Search results for “#ladyparts” taps Hollywood #ladyparts for fear-mongering anti-Romney ad

Disappointed to hear Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria & Kerry Washington are working with Rob Reiner to make a scare-ad about Romney & women — sspitman (@sspitman) October 10, 2012 Last week, sent out an email hyping an upcoming anti-Romney ad starring professional Hollywood talking lady parts Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, and Kerry Washington. Well, […]

Dana Loesch expands on TSA harassment, #LadyParts petting; Video added

Earlier today, Twitchy reported on the nightmarish treatment of’s Dana Loesch, who was returning from an appearance at FreedomWorks’ FreePAC conference in Phoenix, Ariz. Loesch, who had been searched in July when TSA agents suspected her Breitbart award was an explosive, gave further details upon landing this afternoon. Just checked video footage. I have […]

#LadyParts go Hollywood: Lefty celebs tout ‘Reproductive Bill of Rights’

Liberal women claim to want recognition as women, yet they consistently represent themselves in terms of their reproductive organs. This is empowerment? Hollywood liberals sure seem to think so. In a new campaign, lefty celebs including Sarah Silverman, Sandra Bernhard, Amy Poehler, and Meryl Streep engage in a little liberal fear-mongering, suggesting that Republicans are all knuckle-dragging neanderthals bent on controlling and manipulating women’s lady parts.

Dr. Ruth asks Larry King to stay away from her #LadyParts

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is warning Larry King to stay out of her field — and that field is vaginas. Note that Dr. Ruth’s field isn’t reading comprehension, apparently, but the results of her Twitter fail are comedy gold. First, despite what Westheimer claims, Larry King didn’t tweet that “Republican women care more about their vaginas.” […]

For shame: Women, Obama literally reduced you to sum of your #LadyParts; ‘Vote like lady parts depend on it’; Update: Campaign yanks e-card from site, claims ‘not properly reviewed’

Yep, that happened. President Obama has now literally reduced women to the sum of their “lady parts” only. His campaign is telling women to “vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Wow, how empowering. You’ve come a long way, baby!

‘Sad state of affairs’: Dr. Ruth diagnoses the REAL problem with #DeflateGate

“Hilarious and awesome.”

‘Spoken like a true badass’: Dr. Ruth weighs in on attacks on Israel

She has faith, and so do we!

‘Main ingredient in my rants is rage’: Comedian Iliza Shlesinger unloads after TSA encounter

Not a happy camper.

‘Unfortunate placement of arrow’: Obamacare ad zeroes in on lady parts [pic]

Creepy but accurate.

That’s a man, baby! Guess who’s featured in Dems’ Women’s History Month tweet [pic]

March is Women’s History Month. So, naturally, the Democrats are shining a spotlight on our first female president: Ever been to @WomensRightsNPS? President Obama visited last summer. #womenshistorymonth — The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) March 3, 2014 Because of course. It's Women's History Month so who better to post a picture of than…President Obama. Way to […]

‘Oh. My. God.’ Larry King’s Billy Ray Cyrus tweet sparks end of world panic

What fresh hell is this?

‘NSFW’ name dropper? Larry King bromance-boasts: Guess who sent him ‘holiday gift’

Larry King took to Twitter to celebrate the holidays. He also took to Twitter to holiday name drop and bromance boast? @billclinton thanks for the lovely holiday gift! — Larry King (@kingsthings) December 30, 2013 “Bill Clinton totally got me a gift and I’m letting all of Twitter know. Case closed!” #humblebrag RT @kingsthings: @billclinton […]

‘Hello kitty, let me hear you purr’: TSA, now with even more creepiness

No word on whether the TSA declared gropin’ season on CNBC contributor and author Carol Roth at JFK today. But either way, one TSA agent upped the perv factor. And not in a good way. Kinda creepy coming from a dude who can grope you on a whim. @caroljsroth @cgnnightmare o_0 — Quantum Flux (@QuantumFlux1964) […]

Lisa Whelchel makes pun about what has become a fact of life at airports

Well played! The built-in joke wasn’t lost in the mix: @LisaWhelchel I see what you did there and I like it. — Joe A (@JoeJustLeft) September 6, 2013 *** Related TSA stories: TSA reportedly exposed breasts of Rep. Ralph Hall’s teen grandniece, called it ‘accidental’; Update: TSA internal report released, blames girl’s ‘loose fitting’ dress […]

Heh: Dana Loesch finally finds reason to thank grope-happy TSA

It’s the little things.

TSA strikes again, frisks NFL Players Association exec’s two young daughters

Atallah is Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs at the NFL Players Association. And apparently, his daughters are threats to national security. @georgeatallah Good Grief, what is the world coming to! — Risha (@RishaDunn) March 19, 2013 Keep up the good work, TSA. *** Related: Kal Penn undergoes ‘ridiculously long’ TSA pat-down upon leaving DNC Look […]

Empowerment: Dana Loesch, others destroy binders full of moochers swooning over ‘free’ contraceptives

Because, it’s totally empowering to tether your lady parts to Big Daddy Government. Plus, math is hard.

#INeedFeminismBecause: Empowerment! Women using lady smarts pummel lady parts peddlers

Heh. See, grievance mongering “feminists” are at it again. This time, with pictures! Words are hard. Best…blog…EVER ! RT @cnservativepunk: There is a whole tumblr dedicated to this “I need feminism because…” thing. — Amanda Lerfald (@CRmanda) December 10, 2012 If you have one, put a laugh track over this. It’s “Why I […]

Reports: TSA agents used info for ‘private purposes,’ felon worked checkpoint, women undergo pat-downs more often; Update: More Reps. complained

Today, reporter Scott MacFarlane continues his outstanding work of bringing TSA abuses to light.

TSA declares gropin’ season on Thanksgiving travelers

Many travelers heading home for the holidays this week already had to contend with #Strikesgiving protests at LAX and mechanical failures that closed Penn Station. Those flying home this weekend can anticipate a second trip though the TSA checkpoint, and no, the experience hasn’t gotten any less invasive, if these tweets are any indication.

#TeamUterati: Lady parts band together to demand publicly funded contraception

What is it with progressive women? They seem to think that conservatives have nothing better to do than obsess over their reproductive organs.  Funny, then, that their argument always seems to come back to having conservatives — and everyone else — take care of their lady parts, in the form of government-funded abortion and contraception. […]

Sophia Bush: Ann Romney, like, totally believes in women’s inferiority

The actress and proud lady part fancies her self a political pundit of sorts. Twitchy has documented her forays into political discourse, which all seem to revolve around Republican men keeping the wimmenz down. Yesterday, Bush widened the target of her foot-stompage to include Republican women, namely Ann Romney. You see, Bush thinks Romney believes […]

#SchoolaHollywoodLib: Michelle Malkin, conservatives educate knowledge-starved celebs

Last night, Eva Longoria, Obama campaign co-chair and bigot, retweeted a ridiculous message suggesting that women and minorities would have to be stupid to vote for Mitt Romney. Fed-up with race-baiting Julias, Michelle Malkin has spent the better part of today taking Longoria and her fellow Hollywood lady parts to task for their condescension. While liberals […]

Sad trombone: Obama tries to pick up the pieces of his broken soul at Denver rally

On the heels of his disastrous debate performance, President Obama held a rally this morning during which he attempted to clean up the tattered remnants of his dignity. You can view the whole sorry spectacle here. An estimated 12,300 supporters showed up to listen to the pander-fest: Pres Obama and performance by Will I. Am, draws […]

President in Glamour magazine: Access to birth control should be ‘no-brainer’

It seems that #LadyParts are front and center in the president’s mind today. The Obama campaign thought better of an e-card posted to its official Tumblr page after women objected to, well, objectification. Conservative women tweeted that they’d be voting with their brains and not their girly bits, thank you very much. And now, as Obama’s interview […]

Citizens demand #PresidentLadyParts answer for his misogynist ‘lady parts’ campaign move

Twitter users were outraged and let the president and his misogynist staff know, as only happy warriors can. First, #Ladyparts trended. Next came the awesome hashtag #PresidentLadyParts. And many decided to direct their questions and their outrage straight to the source: President Obama’s Twitter account.