Ron Paul refuses to apologize for his tweet attacking war hero and murder victim Chris Kyle. Meanwhile, in an interview with, Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), offered a different take:

[Ron] Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has told Breitbart News exclusively, “Chris Kyle was a hero like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.”

While Sen. Paul did not condemn his father’s remarks, he at least was willing to call Chris Kyle what he was: An American hero. To many Twitter users, that itself is a significant difference, as the elder Paul seems to see Kyle as the trigger-happy personification of American imperialism:

Still, a few tweeters were unsatisfied, noting that the Senator did not denounce his father’s remarks or comment on his father’s reprehensible statement blaming Kyle’s military service for his death.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    funny, i just read a report that the son of a senator form my country is going to run on a list opposing his dad’s list. now this!

  • Maxx

    Well done sir to put some distance between yourself and the Mr. Pibb of politics.

  • stephaniejane81

    and THIS is one big reason I could not get fully on board with Ron Paul. He has some good ideas–but there are some view points of his that I just can’t get past. I was so tired of having Ron Paul supporters attack me for not being “conservative enough” if I supported anyone but Ron Paul.

  • KansasGirl

    Good grief.
    Seems like Ron is intentionally sabotaging Rand’s career.

    • Thane_Eichenauer

      Does the son inherit the sins of his father? I say no.

      • KansasGirl

        Never said anything of the sort.
        Still, Ron isn’t helping Rand’s career with such hateful statements.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        To the Lord, and to anybody with common sense: of course not.

        To the left-wing propaganda machine that is the media: having the (R) next to one’s name is the original sin. I only hope that Sen. Paul is prepared to fight the crap sure to come his way. “Are you as crazy as your father, or do you want to denounce him as a demented old man that means nothing to you?”

        They don’t even pretend to be subtle about destroying conservatives anymore. This isn’t even something exclusive to Rand Paul… I hope all of our candidates are prepared to regard the media as a sworn enemy and fight past them accordingly.

  • Soopermexican

    C’mon, not all of us have the luxury of a non-crazy dad. You can’t demand the poor guy rebuke his FATHER no matter how nuts he is. He said enough.

    • Ben Bollman

      Well said, it’s kind of hard for any son to outright disrespect his father even if he says something dumb. I would think less of Rand if he did anyway.

    • sqeptiq

      First thing you’ve ever said that I agreed with. 😛

    • kateorjane

      Sorry but if Rand Paul wants us to consider that he might be qualified to be a future POTUS he should be skilled enough to express disapproval of his father’s remarks without disrespecting the man. IF Rand can’t take the heat of standing up to his dad he deserves to rise no further

      • Ben Bollman

        I see this and endorsing Romney as respectfully showing disagreement with his father. You can show disagreement without shouting it from the rooftop like a loudmouth jackass

      • Tonya Martin

        Why should he go any further? He is his own person and his actions show this. Quit seeing the son and look at the man.

    • Erica Mathis

      His father isn’t crazy and Rand is just a much more political correct version of his father. Rand learned from watching his dad that people can’t handle the truth or are too ignorant to accept it. So, unlike his father, Rand placates the plebs and throws them a bone every now and then. You hungry? “Come here boy, come on! there there.. yes… that’s a good boy, good Soopermexican, good doggy”

  • Austin Ray Walter

    How is Chris Kyle an American Hero? Just because you join the military and kill people, doesn’t make you a hero.

    As for Ron Paul’s comment. I see nothing wrong with it. But, then again, I view it from a logical perspective instead of an emotionally conflicted one.

    • nc

      Really? How do you define “hero?” Someone who uses 20% fewer squares of toilet paper to help save the planet?

    • Angie (D)

      Bwahahahaha — you wouldn’t know “logical” if it bit you on the butt.
      Also, you’re a pathetic fool.

      • ThePigman

        Killing French Resistance members standing up to invading German forces does not make one a hero. Kyle was one of the villains of the piece and the world is a better place without him. The only sad thing about all this is that he wasn’t taken out before killing at least 150 people trying to defend their country from invaders.

        • beebop1952

          May I respecffully point out that you don’t get to decide who the world is better off without? Unless of course you are a member of IPAB …..

        • Jillane Kent

          You’re equating the French Resistance to the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan? The former respected the rights of their fellow man whilst the other has a penchant for oppression and the denial of natural rights to huge segments of the population. The comparison really is not valid.

        • Gwen Giddens

          Please go to school and learn to spell and learn something about history and our form of government. Maybe some will be able to appreciate your point of view. What does villains of the piece mean?

    • David Shrock

      Four tours, countless American and Allied troops saved. Read the book and take a good look into his life. Doing our governments’ job at both ends of the spectrum. Especially helping other service members coming home that were injured or afflicted with PTSD. Do not be misguided, Chris Kyle and others like him are why we are here in America with the ability to enjoy our freedoms, including yours. How will you be remembered?

      • ThePigman

        What the hell? Precisely what freedom did he preserve by killing Iraqis trying to defend their country? How will you be remembered? Wait, i can answer that for you — as one of the sheeple.

        • bonnieblue2A

          He will be remembered as someone who protected the lives of his fellow service men and women both on the battlefield and after he returned. He will also be remembered for attempting to stop harmful violence from Al-Qaeda from befalling innocent Iraqis. I suspect that is more honor than most posting here will ever show in their lifetimes.

          You don’t have to agree with our government’s policies but that doesn’t lessen the honor of Kyle or others. Every dime of profit from his book American Sniper went to treat his fellow vets suffering with PTSD.

        • David Shrock

          See bonnieblue2A’s post. Summed up nicely.

        • John (it true me am)

          Iraqis trying to defend their country? You are delusional if you think defending their country had anything to do with it. They were defending their regime, not their country. The regime under which they were granted special favors, allowed to wipe out countless civilians of a slightly different variety of Islam they didn’t like with chemical weapons, under which they operated with impunity while keeping the majority populace oppressed.
          They weren’t defending Iraq. You are a damn moron if you think that is the case. They were defending their personal way of life at the expense of their countrymen.

          • Gwen Giddens

            amen, brother!

      • Helix_Aspersa

        Chris Kyle didn’t do anything to preserve our freedom. All he did was help to expand the big government agenda. Our freedoms are continually eroded here at home and we are now living in a PC world with a shell of a constitution. Tyranny is here and most people are too busy waving flags to see it. You won’t think the military is that great when they are used to kick in your door and take your guns away– along with your other constitutional freedoms.

        • David Shrock

          I agree that the constitution has been hammered upon. Tyranny is here and people have voted for it. I served our country and I understand chain of command. Question is what are you going to do?I know what awaits me.The bottom line when active/inactive service members fight on your country’s behalf show them the respect they deserve.

        • Gwen Giddens

          When and if our military come to take our guns, it will be because the citizens failed to realize the evil of big government. Those who get something for nothing have grown beyond anything I could have imagined. I was taught to be independent, work for what I received, and then share with those in need. It’s not a orginal idea. It’s called self respect when you don’t approve of living off the largess of others. Over the years, our military have been sent out to fight with their hands tied behind their back and criminal justice rules applied to their conduct. I can’t imagine Mirandizing hostile warriors. I was raised by Democrats. Almost all of the decisions made to minimize the effectiveness of our soldiers have been legislated by Democrats. I do not approve of these changes. Communism and Islam share common ideas. They believe in the domination of all people that disagree with them, expecially the females and children. They both believe that they are the supreme authorities. I don’t say this from what I have read, but from my experiences in living without freedom in the Middle East. I would say that I have spent nearly ten years of my adult life under their rules. Chris Kyle, you are my hero and a true patriot. May God be with your family as they deal with the loss of such a fine man. I am not a Democrat any longer. I believe in the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights and that does not compute with the modern Democrat platform. I’m almost 70, and looking back, I see many losses of freedom over a long period of time. Accumulatively, they amount to a lot. We were so busy trying to earn a living that we failed to see the big picture. There are no assault weapons, just defense weapons.

    • Ben Bollman

      Anyone who puts their own life on the line to protect your freedom and your stupid duckface picture is a hero.

      • ThePigman

        Please explain how killing people fighting an invasion of their country makes Kyle a protector of freedom. Any evidence that Iraqis were planning to invade the U.S? Kyle was a paid assassin for a plutocracy that sees him and all his kind as cannon fodder.

        • beebop1952

          You win the moron of the day award. Congratulations.

          • ThePigman

            Wow, great argument bro! I am sooo impressed by your intellectual superiority!

          • beebop1952

            I guess you don’t know to accept a compliment graciously.

        • Ben Bollman

          Oh, well it is good that a spineless coward like you can make an assessment like that when you absolutely have no idea what is going on over there or what those soldiers do or go through. Kindly shut the f-ck up.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          We invaded several countries in our History….Would you call those people “Villains”, too? Or would you have rather cowtowed and surrendered to Nazis, Communists, and Terrorists? People like Chris Kyle were FIGHTING to DEFEND YOUR RIGHT to be a Troll! Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Scott Camuto

        Since Ron Paul wore a uniform in the air force, are you the duck face in your picture?

        • Ben Bollman

          Ron Paul:

          “I got a note that said I would be drafted into the army as a buck
          private unless I wanted to volunteer, then I could be a doctor and I
          could be a captain. So guess what? I became a volunteer, and I kid about
          that, but it was rather serious. I
          was not too happy about going in, but it must not have bothered me too
          much, because I ended up staying in the Air National Guard afterwards.”

          Yes, quite the hero. I will take a true hero like Kyle over this spineless f-cktard any day of the week.

    • Jillane Kent

      He killed to save the lives of others. He did not have to put himself in a position of peril, but chose to. That likely makes him a hero to those that he saved from roadside bombs and such.

    • John (it true me am)

      Joining the military doesn’t neccessarily make you a hero. But serving with honor and integrity, saving the lives of countless of his fellow soldiers and civilians alike, and then coming home to work with people suffering from injuries of war… That sure as hell makes you a hero.

      Paul’s comments were callous. You can debate whether or not he was right or wrong to the end of time, that is of course opinion. But even if you were to assume he was 100% right, that doesn’t make them any less callous.

    • KansasGirl

      Thank G-d we have people like Chris Kyle that do join the military…otherwise we’d be stuck with draftees like you.

  • Scott Camuto

    It is amazing how many websites can’t report accurately. Here is the original quote

    Chris Kyle’s death seems to confirm that “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn’t make sense

    Ron Paul also wore the uniform so Rand is praising both.

    Nowhere does Rand criticize his father.

    The marine started a security company after service, dismissed the public as dumb if they disagreed about the wars and made money off a book on his service credentials.

    If your a public figure, expect criticism. Using uniforms as cover for debate does a disservice to knowledge.

    Also, isn’t serving in the military working for the government and therefore your conduct is a matter of public concern? Get paid with taxpayer money for what someone views as a job, therefore you get criticized.

    Ron Paul wore a uniform by the way-I am pretty sure his foes aren’t sucking their thumbs.

    Seems like Paul is consistent.

  • Bob Khan

    Rand Paul is a class act. Would like to see him and Marco Rubio on the same ticket in 2016.

    • r_coplin2001

      The both of them would be much better then who we have in the Whitehouse now.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Rubio is largely a RINO sell-out. He is in favor of Amnesty, voted for indefinite detention under NDAA, voted to raise the debt ceiling, …. . For truly Constitutional conservatives take a closer look at Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy.

  • Carmen

    That’s cute Rand, but you will never be President.

    • Cruz2016!!!

      You will someday be eating those words…..

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I agree with Rand, but he should’ve been more passionate in defending Mr. Kyle, because of all the bloviating lefties who STILL (to THIS DAY) call our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Military Heroes “Baby Killers.” They should be squeezed into a Phone booth with Ron Paul, and Buried! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Stephen Boney

    The love of family is unconditional. I may not agree with my father or son on some or even many issues, but I could not publicly renounce them, nor would I expect another to do so.

  • fivegreatkids

    Been there done that with a dad who went off the deep end for a year. We were in the same organization–t was horrible! Rand is not Paul. He has publicly made it clear that he disagrees with his dad–can’t do much else.
    As for saying Mr. Kyle is not a hero? Seriously? He did not get to choose the wars, or the politics or the orders. He did his best to protect the troops, his friends and do his job. Get rid of the stupid politicians and he and his buds could probably have solved the entire problem over there–in a couple of years.

  • Erica Mathis

    “While Sen. Paul did not condemn his father’s remarks, he at least was
    willing to call Chris Kyle what he was: An American hero.”

    A hero? He was a government sanctioned murderer who hid in the shadows to do his dirty deeds, take the life of people in their own country, their own cities, in their own back yards, who were trying to defend themselves, their family and their country, against foreign occupying evaders who had no reason or right to be there killing their family members and fellow countrymen.