Many people tonight are lighting 26 candles for the victims of the Newtown shooting, and pictures are pouring in on Twitter. The most prominent vigils are in Connecticut, where the shooting took place, but we found plenty of pictures from all across America. This is one of the most touching things we’ve seen in a while, and seeing as we normally cover the murky backwaters of the Twitterverse, it’s nice to see a wholesome meme for once. Thanks so much to everyone who did this, and Merry Christmas.

  • Ron Looker

    Very nice. They have my prayers.

  • Paul Adomshick

    The sentiment is great, but it’s a shame that many are not counting the shooter’s mother among the victims. It has become too common for people to rationalize that one innocent life is more valuable than another. Also, while we should not memorialize the shooter, praying for him is appropriate. All human life is sacred.

  • tredglx

    Bless the children, and Nancy Lanza.
    Pax Vobiscum.