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New York Times reported ‘kicked out’ of Tahrir, told foreign press ‘forbidden’

Tahrir Square "It is not a coup"

New York Times reporter Ben Hubbard tweeted today that he was “kicked out” of Egypt’s Tahrir Square and told foreign journalists were prohibited. Hubbard had been reporting from Cairo’s Zeinhoum morgue, where casualties from the protests were being transported.

Tahrir Square protesters on Egyptian uprising: ‘It is not a coup’ [pics]

Tahrir Square "It is not a coup"

There’s been some debate as to whether Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster constituted a military coup: I like how the Beltway media is debating on whether a pretty obvious coup is a coup or not. (All to give Obama an out foreign aide wise)— RB (@RBPundit) July 03, 2013 ICYMI No coup? Obama's careful words […]

‘Unspeakably horrifying': BBC, tweeters report numerous sexual assaults in Cairo’s Tahrir Square


Sadly #tahrir revolutionary atmosphere of people behaving well with common purpose long gone. Sexual assault common. no cops In sight.— Jeremy Bowen (@BowenBBC) June 30, 2013 Millions are taking to the streets of Cairo, Egypt to demand the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi. Unfortunately, not unlike the November 2012 protests, there are reports of horrific […]

‘Obama supports terrorism': Protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square continue to slam POTUS [pics]


The White House continues to welcome play dates with Muslim Brotherhood officers and sympathizers. That hasn’t gone unnoticed among protesters in Cairo. Thousands of anti-Morsi protesters are in Tahrir Square ahead of major demonstrations planned this weekend on the anniversary of the Egyptian president’s inauguration. And they’re not happy with President Obama. Ace writes, “Those must […]

Tweets from Tahrir Square report violent sexual assault, harassment on second anniversary of uprising


On the second anniversary of the Egyptian uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak, disturbing reports are coming in of harassment and sexual assault as thousands gather to protest in Tahrir Square. Just saw the most awful sexual assault. Woman stripped&screaming in stage area. Did my best to help, so confusing. #tahrir— Tom Dale (@tom_d_) January 25, […]

Sign in Cairo’s Tahrir Square: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’

Obama uh

On the second anniversary of the Egyptian uprising, a protester in Tahrir Square slammed President Obama, calling him an “idiot” and “jerk” for cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood while the MB is “killing the Egyptians.”

On-scene photos: Clashes in Tahrir, Molotov cocktails erupt ahead of January 25 anniversary


A dangerous situation emerging as clashes erupt in Egypt again ahead of the January 25 anniversary of the uprising. Clashes erupt in #Egypt on the eve of #jan25 , 2 years after the revolution and we still have police shooting at people over a cement block— Feyonka (@YasmineAhamid) January 24, 2013 Twitter users provide on-scene […]

Impressive: Volunteers erect watchtowers to look out for sexual assaults in Tahrir Square

As Twitchy has reported, women protesting Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood face threats of sexual assault and rape. The police forces can’t be counted on to protect the women, so citizens have taken it upon themselves to combat sexual violence. In addition to using social media to offer support, volunteers are now constructing watchtowers […]

Has Egypt cut off Internet access amid Tahrir protests, or is network just overloaded?

As protests in Egypt’s Tahrir Square continue late into the night over President Mohamed Morsi’s declaration of dictator-like powers, protesters and sympathizers are wondering if Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have cut off Internet and cellphone access as part of Morsi’s power grab. They cut off the internet on #Tahrir, tomorrow they will cut it off […]

Horrible: Reports of sexual assaults on female protesters in Tahrir Square

In all conflict zones, women are vulnerable to sexual assault. Another sick facts of life! #Tahrir #Egypt— Ahmed Awadalla (@3awadalla) November 23, 2012 Thousands of Egyptians are protesting President Mohamed Morsi’s dictatorial power grab today in Tahrir Square. They are up against a crackdown by police as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. Female protesters, however, […]

Thousands in Tahrir Square protest Egyptian President Morsi: ‘We won’t let another dictator rule’

Thousands of protesters are flooding Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demonstrate against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi’s decree granting himself dictator-like powers. Morsi addressed supporters earlier. Morsy started his term addressing full crowd in #Tahrir , now he is adressing a couple thousands supporters & #Tahrir is filled against him.— السيد مانكي (@Sandmonkey) November 23, […]

Friday in Tahrir Square calls for prayers, protesters

A year ago today in Tahrir Square, International Women’s Day

Ms. Magazine’s blog: Reporting of that day has focused on the subsequent clashes between Christian and Muslim men. But what I saw first were men intent on breaking up the women’s protest. “Go home,” one sheik, hoisted on the shoulders of another man, told women. Others shouted slogans such as “Not valid!” that had been […]

Glenn Beck to Obama, McCain, Soros: The blood of Egypt’s Christians ‘is on your hands’


“I am Coptic.”

Reporters targeted; American journalist says Egyptian police ‘urged men to beat me up’

Egypt 2

@nancyayoussef God are you OK?? So sorry to hear that.— The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) August 17, 2013 @TheBigPharaoh I am dear, thanks. Angry more than anything else. Police are encouraging chaos out there.— Nancy Youssef, نانسى (@nancyayoussef) August 17, 2013 Violence against women has long been a part of the political unrest in Egypt, so much […]

#ObamaMotherHasNoHair trends; Angry Egyptians lay on the smack talk


We understand that #ObamaMotherHasNoHair is an insult, but something was definitely lost in translation in variations on the theme.