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‘Those aren’t tanks’: Citizens correct ‘real journalists’ covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

CNN reporting that Russian “tanks” have entered Ukraine has prompted tweeters asking them to correct their information: Alert @JakeTapper: Tell CNN these aren't tanks – they're SP-artillery. That's a bigger deal than tanks. @jimgeraghty — Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) March 3, 2014 Come on, everybody. Don’t “real reporters” know better than everybody else? Pure deep […]

Misspoke? Hey NYT, try being real journalists; Check out this brutal video of Obama’s lies

As Twitchy reported, the hackery over at the New York Times is staggering. Even more so than usual, which is saying a lot. You see, the editorial board penned an op-ed in which they unbelievably claimed that President Pants on Fire “clearly misspoke” when, you know, uttering the “you can keep your plan” lie. Over […]

‘Get your facts straight’: ‘Real journalists’ incorrectly report Rep. Bill Young has died

Florida GOP Rep. Bill Young has been hospitalized, but somewhere along the line word got out to “real reporters” that Young had died. Why waste time with the confirmation process? Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) has died, he was 82 — Luke Russert (@LukeRussert) October 17, 2013 Florida Rep. Bill Young, most senior Republican in Congress, […]

‘Reidsplaining’: ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum dutifully spins Harry Reid’s vile cancer remarks; Update: Other ‘real journalists’ join in

Pure, unadulterated hackery.

Juan Williams defends Eric Holder on behalf of ‘real journalists’

Who’ll survive the Obama administration’s scandal longer: Attorney General Eric Holder or Fox News contributor Juan Williams? News that the Justice Department has been tracking both AP reporters and Fox News’ James Rosen has led to some soul-searching by the administration’s usually reliable water carriers, but Williams seems prepared to defend Holder to the bitter […]

Derpitude: ‘Real journalists’ fall for vile Michelle Malkin parody account

A pitiful Michelle Malkin parody account has apparently been floating around Twitter since August of last year. Most likely, its sheer lame-itude is what’s kept it under the radar until today, when it suddenly caught the attention of the illustrious Band of Merry Real Journalists made up of such luminaries as Keith Olbermann, Ana Marie […]

Ace of Spades, NRO destroy ‘real journalists’ covering for Obama at Romney foreign policy presser

As Twitchy reported, lapdogs were sitting up and begging for bones this morning at Romney’s presser on the embassy attacks. You see, Journalists for Obama ™ were far too busy trying to cover for The One to actually ask any foreign policy questions at the foreign policy presser. Ace of Spades joins NRO in absolutely destroying the Obama cheerleading squad in the media. Their pom-poms are surely deflated after this swoon-worthy dressing down.

#IStandWithDavid: Gwen Ifill and other 'real journalists' express support for disgraced David Chalian

Erstwhile Yahoo bureau chief David Chalian got himself spectacularly canned today after being caught shamefully accusing Mitt and Ann Romney of being “happy to have a party while black people drown.” Common sense dictates that Chalian be held up as a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Apparently, PBS’s Gwen Ifill is running severely short on common sense.

'Real journalists' mystified over 'forcible rape,' need Detective Munch; 'Just a blogger' Ace of Spades helps them out

For reals. Evidently, the genius ‘real journalists’ are mystified by terms like ‘forcible rape.’ They must be; they keep hounding every Republican, including Rep. Paul Ryan, to answer questions about rape and categorizations thereof. Over and over. Democrats (and many journalists) falsely accuse Paul Ryan of trying to "redefine rape" — John McCormack (@McCormackJohn) […]

Did you see how shameful New York Times covered 4th gruesome Planned Parenthood video? (Hint: FUME)

Need more proof that the New York Times is a shameful disgrace? Look no further …

'BREAKING SCOOP!' This photo sums up NYT's absurd attempt make Hillary email scandal about Walker

Hey, New York Times, here’s a real Scott Walker “exclusive” for ya!

What this hack journo just said about media's response to Hillary scandal may be the most outlandish claim yet

Boy, did this lapdog journo “just earn some Beggin Strips”!

Flashback: Did candidate Hillary Clinton think Barack Obama might be a Muslim?

As far as she knows he isn’t. What difference does it make?

The Federalist’s Sean Davis nails self-righteous journos to the wall over Walker evolution non-scandal

“I’m beginning to think these super sciencey pro-science science journalists don’t actually know anything about science.”

Case. Closed! Dear GOP: Here is Katie Pavlich's brutal, KEY advice on Glib Gruber, Obamacare

Can you hear us now? We are givers; Check out the truth about Obamacare and its devastating effects.

Enraging: Some people notice something curious about media coverage of Zemir Begic murder

This is maddening and unbelievable.

Former Miss Teen USA calls Don Lemon a 'modern day house negro'

Who qualifies as a “real black journalist?”

Glorious! Self-important asshat Chris Hayes gets his ego tweaked by TV's Andy Levy

Stop talking, Chris. For your own good.

Think Progress editor's comparison to ministers refusing to perform gay weddings is absurd

Stupid, but not unpredictable.

This TIME journo asked absurd Obama admin question; The schooling answers will crack you up

It started with a ridiculous question. It ended with lapdog schooling.

They don't math: Is this CNN poll graphic the best (or worst) oops ever? Hint: Yes [photo]

Math. It’s hard.

It takes just one graphic to prove media are Obama bootlickers and it's infuriating [photo]

This truly is “effing incredible.”

This photo brilliantly sums up swooning media lapdogs at Hillary Clinton event

This is perfect.

‘Afraid of the truth?’ ‘Sleazebag Sen. Murphy’ attacks Bergdahl critics as ‘Obama haters’

“Are you calling the soldiers who risked their lives to search for him ‘haters’ scoring political points? For real?”

‘Jernalisum’: MSNBC ridiculed for Cliven Bundy-inspired Venn diagram of the Right

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

Attention, media: L’Wren Scott was not just ‘Mick Jagger’s girlfriend’

Mick Jagger's girlfriend L'Wren Scott found dead in NYC: spokesman — WorldHeadliners (@WorldHeadliners) March 17, 2014 Tragic news this morning in the entertainment/fashion world: Renowned designer L’Wren Scott was found dead in her New York City apartment of an apparent suicide. For some reason, international news outlets thought her relationship with Mick Jagger was […]

‘Our media in a nutshell!’ Rob Lowe slams CNN’s (lack of) Ukraine coverage

Actor Rob Lowe slammed CNN for its Ukraine coverage. By coverage, we mean lack thereof. Ukrainian president attempts to flee but is detained and #CNN is airing a cooking show. — Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) February 23, 2014 Ah, “real journalists”! “@RobLowe: Ukrainian president attempts to flee but is detained and #CNN is airing a cooking […]

Katie Pavlich schools NYT hacks with shattering, ‘liberating’ truth about job-killing O-care

Despicable indeed. As Twitchy reported, the hacks over at the New York Times defended Obamacare-caused job losses as “liberating.” Pesky old jobs with a salary? No need for those. You have the “freedom” to be unemployed, rubes. This isn’t really surprising, coming from the same editorial board that said President Obama just “misspoke” when he […]

'Why is the IRS scandal a thing again?' Ace HuffPo political reporter Sam Stein wants to know

In case you’ve forgotten, “real journalists” are Smarter Than You™. Huffington Post political editor and White House correspondent Sam Stein reminded us of that today: Why is the IRS scandal a thing again? — Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) February 3, 2014 Very nice. Maybe he’s genuinely curious, or maybe he’s just trolling. Either way, he’s a […]

‘You bastards!’ 1D’s Liam Payne blasts ‘lazy journos,’ PC bullies over ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan tweet backlash

One Direction’s Liam Payne once again took to Twitter in response to the backlash over his tweet to Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.” ‘I'm sick of stupid stories’ – Liam Payne tweets disgust after being branded a homophobe — Independent Style (@Indo_Style_) January 19, 2014 You see, Liam praised the Robertson family, offered love […]

‘Greatest trolling ever’? Did Chris Christie troll the media during his presser?

Intentional or not?

‘You just burned them!’ Greta Van Susteren, Brit Hume blast Fox-obsessed HuffPo

“Tweet of the year!”

‘Making it up!’ MSNBC’s Roberts shamelessly lies about Ted Cruz; Amanda Carpenter shreds

Lying hacks.

The 2013 Twitchys: Top 20 deleted tweets of the year

Who had the number one deleted tweet of 2013?

More ‘real reporters’ fall for fake congressman account

For the last time, there aren’t 15 congressional districts in the state of Georgia.

Out: Misspoke. In: #IncorrectPromise; New York Times Obama-lie hackery sparks mockery

Bada-zing! Orwellian wordsmiths at the NYTimes: Obama may have made "incorrect promise" #IncorrectPromise — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) November 13, 2013 That’s right. As Twitchy reported, the lapdogs at the New York Times are continuing in their quest to up the hackery to heretofore unknown levels (which is saying something). President Obama’s “you can keep […]

New York Times 'incorrect promise' Obama spin shredded with one flashback [pic]

@IAMMGraham Besides, did MSM give Bush a pass on WMD? Was that intelligence failure re-branded as an "Incorrect Promise?" Think not. — Adriana Gale Cohen (@AdrianaCohen16) November 13, 2013 Yeah, that’s weird isn’t it? As Twitchy reported, the hackery at the New York Times continues. First, the NYT lapdogs characterized Obama’s “you can keep your plan” […]

Epic bootlicking: Check out New York Times' latest unreal beclowning excuse for Obama's lies [pic]

Epic levels of hackery.

'Almost as good as a mic drop!' Rick Perry is on a 'last-name basis' with Chuck Todd [Vine]

Was Texas Gov. Rick Perry messing with Chuck Todd this morning or does he just not care enough about the MSNBC lapdog to get his name right? Rick Perry calls @chucktodd "Todd"….twice. — Tyler Jones (@TylerMJones) November 8, 2013 Almost as good as a mic drop! RT @NolteNC: RT @samsteinhp: "thank you Todd" — […]

Awkward! Obama lies to clarify his ‘you can keep your plan’ lie; Hardest hit?

As Twitchy reported, President Pants on Fire doubled down on his “you can keep your plan” pathological lie with … yet another lie. Citizens, of course, gasped for breath. The lie is so outlandish that it’s hilarious. If, you know, you can stop yourself from weeping quietly in the corner. *SNORT* “@reidepstein: Obama adds a […]

Schadenfreudelicious! Obama’s ‘keep your plan’ lies nutshelled by Mika Brzezinski’s face [pic]

It’s all in the face.

#MyHealthPlanDied: Can you hear us now? Citizens tweet cancellation notices to White House [pics]


Unreal ‘sycophantitus’: NYT, Politico’s Thrush up the boot-licking Obamacare hackery [pic]

The New York Times, ladies and gentleman. Once again, the “hackiest hacks in all of hackdom”: No, really, while the rest of media writes about #HCR sticker shock, NYTimes has this: — Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) November 4, 2013 Unbelievable. And it was fresh on the heels of an epic act of boot-licking by the […]

Greta Van Susteren, Brit Hume destroy boot-licking NYT hacks with devastating O-care truth

Devastating, heartbreaking result of Obamacare.

Obama lied, #MyHealthPlanDied: Monday marks Day of Mourning & Protest for cancelled insurance

President Obama repeatedly promised “if you like your plan, you can keep it” during his sales pitch for Obamacare. The New York Times covered for Obama, saying the president “misspoke,” and White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer recently updated the promise to “if you like your plan and it hasn’t already been changed or canceled, you […]

Obama administration buys ad time promoting during NFL games is down a lot and gets easily overloaded on those rare times it is up and sputtering, so naturally the Obama administration is airing ads to encourage people to visit a broken, buggy site. When it’s taxpayer money you’re spending, you have nothing to lose. So is running ads during an NFL game […]

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer: You can keep your plan, period? ‘Not true! Mine’s canceled’

#ObamaCareFail truth-boom.

‘Boom!’ Dana Loesch shreds NYT’s Obama ‘misspoke’ lie with simple question

“Misspoke”? Snicker.