It’s official. The Mayans were right. Life as we know it is about to end. Twitter is shortening your tweets by 2 characters if you hyperlink. All of those little “” links they use to shorten URLs? They’re getting longer. With the links going from 20 characters to 22, you’ll now have only 118 characters to offer pithy commentary.

Let the gnashing of teeth commence!

Our favorite smart-aleck of the day?

Well done, sir!

  • TheTweetest

    I hate Twitter.. no wait, I love Twitter, no.. I hate Twitter. Just for the record, I love Twitter.

    • Jay McHue

      You hate it, don’t you?

      • NRPax

        At least for the next hour or so.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Twitter is a microcosm of the electorate. So every time the electorate drops 10 IQ points, Twitter drops a character.

  • vino veritas

    As if messages weren’t short enough but hey what do I care since I really don’t use it anyway except to occasionally eviscerate libs who post their vile flaming on certain people’s feeds. Twitter is no place to conduct a debate with anyone though, that’s for sure! The character limit is just maddening to deal with.

  • propagare

    It is time for – My Twitter fall back (decentralized)

  • sqeptiq

    Those two precious characters are sure to end up in the coffers of George Soros, I tell you. It’s the work of the Kenyan secret Muslim!

  • LoriGirl

    So let me get this straight. According to Twitter 138 characters is better than 140 characters. Do they think we’ll have anything less impor