We’re sure these tweets are nothing special in New Zealand today, where Christmas falls in mid-summer. Yet, for those of us up North, they serve as a painful reminder of what we’re missing. We really should shield ourselves from the thought of this holiday utopia — but Revenue Minister Peter Dunne was kind enough to rub our noses in it on Twitter. Dunne, the lone member of Parliament from the centrist United Future party, started live tweeting the balmy weather on Christmas Eve and didn’t stop until after sundown on December 25. During the course of that time, he shattered our conception of what Christmas should be and scarred us for life.

That’s 77 degrees Fahrenheit, in case you were wondering. Grrr.

And what did Mr. Dunne wake up to the next morning? It’s almost too painful to post.

Darn you, Peter Dunne! You and your croissants and champagne on your toasty-warm New Zealand patio. The rest of us get to endure snow storms and you torture us by tweeting this?

Wait, let us check our temperature converter — 86 degrees! Oh well, don’t mind us. Sorry if our teeth are chattering. It’s not like you should be bothered to invite us over. We’ll just sit here and freeze.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    New Zealand = Plan B.

    • http://twitter.com/greenelawn26 Evertonian King

      You wouldn’t like it.
      We have more realistic philosophies toward the health and welfare of our people, the environment, etc. Therefore tax rates are necessarily higher.
      Also, we are proudly nuke-free and have strict, sensible gun control laws.
      This makes us conservative in the true essence of the word, but certainly not in the American sense.
      Unlike a lot of you in the US, we’re rooting for your economy to pick up because if the Dems do pull a 3peat in 2016, we don’t want a flux of “refugees” wanting to come to NZ for the wrong reasons.

      • $23629333

        In Canada, “tax rates are … higher” than in the USA, but folks there have nothing to show for it. There’s a multi-tiered medical system, with the bottom one containing most of the people. This is the croak-while-you-wait tier. Then, there’s the education system, producing functionally illiterate high school graduates.

        In Canada, as in many other countries with similarly high taxes, the taxes go increasingly towards maintaining the pay, perks and pensions of the public sector employees, such as in the medical and education systems. That is also true in the bluest US states.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        I’d maybe not “like” the Liberalism but with a population density of less than half of the US, I’d be less annoyed 😉

        I’d say what you have is a population that lives a more realistic philosophy as to what is socially acceptable on the big issues.

        For example, your teen pregnancy rate is 125 times LESS than the US, which has the highest in the world even though we spend 3 times MORE than NZ on healthcare (#1 in the world).

        OTOH, we BOTH have about 20% of all abortions being teenagers which would seem illogical if socialized medicine was so great (in your case) and/or spending was so great (in our case) too.

        You do have us beat out in total crime victims (but not crimes) and suicide, tho 😉

        Without spending all day figuring out the tax differences, while the income tax may be slightly higher in NZ (and I’m not really sure of that) I am pretty sure our tax wedge is greater than in NZ, so we are giving up greater $ to the government than NZ.

        Of course you’re nuke free…who’s going to bomb NZ?? I wouldn’t worry too much, though, it seems your capital gains taxes are very favorable so you’ll attract a bunch of US people with money!

  • The Fonz

    I lived in Australia for five years. We would have bbq’s for Christmas lunch and then go to the beach. Fun times but different for an American.

  • msr

    Shoot! I expected to see some tweets bemoaning the obvious End Of Winter due to global warming. The temps in the 20’s must have thrown them off.