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What love looks like: Photo of Mitt Romney hugging grandson Parker

The love in this family is palpable and touches everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. Thanks to Mitt’s body man, Twitter users can see the love, captured on film. And they can’t get enough of this beautiful and touching photo of Mitt Romney with his grandson Parker. RT @cdc444: Romney hugs his grandson […]

BOOM: Rasmussen has Romney 50, Obama 48 in Ohio; Pics show more fired up crowds

Rather prescient again, Twitter. A Rasmussen poll out today indicates that Romney is ahead in Ohio! OHIO!!!First poll shows Romney up by 2 — Eric Dondero (@ericdondero) October 29, 2012 #Ohio: #Romney 50%, #Obama 48%… — Scott Rasmussen (@RasmussenPoll) October 29, 2012 #Romney takes the lead in #Ohio for the first time, with […]