Canada has been gripped lately by the story of Theresa Spence, an Indian chief who has been on hunger strike since Dec. 11 demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Spence is a major component in the “Idle No More” movement, an Occupy-style protest movement that has sprung up among Native Canadians.

The Canadian mainstream media has been transfixed by Spence, a chief at the Attawapiskat First Nation, where the appalling levels of poverty have become a national scandal. However, conservative TV host Ezra Levant is shattering Spence’s image both on TV and on Twitter. All night, he’s been unpacking the corrupt spending practices of Spence and her associates, who seem to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal aid while allowing their tribe to live in disgusting poverty.

There are actually a lot more of these tweets, but we’ll spare you the full portfolio. Then things get really gnarly.

Yeah, these people don’t sound so honorable once you realize they are rolling in cash that was supposed to be used for the betterment of their citizens.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe


    Ezra Levant and the Sun News network have been doing fantastic work on this. The state-funded broadcaster, CBC, has treated this a liberal talking point.

    This isn’t the first time Chief Theresa Spense has been caught regarding corruption and theft. Her alleged hunger strike (fast, really) is nothing more than a stunt and a distraction from the real problems.

    • $23629333

      I wish that the PM’s response to the Chief’s threat to go on a hunger strike until he met with her would have been this: let me know when she’s down to 200 pounds.

      Of course, if he had, you can imagine the response there’d have been from the CBC and the usual suspects on the portside.

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club


      • BlueGood

        The “Idle Worshippers” should be jailed AFTER they repay the squandered taxpayer money!

  • louisiana_mom

    Sounds like she learned from community organizers here in the US… Keep the people poor, while using them to demand more money to line your own pockets… lather, rinse, repeat…

  • Lady 12

    Those tweets have been up for at least two hours. I’m surprised there haven’t been any accusations of racism yet.

    *Upon further investigation, those tweets are four hours old as of this post, and there is a notable amount of responding diatribe. While racism isn’t specifically mentioned, almost all the tweets have the word “hate” in them. Naturally no one has any facts to refute Mr. Levant’s observations.

  • $23629333

    Aboriginal people are another group beyond criticism – like the 2%.

    Brian Mulroney is responsible for all the nonsense we’ve seen from these people* in the last 20 years. If everyone involved in the “Oka Crisis” were still in prison – or at least had done significant time – we would not have seen the escapades we’ve seen since. But – predictably – a too-soft response invited more of the same.

    As Jed Clampett would say, “pitiful.”

    (* I’m tempted to use another p-word, but I won’t since there are aboriginal people who do NOT fit the description I had in mind. Funny, the ones who do not fit that description are rarely found in front of a microphone or TV camera)

  • drjgarrow

    Good to see the facts coming out. As a former Director of Education in Attawapiskat and Chairman of the Metawayan Authority (owners of the sport complex) I can underscore what Ezra is saying and more.

  • Larryj Corbett

    If all of the accusations are true, and if the revenue generated from the Band portfolio is not going back into the reservation for upgrading the living conditions……then all the more reason for our Prime Minister{Harper} to meet with Chief Spence and expose the truth……and bring charges against The Chief for the Reservations benefit.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Unfortunately the tweets didn’t come through on the iPhone app. :sigh

  • מרטין

    I’ve been a huge fan of Ezra and Sun since back during the GOP primaries when it was clear that Fox News had abandoned its “Fair & Balanced” slogan to push the next failed RINO candidate for president illegiti-Mitt Romney. Sun was like a breath of fresh air and I still turn to it much more often than Fox or Drudge. By the way, check out Michael Coren, also, and they have some great videos too.

  • Jim Todd

    Question; Is that protfolio being held ”in trust” by the Canadian government like the BIA does down here?

  • Severe Conservative

    I bet Chief Bulls(h)itting is faking her little “hunger strike,” too, just like Cindy Sheehag.