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Sarah Palin celebrates #EmptyChairDay

Sarah Palin didn’t let Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day go by without taking a snapshot, and she’s grabbed the camera for #EmptyChairDay as well. @SarahPalinUSA like it! Proud of you! Can you put your passion in a pill and deliver to RNC headquarters, please? — Doug Starr (@dps11) September 4, 2012 @SarahPalinUSA most effective empty chair of […]

One thing Obama did build: #EmptyChairDay

President Obama might not have built much, but he can at least take partial credit for the creation of #EmptyChairDay. An empty chair? Who built that? #emptychairday — Vann Schaffner (@vannschaffner) September 3, 2012 Obama built #emptychairday. #tcot — drhoagie (D) (@drhoagie) September 3, 2012 #emptychairday on Twitter. The hashtag @BarackObama built! The #DNC2012 getting […]

AMC playing Clint Eastwood movies on #EmptyChairDay

AMC is playing Clint Eastwood movies throughout #EmptyChairDay. So if you decide to take a break from decorating, you can watch the originator of #Eastwooding. In honor of #EmptyChairDay AMC is showing 24 hours of Clint Eastwood movies! #AMC check out schedule! — Pam Besteder (@pambesteder) September 3, 2012 Anyone else notice that AMC […]

Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy #EmptyChairDay!

As Twitchy reported earlier, conservatives are mobilizing today to celebrate National Empty Chair Day. Clint Eastwood’s much-buzzed-about RNC speech last week really got conservatives’ creative juices bubbling, and they erupted today in a glorious display of hilarity and snarkage. But don’t take our word for it; feast your own eyes on the beauty: @HeyTammyBruce #tbrs […]

The best decorating suggestions for #EmptyChairDay

As we have reported, tomorrow is #EmptyChairDay. As this time of #Eastwooding approaches, many have given outstanding ideas on how to decorate. @michellemalkin #emptychairday idea to decorate the empty chair: big sign saying "You didn't build this" — Ben Dolce (@BDolce1) September 2, 2012 @michellemalkin #emptychairday idea: im putting my bag of golf clubs on […]

Heh: Can you spot Obama on the Cuba flight that Snowden ditched? [pic]

The new #Eastwooding?

Someone writes reference to empty chair on Clint Eastwood movie poster

Last Monday was #EmptyChairDay, and the idea of Obama being an ’empty chair’ president has exploded. Someone wrote, “I can’t tell which chair invisible Obama is in,” on this poster for the new Clint Eastwood movie at a subway station.

#Eastwooding: Obama’s press secretary is doing it wrong

#Eastwooding became something of a non-partisan Internet craze following Clint Eastwood’s address to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention, but it took conservatives to mold the phenomenon into the national conservative statement that was #EmptyChairDay. At this point, we’re not sure if Obama traveling press secretary Jen Psaki is messing with us or […]

Chuck Woolery: Where is AARP to defend Clint Eastwood?

Twitchy wasn’t the only one to notice the Left’s amateur diagnosis of Clint Eastwood with dementia following his ad-libbed skit at the Republican National Convention. (Don’t blame the skit; they said the same thing following his initial endorsement of Mitt Romney as well.) Chuck Woolery noticed as well, and he’s wondering (via his unverified account) […]

Monday is Empty Chair Day!

First, #eastwooding. Now: #emptychairday. Inspired by Clint Eastwood’s unforgettable RNC skit, Twitter users are organizing a nationwide Empty Chair Day on Monday to pay tribute to the Absentee-In-Chief: Remember to put an empty chair on your front lawn on Monday. A simple sign saying "Obama" taped to it. #EmptyChairDay — Icwhatudo (@icwhatudo) September 2, 2012 […]