to do. might’ve been something from their childhood…i don’t know.

  • Rob

    “Fights like a girl”, Twitchy? So she knows Judo?

  • ceemack

    I’m anti-abortion, but I’m firmly pro-choice when it comes to a woman’s decision on how to defend herself.

  • coastx

    Does anyone know what Salazar’s religion is?

    • rinodino

      Akinism but sometimes he dabbles in murdockology

      • http://www.facebook.com/noah.lee3 Noah Lee

        oooooh, you are a funny one. except you can’t go around screaming “war on women” when it’s one of your own, shmendrick

        • rinodino

          ????Obama won. The war is over, you tried to destroy that man for 4 years he picked a topic that
          Was legit obviously thanks to Akin and Murdock and it helped him win, get over it

    • dickG

      It’s the new “progressive” religion. Uncle Joe is their profit!

    • coastx

      Buddy up! These monsters are on the prowl and just getting started. Guerena, Saylor, Wilson, Marshall, McCready ANAI, BUDDY UP! I’m not kidding. This is a game for them. You don’t have militia to stop them. Very stupid to ignore this. It’s Stone House Hunting Lodge, and virtually EVERY American is game for these monsters. They enjoy doing this. This is what they live for.

  • Paladin

    Sometimes you can’t wait for a firefighter. That’s why we have fire extinguishers.
    Sometimes you can’t wait for a police officer. That’s why we have guns.

  • Bryan Hewing

    I can attest to that! My twin sister currently can handle a gun better than I can. By the way anti second amendment lefties, she has worked as a police dispatcher, auxilliary police officer, and worked security as well!

  • Lori Abramson

    I’m a conservative woman in this Country and I stood on the Capitol steps today in Denver listening to Lori Saine! Thank goodness for conservative women in this Country for sure!