Students at Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park, N.Y., initiated a massive Twitter-bomb today, using the hashtag #TebowCallMatt to elicit a phone call from New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to an injured student. Matthew Hardy, 17, was seriously injured yesterday in a car crash with a drunk driver.

Hardy’s brother expressed gratitude for all the support, and made a point of not telling his brother about it until the call came.

Two of Hardy’s fellow students, Christopher Stewart and Deanna Rivers, did not survive the crash. Another student, Bailey Wind, was also severely injured. Students are also Twitter-bombing on Wind’s behalf,  targeting Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin and English diver Tom Daley with the hashtags #MissyCallBailey and #DaleyCallBailey. There is no word from Franklin or Daley as of this writing.

As for Tebow, tweeters are ecstatic that he responded.


Success! Missy Franklin called Bailey Wind:

Here’s hoping she’s able to connect with Bailey.

  • richard

    Tebow is a class act.


      Tebow may god be with you

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i’m confused… why does that screen cap say that matt was killed? cool of tebow, anyways. i lived in clifton park for a few years… my heart goes out to the community. sad story.

    • kate_middleton

      Maybe that guy was just posting it and didn’t know personally? Kinda like those old games of telephone.
      That Tebow, he’s a class act. Hopefully Matt and Bailey recover – very sad.

    • dmacleo

      thats what I was wondering.

  • El1iP3S01D

    Thank you Tebow, May Lord Jesus Christ bless and protect on all your endeavors.

  • TundraThunder

    That was very classy of Tim to call Matt Hardy!

    If it wasn’t for idiot Elway and his pride, Tim would still be with our Broncos learning under Peyton, instead of being stuck with the Jets.

  • Teritd

    I agree TundraThunder. The Jets and the people of New York are treating Tim awfully and he does not deserve it.

  • tredglx

    Tebow IS the man.

  • Lady 12

    That, my friends, is an example of a real hero. God bless Tim Tebo!

  • Joe W.

    Tim Tebow reminds me of the athletes of the 1950s, who recognized the importance of their role in the lives of their young fans. They were role models, and darn good ones, for the most part. Most jocks today are anything BUT good role models. Guns, tats nad DUI convictions, along with extravagant, immoral life styles. God blesses Tim Tebow…..

  • Back 4 More

    Tebow will never be a good fit in New York, he has too much class. Jets fans will be much happier when they get Michael Vick next year. While Sanchez is spending his time trying to bang high school girls Tebow is busy trying to help people who are less fortunate. The media seems to go out of their way to bash christians. I’m not religious but I certainly see the way they ridicule anyone who is. It seems like being muslim or jewish is ok but christians are not afforded the same respect.

  • Foxxman

    THIS, my friends…is what a real role model looks like. I am frankly embarrassed at the way my fellow New Yorkers treat this man. He defines class act.

  • Dương Quốc Chiến