Hackers have taken over the Twitter account of  Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, using the account to tweet out emphatic and sometimes obscene messages about the action in Gaza. Various rumors are circulating about whether the hacker group Anonymous is involved, but nothing has been confirmed.

His Facebook account was also hacked. (Update, 8:23 pm ET: It is now back to normal.)
















Update: Russia Today is reporting that the hacker group Anonymous is responsible:

But this appears to be incorrect. A different group of hackers,  Z Company Hacking Crew, is claiming responsibility. Someone has changed the background image on Shalom’s Twitter page to the following:

Someone is leaving comments at the Russia Today article (linked above) insisting that Z Company Hacking Crew deserves credit.

Regardless of who is responsible, some Twitter users are delighted:


* * *

As of 8:27 pm ET, the hackers still have control of Shalom’s account:








Hackers also managed to break into Shalom’s YouTube account and post a video highlighting their recent exploits.

Update: Shortly after 9 a.m. ET Wednesday, the hackers’ tweets and background image were deleted from Shalom’s Twitter account. The obscene banner image is still on Shalom’s account as of 9:40 a.m.


The hacked banner image has been removed. Shalom has not tweeted about the hacking.

  • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow


    You’d think hackers would learn to spellcheck.

    • paulainsc

      So funny. I can’t say anything though. I’m a terrible speller (thanks to spell check!!)

      • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

        lol. I know some peeps have a problem with spelling. I do sometimes. I think it has to do with blood sugar levels.

        I just figure… if you’re such technological geniuses as anonymous or whoever did this hacking claims to be, that you’d make sure you were spelling everything correctly before posting it. :)

  • paulainsc

    The most vile posts I have ever seen. Those people are crazy.

  • MoxieLouise

    I wouldn’t want to be in their bunny slippers.

  • CanofSand

    Send them to prison.

  • http://twitter.com/SamLevine1 Sam Levine

    @Z_H_C_ did it, he claims he got all of Silvan’s emails and contacts, will release it tomorrow, I’m pretty sure the Mosad will be after him soon.

  • riddler1620

    Begging the hackers to take down the Israeli missile shield implies that they really want to see dead Jews, more then they want the Arabs in Gaza to have peace.

  • sacredislam

    May God Help the Palestinian people from the Illegal state of Israel.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      wth? Yes I hope that God forgives them for what they are doing to his people in Israel and around the world.

  • JemRose01

    My comment was deleted; shows allot. Israel = Zionist murderers. Have fun committing genocide. People are opening their eyes all over the world. No wonder ppl hate Israel.

    • David Raineri-Maldonado

      NOBODY is supposed to hate, nay, you’re supposed to LOVE your neighbor as yourself.

    • Maria Seeger

      So, let me get this straight: You’re accusing Israel of committing genocide because they’re defending their citizens against attack by the Palestinians, yet you have absolutely NO problem with accepting the fact that the Palestinians and their Muslim allies want nothing more than to completely wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and this means that they want to kill every man, woman, and child that lives in Israel.
      Typical liberal “progressive” mindset…tunnel vision, much air-head?

    • http://twitter.com/KelsH2 Kels H2

      ummm, Hamas executed 6 Palestinians in the street and then drug around 1 of the bodies after everyone spit on them…They kill their own people…Get the facts, read history and then get back to us.

    • Lin Jarvis

      Rational people do not hate Israel.

    • Lin Jarvis

      While you. Broadcast hate, Israel has for years been supplying food and other necessities to the Palestinian people. Hamas uses Palestinian women and children as shields while Israelis try to feed them.

  • http://twitter.com/KALKAM71 KALKAM

    No surprise here…

    Same story…people still slander them to justify exterminating them. This how Hitler was able to rise to power in the first place….many losers out there want them dead.

    And this is why Israel does the things they do…they have to defend themselves.

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    Hackers claim to be the ultimate free speech advocates, yet unilaterally come down on the side of Islam. Who’s squaring that circle?

    • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

      They aren’t real hackers.
      They are people with hacking skills who have been brainwashed enough to think that they are not being controlled by others.

      They are unaware that their “subversiveness” is far from subversive.


    Israel was purchased fairly. Not to mention, it was stolen from the Jews in the first place.

  • einfal

    Account seems to be back under twitter control, with an “Account Suspended” message

  • scalzo

    I stand with Israel! They have every right to defend themselves. Next step take back Gaza and never give it back. Drive the terrorists into Egypt. The peaceful muslims and Christians will have a much better life under Israeli control. The place will start to prosper with Hamas gone. The Egyptians cannot allow the terrorists to attack Israel on Egyptian soil.

  • http://yeehee.com/ Yeeheecom

    thats why you don’t use the same password for all your accounts and don’t use password or 123456 etc for your passwords

  • http://twitter.com/SPambas Samuel Amaral

    Twitting Mossad to take care of the brats anyone ?

  • irishgirl91


  • http://twitter.com/Sincerly_oo Sincerely —

    Twitter has got to be one of the most insecure platforms on the planet.

  • BeeKaaay

    Nazis putting out propaganda. No surprise there.