There was a time, many moons ago, when Wonkette was kind of funny. Even if you disagreed with its barely coherent commentary, it made you laugh a little at its forced attempts at hipster edginess. (Note: That’s laugh “at,” not “with.”) Now, Wonkette has become another below-average, unfunny lefty blog.

Monday, the site demonstrated its descent into irrelevance by lionizing “conservative” blogger Brooks Bayne — knocking us for criticizing Bayne’s anti-Semitism. In case you need a refresher, here is what Bayne has written about the Holocaust:

A word to the wise, Wonkette writers, there’s a difference between “edgy” and “over the edge.” Glorifying a Holocaust minimizer is over the edge, unless of course you think the skinhead market is a potential growth area for you.

Apparently, Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf loves Bayne because he was leaked some X-rated sexts attributed to tweeter Todd Kincannon, whom she hates for a reprehensible tweet about Trayvon Martin.

Since Twitchy criticized Bayne months earlier, we apparently love perverts or something. Because, logic:

You know who was unhappy about Bayne’s attempts to clean up the conservapervs? Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy, of course, because every minute Brooks Bayne is going after Todd Kincannon is a minute he is not making fun of Gabrielle Giffords for having brain damage, we guess.

Dang, we don’t even know where to start on that one.

First off, we never wrote a darn thing about Bayne’s distaste for Kincannon or his “attempts to clean up conservapervs.” The Wonkette writer assumed her readers wouldn’t bother clicking the link to Twitchy — and either she was right or judging by our stats, traffic at Wonkette ain’t what it used to be. We did go after him for posting the personal information of FBI informant Brandon Darby — another tactic that our friends at Wonkette seem not to care about.

For the record, Kincannon’s tweet about Trayvon Martin is disgusting and moronic. But Wonkette’s revelation that Bayne published Kincannon’s alleged sexts doesn’t make Bayne any less of a horrible, anti-Semitic troll of a little man. It merely makes him a horrible, anti-Semitic troll of a little man who claims he found pictures of Kincannon’s junk.

As for the ridiculous allegations that we made fun of Gabrielle Giffords, we’ve already written a whole post debunking that lie. Someday, after they finish intellectual puberty, the crotch-shot-obsessed snarksters at Wonkette might be able to coherently discuss the matter. However, rehashing it now would just generate ad hominem attacks laced with lame attempts at irony.

Sorry, Wonkette, but you screwed up here. We’re sure you’ll feign disinterest, since you’re trying so hard to convince people that you’re hipsters, but you still screwed up.


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  • daphnetaggart

    Ok first, you’re going to take a one-sided conversation over twitter to decide that Bayne is anti-Semitic? I’ll grant you, Bayne is probably about as isolationist as the Paul’s (meaning Isreal shouldn’t get preferential treatment) but I think taking one side of a conversation without context to smear someone is irresponsible. And no, I’m not one of Bayne’s minions, either. I’ve followed and I unfollowed him several times. Further, you call wonkette a has-been blog while quoting a has-been blog to make your point. Rich, that irony.

    Second, the Todd sexting crap wasn’t leaked by Bayne. It was leaked by one of the women “sexted” and creeped out about it, oh back in fall of last year. Yet you cover for the pervert while calling other people names.

    Thirdly, what’s up with the smearing people under the cover of “Twitchy Staff?” If you’re going to smear someone, have to guts to do it publicly.

    I really enjoy Twitchy, but you’re better than this.

    • Corey Dennison

      Ok first, climb down off your high-horse.
      Second, get over yourself.
      Thirdly, relax sugartitz; it’ll be alright.

      • daphnetaggart

        Hey, Todd! Keep it classy.

    • Bristel

      It took me just one time to unfollow Bayne for being a homophobe. Don’t see why it took you so long to catch on.

      Plus, as the article says “alleged” sexts by Todd Kincannon. There’s no proof that he sent anything, other than some texts have his name on the sender list. (Which can be spoofed and screenshot by anyone with basic knowledge of smartphones)

      • HypocritesAmongsUs

        Bayne may be a lot of things but he is not a homophobe. Opposing homosexuality does not make one a homophobe. He does not promote hostility, violence or discrimination against homosexuals.

        • robcrawford2

          Naw. Just Jews.

          • HypocritesAmongsUs

            But, but, but he cannot be. He claims to be “Hebrew, like Jesus was.” LOL

      • daphnetaggart

        A number of women have come forward, not just one.

  • Sigh.

    So. This means that two of our best ConservaTwitterers are worthless, in your Twitchy opinion? We know Wonkett blows goats, that’s a given; you’re using their post to trigger something else. Are you promoting a Twitter War?

    Let me say this about both men:

    Both men have gotten their hands dirty wrestling with the lowest elements of the far-Left. That’s commendable. There’s plenty of ‘pussycat’ ‘top’ ‘conservative’ tweeters who won’t, because they are egotists first. Look for them on their pedestals, far above the fray, spraying the killing fields beneath them with their twitter bounty. I rarely give two shits about any of them.

    @ToddKincannon did something FOR US that no other ConservaTwitterer ever even considered (because, big egos?): created that #TGDN network of like-minded sorts who DO fight in the killing fields. #TGDN is an idea that should’ve came about long ago. So remarkable it is, that our far-Left friends have created #UniteBlue in response; that may well eclipse our efforts soon enough, if stupids go to Twitter War over bullshit (listening, @Twitchy?). But the #TGDN concept is something NO ONE ELSE EVEN IMAGINED. Give @ToddKincannon credit where credit’s (over)due.

    I argued with @AdamSBaldwin (in May ’12 or so) that Conservative Twitterers should follow each other back, because many of us who DO fight in the trenches were gulaged by opponents (why do THEY always come up with these tactics first?). Baldwin’s follower-follow ratio is abysmal: if he EVER uses the #TGDN hashtag, he should be laughed off that stage. His responses? You’re not worthy. Get lost, low level plebe, listen to what I have to tweet and look on in rapture.

    Any Twitter character with that kind of lopsided follow-follower ratio is an egotist! first (the Pope excluded, of course); thinking only of their own well-being. Gracious they are for showering the dirty masses below with their 140 character wisdoms!

    F* them with swordfishes, sideways.

    My #1 Twitter Rule? I will not follow a character who deems him/herself too important to follow back (exceptions include that Pope fellow).

    So, Thank You! @ToddKincannon for what you’ve done for those of us in the trenches.


    • Roxie

      So, Kincannon created a hashtag. So what? That elevates him to sainthood? Read his Tweets, he doesn’t bash liberals, he goes after other conservatives, usually ordinary patriots who have small Follower numbers. He doesn’t take on big name liberals or organizations, he slanders anyone who dares send him a Tweet saying “Maybe you shouldn’t call that #TGDN member a ‘cunt'”. It takes literally nothing for him to turn on a #TGDN member and urge his Followers to block a user. I’ve spoken to some of the casualties, there are some jerks but many more well-meaning people.

      You have blinders on. There is no magic Follower number that will protect you from the Twitter Gulag. You have turned an ordinary man into an idol and it looks like the power has completely gone to his head and he has lost any decency he once had. I imagine in the not too distant future, he will turn on the wrong person, slander the wrong person and his Follower count will dwindle down to an adoring few. Bottom line: If people like Kincannon are the future of conservatism, I have very little hope we can rescue this country from liberal domination.

  • Randi Starr

    I don’t do petty……………………….

  • Sigh.

    Again? Is Twitchy promoting ANOTHER Twitter War? Using Wonkett as a lame excuse to spray gasoline on the Conservatives beneath them?

    Let me say this about both men, Brooks Bayne and Todd Kincannon:

    They are both fighters in the trenches, going head-to-head with the far-Leftists who’ve been successfully overrunning all of us. They both have to scars to prove it. No matter what else, they both get credit for their good works, this lame nit-picking (or Twitchy-picking?) notwithstanding.

    A special THANKS! to Todd Kincannon, for doing what should’ve been done long ago, and should’ve been obvious to any who cared: creating TGDN, a network of twitterers who Follow and actually Follow each other back. Even the leftists didn’t have that in place (see their response? UniteBlue may well eclipse TGDN, if some stupids start a Twitter War on our side). Finally, TGDN, a mutually beneficial protection platform for those of us who DO get dirty.

    I got in an argument last May or so with Adam S. Baldwin, over Follow -Follower ratios (note his abysmal ratio; if he ever uses the TGDN hashtag, he should be laughed clean off the stage). His response to my concerns? Get lost, lowdown. You should be happy and feel blessed that you get to receive My pearls of wisdom tossed in your general direction.

    An egotist. Any Twitterer with that sort of Follow-Follower ratio is unconcerned with anything but his-her own well-manicured skins. Adulation for ME, lowdown Follower plebes! NOW!

    Let’s limit this Twitter War, shall we? Those of us who benefit from Todd’s fantastic TGDN network say to those who didn’t think of it first, those with Follow-Follower ratios that shout EGOTIST!, go inside your ivory towers and shut the doors. Sip your arugula-wines and toss a few 140 character crumbs out the windows.

    To those I say: don’t expect a Follow unless you’re willing to Follow back. ‘Hole.

    • peteee363

      i can say with pride, i do not follow anybody on twitter, because i have a life, and don’t waste time tweeting all day.

      • wwbdinct

        Hey Peteee – I agree. I didn’t get this whole story in the first place but it all sounds a like of bunch of adults who are still living the high school mentality. This is why I say Twitter sucks. I enjoy many of the stories here on Twitchy. The breaking news stories and some of the ridiculous things that celebrities tweet but this whole Twitter war stuff is just plain stupid!

    • Ben Bollman

      So your response to Twitchy supposedly starting a Twitter war amongst conservatives is throwing Adam Baldwin under the bus? Who cares what his follower ratio is? He is a high profile conservative with fans outside of the conservative arena with a lot of crazies thrown in, he has to be careful who he follows. More than that, why do you care? You are a conservative so you should value an individual’s choice of what to do with one’s own Twitter account. I’m not a liberal so I don’t get butthurt about what other people do with their own stuff.

    • lainer51

      OMG – STHU!! No one wants a discertation .

  • J_Warren74

    How many fake accounts did Beta Brooks register to comment about himself since the majority of his Twitter followers are spam accounts? This guy is grade A asshole. He styles himself as a tech guru but everyone knows him as a slovenly schlub constantly trying to climb the social ladder. Stop with the bullshit outrage about attacking people publicly, this guy uses sock accounts to go after everyone that doesn’t buy into his self love. He’s got beef with Baldwin because he’s jealous, period, and because Baldwin outed him as the guy without class who tried to invite himself into Andrew Breitbart’s company and throw his imagined weight before Andrew was buried and then he threw a fit because he apparently no one knew him well enough to want him at the funeral. Damn the facts hurt! Doesn’t this guy also have a record? Isn’t that out there on the blogs? Hasn’t he said heinous shit to women on Twitter too? Aren’t those screencaps out there? Apparently on Twitter Brooks gets insanely jealous of any male that encroaches on attention he wants for himself, so he goes after people like Kincannon and Baldwin. No one likes him, he’s never invited anywhere, he’s an idiot on politics that just repeats what he Googles and has never contributed anything to the tea party besides sitting on his fat ass acting like a tough guy on Twitter? Can’t this guy shut the fxck up already? No one cares.

  • LoriGirl

    Just as story – worthy, if not more, is the tweeting insanity by Kincannon. Yes, TGDN is a great creation, but once the opposition created their own network, Kincannon ran the entire racist & sexist continuum while responding to tweets. It was funny at first but then grew into the ridiculous, then horrifically insane, attacking fellow conservatives. If you’ve ever seen the film “Twelve Monkeys,” Kincannon’s performance resembles the character Jeffery Goines. I take my own advice when I don’t like what people are saying. Just unfollow & move on.

    • Guest

      I’ll never understand why so many people seem to be slobbering over this Kincannon guy. I don’t get it. He’s a crass buffoon, and the adulation has a weird cult of personality vibe to it.

  • HypocritesAmongsUs

    Bayne and Kincannon : famous because of Twitter. They share the same hubris. Remember that before you elevate either man to an undeserved status.

    • Ben Bollman

      Agreed, conservatism is about ideals not men. If you hold a man up instead of ideals then you are always bound to be disappointed because human nature dictates men are not perfect.

  • daphnetaggart

    It’s not as if a form of TGDN never existed. TCOT has been around for much longer. I appreciate Kincannon’s effort, but I don’t think he rises to exalted status. His activities as of late have reflected poorly on the tgdn group, illustrated by the number of people leaving, or at least dropping the hashtag from their names and/or tweets. I do agree with him on free speech, but as a leader, there comes a time when you must balance between free speech and good taste. Now I see when he gets into trouble, he hides behind his “administrative assistant” or just claims to be a “simple country lawyer.” You can’t have it both ways. You can’t use Alinsky tactics on your group and then refuse to accept responsibility. Unless you’re a liberal, that is.

    Either way, I think it’s unbecoming of Twitchy to bash one conservative (with questionable evidence), while dismissing- or outright covering up the faults of another.

    • TocksNedlog

      Twitchy is “outright covering up” WHOSE faults?

      • daphnetaggart

        Twitchy knew about TK’s sexting activities long ago. They chose to cover it up. Ironic how they called out Weiner over his dick tweets, but are completely silent over Todd’s DM’ing activites.

        • HypocritesAmongsUs

          Is Twitchy responsible for people’s behavior on Twitter? Don’t be ridiculous. I find it odd how all these women, from millions on Twitter, they all found Bayne as their savior, in exposing a sexting fiend. I am not saying that Kincannon didn’t do that, I do believe he did it. But before Bayne exposes anyone’s hogwash, as he claims to be doing, he needs to worry about his own deceit. I don’t like hypocrites, like TK and BB.

  • rinodino

    Conservatives battling, lets get at it!!! (Grabs popcorn)

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Embarrassing post for all concerned: Brooks is a sexually dysfunctional Nazi. Wonkette’s pearl-clutching smear is laughable, and so is Twitchy’s craven “defense” of Kincannon. Save this bull for your feed, and keep the real news in the blog.

    • kimvy

      It’s too bad Twitchy isn’t sharing why Wonkette is showing a sudden interest in Kincannon along with HuffPo and Mediate – Kincannon’s Trayvon Martin tweets.

      The Bayne article has been on the web since October 2012, yet all of a sudden Wonkette is writing about it? Why is that? Twitchy won’t tell you so you may as well do your own work and get ALL the information so when more people think that conservatives are racist morons as least you’ll know why.

  • Maxx

    I’ve seen more interested spats between hookers fighting over a street corner.


  • Roxie

    Why are you making this about Brooks Bayne? Wonkette didn’t “lionize” him. He’s not the story, Todd Kincannon is but you refuse to acknowledge his divisiveness among conservatives on Twitter (and I’m not even talking about that sexting story).

    Sorry that you can’t stand Bayne but that’s a story for a different article. This one should have been on Kincannon who calls conservative women on Twitter “trolls”, “bitches”, “whores” and “cunts”. That is not “alleged”, you can find it on his timeline. Isn’t slandering conservative women just as bad as anti-Semitism?

    • HypocritesAmongsUs

      Who cares? Kincannon, Bayne, they are both pretenders, playing their self-serving games in the same sandbox, using different tactics.

      • GreenEyedGal

        I care. Why does Twitchy defend Kincannon? No man who calls women “bitches,” “whores,” or “cunts” should be defended by anyone, let alone a conservative site. Is this really who the right wants to point to as their hero? No thank you. If Todd Kincannon is an example of what being a conservative is, I’ll find something else to be. He does a disservice to conservatives everywhere.

        Full disclosure: TK blocked me and called me a “dumbass” when I called him out for calling a woman a “cunt.” Classy, no?

  • cwize

    Wow, you folks take this all WAY too seriously. There’s an unfollow button, ya know. Boom, problem solved. No anti-Semitic tweets, no junk pix,

  • CutMe SomeSlack

    A woman can fight and die for American but no one can call her a whore, cunt or more? Get the hell over yourselves! Just move along if anything offends your precious morals. Don’t want to see junk n trunk? Don’t look.
    No wonder we lost!